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A Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines episode had Muttley recovering a treasure chest, only for Dick Dastardly posing as a tax collector who confiscates it. A Bamse story from evolves around the gang and two shore thieves looking for a treasure chest in a subterranean maze. Elite Force Star Trek: Thanks to 24th Century replicator technology, gold lost a lot of its financial value; only its aesthetic appeal and industrial uses remained. After the helicopter crashes into the nearby pond, Woody offers to help the prospector recover the diamonds from the helicopter.

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Watch the iPhone XS survive drop tests on concrete Mobile — 5h ago. Facebook got hacked Gadgetry — 6h ago. Dungeons,' an adventure game with online co-op Personal Computing — 1h ago. Sony confirms PlayStation Experience won't happen this year Business — 23h ago. Instead of gold, jewels, or something else that has practical or monetary value, it turns out to be something else entirely. There are four main variants to this trope: The thing that the character thought would contain a treasure turns out empty.

Either the characters were misled and there never was a treasure to begin with, or the treasure used to be there but is long gone.

The treasure turns out to be something that has only sentimental, intellectual, spiritual, or philosophical value to those that originally owned or created the treasure. If the villain and the hero are competing for the same treasure, the villain will almost certainly fail to appreciate the value of the treasure, while the hero may in fact find something worthwhile in the treasure.

The treasure may have held value at the time, but for one reason or another it is obsolete by the time it is dug up. The most common variant of this is Confederate money , which has its own section below, but it can also apply to vouchers for businesses that no longer exist anymore, metals that were precious at the time but are common today, and so on.

The character assumes the treasure is worthless after getting it and tries to actively invoke this Trope and its positive values even if it's a lie.

Then it turns out that the treasure had worth just not one immediately apparent to anybody involved in getting it and the character sees his life demolished in the ensuing Springtime for Hitler. Often Double Subverted when whatever forces demolished his life go too far and perform an action that renders the treasure actually worthless.

If the treasure is mainly just the incentive for competition between the hero and the rival see: Might involve All That Glitters , if the object appears to be valuable but is really worthless. If it has sentimental value to a particular character, it is 1 Dime. If the characters find something valuable but discard it to ignorance, stupidity or possibly not being from Earth, it's a case of Worthless Yellow Rocks.

Related to the "Shaggy Dog" Story , for obvious reasons. But if the characters gained more from the experience of looking for the treasure than they do from the value of the treasure they end up with, It's the Journey That Counts. See Magic Feather for cases where the heroes only think they need the treasure, but in fact they had its power all along. This is your last warning ; only proceed if you really believe you can handle this list.

The real irony, of course, is that Confederate money is so valuable now because most of it was destroyed due to being considered worthless. The notes even stated that they would not be valid for real specie until anywhere from six months to two years after a peace treaty was signed with the United States.

Under Geneva Conventions, a captor nation is required to pay its POWs at a rate equal to its own men enlisted men had to subject themselves to forced labor to be paid The catch is that POWs at least those from Western countries were paid in scrips that were good only at camp facilities, which offered nothing worthwhile for them to buy.

Most threw away these scrips, but authentic World War II German camp scrips are now worth hundreds of dollars. The old The Three Investigators children's novels contained an example that lacked a clear moral: It may have been worthless when the book was written, but An episode of the George Reeves The Adventures of Superman centered around an old man trying to keep his loot safe from robbers.

Turns out to be Confederate money, considered worthless in the s. When the chest containing the money is opened, the characters' reactions are those of disappointment.

The Dukes of Hazzard once found a treasure map that led to a lost fortune. This was one of the few times Boss Hogg managed to come out on top, only to discover the fortune was Confederate money. The real treasure was the payroll document signed by General Lee. Little House on the Prairie: The plot twist came when they had already run up a huge line of credit at the Mercantile purchasing new farm equipment, seeds, etc.

The Street Fighter movie has a variation. He runs into Sagat who cracks open the suitcase and discovers it's full of the money that was to be the currency for Bison's new country. Thus instead of the money being for a country that no longer exists, the money is for a country that would never exist. In one of the McAuslan stories, a British army unit in post-WW2 Libya catch the local villagers sneaking into their fort to dig up a trunkful of Italian money, apparently unaware it's now worthless after the defeat of Fascist Italy.

When the locals steal it back, no-one bothers to do anything about it. In Bordan Deal's story "The Big Bajoor" and the movie based on it gypsy fortuneteller Vanya swindles an elderly woman out of the fortune left to her by her late father. Vanya's abusive husband Sandor burns the money when they discover that it's Confederate and she taunts him about it after finding an accompanying book which lists exactly how much it was worth in then-modern US dollars.

British TV series "When The Boat Comes In"; Russian sailor Kaganovich comes to England to confront Jack Ford and to recover the money his father paid him to smuggle him out of revolutionary Russia; Ford hands over every penny, unspent; to reveal that Kaganovich Senior had paid him in money issued by Kerensky's Provisional Government, and which became worthless when Lenin's Bolshevik Government issued a new currency.

The trope is Recycled In Space in the episode "Gold". Our heroes rob a shipment of gold being transferred from the planet Zerok to the Federation. The gold has had its atomic composition changed to prevent it being stolen, so they exchange this useless gold for a Briefcase Full of Money in Zerok currency.

Then they discover that Zerok has just joined the Federation, rendering the currency invalid, while the Big Bad can just have the gold changed back to normal on Zerok. It turns out to be the enemy's top tactician, General Gold, who died in an attack on the convoy. The pilot who made the attack who had been missing for a day or two had burned half of Gold's papers and used the other half as tissues, since he couldn't read them.

The base commander bursts out laughing upon hearing this, since deciphering them could have ended the war. In Ashitano Nadja we have George, Nadja and Kennosuke setting off to find a treasure that supposedly belonged to Joan of Arc It turns out to be a beautiful flower patch that Joan herself planted as a teenager, before leaving her beloved countryside. The episode of Cardcaptor Sakura with the Shield card explains that the spirit of said card has, appropriately, an instinct for guarding things and will, in the absence of proper guidance, find some treasure, latch onto it, and protect it from all comers including, in this case, the very annoyed rightful owner.

The treasure it selects is not revealed until Sakura breaks through the shield and captures the card, and turns out to be of purely sentimental value a bouquet of flowers in memory of Sakura's late mother, treasured by her cousin aka Tomoyo's mom. In this same episode is a similar example, revealing Tomoyo's most prized possession. Tomoyo is filthy rich, has her own bodyguards, cool high-tech toys, and a seemingly limitless budget to dress up Sakura in cute costumes and film her. Her most prized possession is a child's eraser, in the shape of a bunny rabbit, worth maybe ten yen, given to her by her best friend Sakura on the day they met and lovingly cherished for years afterwards.

Detective Conan has played with this a few times: Episode had a mansion where the treasure was the view from a hidden window. On Conan revealing this, the villain had a complete breakdown over all they had done to find it - including mass murder and disfiguring their own face.

Professor Agasa set up a treasure hunting trip for the kids, but once they followed the clues to the treasure, they're shocked to find that the toys were ruined; Conan eventually deduces that a robber was trying to find counterfeit printing plates, all while discovering and decoding the clues to where said plates were hidden. Shinichi, as a young boy, met the elder Kaitou Kid the current Kaitou Kid's father who gave him a clue that sent him on a puzzle-solving trip with Ran, but Shinichi misinterpreted the last clue so he thought the reward was the trip and the view of the sunset; upon revisiting the case as Conan, he realized the proper solution was to tear open the leather wallet holding the very first clue, upon which the message was revealed: The treasure—a big honking diamond—is very real, but removing it from its place causes the nearby spring to overflow and flood the entire area.

Only putting it back allows the group to leave safely. In the anime-only "Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour", the treasure turns out to be a letter talking about the ideals of the Meiji Restoration. Of course, the villains that are also trying to get what they think will be find a treasure rich enough to buy the whole country are not impressed. This is somewhat subverted when it is revealed that the letter had a rare and valuable stamp with a printing error on it that would have been worth a lot if the villain had not torn it up.

Another filler story featuring a criminal attempting to drain Osaka castle to find what he believes is treasure, before Conan and Heiji come across him, reveal that the letter claiming that treasure lies there is a forgery written in hopes of weakening the castle's defenses, and thwart his plans. The letter itself does have archaeological value, as it was most likely written near the end of the Sengoku period, but considering the criminal illegally trespassed into a historical location and kidnapped Kazuha, he won't be able to capitalize on it.

Subverted in Dirty Pair episode A treasure hunter looking for treasure in the ruins of an alien planet has hired Kei and Yuri to help him find the treasure and fight off a rival treasure hunter in exchange for a share of the profits.

It turns out that the treasure is a piece of paper with writing in the alien language, which Kei and Yuri can't read but the treasure hunter can. He claims that it says is "there is a value in cooperating with each other", referring to it taking three people to open the door to the room where it was. Yuri comments that "this is the typical ending to a treasure hunt". However, the writing was actually instructions on how to use some Lost Technology and thus highly valuable; the treasure hunter lied about it to avoid paying them.

He does later send them flowers - an entire roomful of roses. At the last volume of Doraemon manga, a chapter was about Nobita, Doraemon, Giant and Suneo competed in finding real treasures as 2 pirate teams. The treasures were there before they decided to make it as a pirate game. However, the very pirate game which consisted of them sailing at sea and shooting cannonballs at each other delayed their treasure hunting, resulting in someone had already dug the treasures ahead of them.

Double Subverted in Dragon Ball: His subordinates are not pleased to discover that his planned wish is to be taller. In the Fruits Basket manga, Akito's prized box contains Akito was told that it contained her father's soul, but it was a lie from the person who gave it to her. Frequently serves as the Aesop to many episodes of Guardian Fairy Michel —mostly due to the fact that the Black Hammer Gang seem completely unable to understand the metaphorical use of the word "treasure.

However, the "treasures" are always appreciated by someone else, meaning their antics to "steal" them nonetheless disrupt the lives of many innocents. Near the end of the Greed Island arc, the group defeats Razor and goes up a tower to gain an ultra-rare card, Patch of Shore.

Their NPC guide talks about how there was no treasure in a particular cave and that its beauty and holiness was the real treasure The card isn't particularly valuable in and of itself, but it is necessary to beat the game. Actually, it kind of is valuable. It's an SS card, the highest rarity ranking, only 3 copies of it can exist at a given time in the entire game and obtaining it is spectacularly hard.

As soon as the protagonists obtain it they manage to copy it, monopolise it and therefore force the villains into a confrontation if they want a shot at winning the game. Strategically, it's a vital asset. Part 3 of Jojos Bizarre Adventure has Polnareff encounter a wish-granting genie that turns out to be an enemy stand.

When it's revealed that the genie grants wishes by just making things out of dirt, he's disappointed when he realizes that the treasure hoard he jokingly used his first wish on turned out to be worthless. The Law of Ueki has a Double Subversion: The team finds a treasure box as part of a competition, and considering the theme of the show, it's pretty clear what its going to be.

But then they open it Not for resale, either. Too big for my pocket, anyway. Return the Treasure , have had similar non-treasure "treasures" — possibly largely as a Shout-Out to Cagliostro which continues to influence the franchise heavily.

In Lupin III Stolen Lupin , Lupin rents out a village from its occupants for a day for the sole purpose of tricking the baddies into thinking the "Lupin Treasure" is stored there. One of the guest characters then concludes that the real "Lupin Treasure" is his friendships with the rest of his gang.

Subverted in Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini: Lupin finally assembles the titular split diamond , allowing a long-suppressed Moroccan tribe the chance to access its ancestral treasure. It turns out to be an empty cave with a message on the wall stating that community is the real treasure. The tribe's princess is content with this, but Fujiko yells in frustration and kicks the wall The cave's walls are covered in diamonds under the facade.

After the climax, Lupin reveals the object that he'd been trying to steal. Granted, it's a gold corkscrew, but he was chasing it because it was a treasure that his grandfather had described, rather than the intrinsic worth of the object.

Hitler's legacy contains the stuff that he didn't want anyone to see, because he was so embarrassed. Farewell to Nostradamus plays with this too, with Lupin's gang after a book of the prophecies of Nostradamus, which assuming it's an original from that long ago could be expected to be rare and valuable. When the treasure is finally found, it turns out that Julia had been doodling all over it while playing in the vault as a child, which made it essentially unreadable and ruined any historical value it might have had.

Pulled twice in an episode of Mahoraba , when the residents of Narutakisou go on a treasure hunt. What they pulled out turns to be photos of the residents three generations before, along with a note saying that the earlier group went on the same hunt and found nothing but a note that said "Good Job". Subverted in Mahou Sensei Negima! The book exists, but a complicated series of events leads to a Friend or Idol Decision , and they spend a few days studying the old fashioned way.

They all pass, and learn a lesson about hard work or something. All of it turned out to be a Xanatos Gambit by the Headmaster. Man-stuck-in-a-chest Gaimon has spent at least twenty years obsessing over a few treasure chests sitting on the top of a small peak he can't climb up. Luffy offers to go up and fetch them, but when he does refuses to give the chests to Gaimon. Gaimon realizes that the treasure he had been looking forward to is already gone, but soon decides that at least now he can get on with his life, and really enjoy the island he's been trapped on.

In one TV special, the Straw Hat Pirates help the guest find her father's treasure in hope of sharing it. Unfortunately especially for Nami , it was a gigantic pearl, so they couldn't take any of it. Besides, the true value of the pearl is that it is a token of her father's drive for adventure. Also the treasure called 'One Piece' itself was considered a rumor until Whitebeard confirmed its existence with his dying breath , though what exactly the treasure is remains a mystery.

In addition, Luffy, when given a chance to not only learn that it exists but exactly what it is, vehemently insists on being left ignorant about the One Piece. To Luffy, One Piece isn't the treasure, the act of trying to find it is. A little short story in the Ouran High School Host Club manga dealt with the host club trying to find the perfect soup that their principal had sampled when he was younger.

Turns out it was a very common soup and that the one giving the soup to the principal would later be his wife. Puzzle of God deconstructed 2 to 1. A puzzle of the week was designed to reward the solver with a view of beautiful landscape. By the time the protagonist solves it, it has already been destroyed to build leisure facilities. There is a rather silly subversion in the story where Ranma finally reveals himself to his mother.

The other half of the story is the attempt to keep his father from taking a family treasure, hidden in a box the whole time, and pawning it. When Genma finally gets the treasure and takes it to the pawnshop, it's only a single slip of paper.

The slip of paper is a pawn ticket: It doesn't really matter, as it was apparently worth about twenty bucks. Two halves of a scroll that was long ago cut in half are reunited to reveal a precious secret — which turns out to be a pickle recipe.

However, the pickle recipe is greatly prized by the couple who reassembled the scroll. Mostly because the male, Prince Kirin, literally can't eat anything but pickles.

Nodoka herself pulled this on Ranma and Akane and their suitors accidentally. She gives her son a gift to give Akane, and after opening it, everyone believes it's an engagement ring. Cue the chases, battles, claims and flying weaponry before Ranma can finally give it to her.

Turned out to be a pill box with a unique design, for the aspirin and antacids for the hardships that a woman in the Saotome family must endure. After searching through a series of caves, they come to a sprawling herb garden. Very precious to the witches who hid the garden ages ago, but with the increased availability of said herbs in the time frame of the series, they had little value left.

However, it soon turned out that the picture was placed to disguise the real treasure, a microchip containing information on Fortress Maximus' location. In the anime of Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever , the villain is after Fiasse to get control of a secret inheritance she will receive on her marriage or her thirtieth birthday, whichever comes first. When Fiasse eventually gets her inheritance long after the villain is defeated, it turns out to be the deed to a honeymoon villa and a box of home videos.

Though Scrooge and the rest find the treasure they came for, Scrooge himself makes it perfectly clear at the end that the real treasure he got from this adventure was the reconciliation with his sister, and the letter from his father. Inside is a chamber where Croesus kept his 'greatest treasure'. Upon opening it, he finds that the 'greatest treasure' is the very first coin Croesus, inventor of money, literally made. Scrooge was less than amused, particularly because he gave up the rest of the bin's contents for the right to it.

The coin isn't literally worthless of course, but worth far less than what he just gave up. In Carl Barks ' Uncle Scrooge comic "Back to Long Ago", Scrooge and Donald race against each other for a treasure buried on an island centuries ago, only to find that the chest contains nothing but a bunch of dried-up potatoes: One Danish story had a similar twist, where the treasure turns out to be tons and tons of salt — which of course was used for money back in ye olden days.

Another Carl Barks story revolves around Scrooge buying up all the issued U. S quarters, then dumping all except one in the Mariana Trench so his sole remaining coin would become incredibly valuable. After his coin is accidentally destroyed, he goes diving for a new one, only to discover that the area he dumped the coins in is the hiding place of Atlantis , hidden away from the rest of the world by the almost insurmountable depth.

After a long adventure, Scrooge and his nephews manages to escape with a few coins, only for Scrooge to find out back on land that the coins he have are now so rare that the only person that can afford to buy them is himself , making the treasure both incredibly valuable AND effectively worthless. Scrooge drags Gladstone along on an adventure to find the hidden treasure of a princess.

It turns out to be her childhood toys. Strangely enough, while Scrooge is understandably miffed by this turn of events, Gladstone finds it so heartwarming that he's moved to tears. And, of course, there's the fact that Scrooge McDuck's own greatest treasure is the first dime he ever made, an item with very little intrinsic value, but it representative of Scrooge's hard work the fact that it's owned by the richest duck alive is the reason why Magica DeSpell constantly seeks to steal it, because it allegedly would grant great totemic power to a spell that would make her rich Back when Contact published a magazine in conjunction with their series, they ran a comic art serial titled "Cosmic Crew", which managed to do this trope both ways.

After obtaining the final piece of their treasure on earth, the crew received a message about the importance of knowledge One of the original Richie Rich comic books plays with the trope. Richie puts something he feels is valuable in a safe while explaining to his dog that valuables should be kept somewhere safe. So Dollar the dog has the bright idea of digging up his favorite bone and replacing Richie's treasure in the safe with his own.

Later, robbers crack the safe They assume it's a valuable fossil. Their boss disabuses them of the notion "It's a two-day old soup bone" by abusing them. Back at the Rich mansion, Dollar is heartbroken Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog does this in issue 7. The Freedom Fighters find a treasure map belonging to Uncle Chuck, but aren't impressed — since Robotnik conquered Mobius, money has no value.

Sonic suggests that the treasure might be an invention Chuck made that could help in the resistance, so they go anyway. Robotnik hears about the hunt, and at the end of the story, gets away with the treasure. However, Sonic isn't too upset, having at that moment remembered what the treasure is, and how sentimental Uncle Chuck was. Robotnik was not amused. I suggest we stay out of his way for few days Until he calms down Or he'll destroy us all!

All that trouble over a pair of Sonic's bronzed baby shoes! A Bamse story from evolves around the gang and two shore thieves looking for a treasure chest in a subterranean maze. They find the chest, open it, and inside is An obscure caricature comic had two archaeologists spending forty years in search of King Solomon's treasure.

When they finally locate it, they find an inscription reading "The greatest treasure is to love and be loved". Fortunately, the old stamps on said letters are valuable enough to cover the costs of repairing the theater. In one Captain America story, the Red Skull is after Hitler's lost strongbox, imagining it to contain scientific and military secrets.

As it turned out, the box contained the things Hitler wanted to preserve of his legacy: This is another case where, while the treasure isn't what was expected, it still isn't worthless if you actually do some research and try to find the right buyer.

Memorabilia from a historical figure as prolific and infamous as Hitler could be worth obscene amounts of money; in the real world, surviving paintings by Hitler sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars despite the fact that he was considered an average artist at best.

After numerous betrayals, double-crosses and murders, the coffin is eventually obtained, but the weather, insects and vermin have completely destroyed the paper money. In a Spider-Man story, Spider-Man has a rematch with the burglar who murdered Uncle Ben years ago, in the same townhouse where the Parker family lived at the time. It turns out the reason the burglar robbed the house in the first place was because he had heard that the house was once occupied by a retired gangster who had left a box full of documents in the attic detailing the location of his fortune.

After the burglar is taken care of he dies of fright when Spider-Man reveals his identity to him , Peter asks Aunt May about the box. She says that she and Ben had thrown the box out years earlier, as silverfish had destroyed the contents. Mystique burgles the home of The Richest Man In The World as a favour for her friend Fantomex and steals his Most Treasured Possession; when she opens the box containing it, it is revealed to be Fantasio and his cousin Zantafio have to undergo three trials invent something for the betterment of mankind, race in the Auto Grand Prix, and capture a Marsupilami in order to compete which of them gets the inheritance from their long-lost uncle.

In the end, it turns out the uncle was broke and had nothing to leave his nephews — and so he devised the trials, so that the inheritance would be the accomplishments, adventures and life lessons the two men achieved while undergoing the trials. In one Woody Woodpecker comic, Woody, his niece, and his nephew run out of gas and seek help at the nearby Red Diamond Mine.

Unfortunately, two men are in the process of holding up the place. Woody and the kids are forced to help the robbers and Woody tricks them into letting him overload their helicopter with the diamonds. After the helicopter crashes into the nearby pond, Woody offers to help the prospector recover the diamonds from the helicopter. The prospector reveals it's actually a salt mine and his name is Red Diamond.

In a Looney Tunes comic starring Yosemite Sam in pirate mode , he inherits a parrot which recites a list of instructions that end "then straight down to the sparkling treasure". After finding the correct island and following the instructions which turn out not to be as clear as they sound he finds Subverted in a story where B. Brian exploits the pricing charts in the manual , selling the ancient parchments and furniture to collectors and raking in a hundred times what they would have on any normal adventure, much to B.

The Hard 8 staffer in charge of the tournament had wisely left before this was discovered and a riot broke out. The Phantom is said to have a treasure room in his Skull cave deep in the woods.

One comic book has a story involving a bunch of criminals who plan to kill the Phantom and the pygmies and steal the treasure. The plan involves one of the criminals pretending to be lost in the jungle and being taken in by the Phantom. At one point, he asks if he can see the treasure and when it is shown, he thinks it is complete junk since there is a rusty sword, an old horn, a dusty snake in a bottle, and other items like that. He was looking at Excalibur, the Horn of Roland, the mummified remains of the asp used by Cleopatra to kill herself, and other such priceless antiques.

What makes this even funnier is that the Phantom actually introduces every single item in detail as he brings it out and the criminal still doesn't realise their worth.

Later on, after his associates are captured and shown the treasure as a courtesy, they realise just how much it was worth. Then the Phantom further reveals that this was his major treasure room and shows them his minor treasure room which is actually full of the gold and jewels and gems that they thought they would find. The Movie had this. The Duke of Zil is outraged to discover that the magical book of power he's spent the movie searching for has nothing but the words "Truth, Love and Wisdom" written on the pages.

Played with in that the book still has the power to kill the Master Cylinder when Felix throws it at him. A variation was used in Aladdin , where the dusty old lamp provided near-infinite possibilities. The various treasures were not only just the tip of what the lamp could do, but not touching them was enforced by the cave. Kung Fu Panda played it straight not once but twice: In both cases, it's not the secret that's valuable, it's the journey and growth needed to earn the secret that really ends up being useful.

The main character is instructed by his uncle's ghost to read a certain book on the grave of a witch who had been sentenced to death in his hometown.

He assumes it's a spell that will stop the curse from happening. Turns out it's a copy of Sleeping Beauty. Which does postpone the curse for a year. The book really is just Sleeping Beauty , but it was the witch's favorite bedtime story, and somebody from her family has to read it to her to keep her sleeping for another year.

Zig-zagged with Disney's Atlantis: Most of the exploration crew going to Atlantis expect to find some fabulous treasure there and are willing to kill the remaining people in Atlantis to get it. Milo, on the other hand, is completely looking forward to the knowledge he'll gain on such an ancient and advanced civilization. The crew learns the value of the culture of Atlantis, but in saving the people they unearth a honking big treasure, which they are given as a reward.

The eponymous "treasure" in An American Tail: To summarize, Fievel and his friends find an old encoded map left behind by Native American mice, and bring it to an archeologist who organizes an underground expedition. The physical "treasure", as it turns out, is a beaded tapestry that tells the history of the Lenape mouse tribe. The real treasure is the history and culture of the tribe itself. This comes as a disappointment to Tony, who was hoping to get rich, as well as to the villains who wanted to steal it.

It Was His Sled. And in Citizen Kane , it gets tossed into the incinerator along with the wealthy protagonist's other worldly possessions. Example of the first kind: The Maltese Falcon is "The In the Casper movie, Carrigan and Dibs discover a secret message claiming that there's a treasure in Whipstaff Manor; the whole reason that they want the ghosts out of the house is so that they can search for it.

However, as the audience learns going into Act 3, that message was actually just left over from when Casper and his father would play pirates, and Casper's "treasure" is a baseball glove and a ball signed by Duke Snider. To be fair, that would be worth a bit of money , but probably not as much as Carrigan and Dibs were expecting.

National Treasure has the main characters enter the room where they believe the treasure is, only to find They conclude that the treasure was already discovered and could now be anywhere in the world. What follows is a Heroic B. The film works hard to tell us the importance of history, and all that Treasure was still worth more than "friendship" - enough more that half of one percent was enough to buy the main characters a mansion and a Ferrari.

What is all of this crap? These are our treasured possessions! But where's the gold And the stock market, real estate Is this some kind of joke? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Lawrence, but that's not what we treasure. Shoot them now, please! In Raiders of the Lost Ark , once opened, The Ark of the Covenant seems empty and therefore is thought to be worthless to the Nazis seeking its supposedly divine powers In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade , the Holy Grail is real enough treasure, but it can't be brought out of its resting place without bringing the whole place down around it.

Indy's father realizes, at the end, that the real treasure he gained out of the whole mess was, in his words "Illumination" and, unspoken, the reconciliation of his relationship with Indy. While there is plenty of gold among other valuables in El Dorado, the real treasure turns out to be knowledge that makes your head explode — literally! Indy and Remy spend the entire film hunting for the titular diamond. After numerous double-crosses including once by Indy's love interest, who is promptly murdered by yet another searcher and escapes they finally arrive at the treasure Remy is understandably furious because of how costly the search has been for all parties.

The stone itself, however, is hinted to be another clue as to the diamond's whereabouts, and Remy becomes obsessed with tracking it down while Indy gives up and returns home to become the Adventurer Archaeologist we know and love. So Indy does manage to acquire it after all At least we have each other. It's really that bad, isn't it? Inverted in Race for the Yankee Zephyr The protagonists think they're after a crashed World War II aircraft with a cargo of medals worth a few thousand at most, and are puzzled as to why a gang of well-armed mooks is so determined to find it.

Given a nod to in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. I'm not completely obsessed with treasure. Jack presumably thinking about Elizabeth: Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

Escape to Athena Instead they find the Germans have converted the monastery into a V2 missile silo, and the only plates they find are a crate of cheap metal ones with Hitler's face on them. At the end it's revealed the Resistance leader had the gold plates stashed at his headquarters the local whorehouse the entire time — he just wanted their help in blowing up the German base.

In the Popeye movie, Popeye spends the duration of the movie searching for his father's hidden treasure; when it is found, it is revealed to be Discussed in the version of Conan the Barbarian: A wealthy king hires Conan and his band to retrieve his daughter , who was brainwashed by Thulsa Doom , explains why he is willing to pay them any price they ask for the rescue of his daughter: There comes a time, thief, when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison, and all that is left is a father's love for his child.

However, the treasure is simply a cache of ancient scrolls of lost knowledge. The villain is extremely upset and, apparently, too stupid to realize that this find tops the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Collectors, museums, and governments would have paid through the nose to buy them, had the villain not destroyed the crumbling vellum the scrolls were thousands of years old and not stored in the sort of climate-controlled environment needed to keep them from decaying through careless handling.

Subverted in City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold. Throughout the film, everyone looks for treasure on a map that Curly the guide from the previous film had stuffed in his hat. However, when they reach the location on the map, there's a fight with some robbers and Mitch gets shot - but then Duke realizes that they haven't been shot by real bullets. Furthermore, the gold bars in the chest are just iron bars painted gold - and the map they've been following had been copied years ago and used as a trail for a Wild West style treasure hunt by an amusement park.

After everyone leaves, dissapointed but wiser, Duke comes by and notes that when his mother mailed the map to Curly, she sent him the missing corner - which details where the gold is really buried. He then drops a gold ingot on the table and says, "It's got friends. The Road Warrior , the tanker truck Max is driving, and everyone spends half the movie chasing, is filled with sand instead of the petrol they were expecting. In the original Game of Death , all of the suggestions and rumors about what is on the highest level of the pagoda a scroll with an inspirational message, nothing, a mirror etc.

This would be in line with Bruce Lee's philosophy. However, none of these are canon. A Field in England is built around this trope, right down to a darkly comic moment where a character declares that the true treasure is friendship as the entire rest of his treasure-hunting party is dying around him.

One of the earlier Redwall novels has two rats infiltrating the titular abbey and persuading a pair of children to show them its "secret treasure. In Loamhedge , Bragoon and Saro go hunting for the secret which will supposedly cure Martha's inability to walk. When they find the tomb where the secret was supposed to be buried, it has rotted away and they can't find it.

They make up a piece of doggerel to bring back and make Martha feel better. In the meantime, it turns out that her disability is purely psychosomatic, brought on by the obligatory childhood trauma, and she managed to stand up to fight back when she and the head of the Order were attacked.

All the evidence showcases that it was dug up decades earlier by miner Joshua Brewster whose crew was killed by French agents. He put it on the ship before it sank. But when the vault is finally accessed, everyone is stunned to find nothing but worthless rocks. A few weeks later, hero Dirk Pitt brings several characters to a small cemetery in England. It turns out that when he wrote down the ore "was in the vault," Brewster meant the burial vault of the final member of his crew.

The novel The Hero From Otherwhere used this in an odd way. When the two boys who have become friends through saving the world come back to claim the reward promised them, they're not only told that the true treasure is friendship, but they're given a choice: In the final chapter, the casket is opened to reveal a lump of coal. What he finds is a book saying that a warrior's mind is their sharpest tool. In The Last Treasure , there was a family treasure silver spoons made and signed by Paul Revere at the end but the main characters found out that there was a greater treasure hidden: Also explained by the very reason why the family patriarch built the treasure houses in the first place: The father's last words to the son was that he goes to fight without his blessing.

An aunt explained that the patriarch probably buried the treasures as a way to tell his son that he loved him.

The old The Three Investigators children's novels contained versions of this periodically. The children find the last piece of a famous treasure map and try to get to the treasure before a greedy millionaire, who's spent his whole life trying to find it and stepped on a lot of people in the process. As they're digging for the treasure, they tell him that he can have whatever they find.

The treasure chest contains a single coin, and a note from the pirate about "real treasure. Han Solo and the Lost Legacy involves Han and Chewie getting involved with a bunch of treasure-hunters looking for the lost treasure of Xim the Despot, a pre-Republic warlord who once ruled a mighty empire and reputedly left behind an immense but possibly mythical treasure. They wind up finding the "treasure", but it turns out to be a large stockpile of stuff that was vital and hard-to-find strategic war supplies back in Xim's day, but has long since become obsolete or common as dirt.

Another example that is not as bad as some others—what people consider valuable depends greatly on their circumstances. Millennium Falcon plays with this trope while also featuring an It's the Journey That Counts in the form of the titular starship's backstory. The treasure turns out to be The Insignia of Unity from the Galactic Senate , hidden by those who stole it largely for its symbolic value. By the time the treasure is discovered, however, the trope is subverted, since the insignia has become a sought after collector's item in the years since its theft.

Ultimately, this trope is double subverted when the insignia the treasure hunters find turns out to be a fake. At least in this case the islanders did their best to make it clear from the outset that there were no real jewels. A kids' novel, The Mystery of the Empty House , had the main characters find what was described in an old letter as "the book and other treasures," but it didn't seem very treasure-like to them: Then they decoded the writing, discovering that it was a couple of letters of great historical significance — and a Clear Their Name for the ancestor of some of the kids.

He'd become infamous as a Tory, but it turned out he'd actually been one of George Washington 's best spies A crew of pirates dig up a chest that they expect to contain treasure, but turns out to contain only cannon balls, which wind up going overboard during the subsequent argument over whose fault it is that they've wasted their time.