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Check out our games dedicated forum. Don't hesitate, join today! Claim your Daily Bonus and collect achievements Join millions of players! The most obvious of all of these is your position at the table. It's simple to understand that you'll need to play JJ differently if you're under the gun or if you're on the button.

Extreme players will change how you play your hand. If you have a player moving all-in blind almost every hand, how you play your hand will change depending on if that player acts before or after you in that hand - regardless of your true position on the table. If one of the other hands dealt is AK , how you play your jacks will change dramatically depending on whether AK plays before or after you. If it's before, they'll most likely take the lead; if they play after you, they'll most likely follow you.

Chaos theory is applicable to almost all scenarios, not just in poker. Run the exact same hand twice, without changing a single variable, and chances are the hand will run exactly the same as it did the first time.

This is true for almost every time you rerun the hand. But every so often something will change. A player will suddenly get "creative" and do something out of the ordinary. It gets the name "chaos" because there is no way to predict how or when the events will happen.

There are some amazing mathematical minds doing astounding work in chaos, proving that even some of the most seemingly random events actually belong to a pattern. The idea with jacks pre-flop is to gain information on the other hands. If no one has a higher pair, you have the most equity; thus if you open-raise, your raise is a value raise.

If there are players with a higher pair, your raise serves as an information raise. If there is a raise ahead of you, you have two choices. Call and make your decisions post-flop without any or much more information, or make a three-bet pre-flop.

If you get moved in on it's an easy fold, but if you get called you're now playing a very large pot, most likely with a dominated hand.

Moving all-in against a raise pre-flop is similar to the early example of moving all-in with jacks. In this scenario you're more often dominated since the raise typically means the other player has a good hand , so moving in here is a very -EV play.

More often than not, you want to be raising this hand pre-flop: Your goal with jacks, in a full-ring cash game, should never be to get it all-in unimproved. To keep the pots small, you want to check and call at certain points during the hand, rather than betting and raising at every opportunity. Unfortunately it's not always apparent whether you have the best hand or not going to the flop. Jacks are simply one pair with three ranks of cards higher than them. Even as an overpair jacks are still classified as a "small pot hand.

In the next article we'll take a look at the numbers, cementing in your mind the statistical power of jacks. Part three of the series will finish by exploring post-flop play and where jacks stand in a tournament setting. Would it be wise to make a substantial with pocket jacks under the gun or in the cut off position. Play Poker Best Poker Sites.

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