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Originally Posted by joeisi Available only in countries licensed for online gambling. They probably never had any intention of getting involved with online poker, and since Black Friday, that chance is at zero. Casinos - bgo, casino. In countries with no laws some view it as technically legal. How can I fund my PayPal account? Once I run up a certain limit I withdraw and store my bankroll elsewhere.

What is PayPal?

How can I fund my PayPal account?

January 23rd, , 6: Global Poker takes PayPal. As far as I know it is PayPal themselves who do not want to be associated with Poker sites. It hurt their business before and is still by some accounts a Grey Area in the US. Global poker runs each hand independently and considers them a "Sweepstakes" which may be how they bypass the no Poker Sites rule I have not noticed PayPal having any service charges or anything but maybe they charge the site and not the depositor?

I don't think fees are an issue, since it's a service like any other. I know they have the mass payout fee which is small if poker sites start accepting PayPal withdrawals at least. The deposit fee could be paid by the depositor, but I don't think that there is one. Because they don't permit gambling related transactions. PayPal is an American company with strong links to eBay. They probably never had any intention of getting involved with online poker, and since Black Friday, that chance is at zero.

But I do wonder why banks won't get involved when dealing with legal online poker. I have not tried to withdraw money from an online site since before BF.

Back then, I could use various credit cards and even bank accounts I think in Canada. As I understand it, it will be exponentially more difficult to withdraw the next time I try. I am not looking forward to this I share your frustration. Electronic payment is the only way to pay for many modern services. This has meant that it has become very easy to pay for almost everything with a touch of the phone in your pocket - everything but poker.

This is clearly a "gambling" specific problem. The risks that all customers and businesses are exposed to in e-pay situations are almost identical if paying for an Uber, buying dinner at a restaurant, or depositing to a poker account. January 23rd, , 8: I play on 32red poker and they have paypal as deposit option, but I don't know the list of countries allowed.

I know that my country Brazil isn't allowed because I tried to deposit thorugh paypal and they refused. January 24th, , January 24th, , 6: They want to stay out of gambling market. There are very few gambling sites now that use Paypal but I think there are still a couple.

There were more places before Black Friday. Point of note eBay actually owns Paypal they bought them in Had to google to get date I could remember when. When I googled it I could not believe it has been so long it seemed like just yesterday. Available only in countries licensed for online gambling. Casinos - bgo, casino. Originally Posted by joeisi. January 24th, , 3: January 24th, , 4: Well, I guess this info is flawed, considering in Romania all poker sites need to get a license to operate, and PayPal isn't an option.

Neither for depositing nor withdrawing. List of Countries licensed for online gambling: So if you are in one of these areas you should be able to use Paypal with the above sites. In Brazil would be a good way of deposit and cash out I've never heard of some of those either.

Now let me ask this: That was my dilema and that's what caused my confusion. PayPal would make it easy, but they are very shady. Not the juice just the devices this was a year ago. And they froze my money for 6 months and banned me for life. Now my problem is there are 's of people selling vapes and using paypal and even to this day.

My buisness was just taking off. Anyways for a huge company to not work at all with you and put a small business out of buisness.

Originally Posted by supernuts January 24th, , 7: But it is country specific. January 24th, , 8: Originally Posted by mtl mile end. January 24th, , 9: Uff, I'm starting to feel stupid.

I just don't understand what kind of licensing we're talking about. I really feel like I'm missing something and I'm really feeling stupid. Gonna stop talking about it.. There are no stupid questions. I'm glad you started this thread and that joesi is so well informed. I don't really know how this all works, but if an area controlled by some entity has the authority call it Federal authority to make its own laws, then they can legalize gambling, online or otherwise.

So because Kahnawake, which is Mohawk territory within the Province of Quebec and the Country of Canada, has determined that they will legally allow gambling, we have the best cardroom in Canada 13 km from my house. If online poker was illegal in Canada God forbid I could still play in Kahnawake, and one could play online poker if one was a citizen resident of Kahnawake - residency is reserved for members of the tribe. This is why PokerStars used to have their servers in Kahnawake.

Now they are on the Isle of Mann - which is a similar situation - " a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea ". Internationally based financial institutions will recognize the Federal authority of these "Countries".

I seem to recall some rich crazy Brit bought an old oil drilling platform in the North Sea and declared it a Sovereign State. If you are in Pakistan? I do think there or a few Non Us sites that take Paypal. If you have any further queries, feel free to contact Support.

Find the answers to any questions you may have about real money transactions and cashouts at PokerStars. License renewed March 10, Gambling may lead to addiction! Help Responsible Gaming Languages. How to Play FAQ. End User License Agreement. We allow only one PayPal account per customer. How can I fund my PayPal account?

How can I make deposits using PayPal? Please, feel free to use any of the below platforms that may be available to you. What are the deposit limits for PayPal? Please visit the Cashier for your current deposit limits. What about my withdrawals?

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