Magnavox Odyssey

Fake artist tries to decipher the word while drawing as if he is a real McCoy. Backing a camel earlier than others may give you high return at high risk; holding back your bet for too long, the bookie may stop taking your bet! A racing game using both a track overlay and a game board; the game board keeps track of laps and the second player's dot along with the ball dot keeps time. You decide which among the 3 treasure chests you will go for and how many cards of the chest you'll dig through. It was brought to America by the French where it was known as La Grace. Our Early American School Set includes a 6-inch wood ruler and four round, natural 7-inch cedar pencils without erasers like those imported from England to the colonies during the 18th century. Bidding, Bluffing Number of players:

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Safari has all kinds of innovative features that let you enjoy more of the web. Built-in privacy is stronger than ever. You can browse seamlessly across all your devices. Logic Pro puts a complete recording and MIDI production studio on your Mac, with everything you need to write, record, edit, and mix like never before. Motion is a powerful motion graphics tool that makes it easy to create cinematic 2D and 3D titles, fluid transitions, and realistic effects in real time.

Add power and flexibility for exporting projects from Final Cut Pro. Customize output settings, work faster with distributed encoding, and easily package your film for the iTunes Store. Learn more about MacOS Mojave. Learn about Mac in education. Learn about special pricing for institutions.

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Free two-day delivery On in-stock items ordered by 5: Learn more about free two-day delivery. Learn more about picking up from an Apple Store. Built-in Apps Powerful creativity and productivity tools live inside every Mac — apps that help you explore, connect, and work more efficiently.

Photos Keep your growing library organized and accessible. Learn more about Photos. Learn more about iMovie. GarageBand The easiest way to create great-sounding songs on your Mac.

Learn more about GarageBand. Pages This powerful word processor gives you everything you need to create documents that look beautiful. Mark Calin Caliman Description: You can throw or roll the ball from anywhere - indoor or outdoor, stationary or shaky base like seesaw or trampoline; over anything like flights of stairs or rock outcrop; onto anywhere like beach or snow field - only limit is your creativity.

A target ball - Jack - is first thrown. Each player then takes turn throwing 3 balls towards the Jack. Ball closest to Jack will earn you point. If your balls form a combo pattern, you get extra points. Sometimes you may need to break other player's combo. Crossboule Stripes Slide Honour More Cube Quest Honour More Dice-Rolling, Dexterity Number of players: Clash of clans with dice! Flick your dice to knock rival's dice off the board. When your opponent's king is out, you win.

When your die ends up at the rival's territory with the shadow face showing up, you re-roll it. If shadow face shows up again, it is eliminated; otherwise the die is regained at your castle.

Different dice have different cost, abilities and survival rate. How would you lay your army formation? How best would you mobilize them? Would you press your luck or be contented with whatever you get? Richer experiences are valuable, so is the final status in your life journey that complements your life goals; among the few opportunities available, which would you grab?

Dead of Winter Honour More Amidst harsh winter and soul-sucking zombies, you all survivors have a common cause but everyone also harbours different private goal which is the ultimate measure of success. Some actions can only be taken at an opportune time.

Some actions may risk getting wound and eventual death, or getting zombie bite which could spread further or heal by chance unless you kill the victim off. Some actions would demoralize and cut short everybody's game time.

Everyone should chip in to defuse crisis after crisis but what you actually do is secret to the others It would be nice to help others to help yourself to avoid being booted out of the camp, but sometimes you can't help betraying for selfish aim, perhaps excused by unexpected events. Intense psychological tussle and group dynamics; Dead of Winter board game prepares you for a real Zombie apocalype.

Deep Sea Adventure Type: Jun Sasaki, Goro Sasaki Description: You all compete to become the richest in collecting underwater treasure, but you all share the oxygen supply. Whenever you pick up a treasure, you consume an additional oxygen in subsequent turns until you drop the treasure off. When oxygen is used up, whoever hasn't made it back to the vessel has to drop all treasures on hand to the deepest bottom. Generally treasure from the deeper level will have higher value but values may vary somewhat at similar levels, and their hidden values are known only after they are brought into the vessel.

Once you head back, you can't dive down again until the next round. How deep would you dive to? How many and where would you pick the treasures? How would other players' actions affect your action? A pleasant press-your-luck and quick game, small package that fits in your pocket; Deep Sea Adventure board game can be played wherever you go with almost anyone.

Card Game, Trick-Taking Number of players: The world is unfair that the Dalmuti who wins the round gets to tax the pitiful Peon and starts the next round, but the harsh Dalmuti may get the shoddy treatment if the Peon chance upon a revolution and swop the position. Cards consist of different ranks with the lower ranked cards in greater number. Players try to be the first to shed all cards by playing the same number of cards higher rank than before.

When playing the Great Dalmuti card game, you should morph into the roles of Dalmuti who barks at the Peon who has to shuffle the cards or serve drinks diligently.

The princess is trapped inside a tower of which the key has been hidden by the sorcerer. The prince tries to find the key to unlock the tower, but only 1 out of the 6 keyholes works!

Sorcerer starts off from a farther place than the prince but he knows the location of the key. Who would be releasing the princess: Fun hide and seek, fantastic components including the tower where the princess will jump out when the magnetic key enters the correct keyhole, beautiful artwork, award winner; Der verzauberte Turm The Enchanted Tower is a board game kids keep coming back for.

In Deus board game, you collect various resources, construct buildings and temples, expand your territory, conquer barbarians, and invoke the power of various Roman deities.

Key game mechanic is when you play cards onto your earlier played cards in your tableau, you get all actions or benefits of all cards in that group. Instead of playing a card, you may discard card s to get one-time benefits which are proportional to the number of discarded cards.

With the few cards on hand, which would you play and which would you discard? Can you see the synergies among the cards? Can you be the greatest builder, conqueror and the richest in the end? Everyone takes turn flipping and discarding a card from his face-down card pile.

Most cards require you to call out a number sequencing from your previous player's number that goes from 1 to 7 and down to 1, and so on. But some cards require you to do something different, and the next player should treat it as if you have counted as usual: The 2-guy card requires you to call out 2 consecutive numbers, and the next player is skipped; The handphone-talking guy requires you to clear the throat; and the gun threatened guy requires you to stay silent.

Any mistake or hesitation will require you to add all the played cards onto your pile. Eventually the player who discards all cards off his pile wins. When you've got the hang of the game, you could even set your funny sound for the handphone-talking card for each of your gaming group or session.

This elevates Die Fiesen 7 The Nasty 7 card game above other visual-vocal cuing party game. Set Collection, Bidding Number of players: What people dispose of into the underground tunnels becomes the treasure loot to the various pirating creatures, each possessing a special ability: Rats can seize an additional treasure; cockroaches cost less to move; toads can stay longer on the pirate ship; raccoons get paid when moved over; snails can move faster if lucky; weasels can do another action.

Which creature would you recruit in your team, at what cost? In view of the treasures coming ahead and complementary effect of various treasures, which pirate ship would you board?

Intricate 3D animal figurines, unique theme, dual variants for easy and advanced play, language independent; you can spend jolly good time with family or friends over Die Gulli-Piratten. Die Speicherstadt Honour More Bidding, Economics, Set Collection Number of players: Bustling commerce around the world heritage warehouse Die Speicherstadt in Germany largest port Hamburg.

Core game-play is the bidding for the turn to buy cards among those on offer, and the more people bidding for a particular card, the higher the bid winner has to pay. Should he passes, the next bidder can buy at a lower cost, and so forth.

The card thus obtained enables its owner to ship in goods, sell them for fortune, insure against fire, etc. Do you have the mettle to be the most successful merchant in this Stefan Feld board game Die Speicherstadt? Drawn from a card pile, everyone gets several requirements such as "more yellow than blue", "black must be next to white", etc.

Try to complete by the sand timer runs out and faster than the other players. If you fulfill all criteria and have used all 6 colours, you gain bonus point.

Dino Race Honour More Card Management Number of players: Under the erupting volcano, you guide 2 dinosaurs through various terrains, perhaps play tricks on your opponents along the way so that your dinosaurs reach safety first.

Dinosaur egg is valuable if brought to the finish line, but is a burden during the race. Card Game, Deduction, Bluffing Number of players: You all people with special ability are contesting to become the world's greatest foreteller. From 36 cards of 4 suits most cards are dealt out equally to players while some are left out of the game randomly.

Half of players' cards are then passed to their neighbours before game starts. On your turn, you play 1 card and always divine the total number of cards of that suit among all players in the game.

The tricky part is that each of your predicted number of that suit must change from your last prediction, and each predicted number can only be claimed by 1 player. How would you strategize your sequence of play? Can you decipher clues from other players' actions?

Divinare is a novel deduction game worthy of the German Game of the Year recommendation. Creative Thinking, Communication, Voting Number of players: Pick one of your cards, say out a word or phrase, or sing a song, or make some sound, or mime to give clue about your card.

Interestingly your clue should be vague such that somebody, not everybody nor nobody, will identify your card among other players' cards as yours. Dixit Daydreams Expansion Type: Unlike other Dixit titles, each card of Dixit Daydreams is mostly veiled in harmonious colours. Dixit Journey Expansion Type: DE Texts on box only Designer: Dixit Journey Expansion adds another 84 cards by a different illustrator to your game of Dixit or Dixit Odyssey.

Dixit Memories Expansion Type: Another irresistible expansion pack of Dixit cards by 2 French illustrators. While Daydreams hums with harmonious tones, Memories splashes with vivid colours. Close to Origins in style, Dixit Memories differs somewhat with more detailed illustrations. Dixit Odyssey Expansion Honour More Long live the storytelling voyage! Dixit Origins Expansion Type: For fans who yearn more of Dixit, Dixit Origins expansion gives you 84 new cards to be played with Dixit or Dixit Odyssey standalone game.

Dixit Quest Expansion Honour More Dixit Quest, another expansion to Dixit, adds 84 fantastic new cards which are worth thousands of words. Long live the riddling adventure! The cards are the same as Dixit 2 which was published before Dixit Revelations Expansion Type: The more variety of cards the merrier, Dixit Revelations adds 84 cards drawn by a new illustrator. The polish artwork contains hints of mythical folklore, classical stories, or cultural elements.

Some show optical illusions that would appear differently in the eyes of beholders. Special to this first print run, some cards are printed with gold foil, so grab it before it's gone. Each card shows an animal in one of several possible colours. On your turn, play a card on one of the 3 discard piles and call out the larger commonality - animal name or colour - among the 3 cards on display; but there are exceptions to fool your reaction: If there is no commonality, you should say "nought".

If quantity of common animal is equal to the quantity of common colour, you should say "dodelido". For each turtle on display, you must start with an "oh". If crocodile appears, you must slap it as quickly as you can. Any stutter, wrong word, wrong slap, inappropriate "oh" or the slowest slap; you have to collect all cards from the discard piles. Dodelido card game is a new mind twister by the designer of the popular Kakerlakensalat. Card Game, Deck Building Number of players: You are a prince of a Kingdom aiming to build a Dominion.

With the glittery treasure, you gradually amass Estate, Duchy and Province. However, your cousins are vying for the land too. You need the wisdom to grab the land faster, and fend off the Curse to create the most admired Dominion. Choosing 10 from the 26 types of Kingdom cards for each game, the card combinations are practically infinite that each game requires a different strategy. Compared with 1ed, this 2ed has more kingdom cards, and introduces trash mat; while maintaining compatibility with 1st edition Dominion expansions.

Dominion Dark Ages Honour More And trashing is all the rage. Looter card directs player to add to his deck Ruins card s which are of relatively low usefulness. Ruin pile consists of 5 types while Knight pile consists of 10 different Knights which commonly cause other players to trash cards.

Shelters are 3 different cards that replace the Estate cards of players' starting hands - giving players some actions. There are also 3 Action card types that can't be bought from the Supply but can only be gained through specific other cards. One notable Action card is Rats which has 20 instead of 10 cards in the Supply and makes player to convert one hand card to a Rats card.

More than half of the cards involve trashing own cards or other players' cards, unconditionally or subject to certain conditions. In the Dominion series so far, actions fly mainly during the action phase. Dominion Hinterlands introduces happenings to you or your opponents when you gain cards or buy cards during the buying phase, hence adding another layer of strategies each turn. Dominion Hinterlands, an expansion requiring Dominion or Dominion Intrigue published in end , also has 2 new card types: Dominion Intrigue Honour More Dominion Intrigue is a standalone game, but can also be combined with Dominion base game for up to 6 players.

This is the only expansion having the most double-function cards, and the only expansion having treasure cum victory cards. Also found only in this expansion is the game mechanic of passing cards from one player to another. If you like Dominion, this is an expansion you should not miss. Dominion Prosperity Honour More The central theme of Dominion Prosperity is wealth. There are treasures with abilities, cards that interact with treasures, and Trade Route that lets you spend more.

Major enhancements in this expansion are victory point tokens that do not dilute your abilities during the game, whooping point Colony victory cards, and Platinum treasure cards worth 5-coins. Prosperity is the year Dominion expansion, which has already been highly praised in the board game community before it is officially launched. Dominion or Dominion Intrigue is needed to play Dominion Prosperity. Dominion Seaside Honour More Dominion Seaside is an expansion, which requires Dominion or Dominion Intrigue.

It adds 26 new Kingdom cards to Dominion. Found only in this expansion are the Duration cards that remain in play till your next turn. Now there are cards allowing you to look at other players' cards, cards allowing you to set aside cards to be added into your hand later. Embargo token is an additional way to give curse; and coin token is renewable coin for buying cards in your subsequent turns. Giving players so many exciting and unique abilities, Dominion Seaside is another must-have.

Starting with 3 test-tubes containing 2 balls of different colours, you try to pour the ball s from one tube to another or flip the tube upside down to concoct the ball pattern as shown on the task card - without touching or dropping out the balls. Do that faster than all your peers to win. Chinking the test-tubes, shouting Eureka upon completion; Dr. Eureka is a multi-sensory puzzle board game.

Bidding, Bluffing Number of players: As a merchant in a lively Asian floating market, you need to work hard loading crates of goods onto the junks. More crucially you need business acumen in seizing market opportunities, smart auctioning of goods, and keen lookout for ways to outdo your competitors.

Featuring novel components and game-play in which cargos are laid in layers which are at 90 degrees to one another, rendering cargoes covered by other cargos useless, and only visible cargoes benefiting the respective owners; Dschunke - junk in German - offers subtle player interactions with elegant rule-set, and requires great tactics adaptable to changing scenarios. Can you become the richest in the end?

Cooperative, Party Game, Dexterity Number of players: You all are a courageous bunch checking out the dungeon rooms, fighting the monsters, killing them or being knocked out. Your weapons are dice. Throwing and aiming skills are essential. You could boost your power by throwing dice in awkward, uncomfortable, challenging postures Unique cooperative dexterity game with dice, immersive theme, nice humourous artwork; Dungeon Fighter is a board game that you truly fight dungeon creatures physically.

Card Game, Pattern Recognition Number of players: Each card shows a monster and indicates the total number of such monster in the deck; and there are various monsters called Dweebies in the deck. From your hand of 5 cards, play one adjacent to a card in the common area in grid form. When you play a Dweebie that matches the Dweebie at the other end of the row or column, you keep all the Dweebies of that row or column as victory points. If the grid is split after Dweebies are taken, subsequent players can't play at any location they wish but must play to fill the gap between the separated grids.

Both tactical play and casual play possible, cute cartoons like the Minions, compact metal box; Dweebies card game keeps kids, novice gamers and families entertained while exercising tactics. El Dorado Honour More Race your explorer through various terrains towards the legendary golden city of El Dorado.

From the 4 cards drawn from your shuffled personal card-deck, you choose cards to move your explorer or buy card that will be added into your card-deck. Different card-types and movement strengths are needed to move to jungles, water bodies or villages of different difficulties.

Base camps allow you to shed lower ability cards off your card-deck, mountain is impenetrable, 1 space can accommodate only 1 explorer - What's your tactics in your move? What is novel is most of the time only 6 card-types can be bought - only when a card-type is sold out, you can buy from the full suite of cards.

Do you see the strategies and tactics in buying cards? El Gaucho Honour More As a South American cow herder, you buy cattle, group the same breed together, and sell herds for a living. From a pool of rolled dice, everyone takes turn selecting 2 dice.

The dice value is the amount of money for buying or reserving a cattle, or the option number for different actions - Buy a reserved cattle, forcibly buy another player's reserved cattle, steal cattle from another player's ranch, quick sale of your herd, assume an extra die of any value, etc. Each cattle you buy must join your herd of the same breed in ascending or descending value.

What cattle would you buy? Herd selling price is the highest valued cattle in the herd multiplied by the number of cattle; but sometimes quick sale of small herd can be more profitable.

What would be your sell tactics? Download English instruction from the link below. Compose the legends of Greek mythological Gods by collecting and smart utilization of cards. From the limited cards on display, every epoch everyone must choose and collect 3 legend cards and 1 quest card one card at a time onto your domain. Which card would you collect on your turn, else someone may take it? Quest card not only determines your turn order, but also set the maximum number of legend cards that can be transferred from your domain to Elysium.

While cards in your domain provide special power during the game; only card-sets in your Elysium give significant victory points.

Which cards and when would you transfer to Elysium? Each decision carries profound impacts, many card combinations to be explored because 5 out of 8 card families are played in each game; Elysium board game offers you plenty of strategic endeavours. Once sail route is established, you can occupy cities, control connections between cities in that region.

Different buildings or cities support development in different aspects; what buildings would you build? Which regions, which cities and inter-cities connections would you go into? Is it worth the extra cost to replace rivals' occupation?

Using slaves can accelerate your development but at some point in time, all slave users will be penalized. How many slaves would you use? Multi-paths to victory, tough decisions but quick pace; Endeavor board game tests your strategic mettle.

In this tight battlefield, you can win by bluff instead of might, launch surprise actions instead of planning.

When you attack, announce your available gold and then hide them - some, all, or none - in your fist. If the defender guesses the amount of gold in your fist correctly, defender wins. Fun playing with your wacky buddies, created by the designer of Coup; Epix board game has won good reviews. The Curse of the Temple Honour More Discover secret chambers of a cursed temple, search for magic gems and escape before the temple entombs you - in 10 minutes!

You all must explore the chambers until exit is found, and activate enough magic gems to enable the escape - with the more gems activated the easier the escape will be. Simultaneously everyone rolls their dice, re-rolls as many times or set aside any dice for later use as the owner decides, or performs action provided by certain set of dice symbols; but when a die outcome is a curse, it becomes useless and can't be rerolled. Would you roll other dice to try to get personal antidote but risk rolling more curse, or would you all take the few team antidote but will face greater obstacles to go through the exit?

The Curse of the Temple, everyone would request for another play. Worker Placement Number of players: As board game publisher, the most prestigious 4-days board game fair in Essen is a major event not to be missed. How many tables to allocate for sales or game demo? Would you spend money on advertisement or promo items? Would you position yourself at sales booth or demo table to create buzz or another publisher's corner to pull away crowd? While competing against one another for customers, everybody's collective sales will boost the sales rate and promo costs in subsequent days.

Learn the trade of trade fair in Essen board game. Essen The Game Type: Competing in playing games is not enough, board gamers also compete in buying games in the Essen mega fair.

With limited time, limited game-hauling capacity through the movement-slowing crowd, and limited money; you wiggle across myriad booths to buy games that fits your private wishlist or are popular among geeks. Preferably the games should be bought while they are highly rated in the top ranking sites. Cooperative, Real-Time, Deduction Number of players: After taking shelter in an abandoned cabin, at sunrise you realize you all have been locked in.

With a mysterious book, an enigmatic decode disk, and most importantly logic deduction and teamwork; you all try to find clues bit by bit, unlock the codes to escape the cabin before time runs out. Cool, original riddles, exhilarating A-ha moments; Exit: After stumbling into a Pharaoh's tomb, suddenly the passageway collapses and you all are locked in. With a mysterious book, an enigmatic decode disk, and most importantly logic deduction and teamwork; you all try to find clues bit by bit, unlock the codes to escape the tomb before time runs out.

After straying into a secret lab, suddenly the door swings shut and you all are locked in. With a mysterious book, an enigmatic decode disk, and most importantly logic deduction and teamwork; you all try to find clues bit by bit, unlock the codes to escape the lab before time runs out. Create unhappily-ever-after stories with the world-famous fairy-tale characters!

When cards are stacked, only those on the topmost card or the bottom cards that show up through the transparent area take effect. Your 5 hand cards may consist of these cards: Which 2 cards would you play on your turn? Onto which characters of yours or other players?

If your characters are decorated with enough of the symbols required by the story card, you can claim the story card from the pool or another player to give yourself an unfair advantage. Unique game-system, the hilarity, the players-created stories in Fairy-tale Gloom card game give you all a shared good time to reminisce for life.

The Cat in the Sack Honour More Card Game, Bidding, Bluffing Number of players: Grab cats from a sack, would you get good or lousy cats? Each player contributes one cat, or a bluff like dog or rabbit, into a sack.

Then bid for the whole sack with only 1 cat revealed. If you pass, you gain coins necessary for biddings in later rounds, but 1 more cat is revealed to the remaining bidders. Elegant bidding game with bluff, surprises and laughter, strategies involved, cute cat illustrations; Filou Felix: The Cat in the Sack is a charming bidding game by Friedemann Friese.

Grid Movement, Racing Number of players: You all are desperate souls trying to escape a chamber having a monster which instantly gobbles anyone up once caught.

At every step the monster always scans its front, left and right; and then steers towards its closest eating target. Stone pillars can block whereas the crystal one permits the monster's line of sight. Anything entering a blood pool will slide all the way. How would you dodge and sneak past the monster? Fun luring the monster towards your friends, exciting escaping from being caught, highly thematic, well-tuned game-play by Power Grid's designer, signature artwork by Power Grid's illustrator, 3D monster you can build differently; Fearsome Floors is a terrifically entertaining board game.

Each card states a description, for example: Everyone has a starting hand of such cards in random. When you play the cards, you have to name an object that fits descriptions of all your played cards and the cards at the common area to be connected to. Other players may challenge the appropriateness; owner puts forward his defence argument, then voting makes the final decision.

Five Tribes Honour More Core game-play is the mancala style picking up all meeples from one tile, then dropping one meeple on an adjacent tile in a continuous path. At the end tile, you remove all meeples of 1 colour off and use their effect, activate the tile's action, and possibly claim control of the tile for game-end victory points.

Fire Rescue Honour More Toy 10 Best Games Winner Type: Fire has broken out - in no time your brigade springs into action. There are different specialists having different skills like firefighting, first-aid, infrared imaging, etc that you can change into during the game.

Which role would you change into, and when? The game allows unused action points for later use, would you save some? When would you use them? What would you use them for? Fire Rescue board game is putting a new spin on the cooperative game genre.

Fire Rescue - Urban Structures Type: Urban Structures brings 2 different time-pressing scenarios with its double-sided board: Light walls which can be damaged more easily are introduced here. A new character - structural engineer - provides unique capability of clearing hotspots and repairing damaged walls, and can be used in the base game or any expansion. All in all Urban Structures expansion offers greater challenges and varieties to Flash Point lovers. Fire Rescue - 2nd Story Type: Here comes 2 double-sided boards depicting 2 double storey buildings - a villa and a hotel.

New structures are windows which allow more easy entry, and staircase for moving between the 2 floors. New tool is portable ladder for accessing the high floor. An expansion to Flash Point: Highlight of the game is that card played can interact with the last played cards of all other players.

Each player takes turn flipping a card face up onto the table. When a fly swatter appears or when 5 different coloured flies congregate, try slapping on the highest-numbered card of the most prevalent colour. Higher number gives you more victory points while wrong colour makes you lose previously won card; are you observant and quick enough? English rule is included. Each of you race a few lumberjacks through river rapids filled with timber logs.

Lumberjacks may be pushed or blocked by another fellow or logs. Water current may also push them through - for better or worse. The deck is shuffled, 3 cards are drawn, and 1 card is chosen to play each turn.

Which pawn would you move? In which direction or path? Would you speed your pawn through the river current, or block your rival's pawn? For Sale Honour More Auction, Bluffing Number of players: Buy and sell properties to attain wealth!

Properties can be igloo, castle, space station, etc - each having a number indicating the relative value - and are auctioned off to players. The twist is that when a player quits bidding, he takes the lowest valued property but pays only half of his bid; while the last player remaining in the bid pay the full amount of his bid. Fun getting property for free, or set someone up to pay sky-high price, easy to learn, brisk to play, humourous illustrations, small package; For Sale card game is suitable for most gamers in most events.

For Sale - Travel Edition Type: Fun getting property for free, or set someone up to pay sky-high price, easy to learn, brisk to play, humourous illustrations, extremely compact box; For Sale card game is suitable for most gamers in most events. This Travel edition - produced by Gryphon Games - has the same artwork as the normal version, and can easily fit into your shirt pocket. Forbidden Desert Honour More On a desolate desert you all adventurers, each with unique capabilities, are geared to find and excavate a legendary flying-machine before blazing sun kills through thirst and sand-storm impedes all actions or buries you.

Forbidden Island Honour More The moment you land on the Forbidden Island, it starts flooding and sinking. Immediately you should try to shore up the flooded areas. As your reach is limited, and certain areas are critical to your mission; you all should discuss, distribute efficient tasks and pace properly. Long term goals are to uncover 4 treasures and leave before the natural disaster overwhelms. Another cooperative game by Matt Leacock featuring simple rules, modular game-board, impressive 3D tokens, visually pleasing artwork, nice tin-box; Forbidden Island offers electrifying experience to families and friends.

You are commissioned by the bishop to restore the cathedral ceiling. You decide your painters' start-work time which can affect their work capacity in later rounds, the cost of your paint, and your chance of painting a higher rewarding fresco segment. Then, you need to decide the activities of the day: Whoever restores the most values of the fresco, and retaining the most money in the end wins. Unique theme, and contains 3 expansions for increasing challenges, Fresco is a good family game.

Friday the 13th Honour More Card Game, Card Management Number of players: Bad omens are everywhere but try not to let them affect you. Friday the 13th card can be played on any pile of your choice. If the sum of the cards on that pile exceed 13, you have to collect the card pile as penalty points. The twist is that the person collecting the most cards of a suit will be spared the penalty. How would you strategize your card-play? Strolling through the woods, you try to collect mushrooms and cook as many servings as deliciously as possible.

You can see what's coming ahead; would you exchange some mushrooms for foraging sticks so that you may grab the prized items before your opponent does? What you don't pick up may be taken by your opponent or become inedible later, and you need to collect sufficient quantity of a kind to be able to cook a serving before your carrier is full; what would you pick each round? Easy to learn, tense decisions but not overly taxing, delightful artwork, soothing theme, non-confrontational game-play suitable for couples; Fungi is a fantastic card game by a first-time designer.

Game of Trains Honour More Everyone has a train of railcars sorted in descending order. Try to be the first to make it in ascending order by replacing or repositioning the railcars. On your turn, either replace a railcar of your choice with a blindly drawn card, or use special power depicted on a railcar from the common pool. Special power can be swopping your railcars, shifting your railcar position, everyone discarding a railcar, or protecting your railcar from being discarded.

Be careful your replaced railcar goes to the common pool which could be used by any players subsequently for its special power. Easy to learn, cool funny trains, Game of Trains is an enjoyable card game for almost anybody. Memory Number of players: You all are racing up a long spooky staircase. Dice roll indicates the number of steps to move forward; or changing a pawn into a ghost.

Once all pawns have been converted to ghosts, dice roll may require you to swop 2 ghosts' positions, or swop 2 players' identities in the advance variant. All ghosts look alike and true identities are hidden. Can you remember the ghosts' real identities and win the race?

Funny when players make the wrong ghost win or lose, the original version is a multi-award winner; Geistertreppe Metalldose is the compact version in metal box with a good price point. Card Game, Quick Reaction Number of players: Have you played a game in which an instructor shouts left but points his finger to the right, and do multiple variations in quick succession; can you follow the instructions correctly every time?

Geistesblitz is a game similarly challenging your reaction. When a flipped over card shows an object of the right colour, you have to grab the correct object. If the card doesn't show any object in the right colour, you have to grab the object and colour not depicted in the card. A standalone sequel to Geistesblitz that comes with different objects: You may also play with higher challenges - or rather more wrong reactions, and more laughters - when frog or towel appears, or combined with Geisterblitz.

Geistesblitz Spooky Doo Type: Geistesblitz Spooky Doo has the same basic rules as Geistesblitz, but goes a bit further in twisting your brains - A hat always hide an object. When you are supposed to grab the hat, you should instead call out the hidden object; when you are supposed to grab the hidden object, you should lift up the hat.

Hand-twisting, tongue-twisting, more rowdy party. Super clear-minded dudes, Geistesblitz graduates, are you game enough for Geistesblitz Spooky Doo? One player is the ghost in the Canterville Castle while others try to capture the ghost.

The ghost can move through obstacles invisibly most of the time, but cannot enter the same room twice; the ghost chasers work together to corner and catch the ghost. Ghost chaser has some flexible control of when the ghost must show where it is and was present in the last few rounds. You all are brave treasure hunters trying to collect jewels in a ghost-infested mansion. A ghost will turn up in a room every turn with few exceptions. When a ghost is in a room, you must bust it before you can take the jewel and leave.

When a room has too many ghosts, 2 players must work together in that room to purge the ghosts. Children can learn, discuss and plan the logistics and assignment together. Difficulty can be raised for higher age groups or when kids have mastered the game. GiftTrap Mini Taboo Type: It's present giving time! With several potential gifts on hand, which one would the recipient like most? The more the recipients like your gifts, the more reward you get. Whatever the gift is, prepare for some silly banter.

This Taboo edition is for adults only. Glen More Honour More Tile Placement, Economics Number of players: DE Download English translations Designer: Highlights of the game are twofold: When you skip the earlier tiles to pick up a farther tile, you give players behind you the option of getting multiple tiles in one go; while you try to perform actions efficiently so as not to benefit other players, you must outperform all other players so as to get any victory points.

English version already out-of-print; grab this to complete your Alea collection before it's gone. Economics Number of players: Roman Empire was crumbling as the Goth encroached from the North; you all need to utilize resources to generate income to allow you to flee. Every turn you may pay tribute to the Goth out of your own pocket to keep them from closing in for that turn. At times you may choose not to pay so that the Goth will inflict more damage to your opponents, but that can only be done sparingly because when the Goth reaches the capital, all of you lose.

Ultimately whoever reaching Carthage in Africa or the farthest away from Rome, regardless of your fortune, wins. Novel card overlaying for dual-use and the management of the constant rise-and-fall of your economic engine, wicked fun in unleashing havoc to your opponents; Gloria Mundi board game is a unique game worthy of your collection.

X-in-a-Row, Memory Number of players: Players take turn placing a pawn with the objective of forming 4-in-a-row. Players can also use a bigger pawn to gobble up smaller pawn or move a pawn to an adjacent space.

Remember what you've gobbled; place or move your pawns strategically to win. Wooden pawns and board, moving a pawn may reveal foolish laughable mistake; Gobblet! Gobblet Gobblers Honour More Similar to Tic-Tac-Toe that players take turn placing a pawn in the 3x3 grid with the objective of forming 3-in-a-row; Gobblet Gobblers additionally allows players to use a bigger pawn to gobble up smaller pawn or move a pawn to an adjacent space.

Remember what you've gobbled up and been gobbled well, place or move your pawns strategically to win. Path Altering Race Number of players: Race across Orinoko River via floating logs to collect gold. On your turn, you move an adventurer of yours and a log. Any adventurer can jump over anybody along his moving path.

Which log would you move? What path would your adventurer moves? Can you minimize letting other adventurers jumping over yours? Would you move the log or adventurer first? Easy-to-learn rules allowing tactical play, solid components; Orinoko Gold board game lives up to Haba reputation as a great children game also enjoyable for adults.

In this race to be the first to escape black hole, some cards let your spaceship move towards the nearest spaceship; some cards let your spaceship move away from the nearest spaceship; some cards pull all other spaceships towards your spaceship. Each card also indicates priority in turn order. Everyone plays a card face down before the cards are revealed and turn order determined. Which card would you select to play each turn? You can apply emergency stop once in a while, when would you use it?

Gravwell board game is a unique racing game in which movement direction is mostly based on other players' pawns. When confronted with a shark, you don't have to out-swim the shark, but just be faster than your friends. It's ok to lose a limb or two, as long as you still have more limbs than your friends by the end.

Everyone plays a number card simultaneously. Whoever playing the same number don't swim forward. The other swimmer then overtakes as many fellow swimmers as the number played, starting from player who has played the lowest number. The last in the pack loses a limb to the shark but is consoled by getting back his played cards immediately.

Exciting surviving the shark attack, fun outwitting your friends, 3D human figurines with detachable limbs, easy to learn, quick turn, packed in nice tin box; Hai-Alarm! Halli Galli Honour More Cards distributed faced down to everyone, each player flips over one card onto their faced up deck on their turn.

When the faced up cards show 5 pieces of one kind of fruit, press the bell in the middle at lightning speed. The fastest to press collects all players' faced up cards. Ultimately the one amassing all players' cards wins. Observation and counting training for kids, reflex challenge for adults, extremely simple rules; Halli Galli is a long-running favourite by Amigo Spiel. Instruction is in multiple languages including English. Halli Galli Junior Honour More When 2 clowns of the same colour appear, press the bell in the middle at lightning speed.

However, nobody should press bell if the colour matching pair contains a sad clown. Eventually the most observant and quickest hand wins. Halli Galli Junior is for kids who are far from mastering quick counting yet. Cooperative, Deduction, Communication Number of players: In Hanabi - meaning 'fireworks' in Japanese, you all cooperate to put up several fireworks.

Everyone has a hand of several cards, each card having a colour and a number. The twist is that the cards are held face-out; hence everyone can see other players' cards except their own. You can give clue on a colour or a number of another player's cards; but the team has up to 8 turns of clue-sharing unless a card is discarded, with each discard giving back a turn of clue-giving. Ultimately you need to play cards to create fireworks in the correct colour in ascending order.

Tensions abound as the team can only afford to make 3 mistakes, and need to complete the fireworks before the cards run out. Cooperative game with face-out cards, clue-giving and deduction makes this a first-of-its-kind. Novel, elegantly simple rules; Hanabi card game is hot! This edition by Abacusspiel - a publisher with excellent track records - has more cards than earlier French edition, hence allowing more variants.

Hanabi Pocket Honour More Hanabi is now available in a tinier box that fits in pocket easily. Why not spread the joy of the game by giving Hanabi Pocket to your friends or relatives?

Competing against another suitor, you two try to charm the most geishas in Hanamikoji district. From your hand of randomly dealt items, you have to allocate 1 item for a geisha, 2 items to be discreetly discarded, 3 items to be split into portions before opponent chooses a portion as his gift to geisha s and then you keep the leftover portion as your gift to the geisha s , or 4 items to be split into portions before opponent chooses a portion as his gift to geisha s and then you keep the leftover portion as your gift to the geisha s.

You two take turn taking one action, and you draw an item each turn; which action would you take each turn? Can you see the subtle tactics? Exotic theme, beautiful artwork, simple but critical decisions each time; Hanamikoji card game offers great duel for 2 tacticians. Simultaneous Selection, Economics Number of players: Pig farming to be the most wealthy, there are various actions you can take: Everyone secretly selects an action type for themselves, then a card is revealed to determine the total amount of actions for each action type to be shared among all undertaking players.

Can you do different action type from others so as to have high productivity? Easy learn and play, cute artwork; Happy Pigs is a board game that can be played by adults and kids together, or seasoned and casual gamers together. Haru Ichiban Honour More Two master gardeners try to outdo each other in manipulating flower arrangement in the emperor's lotus pond.

Every round, one person places his flower on a water lily of his choice, and determine the next flowering water lily; while the opponent places his flower on the previously determined flowering water lily, and moves one unoccupied water lily.

The key is to bid for which of the two roles by choosing and playing 1 out of 3 own number chips drawn player's own pool. Each action sends rippling effect in both players' subsequent actions; can you see the interactions and take your best action?

May the vision be with you in Haru Ichiban board game. Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck Pickomino Honour More Dice, Risk Management Number of players: Roll 8 dice, keep all dice turning up the same symbol; next you may roll the remaining dice so as to gain more total pip values in order to win more worms, and so on.

However if you push too far that the rolled symbols are the same as those dice you've kept, you will lose a tile of worms. The pool of worms is limited and diminishes as the game progresses, so the game becomes increasingly tense. Luck is involved, but you decide how much risk to take. You may not have imagined the successful receiving of this game until you try and can't stop playing. The English version Pickomino has been out-of-print but there is still demand for this game, so grab this language independent original German edition Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck.

Feeding frenzy for the penguins As a penguin leaves an ice floe for another ice floe, it gobbles down all the fish on the departed floe. The departed floe will also disappear; leaving a spot no penguin can jump over or stand on. As the penguins feast on, their movements become increasingly restricted. How would you move your penguins to eat the most fish while restricting other penguins' movements or their feeding pool?

Bruno Cathala, Christian Martinez Description: Influence the king in your favour, and put up the shows he loves so as to reap the most money. With deduction and mind-reading, everyone simultaneously chooses one of the 8 choices on offer - which could be actors that could sway the king's liking and provide an immediate action like stealing money from another player; acrobats that give you one-time special action in a later round of your choice; or a quick income.

If you're the only one making that choice, you get what you choose. If a choice has more than one player, it is discarded but consequences are known before making the choice. If a choice has no taker, it will be rolled over to the next round. Easy to learn but require some skills to win, tug of war on the king's liking, fresh theme, stunning artwork, eye-catching 3D theatre with revolving backdrop; Histrio board game is great for casual, family as well as seasoned gamers.

Hive Pocket Honour More Tile Placement, Grid Movement Number of players: This is a face-off between 2 hives of insects. Without game-piece elimination, your objective is to totally surround the opponent's queen bee with game-pieces. Each species has different way of moving, e. Grasshopper jumps over any number of game-pieces in a straight line; beetle moves one space like the bee but can step on top of and immobilize another game-piece; mosquito mimics the movement of an adjacent insect.

Not requiring a game board but the hexagonal game-pieces are placed one-by-one linking to one another. Build your dominion to be the most valuable among all in Honshu. Each map-card consists of 2-by-3 sections, which could be forest, lake, town, production site, factory or fallow. When you add the map-card you've selected after players bid for their turn order, partially lay it above or below your previously laid map-cards. Eventually all your uncovered sections will give you victory points, where different landscapes score differently.

Interestingly resources given by the production site can be used to raise your bid during the bidding phase or kept till the end for victory points. Great blend of trick-taking and card-overlay mechanics, nice artwork; Honshu is a commendable card game by a Finnish designer Rule book. Party Game, Partnership, Acting Number of players: FR language independent Designer: Play out the hysterical soccer coach giving out positioning instructions, soccer players heeding the instructions or miscue, slap penalties on fouls at your table-side, or swap the ineptitude coach with a player.

Rowdy, silly fun; Hystericoach board game is for the soccer fanatics. Ice Cool Honour More Dexterity Number of players: Flick your penguin around several rooms to hit the opponents' running penguins or to catch fish.

With some skill, you may curl the flick, or send the penguin through several doors in one shot, or make the penguin jumps over the wall for short-cut. Economics, Set Collection Number of players:

for Adults & Children