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Find Threads Started by Lurker Account 2. Writing for CNN in , a friend at an Atlanta radio station told him there was an opening for a talk show host on the weekends. Hammer of the Gods Wrong Turn 3: Grounders then ambush their convoy wanting their radiation suits and protective helmets. Jeff was the 'weather kid' who also aired news features and teenage celebrity interviews.

John Murphy

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Matt Savage is looking for him, too. John is pleying fairly laggy, but also button limping at times, just trying to get into pots. Avg stack prob like k, he swings from k to k to 80k to k in like an hour. Guy has some skill, but he pretty much just seems like a chip tornado to me. Murphy was just some guy who showed up late and played aggro tard.

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Must have missed the alarm again. Action hands were few and far between during the day's last level of play, as many players seemed to tighten up as the end of the day approached. Donde Estan Los Tiburones? On a board reading Q 5 6 6 6 , Humberto Brenes fired out a bet of 20,, muscling his opponent out of the pot. As Brenes silently mucked his cards and raked in the pot, something seemed amiss: Humberto's sharks were missing.

Brenes' iconic chip protectors are nowhere in sight, but that doesn't seem to be stopping him from going on a chip feeding frenzy. Final Table Makers Share Felt Greg Mueller, Kathy Liebert, and David Singer, who have all already made final tables at this year's world series, were seated at the same table for the last few levels of play.

Jacob then check-raised 23,, forcing Mizrachi to fold in disgust, flipping A-K in to the muck. Jacob's stack got a little bigger, but is still substantially smaller than his hair. On a flop of 10 7 3 , the player checked to Murphy, who bet out for 11, The player folded, and Murphy showed 8 2 and a large grin.

Play has ended for the day, and will resume at 2pm tomorrow until the final table has been reached. How do you say shark in Spanish? John Murphy's spades are better than your spades John Murphy has moved onto the chip leaderboard after showing down K Q on a board of 7 6 5 8 4 and besting the J 9 of his opponent. Murphy's stack increased to over 70, after the hand. Eli Elezra Moves Chips Elezra opened a pot with a raise to 3, and was called by the player in seat 3 from the big blind.

The flop brought a K 3 2 , seat 3 checked and Elezra fired out another bet of 6, Seat 3 called, the turn brought the Q , and the player checked again. Elezra fired another bullet, this time for 12, His opponent went into the tank for a short time before moving all-in.

Elezra quickly let go of his hand, and the dealer shipped the pot over to seat 3. Elezra was able to retrive some of his chips from the same player on the next hand. Elezra this time opened the pot to only , but was once again called by seat 3, who this time sat in the small blind.

The flop ran out Q J 2 , seat 3 checked and Eli bet out for 4, The bet pushed seat 3 out of the pot, and the dealer returned a handful of chips back to Elezra. Alex Jacob Notable Hands: Sprengers Eliminates Tilston Keith Tilston raised to 11, and was called by Hasan Habib before Ben Sprengers reraised from the small blind to a total of 50, Tilston made the call all-in, causing Habib to fold.

He stayed behind as the board ran out 8 2 3 10 A , and was eliminated from the tournament. The player led out for 22,, and Murphy called after little deliberation. But when the 3 fell on the river and his opponent moved all in for almost ,, Murphy went into the tank.

After some thought and a few pained facial expressions, Murphy tossed his cards into the muck. By now most tables have consolidated to just two or three players, although the blinds are still small enough, with , in total chips at each table--to ensure heads up matches that could last well through the evening.

Will Purkey Joe Sebok vs. Quinn Do Erik Seidel vs. Heltge Kalaznokov Greg Mueller vs. Johnny Kincaid John Juands vs. Murphy to the Next Round John Murphy advanced to the next round when he and his opponent got all the chips in on a board of 7 5 3.

Murphy held A Q , his opponent 4 2. The 9 on the turn sealed the deal. Cooler for Hellmuth After Juanda and the "Doc" needled a short-stacked Phil Hellmuth for a solid hour about his tight play, Hellmuth finally got his 10, in with two black kings--only to find out he was drawing slim against Juanda's A A.

His kings never improved and he was eliminated from the tournament. Juanda, meanwhile, has a commanding chip lead moving into heads up play. The short stacked Brown held 5 3 and Costner K 9. Two blanks fell on the turn and river and Brown was eliminated.

Alex Jacob triumphed over Todd Barlow in heads up play to advance to the next round. Tony G's paired nine held up to best David Steicke. G will continue tomorrow with the rest of the day's winners in the second round. Jamshidi immediately stood up and paced back and forth while contemplating whether or not to call. The A turn and 9 river failed to improve Beebe, and Jamshidi now had a commanding chip lead.

Although John Juanda had a substantial lead over Tim West in the last heads-up match of this shootout round, West managed to stay alive by doubling up twice during the level. After making several comments about how many deuces he had been dealt recently, West pushed his remaining 52, in chips all in from the button.

Juanda called and turned over J J. Fortunately for West, the poker gods came through with a K 5 4 flop. Juanda failed to catch one of the remaining two jacks on the turn or river, and West successfully doubled up. Several hands later, West checked his option from the big blind. Throughout most of the heads-up play, Juanda had been calling in the dark from the small blind. The flop came A 4 3 , and both players checked. The 3 on the turn came with another check from West, and Juanda fired a bet.

West made the call, and the 2 river was dealt. West again checked to Juanda, who bet 20, West moved all in and Juanda called. West revealed the 4 3 , threes full of fours. Juanda nodded and showed his 5 2 , a flopped wheel straight.

West ended the hand with over , in chips. It took only 8 hours and 15 minutes of play today to whittle the day 1A field of 2, down to Officials were forced to halt play early in order to ensure that day 1A and day 1B each produce a similar number of survivors, especially with the money bubble rapidly approaching. With a fast structure and shallow starting stacks, the chips were flying fast and furious today. As a result, big-name players became hard to find as the daylight dwindled.

Shane "shaniac" Schleger, second in chips, and Todd Brunson are two notables who will have deep stacks to work with on day 2. The players will all receive a much needed day off tomorrow and come back Monday to try and claim the first no-limit hold'em bracelet of the World Series of Poker.

Day 1B of this event will begin at noon tomorrow. Bill Gazes Big Hands: Older Hinkle Brother Makes His Move It has just come to our attention that Grant Hinkle, older brother of Blair "blur5f6" Hinkle, has vaulted up the leaderboard and currently sits with just over 75, in chips. Blair is playing in tommorow's field, but will have a long way to go to match his big brother. The board ran out 7 7 4 3 4 and Griffin's stack gained a much needed boost. They find blood on his bed, and his gold watch.

Ponce is killed by snakes by the window. Bill, and Will discovers that Roscoe is responsible for murder of Murphy.

They lock him in the room. The snakes emerges from the floor, and Darla is killed. They discover a wall that isn't very thick enough that leads to the hotel, and break through. Will, and Garrett go and get the dynamite from the shed in the ally, and kill a snake hiding behind the door. They kill another snake by square dancing on it. The snakes break through the window in the room, they run through the wall to the hotel for safety. Bill gives Will his gun, and Will shoots the dynamite, and destroys the snakes.

Josiah realize the snakes are just babies. They encounter Roscoe who has survived the explosion holding a pair of guns at them. Suddenly, a giant 40 foot mother copperhead emerges from the ground and eats Roscoe. They run for the Sheriffs' office to take cover from the snake. Mercer tells them to tie the dynamite to Jane, leave her in the street when the snake comes to eat her, kaboom!. Bill punches him and throws him in the cell and locks him in. Bill comes up with a plan to kill the snake.

They run for the Blacksmith, Bill finds a length of chain , and Will finds fireplace pokers , they can use to shoot the snake with the Gatling gun. As Mercer inside the cell reaches the keys to free himself, the snake emerges from the ground, and chases Will. Bill throws the chain onto the snakes' neck. Bill finds his boots caught in the chain, and the snake drags him.

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