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In this room, after I busted, went over to say hello to the poker room manager, who I've been working with thru PokerAtlas and Ante Up for six years. This surprisingly is the one that may be most fraught with peril as there are so many ways that it can go wrong. Compare each US poker site for yourself and find the best one that suits your needs. Then comes the issues with trying to cash the check. Retrieved March 4,

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You see, a few weeks back I suddenly realized I was coming up to the anniversary of the blog, and I got the idea of commemorating it by reposting my first blog post. But why do this for the seventh anniversary?

It's not like seven is normally a big deal. I guess i should have done this two years ago for the fifth anniversary--but the truth is I didn't think of it. And why not wait for the 10th anniversary? Well, because I might not remember then. Also, who knows if I'll still be doing the blog three years from now.

Anyway, technically, this isn't quite the first post I did. On September 20, , I actually published two posts, just a few minutes apart. You see, I wanted to make sure I had enough content ready so that this blog wasn't going to just be a one-post wonder.

I published two that first day and two more the very next day. Then after a day or two another post, and then another day with two more posts. By the end of September, I had nine posts up. The actual first post was a review of my previous experience staying at the Excalibur.

Since that experience dates back to like it has almost no relevance today. In fact, I should take it down, but I don't want to diminish my actual post-count. I guess I thought I might periodically review hotels in Vegas, but I never did that again.

It was just a mindless rant. Besides, this post below is a hooker story--obviously the first one of many to appear here. What better way to kick off the blog? As you know, hooker stories are a staple of the blog. For the record, I was able to research this and figured out that the actual incident I describe below took place in the summer of so this is like the 10th anniversary of the story taking place..

I can't vouch for things being the same over at the Hard Rock. Perhaps the place is hooker-free. Perhaps they've replaced the hot female bartenders at the pool with senior citizens I rather doubt that. I must admit, when I reread this post to publish it again, I sort of cringed. I feel that if I wrote this today, it would be a lot different in terms of writing style, word usage, sensitivity ie, a bit more PC and even grammar.

I was tempted to change a few words and some phraseology. But I decided to present it in all it's original glory--I didn't change a thing. But I feel I'm not the same person today who wrote this seven years ago. Oh, I did change one thing. Back when I started the blog, I didn't add pictures to the posts. I didn't start doing that for a few months--in fact, I didn't even know you could do that.

I'm sure you will all agree that the blog is better with the pics. I'm sure this post, like a lot of my early ones, was adapted from an email I sent to my friends relating this story to them using those emails was one of the reasons I was able to post so much material right out of the gate. Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!

I told the guy I wanted to play blackjack but he didn't seem to care. Anyway, I got into the pool area and looked around. This is the place I wanted my ashes scattered when I die. The female employees who work in the pool area--all of them wearing bikinis with very tiny sarongs wrapped very tightly around their bikini bottoms--are nothing short of sensational.

I mean they all have killer bodies. Unlike the cocktail waitresses inside, they all seem to be natural on top. Basically, they don't hire girls for the pool unless they make the average Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model look like Rosie O'Donnell. I'm not kidding, these girls were unbelievable. Of course, the clientele in and around the pool isn't bad either.

Every now and again you see a girl in a bathing suit and you wish she was covered more but that's rare. This is eye candy at its absolute best. Behind the bar, there were two female bartenders in turquoise bikinis with virtually perfect bodies. Don't ask me what their faces looked like, I never got there. They could look like Greta Van Sustern for all I know. They not only had one swim up blackjack table but three blackjack tables next to the bar for people NOT in the pool.

These were manned by two awesome looking bikini -clad dealers and one guy, who, sorry ladies, was wearing a shirt. But I decided that, while it might not be worth a hundred bucks or so to hang around, it was definitely worth the price of an overpriced drink. There was an open spot at the bar which I took, which offered a pretty good view of the pool, a great view of the two awesome bartenders and a nice view of various hot girls walking right past me to and from the bar, the casino area and the ladies room.

Also the hot waitresses getting drinks to deliver poolside. It's pretty much the best experience a guy could have without taking off his pants. So I sat at the bar and waited to order a drink. I decided to order a Bud Light Lime that I had seen one guy at the bar drinking And I figured domestic beer would be cheaper than a Corona or a mixed drink. However, the bartender was totally ignoring me, like she didn't see me.

Not really a problem, gave me more time to enjoy the view. This was an example of the one in five patrons who wasn't hot. Oh, I guess her face was nice enough, but she was definitely too heavy to get away with wearing a bikini. I wouldn't call her obese, but she was a million miles from being "trim.

Hey, if a girl is showing lotsa cleavage and I want to turn away, you know there's a problem, right? So it didn't take me very long to look away from her and go back to looking at the hot bartender who was ignoring me. But, within five seconds, the girl I was just describing came over to me, rubbed up against me and said hello.

She was actually getting me a little wet--and not in a good way. She started chatting me up and since I wasn't born yesterday I immediately realized that the gal was a hooker. She asked me my name and gave me hers which I immediately forgot and asked where I was from, what I was here for, what I like to play, was I going into the pool, etc. And constantly rubbing up against me. She even complimented my shirt, which was just a plain old pocket T like I usually wear.

I lied to her and said I was leaving town in a couple of hours but it did not deter her. In hindsight, I know I should have said that I didn't have a room at this hotel to see how she would deal with that, although I thought that was implied by my saying I was leaving town soon since this was around 3: Subtlety was wasted on this girl, apparently.

I was annoyed because she was just a total distraction from what I was really there for. I probably shouldn't admit this but if I'm being totally honest, if this gal had looked like one of the bartenders, it's not outside the realm of possibility that this story might have a totally different ending.

And one I wouldn't be putting in a blog post. She would have to pay me, not the other way around. Now here's the most embarrassing part. She asked me if I was going to order a drink. I said that I was trying to but that I was being ignored. Then she asked if I would buy her one. I just didn't know how to handle this situation. I guess my instinct was not to be rude and say no. Or to tell her to get lost like I should have. They're not looking at your pair. They're looking at their pair. In a television interview in , Tilly stated that at that point in her career she was more interested in pursuing poker than acting.

In her monthly column in Bluff Magazine , she said: There are too many variants. Trying to find validation in poker is like trying to find a virgin in a whorehouse. I'm not giving up poker entirely — gambling is an addiction after all.

I'm just going to treat it more like a hobby and less like a career. Tilly was married to Sam Simon , developer and producer of The Simpsons , from until From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jennifer Tilly Jennifer Tilly in This section of a biography of a living person does not include any references or sources.

Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living people that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately. Chan gives her birth date as September 16, Retrieved 30 August Little voice, big talent". Retrieved 5 September Retrieved February 15, Retrieved 3 September Retrieved March 4, Those two sites would eventually close. In late , a new path forward for online poker in USA became known.

In a decision by the U. This allowed three states — Nevada , New Jersey , and Delaware — to pass legislation regulating real money online poker inside its borders. It also saw three states — Hawaii , Utah , and Washington state — pass legislation to explicitly ban the activity.

As internet poker looks to the future in the United States, the path forward is in the individual states and their continued passage of regulation on the industry.

The path forward is also fraught with peril as at any point the federal government can pass legislation that would ban the activity in the country. With this said, there are roughly 60 million poker players who continue to play the game, more than years after its appearance in the country.

Though the history of online poker is short, there are some warning signs that a site might not be the best poker site to play at. It is either mismanaged, overextending itself financially or is not trustworthy. Here are some of those things to look for to determine if your favorite US accepted poker site is reputable and can be trusted. Furthermore, extreme rake back to customers over an extended period cannot be sustained. This can be applicable in other areas of e-commerce as well. If this drop is precipitous and over a short period of time, it can be a key indicator that the site is having difficulties.

Chat rooms and online forums will discuss the issues in poker and many of these areas have specific arenas that talk about online poker. There are also online groups that can help to pick out problematic sites and pass along knowledge about whether to play on a particular site or not.

As easy as it is to get real money onto a US site, it can be a bit more difficult to get that money off the site. But, should you make a huge score, there are going to be questions that the site might ask you the MIGHT is because certain sites have certain rules and certain countries or states have financial reporting responsibilities. When you request your cash out, most sites will ask for some sort of proof that is covered in sending a copy of your state or national identification.

Many people have a hard time with this, but the best online poker rooms have tried to make it as less intrusive as possible. What the sites are interested in is where you live and how old you are. With the top rated US poker sites, you have several methods of withdrawal at your disposal. The same holds true with the relatively new usage of Bitcoin , which can be transferred back to your Bitcoin wallet and usually within a few hours see why people like Bitcoin?

If it is a particularly large withdrawal, then many real-money sites will suggest that payment by check is employed. Payment by check is exactly what it sounds like — the site sends to the player a check in the amount of their winnings. This surprisingly is the one that may be most fraught with peril as there are so many ways that it can go wrong.

After that extensive period, THEN the site might resend the check. Then comes the issues with trying to cash the check. Some banks are wary of accepting transactions from United States gambling sites, especially if they are for large amounts of money. Whenever possible, maintain records of all financial transactions between yourself and an online site. When players step into the online arena, most of the time they ask the question of " Is online poker legal?

In the United States, licensing is critically important. With the licensing come certain assurances that, should the site shut down, there are consumer protections that look out for the players and an oversight organization that has reviewed the games and judged them to be fair. For anyone in the U. There are absolutely ZERO consumer protections on these sites and, should you have any issues with payment or questions regarding the game, you have no recourse should they arise.

This is what makes playing on the unregulated sites such a danger, as demonstrated by the thousands of players who were left in the lurch when Lock Poker was closed. In some cases, they have been fully vetted by a licensing group and the games have been deemed to be fair. With some of these licensing groups, however, there are limited consumer protections involved.

The Isle of Man has become a hotbed of online gaming and poker activity, acting as the licensing base for many of the most popular gaming sites in the world. After a review of the evidence, the AGCC yanked the license of the original Full Tilt , essentially dooming the company.

Although they had the ability to pull their license, the AGCC had no ability to ensure the players were protected. Normally the protection of the players comes down to the governments of the countries where the players are located. In Great Britain, France, Italy and other countries, laws have been put in place to protect the players customers should sites shut down. Then there is the licensing of online sites from locations in the Caribbean. The countries of Aruba, Antigua, Costa Rica, and others have long been the licensing hosts of many online poker operations, but their oversite has come under fire and for good reason.

The essential point regarding licensing? Most in the Isle of Man have solid backgrounds that can protect the players somewhat, if in the Caribbean they can be a bit haphazard. Whether it was simply a lack of players or something more sinister, there were rooms that, in their departure, became more famous than when they were in the business. What follows are a few of the most notable departures that once were a vibrant part of the online poker world.

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