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Julia Louis-Dreyfus leads celebs who want you to get out and vote in the midterms Stars from Michelle Obama to Billy Eichner are working to get out the vote. Cosby sentencing will make survivors feel 'safer' to speak out: Accuser "At some point, you have to feel like it's going to be OK to say something. Comedian is 1st elimination from 'Dancing With the Stars' The first couple of season 27 was eliminated Tuesday night.

Michelle Obama will speak to ABC in prime-time special before book release The former first lady's memoir will be released on Nov. Timeline of his fall from 'America's Dad' to 'sexually violent predator' Cosby back in Pennsylvania courtroom for sentencing in a sexual assault case. Rosario Dawson refuses to give her year-old daughter a cell phone The actress speaks about the dangers of social media and cell phones for teens.

Leighton Meester on how her parenting style relates to her 'Single Parents' character The former "Gossip Girl" is starring in the new comedy series. It also means "Peace", which is appropriate for a protector monster.

Pink hair with aqua blue streaks, though Ghoul Chat and Love in Scaris have mint and lighter pink, and Zombie Shake has a black streak in the usual colors. Her Ghoul Chat and Love in Scaris dolls have the same hair and makeup colors, but the distribution is reversed. Really Years Old: In her diary, she develops a crush on Deuce after he accidentally runs into her and, after getting his sunglasses knocked off, explains that his stone gaze does not work on gargoyles and basilisks.

She knows that Deuce and Cleo are an item , but this does not stop her from getting her pet, Roux, to steal Deuce's casketball in order to lure Deuce to her. Though nothing more than talking occurred between Deuce and herself, Rochelle does admit to feeling somewhat guilty afterwards.

She's reunited with her actual boyfriend, Garrott Du Roque, in Scaris: Fleurs-de-lis, vintage stripe patterns, and architectural designs taken from French cathedrals. Shaped like bat wings and situated on top of her head. Following the classical gargoyle.

Yellow Sash of Power: In "The Halls Have Eyes", Rochelle is appointed with the position of Safety Monitor, and grapples with its' responsibilities when she feels like she's actively being a killjoy.

It turns out her proactivity and dedication promoted her to leader of the school's Safety Team Briefly crushed on Deuce despite having a boyfriend Garrott still in Scaris— but he'd long since stopped writing her, so in her mind he'd left her.

By her own description, she's a nature-loving eco-punk — which makes sense, considering her scaritage. Dedicated to promoting recycling and going green. She has bright green skin. Brainwashing for the Greater Good: Comes with being a carnivorous plant. Curiously absent in CG. Green streaks, plant powers. Freaky Fashion, Mild Mind: Despite her punk-rock fashion sense, Venus is surprisingly mild-mannered and peaceful, though definitely passionate and loud when it comes to saving the planet.

Has been shown to have an ability to magically grow and nurture plants on a few occassions. At other times she's seen caring for plants, Venus will be seen using ordinary gardening methods, at which she still seems to be excellent.

She's obsessed with saving the environment. Howleen slightly fears her eco-spiels. She's had no fewer than three flytrap hair accessories. She can use her "Power of Pollen Persuasion" to get others to do her bidding. However, she can only affect one monster at a time. Unlike Batman's Poison Ivy, this works on all monsters, not just ones attracted to her. Her monster type, with sharp fangs and plant-like attributes. She does stick pretty close to the real-life inspiration for such monsters, though.

A mix of lime green and hot pink to match her namesake. The shaved part of her head indicates that the dominant color is pink. Some releases add black to the mix, her Fierce Rockers hair is medium pink with a lighter streak, "Electrified" gives her a yelllow streak instead of green, and her party doll's green streaks are a medium tone rather than lime.

Has sharp flytrap teeth, leaf ears, vine accessories the vines are molded on post-reboot , and bark-textured hands. Her signature doll's hair falls below her waist, and a few of her other dolls match it. Vines, flytraps, and tooth-like spikes. She does this constantly, talking to trees even after they've been processed into paper. Julie Maddalena The robot daughter of a missing Mad Scientist , and extremely proficient with her rocket boots. At first glance she appears to be brown-skinned, until you realize she's a robot and her "skin" is actually riveted copper plates.

Yet her father is implied to be Desi, so isn't a stretch to think she is too. She and her father have them, to complete the Victorian theming. The patterns on her Gore-geous Accessories dress are mechanical sketches for her Art Class welding mask and robot clock. Even her eyes are cogwheels. She has an adorable pet mechanical penguin named Captain Penny.

Her father is Hexiciah Steam, a mad scientist who went missing during an expedition a hundred years ago, though it's implied he may be still alive. She gets to briefly meet him again from the past in Freaky Fusion. Everything's Better with Penguins: Has a robot one for a pet.

Her irises are gears. She has rocket boosters built into her high-heeled boots — and enjoys performing daredevil stunts with them. Yes, she is, but with more daredevil traits than the traditional type.

The Vampire's Heart the artifact that decides the rulers of the vampires was built into her chest by Hexiciah. Black with blue streaks. Her Art Class doll adds a little bit of purple. Her Dance Class outfit has a headband with a tiny top hat on it. Her Frights, Camera, Action! Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! In Frights, Camera, Action: Robecca's creator designed her to look like a teenager— years ago.

Ridiculously Human Robot Steampunk: In both her body design and her fashion sense. Justified, seeing as she was built during the Victorian era. Accordingly, she favors Victorian or steampunk technology to modern inventions. Named after a character designer for the series, Rebecca Shipman. What Measure Is a Human? Or monster rather, mixed with Do Androids Dream? Her diary reveals that she has been exposed to some Fantastic Racism during the party at Draculaura's, courtesy of some goblin.

Erin Fitzgerald Daughter of Arachne. Introduced playing a semi-villainous role in the Polterghoul's story. All There in the Manual: The webisodes and movies make no effort to characterize her or even include her for the most part, meaning that her diary is the most information one can get about her. Arachnid Appearance and Attire: Refers to having hearts in the plural, even though spiders have one heart, like humans. Dark Is Not Evil: Look at her, then read her bio.

Different than you might expect, right? Has two pairs of insectoid eyes above her main humanoid ones. Describes herself as a "fanghoul at hearts" and dresses in a "rock 'n' roll geek" style.

Makes her own clothing, and is willing to make outfits for her friends. Has six arms and her comic book self-insert is a villain. Arachne was an arrogant weaver whose skill and blasphemous attitude and artwork enraged Athena, and was punished by being turned into the first spider. Wydowna is a spider monster who reflects her mother's behavior by making her own clothes. From the diary, we learn more about Arachne.

Apparently, she once wove a tapestry predicting Bloodgood's failure, reflecting the versions of the myth that blame her curse on her offensive artwork, and she goes "way back" with Medusa, as both were cursed by Athena.

Justified, since her six pairs of eyes with only the bottom pair being humanoid would complicate eyebrow placement. Her appearance must really spook some people, because she rarely shows up in animated materials. Appears heavily in the Ghoulfriends books, and that's Never Heard That One Before: Hates when monsters make black widow jokes about her.

Red and Black and Evil All Over: Baddie in the comic, but a really nice ghoul. Red Eyes, Take Warning: Her dolls' middle left hand hand is posed in the web-slinging manner. W y downa, not Widowna. Her basic premise, taking visual cues from the black widow. If you didn't guess "spider webs", then you must not have read the rest of this entry. Her outfits also tend to have comic-styled sound effect bubbles. Has a widow's peak hairline. Possesses the ability to read minds ; and can also communicate telepathically over long distances albeit not well , as demonstrated in "I Scream, You Scream".

Commends the gang on their Batman Gambit to set her and Billy up together, saying that "it's hard to surprise a telepath. Sc arah Sc reams. Bluish mint, which is nearly identical to Frankie's.

Originally a background character in the webisodes. She says the hair is one thing Heath has going for him, but she ends up with Billy. Journey to the Center of the Mind: Assisted by one of Ghoulia's inventions, her and the ghouls take one to Hoodude's head in "Undo the Voodoo" after her initial attempt to read his mind doesn't exactly work.

She says her scream is not a weapon and that it isn't destructive. A vivid green streak in her Ghoul Fair release. She tends to shy away from others because her words are always interpreted as prophecies of doom. Justified , considering banshees originate from Ireland. She doesn't like it when people try to imitate her voice and she says she dislikes certain cereal-brand jokes that people bring up around her. With Billy as of "Scarah-voyant".

Our Banshees Are Louder: She actually doesn't scream much at all. Likely because banshees are fairy spirits. Her eyes are blank white. She possesses telepathy, likely to explain how banshees in myth know about impending deaths. This causes Cleo's plan for Scarah to telepathically tell her a Home Ick recipe to go wrong. There are too many students in the halls, and Scarah ends up transmitting some of their thoughts, resulting in a catastrophic recipe in the classroom. All of her outfits are influenced by this era.

She doesn't have a single theme uniting her outfits, but her Student Disembodied Council dress is covered in pop-art screaming faces, and her Ghoul Fair car wash outfit is themed on green soap suds and splatters. Paula Rhodes Iris is a klutzy cyclops who's kind, poetic, and passionate about astronomy. She had a crush on Manny for a while, but was turned off seeing how bullheaded he usually was. After discovering his inner poet with the help of the Inner Monster app and getting to know him better, she realized his Hidden Depths and the two have been dating ever since.

Her initial release was with him as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive two-pack. From a stock background character to a full-fledged one across the comic and webisode canon as of the "Inner Monster" webisodes.

She's an avid fan of poetry and romanticism, with one of the cutest smiles on a cyclops girl you ever did see. The clumsiness also adds to the cuteness.

She and Gigi become close over their shared love of astronomy. Green hair, green eye. She wants to use her depth perception as an excuse, but she knows that's not the case.

This is taken Up to Eleven with her second doll's main outfit. A few purple streaks in her first and second doll release. For the latter, the magenta sections are braided across the top pf her head in a headband.

Since eyebrows only emote as a pair, this makes sense. She's a demure, clumsy and affectionate aesthete, while he's a loud, boisterous, excitable and athletic Lovable Jock. The iris is the colored part of the eye around the pupil. Eyeballs, with winged ones featuring particularly in her second doll. To go with her sweet, inquisitive disposition. Stephanie Sheh Daughter of Doctor Boolittle. Helps to promote the "Secret Creepers" line of secret-hiding representations of the characters' pets, as she looks after and talks to them.

Purple skin, which may be a Visual Pun on her personality. Is terrified of social interaction and prefers the company of animals. She also has a scientific and observational mindset and makes the unconventional connection between monsters and wild animals to sort out her fears. Turns out to have better social potential than she thinks, due to observing everything that goes on at MH and thus having information to talk about with others.

As she was raised by British scientists, she has this. Her Ghouls' Getaway doll. While not played as seriously as it would have been in the past, this is almost certainly where Jane comes from. Lines of blue dots under her eyes on her first two dolls. Her nails are very long, and her doll's hand mold is clawed to be exact, it's the same mold as Rochelle and Clawdeen's.

She herself isn't villainous. Friend to All Living Things: Can communicate with animals, and loves to observe them. By an Expy of Dr. Dolittle and his colleague, an expy of Dr. Her true monster scaritage is unknown, as they found her at either 5 or 6 alone in the jungle.

Depending on the gender of this universe's Dr. Moreau, Jane is implied to have been raised by two male scientists. In her "Ghouls' Getaway" release, part of her hair is tied back into a high ponytail that's gelled into a fan shape. Innocent Blue Eyes Irony: Although her theme is pets and animals, her own pet, Needles, doesn't appear in the webisodes. A very minor case, and one against herself, as she realizes that she was wrong to complain about her appearance and set off the other ghouls after a lesson from Marisol Coxi.

This definitely contributes a bit to her theme and her name. The reason Home Ick is her least favorite class. As she puts it, she can assemble the ingredients just fine, but trying to put them together ends in disaster. Deep indigo with red streaks in her signature release, and a lighter shade of purple with red streaks in her Gloom and Bloom release. Loves to explore the jungle, and thus is listed as a friend of Venus, Gilda, and Batsy.

Not Good with People: Actually was crawling through the vents in her first few days at MH just to avoid interacting with other students. She's gotten better since, but won't completely be out of her shell for a while. While she does have fur accents in her outfits, it's to convey a wild theme, rather than elegance. Needles is a "voodoo sloth" stitched together. Given Jane's ability to communicate with him, it's likely he's made out of real sloth parts.

Her first name is likely one to the Jane of Tarzan. She's so shy that at first she doesn't even go to class, preferring to hide in the vents and observe the goings-on at school. Eventually she becomes confident enough to come out in the open and become friends with the main ghouls.

Skeletons in the Coat Closet: While the colors imply that they're not real, she has a few bones and teeth in her accessories, and a belt of skulletes, as well as a skullette-topped staff.

None of this is at all indicative of her personality, though. Her "monster power", which she uses with the pets who have sneaked into Monster High. Bones, feathers, and tribal skulls. She's either 15 or It's how she knows how to talk to animals. While her specific monster type is unknown, this is her theme.

Her outfits are influenced by African tribal fashions, and include feather, bone, and skull accessories, and neck coils on her signature doll, and there are patterns of hands clutching mysterious plants on her Ghouls' Getaway dress.

Her pet is a stitched-up voodoo sloth and she has the ability to talk to animals. However, due to being raised by scientists, her personality is that of a highly analytical junior anthropologist, studying the most mystifying creatures of all—high-schoolers. In her Ghouls' Getaway release. Heather Moiseve A plant monster born from the seed of the Corpse Flower, an extremely rare flower which only blooms every years, Amanita is very beautiful but also very selfish.

She has a history with Cleo de Nile's family and Deuce's mother Medusa. She's the signature doll corresponding to the "Bloom and Gloom" line. In real life, the corpse flower is simply a horrible-smelling flower which is referenced in the webisodes.

In this universe, it's also monstrous and its offspring is a humanoid girl. However, the flower itself and Amanita match its real-life colors, and Amanita's green skin makes her the center of the flower when it opens.

With her past owner Nefera de Nile , as both are incredibly narcissistic and obsessed with their own beauty. The Bus Came Back: After abruptly disappearing from the story, she gets a new doll with Nefera in the "Scream and Sugar" bakery line.

Her outfits follow this theme, with an outdated style, purple and black colors, and lace accents. Flower in Her Hair: A recurring feature in her ensembles, due to her parentage. In "Bad Tomb-mates" it's shown that she's able to manipulate vines. She uses this ability to escape the De Nile tomb. And leave the de Niles behind. It's also implied that she can summon or regrow the Corpse Flower when she feels like an extra-long nap. Her second doll has these, molded with leafy patterns.

It's All About Me: She seems honestly confused when people don't worship her and do everything she asks of them. Cleo's grudge against her. She could have saved Cleo's family from the tomb but pretty much forgot about them entirely once she was out.

Amanita's completely self-absorbed, and frequently "borrows" other peoples' things without ever returning them. She's billed as a "bad seed" for a reason. Amanita's favorite trick, although she likely doesn't realize what she's doing is wrong. She abandoned the de Niles in their tomb without consequence, and 1, years later, she steals all of Draculaura's belongings and disappears from the series. The thought of thinking about other's needs before hers seems like an utterly alien concept to her, to the point that it's almost a case of Blue and Orange Morality.

Amanita is also the name for the genus of some of the most toxic mushrooms in the world. And yes, they have nothing to do with her outfits. But it still stands.

Never My Fault Obliviously Evil: She's just too wrapped up in herself to even begin to consider the effect of her actions on others.

Has probably existed for millenia, but looks like a teen girl. To Nefera while she and Cleo and their father were trapped in the tomb, and apparently resumes her companionship once she wakes up again.

A fancier version than Venus. She's the offspring of a corpse flower, and able to control plants including her own flower whenever she feels like resting. Likely to evoke the shape of a leaf. To Cleo, as both are superior and think highly of themselves. Cleo cares about others, though, whereas Amanita only thinks of herself. Stole Cleo's clothes when they were both in the tomb, various makeup items from the other ghouls at varying times, and the entirety of the contents of Draculaura's huge closet, while in the same room as her and all of her friends.

Flowers and skeletal leaves are recurring patterns in her outfits. While she speaks in first person, Amanita writes in third person all the time in her diary and profile. It's probably because she feels the narration is more dramatic in third person, but more likely is that she loves the sound of her own name.

You want Amanita to run? Oh no no no! Monsters run to Amanita Nightshade or for Amanita Nightshade. Amanita does not run. She sleeps for 1, years, and she's a negative force among the cast.

When other monsters mistake her for a goddess, she happily accepts their worship. Speaks with this accent. What Happened to the Mouse? Disappears shortly after her introduction, though nobody was likely to miss her. Averted as of her second release in the Scream and Sugar line, which shows that she's decided to stick around.

Violet with some blue and magenta highlights. Kate Higgins Daughter of Circe, and a famous pop star in the monster world. When her nerves overtake her while singing live she's prone to flubbing lyrics, which throws out accidental hexes on her fans. It happened so often that she now only sings live once a year, on Halloween and doesn't get a pet because everyone would say it was an ex-fan. The webisode "Casta Vote" shows the venues for live performances are decided by online vote, and Monster High gets picked.

She officially performs at Monster High on Halloween , and the ghouls help her lose her stage fright with help from an interrupting Toralei. Green skin, in reference to the old trope. This is what happens to her fans when she makes a mistake in her songs. The mansters ask for this at the end of "I Casta Spell On You", and get turned into love bugs with little top hats! Circe, her mother, was a sorceress in Greek mythology who held up Odysseus and turned his men into pigs.

Hence Casta's Mythology Gag of turning monsters into animals. Everything's Better with Sparkles: She loves glittery outfits and accessories, and her dress is almost completely covered in glitter. Purple , with orange starbursts around the pupil. She has a small gold slash coming down from her right eye.

Has clawed fingers, as witches tend to do. As "Casta Vote" shows, she possesses the same hair color, skin color, immense beauty and immense talent of her mother.

Her ensemble includes a strappy studded leather neck harness complete with shoulder cages, and purple leather high heel booties. She's no baddie, though. Tall, beautiful, and vivacious, with a body-hugging Halloween-styled outfit.

However, to Toralei, her idol Casta essentially thanked her for humiliating herself in front of everyone. Black with a streak of orange and purple each. Apparently natural, as she had them when she was a child. Her friendship with Catty Noir. Not only are they fellow pop stars, but black cats are most well-known for being witches' companions. No Celebrities Were Harmed: The mansters are unashamedly as into Casta as the ghouls are, becoming instant fans, and they provided the necessary final votes to get Casta to perform at Monster High.

To emphasize her magical qualities, and also reference the traditional wicked witch look. Simply invoking an animal in her lyrics is enough to turn her audience into whatever creature she accidentally referenced.

It hangs just below her bottom. Scary Musician, Harmless Music: Wears an over-the-top rock outfit and her doll's face especially lives up to her name, but her music is bright pop with some rap-like verses before the chorus. The belts and ribbons tied to her mic stand are a reference to Steven Tyler tying scarves to his microphone stand. In-universe, "The Witching Hour. Taller than the rest of the cast, with the Big Sister doll mold.

Toeing the line—she's Her mother Circe plays with this by having the traditional green skin, but otherwise, she looks like the Ancient Greek sorceress she is. Casta herself puts a pop-star twist on the idea, but still retains the classic buckles, boots, clawed fingers, pointed chin, and wart.

Julie Maddalena A giant goo girl adopted by circus folk. More comfortable there with the circus folk than in the outside world where she's odd even by monster standards, she nevertheless ends up at Monster High.

The online bio describes her as the personification of a girl that feels like an outsider. Not inspired by any particular monster, but a spiritual descendant of creatures like The Blob. Signature doll of the Freak du Chic line. Made of shimmery pink goo. Existed largely to justify the Freak du Chic line, and was seemingly dropped afterward, but she makes a return in the Shriek Wrecked line. Raised by the circus; in her diary she also talks about the trope of The Runaway who wants to join the circus, saying they wouldn't be so eager if they knew how much downtime and hard work goes into being part of the show.

Of a sort, as she was left at the circus by her creator. Her circus family includes some that are considered "freaks" even by other monsters. She hates it when they're treated as such though. One half of her inspiration. A giant goo monster. Despite her size, she feels very shy and out of her element when not performing in the Freak du Chic. All of her jewelry and accessories are gold, and her hair matches. By the ringmaster and all the circus folk. They treat her like family and throw the occasional prank.

Even though she's happy, she does still wonder about where she came from, and has cried over the note from her scientist creator. Hey, Let's Put on a Show: Helps the ghouls put on their own Freak du Chic performance to raise enough money to save the school's arts programs. Though proportionally she's the same as the standard dolls, she's a giant at 15 feet 2 inches. A photo posted by MH shows her keeping track of casketball scores, so it's safe to assume she plays and gives a huge advantage to her team.

Large and in Charge: Takes the role of ringmaster in the ghouls' act, and is the biggest character yet. Named after the calliope, or steam organ, which is responsible for a lot of circus music, particularly of the creepy variety , and goo. She does this on her Shriek Wrecked box. She's a circus ghoul who knows all the tricks and is a skilled acrobat, with bouncy multicolored hair. Gold, with a pink undertone. Shriek Wrecked makes the dominant color a rich blue with a streak of her original gold and orange in the front.

Helps the Monster High ghouls save the arts program at their school out of sympathy for the cause, encourages them when it seems like their show is doomed to fail; she won't even choose a pet for herself because she doesn't want to make the rest of the circus creatures jealous. Her "Personal Monstra" is to understand other monsters because she empathizes with feeling ostracized due to her attributes. Signature has a headband of a monstrous calliope organ with piano-key teeth and screaming pipes for hair.

Shriek Wrecked gives her a headband of a steamship with a shark face on its hull. Signature Gooliope's shoes have skeleton carousel horses for heels. Not Drawn to Scale: Her signature earrings are supposed to be real wagon wheels, but when placed next to the in-scale standard dolls, they're only about the size of a dinner plate.

Her sixteenth birthday goes completely unnoticed, until the emergency alarm sounds during Gooliope's pity party. It turns out that she's been summoned for a surprise party with gifts from everyone at the circus. Curly hair, and she's an acrobatic contortionist circus ghoul with a trend towards the performative. Delivers one to the discouraged ghouls when they think they won't perfect their acts in time.

This is part of her style, as her size necessitates the re-purposing of objects to create her outfits. For her first outfit, her dress is made out of tent fabric, her earrings are wagon wheels, she has epaulettes recycled from a test-subject collar, and her headband is made of organ parts. The other pieces of her outfits are made to invoke this, but due to their scale, seem to be sized-down replicas of the original objects.

Part of her box art references Attack of the Foot Woman. Despite her theatrical nature as a performer, Gooliope doesn't like to call much attention to herself off-stage. She notes that talking to 'normal' monsters makes her feel nervous. Her basic physical nature. She's over 15 feet tall. Radioactive trefoils in her first outfit, and dripping patterns in her Shriek Wrecked outfit.

Due to her own composition, she enjoys gooey food such as jelly donuts, gummy candy, and boba bubble tea. You Are Number 6: Archived from the original on March 2, Retrieved March 2, Archived from the original on May 17, Retrieved February 6, Five Foot Two ' ".

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