What is the Short Stack Strategy?

A dominated hand is one that is way behind about a 2-to-1 underdog or worse. If your stack drops below 15 bb, add enough chips to bring it up to at least 20 bb. And you need to constantly wave that above their heads at all times. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Don't worry, it doesn't happen very often. But as a poker short stack you don't want to wait until you have something really strong like two pair or a flush every time you go all in. June 22nd, 6:

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What is short stack and midstack strategy?

January 29th, , So, what do you guys suggest? I can get more money for my bankroll but would like to avoid doing that if I can. I know ideally you would just have a larger bankroll, but I'm trying to be more realistic.

January 29th, , 7: Your highest win rate can only be achieved when you can always top up to the max stack size and focus solely on making profitable decisions rather than the size of your bankroll. It's up to you whether you want to risk what you have left in poker or use it for other life purposes.

Just keep in mind, variance is relentless and real and your chances of going completely bust are high, even if you choose to short stack it. January 30th, , 5: Sandbag, that helps a lot. If so how did you handle it? I'm only 19 and have been playing for fun for years now, but have only studied the game deeply for maybe 6 months. I understand that optimal play is achieved by not allowing bankroll considerations to enter into your on-table decisions but that's just not realistic for me right now.

January 30th, , 9: My roll was down to about that much at one point. I just decided that I'm going to keep playing and if I lose it then oh well. Win rates are built off much less favorable spots so you'll have no chance of profiting. I can understand playing a tad bit tighter than usual, but you need to reach a place mentally where putting in your money in favorable spots becomes habit.

February 12th, , 1: In general we are best entering pots with are big suited cards that can make top pair or better at the flop, although we should exercise some flexibility in starting hand selection depending on the size of our short stack. This starting hands chart is designed for tournament games where you are pressured to make more moves as the amount of chips left in your stack decreases.

This table is not designed for short stack cash game strategy where you have the option of reloading again and again. As you can see, a lot of emphasis has been placed playing big cards that can make top pair or better, which will often be the best hand on the flop. As you should remember it is unlikely that we will make any more bets past the flop betting round, so we should be more than happy to be making a good pair and get our money in on the flop.

You may notice that hands that include aces have been given a lot of weight, especially if you are a very short stack. This is because of the fact that as a extremely short stack, it is more than likely that you will be pushing or calling an all in on the flop regardless if you have caught a piece of it or not.

Therefore if we are holding an ace, we will have a better chance of winning with a high card against an opponent in the event that they did not make a pair either.

When we are dealt any of the above cards that are within our range depending on the effective stack sizes , we should always be raising when entering the pot. It may seem like a good idea to limp and try and catch a good flop for cheap, but it is more profitable to raise and build the pot for when we hit our hand, which we are more likely to do if we are holding a strong starting hand.

With a stack of 10BB or more we should be looking to raise around 3 or 4BB if we are first to enter the pot. However, if we have 10BB or less, it will not be too bad of a play to push all-in straight away, as any call from a 4BB raise will leave us completely pot-committed anyway. With 10BB or less, you can think about using the stop and go play also. On the flop we are usually reduced to going all-in or folding as a short stack.

The smaller the size of our stack, the more inclined we should be to calling or pushing all-in as we are more likely to be committed to the pot. The shorter the stack, the less the flop will matter to us.

They will often be forced to fold their steals, winning you their raise as well as the blinds. This usually means a BB net gain for you! A tiny stack would be less than 15BBs. There's really no reason to ever play this short-stacked in a cash game. If you find yourself getting this low, either quit and buy yourself lunch, or rebuy. With 15BBs and less, it's time to go into push-or-fold mode. When you're this low you should be looking for first-in vigorish.

If the pot is folded to you you should be shoving with a fairly wide range - any ace, a good king, any pocket pair, big suited connectors, etc. You need to build your stack by stealing the blinds and antes. Folding will only get you blinded out. There's no time to wait around for aces. Look for first-in vig and punish those blinds! If you're playing cash, keep your stack topped up!

Maximize your edge against worse players. If you're playing tournament poker, remember that no matter what size your stack is, it has its pluses and its minuses. Be aware of how each stack size should change your strategy.

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How to play with a short stack.