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The crew member is reportedly a galley worker from India. L'Austral also collided with rocks at Snares Islands a month before, in an area the Commission said was not suitable for safe navigation. Just for the record, we ended up spending closer to 4K on the trip. Then he says in a very shaky voice: After these "obvious physical differences" were pointed out, Mr Sun claims he was allowed back to his room about Had his luggage with him but no one else.

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The plaintiff, year-old Jeffrey Makuch, says he took a cruise on the ship in June and fell while playing cornhole. He says the no-skid floor made it impossible for him to properly shift his weight while stepping to throw a beanbag.

The cruise ship owners have filed a reply denying that their flooring presents a risk. The Virginian-Pilot reports https: Cruise Law News reports two cruise passengers were involved in a zip lining accident during a stop in Roatan, Honduras on July 5, A couple who arrived in Roatan on a cruise ship last Thursday collided with one another while on a zip line.

The newspaper in Honduras identified the passengers as Egael Fishman and Shirf Fanken, reportedly both citizens of Israel. Fishman was killed during the accident and Ms. Fanken was seriously injured during the accident. Reuters reports rescuers in Thailand deployed helicopters on Friday in a search for 29 people still missing after the sinking of a tourist boat off the island of Phuket, as the death toll in the incident rose to Police are investigating the incident, the Phuket Marine Police said, adding that the boat was properly registered and had not been overloaded at the time of the accident.

KM Lestari Maju - Ferry. According to local authorities, people managed to swim or be pulled to safety. The latest rescue effort was initially complicated by bad weather. Heavy seas prevented large boats from approaching the KM Lestari Maju ferry and trapped some passengers on the stricken vessel overnight.

The ferry reportedly was over capacity with a total of passengers. In addition to the passengers, the vessel was carrying 48 cars and motorcycles. These vehicles were seen temporarily floating after the sinking. As the ship began taking on water, the captain steered the vessel toward nearby Selayar Island. Eyewitness News reports investigators are probing the alleged drowning of a man near Great Stirrup Cay in the Berry Islands — the second incident of its kind in the last week.

Police said it was after 1: Pax drowns at private island. Fklorida Record reports a woman recently filed a lawsuit in U. The injury occurred when Hutchinson stepped off an elevator and tripped over an elevated threshold on July 22, Her suit claims the injuries could have been avoided if warning signs had marked the threshold and adds that the design of the threshold was negligent to begin with.

The court heard that victim Alexandra Thornton was at dinner in a restaurant on the cruise ship berthed in Dockyard last night. Martell began yelling at Ms Thornton outside a restroom at about 9. She then pulled the woman to the floor and punched her on the back of the head several times and pulled her hair.

Ms Thornton suffered head pain and bruises to both knees. She told police that Martell was a complete stranger. Times-Pacayune reports a cruise ship crew member who had gone overboard on Saturday June 30 was found nearly a day later by another cruise ship near Cuba, according to the U. But the following day -- about 22 hours after the crew member was seen going overboard -- the missing crew member was seen in the water by someone on the Carnival Glory about 21 miles north of Cuba.

A steward saw the crew member. Local10 News reports the U. The Coast Guard said a year-old Filipino crew member fell overboard from the Norwegian Getaway around 3: Crew member overboard - rescued alive. Eyewitness News reports Berry Island Police are investigating the death of a Chinese female, after she allegedly drowned. Investigators said it was shortly after Thursday, when the woman was discovered floating in waters off Great Stirrup Cay.

Police said the unresponsive woman was removed from the water and cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR rendered, although it is unclear who removed her or performed the CPR.

She was transported to the local clinic on Berry Island, according to police, where she was pronounced dead. Investigations are said to be ongoing. Lifelinehellas reports a 23 year old man went missing traveling from Chios Island to Pireus Greece with the Nissos Rodos. The boat, which was believed to be more than three times its passenger capacity, sank on Monday after encountering high-waves while crossing Lake Toba, on the Indonesian province of North Sumatra.

Only 18 survivors have been found from an estimated on board. Cruise Law News reports the ship has been stuck in Dublin, Ireland for the past several days. The delay has already caused the passengers to miss the remaining port of call.

It appears that the passengers will be disembarked today in Dublin and flown back to Bremerhaven. Embarkation for new passengers will reportedly occur tomorrow in Dublin. Suppose to sail yesterday then said today finally this morning captain said to guest waiting for information from the home office and port authorities. Guests were given euro on their cards and refunded their excursion fares.

The cause of the delay seems to be a problem with one of its 14 lifeboats which, reportedly, is "out of order. Dedtained in port Dublin. Cruise Fever reports Carnival Cruise Line has altered the itinerary due to an issue with the maximum cruising speed of the vessel. The cruise line has canceled the port stop in St. Thomas and will now just visit the other three ports. Propulsion problems - skipped port. Boy do I have a story to tell you!

While underway, on Saturday night, a guest had a medical emergency. We turned around and sailed six hours towards San Diego to meet up with a coast guard helicopter.

Passenger was airlifted off the ship early Sunday morning, and we proceeded south towards Cabo San Lucas. While underway to Cabo, a tropical storm that had been in the Pacific quickly became a category 2 and then category 4 hurricane Hurricane Bud.

Later that Sunday, it was announced that we would miss our first Cabo San Lucas port call due to the delay caused by the earlier medical emergency. On Monday, our unexpected sea day, it was announced that our call to Puerto Vallarta would be cancelled due to the projected path of the hurricane.

In its place, they scheduled a call to Ensenada for that Friday. Despite the hurricane barreling towards Cabo, Carnival was confident they could make a port call both on Tuesday and potentially Wednesday. According to the captain, this decision was made because conditions had improved. We stayed in the area for about three hours monitoring the weather. However, the ocean swells were just too high to operate tenders safely, and were projected to get worse. An impromptu forum was scheduled with the captain, cruise director, guest services manager, etc.

It was an absolute slaughter. Lots of angry guests yelling, demanding more compensation, calling the captain and Carnival reckless for sailing us into the storm, questioning the health of the guest who was evacuated, etc. As we were underway to Catalina Island, on 13 June, it was announced that for logistical reasons we were unable to call there.

Instead, we would dock in San Diego. We decided to disembark in San Diego, and safely returned to Long Beach. All in all about half the guests elected to disembark. Itinerary change - cruise shortened. Port calls cancelled weather. Lawsuit - "Did not enjoy themselves" - neighbour snored and noisy. Bernews reports police have confirmed the death of year-old American cruise ship visitor Yvonne Aites, and said the autopsy results confirm the cause of death as drowning.

Aites was later pronounced dead. Royal Caribbean officer Lisa Spearman was seriously and permanently injured when a watertight door crushed her right hand when she came to the assistance of the cruise ship nurse. The ship nurse stumbled while attempting to walk past the door during an emergency test, according to the lawsuit which her attorneys filed.

Spearman alleged that following the accident, Royal Caribbean refused to re-hire her and then refused to pursue disability benefits on her behalf. She sued the cruise line for negligence under the Voyager of the SeasJones Act, unseaworthiness of the vessel under the General Maritime Law, failure to provide prompt, proper and adequate medical care also under U. General Maritime law , failure to pay wages under 46 U. She was struck on the head and shoulder by three ceiling panels, each about one metre long and 15cm thick, while she was standing on a staircase on the ship.

The court heard Ms Smith was standing in a companionway with her cousins when the panels dropped and landed on her. After months of visits to doctors and specialists, Ms Smith was found to have suffered an injury to her cervical spine — the neck vertebrae.

She is still likely to need surgery, more than six years after the incident. The court heard Ms Smith was a gifted athlete and dancer but many of her hobbies were impeded by her injury. Plan A had to be scrapped because of an unanticipated maintenance issue aboard the Carnival Miracle. Carnival gave passengers the option to cancel and receive a full refund, or reschedule.

Grilz said he was told about a third of the customers decided to cancel. Though he knows staff is doing all they can, he was hoping for more details. Safety4Sea reports the Piraeus Port Authority and Hellenic Coast Guard authorities are searching for a man, after he reportedly fell overboard from the RoRo passenger ship 'Blue Horizon', while the ship was docked in the port of Piraeus, in the evening hours of 23 May.

The incident was reported soon after the ship had departed from Piraeus, heading to the port of Heraklion, with passengers and 98 crew members onboard. However, this made the vessel to come back to Piraeus. As soon as the Port Authority was notified, five patrol boats of the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Hellenic Navigation service headed to the scene in search of the missing man. Local media suggest the missing passenger is a year old man. CDC reports 28 of 8.

The man has been identified as Brian Lamonds. Incident happened Tuesday approximately 85 miles west of Fort Myers, Fla. Several passengers are reporting that the Royal Caribbean cruise ship sustained a power and propulsion outage, leaving the ship floating in the Sea of Crete with only its emergency lighting on. Subsequent information is that the ship regained power and is now sailing slowly toward Santorini.

AIS systems right show the ship under power at a speed of a little over 7 knots. There is an unconfirmed rumor that the Vision allegedly struck something, although this has not been confirmed. It was sailing between Mykonos to Santorini when it experienced power failure. Turks and Caicos Weekly Nerws reports a 16 year old cruise passenger died when his jetski collided with another.

Reports are that two jet skis, one of which the teen was operating, collided in the water causing the teenager to fall and break his neck. The other person, the teen's uncle, sustained no injuries. Death in jet ski accident. Arrested for possessing one bullet. Maureen Fisher filed the complaint against Oceania Cruises Inc.

Another patron, Maureen Starnes, reportedly fell on Fisher amid the incident. Fisher suffered right fibula fractures around her ankle, fractured ribs, and lots of bruising on the right side of her leg, which ultimately led to problems with her circulation, the lawsuit alleges.

Fisher cited negligence as a cause of action. Lawsuit for slip and fall. Freemantle Gazette reports a search and rescue operation for an elderly passenger who had fallen overboard on the Sun Princess cruise ship has been called off.

A Carnival Australia spokeswoman said Princess Cruises had confirmed it had called the operation off after the Australian passenger in his 80s went overboard on its way to Port Kelang. The ship is about nautical miles south east of Singapore on a day voyage from Fremantle to Singapore. It departed on May Indonesian search and rescue authorities tonight released the Sun Princess, whose crew had searched until dark for the man.

NZ Herald reports a search was underway near the U. Virgin Islands on Wednesday for a crew member on a cruise ship who apparently went overboard in rough seas. The ship turned around to search for the crew member with the assistance of the U. Coast Guard and other ships in the area. The effort has been hampered by large swells and winds of more than 30 mph.

The Coast Guard said the man went overboard from the seventh deck of the Seaside while the ship was about 10 miles southeast of St. The missing man was identified as year-old Michael Majaba of the Philippines. Majaba reportedly went overboard from the seventh deck of the Maltese-flagged cruise ship at approximately 1 a. The cruise ship crew launched a search and contacted watchstanders at the Coast Guard Sector San Juan Command Center at approximately 4 a.

Repeated problems were noted in the ship's potable water treatment. Inspectors located over two dozen flies in the galley, food preparation and dish washing areas. This seems to be some type of record; it certainly is the most flies I have ever seen recorded in a cruise ship sanitation inspection report.

Guests affected will receive a full refund, 50 percent off a future cruise, and are being given the option to get off the ship to be flown home. The 7-day cruise left New Orleans on Sunday, April His leg had been X-rayed and he had been prescribed a course of paracetamol. Lawsuit over medical care. ITV reports another cruise liner has cancelled its visit to Guernsey today due to poor weather conditions.

There have been nine cancellations so far this year, with seven due to weather and two because of itinerary changes. Only one cruise liner has managed to visit the island in Despite this Guernsey Harbours are still expecting a busy season. Over 90 ships are scheduled to call into St Peter Port. CDC reports of 2, 5.

Lauderdale, FL, on May 2, , to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities.

One of the passengers stated that yesterday Saturday there was an announcement over the ship's intercom where a passenger's name which I will keep anonymous was repeatedly paged to report to guest services. The ship was approximately 20 miles from Cuba at the time.

There was a death on the 6th floor and they kept someone inside their cabin with security not allowing them to leave the room. The Daily Herald report the ship did not call due to the massive dump fire that started Friday afternoon. Skipped port call NOT weather. Police say that Dunn and his wife visited St.

Kitts aboard a cruise ship on Thursday and at about He was taken from the water and placed back on the vessel and the crew members administered CPR and returned to the marina at Port Zante. The Emergency Medical Service arrived at the Marina to assist when the vessel returned; however, Dunn was not breathing and was later pronounced dead by the District Medical Doctor. Anthem of the Seas, April 7 sailing. The ship is enroute from Bahamas to New Jersey.

The ship stopped its search at 7: Other ships in the area apparently continued the search. According to Daily Mail , the mother who went overboard had gone on deck to be sick before she went into the water in front of her shell-shocked husband.

The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of originally planned to raise the height of railings so passenger couldn't fall overboard. At the time, the industry argued the height was sufficient -- that passengers couldn't fall overboard, however they continue to claim when persons go overboard that they fell.

Cayman Compass reports a female crew member of a cruise ship who stayed in Grand Cayman after her ship left on March 22 was sentenced to three months in prison for illegally remaining on the island for 12 days when she appeared in Summary Court on Friday.

Yusmaidys Ortiz Perez, 34, who had worked as a bar waitress aboard the MSC Opera, came ashore while the cruise ship was in port on March 22 and did not return to the ship. Defense attorney Prathna Bodden told the court that Ms. Jailed for not returning to ship. Daily Astorian reports strong winds and rain prompted the Star Princess cruise ship to cancel a planned stop in Astoria on Sunday.

The vessel was heading from San Francisco to Vancouver, British Columbia, and had been scheduled to stop in Astoria carrying up to 2, passengers.

Cancel port call - weather. On Monday, April 2nd two passengers were removed from the 9th floor while docked in Barbados by armed ship officers. The armed officers confronted the guests and asked them to open their safe, upon which drugs were allegedly found and the passengers were subsequently hauled off to local jail. On this same ship, two different passengers that were running late to the NYC embarkation arrived at 4pm and were hurried through security WITHOUT being scanned or having their belongings put through the X-ray scanner.

Again, on this same trip, two passengers on floor 11 came back to their room to find security looking through their belongings with flashlights.

ITV reports a drug dealer from Dunstable who used a Caribbean cruise as cover for smuggling more than two hundred thousand pounds worth of cocaine into the country has been jailed for nine-and-a-half years. He had two suitcases with false linings hiding around three kilograms of cocaine. It became clear that he had contacts with others involved in drug trafficking on both sides of the Atlantic.

Cocaine fuels violence and exploitation on our streets, and Enright's role was a crucial one in a long criminal chain.

That is reflected in the sentence he received. During the late evening on April 2, there were multiple announcements about an event on deck 5, sector 6. It was subsequently clarified that there was a small fire involving a deep fat fryer during a maintenance procedure. The Captain also reported the fire was quickly contained and extinguished without injuries. No panic was observed. Later the same day , at about 4: It was determined that the source was an overheated cell phone charger.

No injuries were reported. No air conditioning at all. Every room is hot. Dinner was outside on the deck last night. Some passengers flew home.

Seems like the boat struggled to power from Martinique to st Lucia. A lot of rooms with no power at all. Some rooms have power.

Some lights are out throughout the boat. So now we have been rerouted from Guadeloupe to the Castries where they will dock overnight. Full open bar now. Not sure what is coming next.

Propulsion is still working. Waiting to hear more from Seattle about compensation. Repairs are scheduled to take place from April 6 to April Express reports a search is ongoing for a tourist who went overboard around 2am this morning. Spanish Civil Guard and coastguards are taking part in a major sea search involving several vessels. Two Spanish Coastguard helicopters and a plane have also been mobilised. The search is focusing on an area near Mazarron in Murcia, south east Spain.

Norwegian Spirit, which is understood to have 3, holidaymakers on board, was due to dock in the Costa Blanca capital Alicante early this morning. It took part early on in the search before telling coastguards it was continuing to Alicante, although it is thought it may now carry on to Barcelona.

The missing tourist, a year-old described as a man of Saudi Arabian origin, has not been named. According to a passenger , a group of teenagers was nearby when it happened.

They came back, and the man was not there anymore, but his belonging were still on the table. Guests reported, they had talked to the suicide man before. He came with family onto the cruise, but there were some serious family-discussions, and the rest of his family left on the first port in Casablanca.

The ship has propeller problems. Heading down east coast of Australia. Captain just announced next cruise to New Zealand has been cancelled. Lots of unhappy Americans on board who are doing b2b2b cruises. Propulsion problems - cruise canceled. Construction related to a deck refinishing project reportedly began on board the NCL cruise ship almost immediately according to the website. There are dozens of comments on the Facebook page regarding dust generated by the work covering the public spaces.

The heavy construction caused NCL to shut down numerous bars, deck spaces and restaurants. The photos show paint particles and fibrous insulation covering the decks.

Flammable chemicals were stored on open decks. Guest services sent a supervisor to the cabin who reportedly sprayed "Fabrese" into the vent and around the cabin. This appears to be a project which obviously should have taken place in dry-dock, not during a cruise with nearly two thousand people aboard trying to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

The Facebook page members realized that this project was not due to the fault of the captain or crew but was the result of poor leadership from NCL's corporate offices here in Miami who essentially scheduled a floating dry-dock at sea with passengers aboard in order to maximize profits. Ongoing construction during cruise - noxious fumes. Tugs were quickly mobilised and combined with use of the thrusters the ship was safely docked on the opposite berth in the port.

Captain Hoyt praised the engineering team for bringing the engines online so quickly. Fortunately no-one was injured. Azura is still in port at the time of writing Broke free of berth - adrift. But NCL said the company had been forced to cancel the trip because of poor weather.

Canceled cruise - Pax protest. It will instead add a port call in Corfu on March Canceled port calls - change itinerary. Subsequently, it was announced the ship will arrive in port at 7 pm tonight and some passengers that want to get off will do so, the remaining passengers will debark tomorrow morning at 7 am. No one will be boarding tonight, so folks will be looking for hotel rooms, restaurants and other things to do tonight in town.

Regular boarding will commence tomorrow morning around March 16, on the Carnival Breeze out of Galveston. While at port in Cozumel about ship time, young male approx yo fell from balcony stateroom. Suffered severe head injuries, treated by passengers for about 10 min before carnival medical personnel arrived. Luckily there was an Army guy and EMT within 25 feet of where he landed head first on railing of 5th Deck.

They provided first aide until carnival employees finally showed up. Carnival Dream was in port on the same side as fall.

There were multiple people with cameras taking videos and pictures. Fall from balcony to lower deck. Fox5San Diego reports a Brazilian national who pleaded guilty to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Walt Disney Co. According to his plea agreement, Gomes executed the scheme by fraudulently obtaining money through his access to an online payment system. Guilty of embezzling money. High winds and rough seas have been predicted for Orkney from yesterday until Saturday night.

Misssed port call weather. Royal Gazette reports the ship has cancelled its Bermuda visit today because of bad weather. It was scheduled to arrive at Heritage Wharf in Dockyard this morning and depart this evening. The Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre duty officer said the ship arrived at the pilot station on schedule at 7am. The vessel continued its voyage onwards to the Azores. An alarm was sounded, and cruise passengers were later advised that the incinerator fire had been extinguished.

News 9 reports a Sydney father who says he was wrongly accused of exposing himself to a young female passenger on a Carnival cruise, then beaten up by her father and interrogated by security before they noticed their obvious mistake, is now suing the company. Passenger John Sun is taking legal action against Carnival Australia after the alleged incident on an eight-day return cruise from Sydney to New Caledonia in December A statement of claim lodged with the NSW District Court claims that on December 10 onboard security was told a man had exposed and then touched himself in front of young female passengers.

According to the claim, security staff showed a particular girl photographs of Mr Sun - who was travelling with his wife and daughter - and the parents of the young girl were provided with details about Mr Sun and then found him in his room.

The court documents state that at They also state that Mr Sun called security for assistance, but on arrival, they instead marched him to a room where they grilled him for one and a half hours. The security guards are alleged to have stood in front of and behind Mr Sun. He felt he "was not at liberty to refuse the direction to accompany them". Mr Sun was eventually shown footage of the incident and noted that - unlike him - the man in the video was not heavily tattooed.

After these "obvious physical differences" were pointed out, Mr Sun claims he was allowed back to his room about Mr Sun claims he was fearful of further attacks and suffered humiliation and damage to his reputation. The Sydney father and his family - including his parents - remained on the Carnival Spirit following the incident.

He's suing the operator for breach of contract, misleading or deceptive conduct, defamation, unjustified or unlawful detention and negligence. A Carnival spokesman told AAP the company wouldn't comment "while the legal process is in train". Pax beaten by other pax - security no help. CDC reports 65 of 1, 3. Lauderdale, FL, on March 9, , to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities.

Crew Center reportsa passenger on board the ship was rescued after going overboard on Tuesday night, as the vessel sailed near the Bahamas. NCL has confirmed the incident saying that a female guest went over the rail and into the ocean. Crew rescue teams immediately responded to the emergency and lowered a life boat to search for the missing passenger around the ship. Passengers onboard were reporting the teen was on the top deck with her family when she leaned over the railing to take a selfie and fell overboard.

Passenger overboard - rescued. C ruise Law News reportsthe ship became stuck near the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico this afternoon after the cruise ship dropped several hundred feet of anchor chain and an anchor after the ship left Old San Juan. A Carnival crew member states that the cruise ship's starboard anchor became stuck after the ship left port. A crew member states that the anchor was cut and the ship finally was able to sail away.

Navigator grounding shortly after getting underway from Benoa, Bali last night. Captain reported cause was unexpected maneuver by fishing boat s in channel, forcing his turn to avoid collision. No injuries, but Navigator was grounded until high tide and tugs were able to free her just after midnight. This is the Regent world cruise this year - probable result will be deletion of scheduled visit to Java. CBS 12 reports stormy conditions at sea are causing a big detour for more than a thousand cruise ship passengers in and out of West Palm Beach.

The ship has passengers on board. Those same buses will take sailing passengers down to Port Everglades to board the Grand Celebration cruise ship. The last buses will leave for Port Everglades at 3 p. Cruise Law News reports an explosion aboard a Mexican ferry in Carmen del Playa ten days ago, followed by at least one explosive device planted on the hull of another ferry which was discovered yesterday, triggered a United States embassy's alert last night, prohibiting embassy employees from using ferries operating between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

On February 21, , we reported on a violent explosition on a ferry in Carmen del Playa which seriously injured around 25 passengers, includuing 7 U. At least one cruise line, Princess Cruises, has cancelled excursions which use ferries between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Narco-terrorism on ferries Cancun. Reports are that all three passengers boarded the ship which left from Miami on Monday and arrived in the island at Lawmen are currently investigating.

Action News Jax reports a Florida mom is speaking out after she says her year-old daughter with special needs was sexually assaulted on a Carnival cruise ship.

The woman says her daughter left on a birthday cruise with her grandmother on Jacksonville-based Elation on Saturday. She said it was a girls' trip, and her daughter, who has the mental capacity of a year-old, was excited.

According to a statement from Carnival Cruise Line, staff was notified of an alleged act of misconduct onboard the ship Tuesday evening. He waited for that moment.

Carnival said an adult male passenger was detained onboard. Bild reports 53 year old crew member T Machias went overboard near Malaysia. Desperate security guards resorted to violence to stop the alcohol-fulled brawl, which was one of many to terrorise passengers on board the day cruise of the South Pacific. Independent reports Marella, the cruise operation of TUI, has told hundreds of holidaymakers booked on an April voyage from Jamaica to Mallorca that they will not visit Cuba, the Bahamas or Portugal.

In a letter to passengers, TUI wrote: And, as a result, we sometimes find we need to amend an itinerary shortly before a cruise starts so that we can offer you the best holiday experience possible. Without the call in Havana, the cruise would have had an extra day at sea. Instead, additional ports were scheduled, but the knock-on impact meant that Nassau and Lisbon were deleted from the itinerary. Ship displaced from port call by RCI ship - major itinerary change.

Newshub reports emergency services have rescued eight tourists from a kayak trip in Wellington. Passengers from the Noordam cruise ship were on a guided tour of the harbour on Thursday afternoon when some of the group capsized. An elderly passenger is being treated for hypothermia. Pax in jured on shore excursion.

The ship docked at 5: Matthews said embarkation for the next cruise is expected to begin later in the evening. At this time, guests are asked to wait and arrive at the Alabama Cruise Terminal between 7: Due to the delay, passengers were told in an email that the ship would not make the scheduled voyage to Cozumel.

Instead, they will arrive in Progresso, Mexico Saturday at 10 a. Daily Mail reports the ship has been forced to turn back to Sydney after a brawl erupted after a girl allegedly 'hit a guy over the head with a bottle of wine'.

Police officers were seen arriving on board the ship at Bradley's Head, Sydney, on Sunday, where they removed six males and one female. Pacific Explorer was on a three-night round trip cruise from Sydney when the brawl broke out. We just boarded Oasis of the Seas and received this letter Cruise Fever reports the ship was delayed arriving and in depoarting because of coastal fog.

The ship is scheduled to leave Jacksonville this afternoon for another five night cruise to the Bahamas. Delayted arrival and departure. Aymond had both of his feet sliced by a piece of coral, a bloody and painful experience that got worse when the ship doctor who stitched the wounds downplayed their severity and gave him an antibiotic the Aymonds later learned was for intestinal bacteria.

Aymond's worst wound become infected two weeks later. The couple rushed to a Baton Rouge hospital when the foot swelled and a rash crept up his leg. CDC confirms the outbreak. Cairns Post reports the ship was scheduled to arrive at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal at 9am today with about passengers and crew on board. Cairns Port Development Inc secretary Emma Thirkell said the cruise ship tried three times to dock before giving up at about 3pm. NBC Miami reports on a sexual assault of a male child on a cruise in The family boarded the ship in The mother says the trip was good until near the end of it.

Surveillance video on the ship shows the attack. The video shows the men cornering the 13 year old before pinning him against the bookcase. Another teen is seen running away. The video shows Martinez taking off his shirt while still having the boy cornered. Lawson can be seen keeping passengers out of the library. The portion that shows what Tonya describes as the worst of the attack was edited out of the video provided to NBC 6 after it was entered into evidence in the case.

The boys reported the attack to security, who called Tonya. Martinez was sentenced to three years in prison for lewd and lascivious behavior with a child under Lawson was given a two-year prison sentence for child abuse. Yahoo 7 News reports a major class action is being prepared against a cruise ship company for allegedly exposing thousands of passengers to gastroenteritis.

During each voyage, severe vomiting and diarrhoea swept through the ship. The claim alleges Carnival Australia, the parent company of Princess Cruises, which operates the ship, failed in its duty of care to passengers.

It is being accused of not adhering to adequate sanitisation or providing proper guidelines to those on board about the outbreak of norovirus. Passengers say despite having their holidays ruined due to the gastro outbreak, they never received an apology, refund or credit from the cruise liner.

Class action lawsuit for illness outbreaks. Cruise Law News reports In the last month, two Royal Caribbean cruise ships have received scores barely above the failing score of There were deductions for various unsanitary conditions as well as heavily corroded and difficult-to-clean steel counters in the galleys of the ship.

Even more disturbing is that the USPH inspectors found the following: In these areas, the inspection team found: These were also found along with brooms, dust pans, vacuum cleaners, and other nonfood equipment. Near failing health inspections. View of Half Moon Cay water day 4 from the ship deck, no filter on the photo. Using our experience as a guide, here is everything I recommend doing when going on a cruise be sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3 for even more details!

We would argue about it. Finally we wised up. We had a little money in savings that we didn't have a plan for, and found places to cut back in our monthly budget.

We agreed that once we saved up the money, we would use it for a vacation, and we would try to get the best vacation possible for that money. Just for the record, we ended up spending closer to 4K on the trip. Those days at sea can be boring, especially if the weather isn't great like on our sea-day. Aside from taxes and port fees, the only extra fees you pay on a cruise are:. The first day of your cruise, you board the ship in the evening and basically just eat Dinner on-board. Instead of buying the soda card on day 1, I actually waited until day 2 to buy the card the last day the special was being offered , so I could get 5 full days out of it.

Thinking back, we probably didn't need the soda card in the first place, it was an unnecessary expense. Bring your own cases of bottled water and sodas! You can do that! Tons of people did on our ship, I wish I had known earlier. Swing by the gas station or a convenience store before boarding and grab some.

Our booking agent told us that once on the ship, to go to the service desk on-board and tell them the ages of our kids. I was so exhausted from figuring out the flights and cruise info, I put my husband in charge of the hotels, so he really should be the one writing this portion! But here's my take on how and why we booked the hotels we did:.

Did you know you can pay taxi and shuttle drivers with credit cards much of the time? We paid for our shuttle with a Visa card. If your driver is parked too close to the ship, his CC reader won't work. Our driver had to drive a block away, because the ships block the service or something.

Anyway, we loved using our card because we get cash-back from our credit cards, and it helps us keep track of how much we spent on our trip. Plus, withdrawing cash from an ATM is expensive, so it preserves your precious cash and saves it for situations where CC's aren't allowed.

No need to pack your own car seats. Just call ahead and borrow some! We did, and our shuttle driver provided a car seat for our little guy.

This is every bag we packed on our trip for the 5 of us. We tried to travel light, but still allow for room to bring home inevitable souvenirs and random odds and ends. The ship cabins are small and don't allow for much room for suitcases, so keep that in mind! Now that you've set budgets and saved up, booked your cruise and booked your flights, it's time to get ready for your trip!

Here's what I suggest:. Aside from your typical packing and necessity, here are some cruising-with-kids-specific things to make sure you bring. Borrow first, buy second and don't be afraid to buy second-hand! Check out this video Bubba took using my iPhone…under water!: It was really fun going snorkeling with our phones because we could take video and pictures of the fish we saw.

Again, if you're going to invest in nice electronics, you should invest in a nice, protective case. Again, I can't say enough. Though an expensive phone case, I find it has actually saved us money in the long run since I'm so hard on my electronics.

While ear buds will sometimes stay in my 4-year old's ears, they are too big for my other kids, so we like the over-the-head headphones best. Priya's hair is pretty curly at home. But on the cruise? No sense in trying to fight it, just embrace it and enjoy the curl! When it comes to clothes, don't buy anything!

Sometimes people get all excited about going on a cruise and rush to the store to buy all-new things. Stay within budget, clothes included. You will look fabulous, even if it's clothes you've had for years. Don't waste your money, use what you have and spend your money wisely elsewhere.

This is what we wore to dinner one night. Notice my wedge flip flops. We were all on the nicer-end of casual, which worked out just fine.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 which will give you the rest of the scoop on how to cruise and travel with kids! OMG what an awesome, awesome post! This makes me want to holiday SO bad! Priya in the sailor dress is just the sweetest thing ever! This post was definately worth the wait.

You should totally be a spokesperson for the cruise line! I have never done a cruise before seasickness is my nemesis , but I might just have to rethink it now. Thanks so much Kelly! You are definitely the all-star of all all-star readers. Still looking forward to visiting you in Australia some day! These are awesome tips! One more savings tip for books — many ships have libraries that you can borrow books from for free. They often also have a bin with books that other passengers have left on the ship that you can KEEP if you want!

I like to bring one or two like you suggested and then trade in that box. I knew they had libraries, but I never thought about a book exchange. I loved reading this! My hubby and I are planning to go on our first cruise and we also have 3 children, 9, 5, and 21 months. This information was very helpful, one question though is there a dress code listed? I did not know that they had guidelines! Yes, every cruise is slightly different and you can find lots of information online.

I love to cruise, and we just cruised with our two kids last fall. I am in no way affiliated with these websites, but since discovering them last summer, they have changed my non-existent travel budget life! Aw, makes me want to go on a cruise right now!

Great post, definitely pinning it for future reference! Great information, we are in the early planning stages of a few trips, really appreciate all of your tips!

Looks like you had a blast, Priya is adorable in her sailor dress! Thanks for sharing Ashley! What a small world!!! Did you enjoy it? Is there anything else you would add to the post advice-wise? Thanks again, great info and very appreciated!! This post was perfectly timed since we are going on a Carnival cruise in one month!

My question is this: Whom exactly did you call to get the shuttle van to bring a car seat? We are not bringing car seats but will be taking shuttles and I would like the car seats if they are free. How far in advance do I have to call? Also, did you have to request a crib in advance for your cruise room? Thank you so much! Wait for parts 2 and 3, they will probably answer all your questions. I would also love to see the reply to the commenters questions. I was really excited to hear about your cruise, but a little bit nervous because there is a lot of mis-information that gets passed around the internet, which often times makes my job more difficult.

I was really pleased with your post though. There are a couple of things I would like to comment on. First, I loved how you recommended your agent…. However, personally, I vote for supporting your local economy and using a local agent. I have clients that are already booked for cruises! The reason for this is that the prices are lowest when the demand is lowest. Some cruise lines do allow this, however others do not. And finally, I feel compelled to give my standard speech about passports.

That is, cruises that depart from and return to the same port in the USA. You would need to go to the US Embassy in that country and apply for a passport from there before you could return to the US. I always advise my clients to get a passport. This is the best comment ever! Thanks so much for sharing, such great info!!! I just updated my post to include the fact that booking your cruise far in advance is a great way to get a good deal, I had totally forgotten to include that!

Sounds like an amazing trip! I have never cruised with my kids, they are older than yours. My favourite tip was packing spray sunscreen — soooo much easier than lotion for kids of any age! I also love the idea of getting your suitcase ready one week early — I will definitely do that next time! And yes, seriously, whoever invented the spray sunscreen is my HERO. I am yet to take my 18 month old on a cruise but my hubby and I are looking forward to doing so soon!

Just as a note, 3 years ago , about 30 members of our family went with my husband and I on our wedding cruise and my two sisters had their infants and older children too with them. The cruise line ended up having pack and playing waiting at one of the ports but the stress that it put on my two sisters took away from the fun week that we had all planned. My advice is to make sure that the cruise itself not just your travel agency knows that you need a crib or if you are with in driving distance, bring your own pack and play to be safe.

My sisters were both compensated with vouchers but it still put a damper on things. Ashley recently posted… 6 tips for taking your baby to the beach. Chicken coop plans recently posted… Chicken coop plans. Loved your very informative and helpful post!!!! Booked a very last minute crusie for us- including our 17 month old —- only have 4 days to prepare….

Good luck and have fun! We just took a Disney cruise in November. Their kids club — free for children ages 3 and up was so great that my children girl 9, boy 8 begged to be taken to it. We had a late dinner seating and the counselors came to the dining rooms to pick up kids to take them back to the club halfway through the meal.

It was magical in ways only Disney can be magical, but still had many of the same points you mentioned here about your cruise. Sodas, tea, coffe, and tap water were free all day as well as all the other food choices. My husband and I had as much fun as the kids did. I found your tips in this series to be wonderful- some I had already heard, some I had not.

I think with any trip as expensive as a week long vacation can be, research is most important, and I love reading personal accounts like yours to help me plan and decide. I think if it was just us adults we would look at other lines for cruising based on cost effectiveness, but with the kids we will continue to do Disney for a while. I loved your blog! Blessing to you and your family! We are going on a cruise in 6weeks with our 4 kids, ages 10,10,10 and One of my kiddos has special needs , including food.

Did you have any problems getting food for your little one? Thanks for all of the great tips! I will definitely share with my family who is also coming! This is because they are cleaned and filtered differently than those on land, and there are lots of regulations concerning discharging water from them into the ocean. These rules are created and enforced by the CDC and you will find them on all the cruise ship websites.

These rules are posted by the pools. They are simple areas with spraying spigots and little if any standing water. Often they are not in eyesight of each other. So that can be difficult if only one parent is supervising the water play. Im curious when you are at port if you stay on ship are kids clubs still open and running? Some cruises dont have alot of sea days. And i want my adult time too lol.

I realize this is an old post, but feel I must add something very important.

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