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July 1st, , Aside from the awesome real-time playing simulator, PokerSnowie also has an amazing scenario analyzing simulator. How about cheating in online poker then? It is just a feeling. Try these you will find them very useful in games online to track and practice odds calculation. Starting chips, players number, levels length for multi-table tournaments. I know what to do, I just feel it!


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July 1st, , Went with dead solid poker in the end. Looks good so far. Will give it a few weeks then right a review for anyone thats interested. July 16th, , 4: Originally Posted by imafish. DDpoker or otherwise known as Donohoe Digital puts a program like that and it didn't even cost me anything, you can even simulate your own tournaments and practice against player types. Google DDpoker3 and check it out if you like. July 16th, , 5: I'll admit, Telltale Games came out with Poker Night 2.

I have a lot of fun with it! July 16th, , 6: Originally Posted by CrossedLine. Thanks curly, downloaded ddp3, looks good. July 16th, , 7: Originally Posted by AlfieAA. December 9th, , 3: Hi, I've been working on such a software for a while. It's free and open source, you can download it there: December 15th, , 7: The odds and outs are free, some of the other training is paid though. January 3rd, , 5: Hello all Happy New Year. I thought I would add this footnote to this tread.

Poker Academy is no longer available. The domain has been purchased by a company called Poker Genius http: The company states their goal is to advance and promote poker AI. They sell a software that is a twin to Poker Academy.

I purchased it and I love it. Now I have poker training software on my PC and my Mac. January 4th, , 1: January 12th, , 5: January 25th, , It has different levels of difficulty and styles of opponents. There is a brief strategy guide. It's fun and only costs a couple of bucks. March 16th, , 8: It may be supported by more browser and be more powerful. Each week Jonathan selects a hand that he has played and talks through each decision that he made on that hand and the thought process behind it.

Jonathan has recorded hands so far, so there is a wealth of material to review. You can access the video version at the link above, or subscribe to the audio version on iTunes. Both are free of cost. They have a number of reports and a wide variety of filters to help you analyze your play.

On their website they offer an electronic, monthly magazine as well as a weekly Pokercast. It is by far the most active and most authoritative of the online poker forums.

Members can improve their full ring cash game skills using unique professional replays, a huge database of member hands, and the ability to get hand by hand feedback. It is one of the few non-video poker training sites. More than , players have taken the test so far. You can try it for free. Follow the links above, and get ready to win big!

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