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Fox stated that it was still committed to broadcasting a significant amount of coverage for the tournament. In February , Ukrainian rightsholder UA: PBC stated that it would not broadcast the World Cup.

This came in the wake of growing boycotts of the tournament among the Football Federation of Ukraine and sports minister Ihor Zhdanov. Broadcast rights to the tournament in the Middle East were hampered by an ongoing diplomatic crisis in Qatar over alleged support of extremist groups. Qatar is the home country of the region's rightsholder, beIN Sports.

On 2 June , beIN pulled its channels from Du and Etisalat , but with service to the latter restored later that day. Etisalat subsequently announced that it would air the World Cup in the UAE, and continue to offer beIN normally and without interruptions.

On 12 July , FIFA stated that it "has engaged counsel to take legal action in Saudi Arabia and is working alongside other sports rights owners that have also been affected to protect its interests.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other competitions of that name, see World Cup disambiguation. For the video game, see FIFA Not a FIFA member. Bronnitsy , Moscow Oblast Australia: Kazan , Republic of Tatarstan Belgium: Krasnogorsky , Moscow Oblast Brazil: Sochi , Krasnodar Krai Colombia: Verkhneuslonsky , Republic of Tatarstan Costa Rica: Roshchino , Leningrad Oblast [79] Denmark: Anapa , Krasnodar Krai Egypt: Grozny , Chechen Republic England: Repino , Saint Petersburg [80] France: Istra , Moscow Oblast Germany: Vatutinki , Moscow [81] Iceland: Gelendzhik , Krasnodar Krai Iran: Bakovka, Moscow Oblast Japan: Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan Mexico: Khimki , Moscow Oblast Morocco: Voronezh , Voronezh Oblast Nigeria: Yessentuki , Stavropol Krai Panama: Saransk , Republic of Mordovia Peru: Sochi, Krasnodar Krai Portugal: Ramenskoye , Moscow Oblast Russia: Khimki, Moscow Oblast Saudi Arabia: Kaluga , Kaluga Oblast Serbia: Svetlogorsk , Kaliningrad Oblast South Korea: Krasnodar , Krasnodar Krai Sweden: Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai Switzerland: Togliatti , Samara Oblast Tunisia: Pervomayskoye, Moscow Oblast Uruguay: Bor , Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

FIFA Rules for classification: Group stage tiebreakers H Host. Luzhniki Stadium , Moscow. Central Stadium , Yekaterinburg. Krestovsky Stadium , Saint Petersburg. Rostov Arena , Rostov-on-Don. Cosmos Arena , Samara. Volgograd Arena , Volgograd. Fisht Olympic Stadium , Sochi. Mark Geiger United States. Kazan Arena , Kazan.

Mordovia Arena , Saransk. Kaliningrad Stadium , Kaliningrad. Antonio Mateu Lahoz Spain. Otkritie Arena , Moscow. Nizhny Novgorod Stadium , Nizhny Novgorod. Matthew Conger New Zealand. Joel Aguilar El Salvador. Jair Marrufo United States. Group stage tiebreakers Notes:. Smolov Ignashevich Golovin Cheryshev. Cuadrado Muriel Uribe Bacca. Kane Rashford Henderson Trippier Dier.

Smolov Dzagoev Fernandes Ignashevich Kuzyayev. Live It Up Nicky Jam song. The treatment effects were evident in both MDD and bipolar depression, with no difference between disorders. The adverse events were no different from placebo. But on the other hand: Besides the dubiousness of such a large effect size from a single SNP, candidate-gene results frequently disappear Ioannidis et al , like what happened when 12 highly cited IQ-related SNPs failed to replicate in a well-powered GWAS and subsequent GWASes replication being the coin of science.

As of 23 May , there do not seem to have been any followup citing studies of this SNP association. Modafinil has a few side-effects. The FDA in general seems to take a pretty optimistic view about any side-effects or long-term issues The known issues generally are:. Furthermore, modafinil appears to be well-tolerated, with a low rate of adverse events and a low liability to abuse. But a low rate of adverse events is still a rate.

And - this is a truism that applies to every single drug or substance which I should not have to point out - everyone is unique in that some substance will be horrible for them while great for others and vice versa; this is as true for modafinil - eg.

Lists of side-effects are available in the FDA prescribing info linked below and online , but are unhelpfully generic; to take the first half of the list of regular side-effects: The serious side-effects are more interesting; again taking the first half: But overall, I am left unimpressed by them: If you have peeling skin, stop taking modafinil!

What are those adverse events? Modafinil, like acetaminophen , is one of the unfortunate category of drugs believed to cause SJS. In clinical trials of modafinil, the incidence of rash resulting in discontinuation was approximately 0. Several of the cases were associated with fever and other abnormalities e. The median time to rash that resulted in discontinuation was 13 days. No such cases were observed among pediatric patients who received placebo.

No serious skin rashes have been reported in adult clinical trials 0 per 4, of modafinil. The reporting rate of TEN and SJS associated with modafinil use, which is generally accepted to be an underestimate due to underreporting, exceeds the background incidence rate. Estimates of the background incidence rate for these serious skin reactions in the general population range between 1 to 2 cases per million-person years.

The specific increased incidence rate in another FDA publication is specified to be 5. With a background incidence rate of 1 to 2 cases per million-person-years, to be distinguishable, the rate would only have to rise a little. As it stands, it looks like the problem is primarily in juveniles, and they are not the ones considering whether to experiment with modafinil. Another FDA page gives us details:. From the date of initial marketing, December , to January 30, , FDA received six cases of severe cutaneous adverse reactions associated with modafinil, including erythema multiforme EM , Stevens-Johnson syndrome SJS , toxic epidermal necrolysis TEN , and drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms DRESS involving adult and pediatric patients.

The 6 cases from the United States occurred in four females and two males aged 49, 42, 27, 17, 15, and 7 years old, respectively. The median time-to-onset of adverse dermatologic effects following initiation of modafinil therapy was Consistent with the listed onset and claims that females have increased risk, the one report of modafinil-induced SJS on Reddit was a female who developed it after 10 days.

Half a million is in roughly the right range, which is fine for a guesstimate - we could easily double our result or more by changing some of our assumptions how many people used modafinil before ? How many sales were there after ? Does the average person prescribed it really use it for as much as 2 years, or do people tend to switch or get better much faster than that? So that implies 71,, pills sold which at a daily dose affects , man-years ; there were 6 cases previously which we estimated at The LD50 is so high that it is currently not known for humans 28 ; one troubled woman attempted suicide with 4.

Our brains are who we are. They are hugely delicate. But there is no free lunch, after all. For discussion of how drugs can be bargain lunches, see The Algernon Argument. Anecdotally, the real troll under the bridge for modafinil seems to be that one can develop tolerance, where it no longer has the stimulant or anti-sleep effects that made it so awesome it has been speculated to be related to liver metabolism.

For example, poker player Paul Phillips took mg daily for a long period and said the effects have attenuated over time. Such comments are common online among those who have used modafinil heavily, to the point where I have successfully predicted tolerance for such users, and I carefully avoid using modafinil more than weekly, if that.

The lack of academic support for these observations of tolerance is a little strange - users hardly have any incentive to make up downsides about their favorite drug. But there are two pieces of good news in the anecdotes. Caffeine tolerance builds up rapidly, and worse, there is dependence: Secondly, some anecdotes report that modafinil can be used indefinitely on a weekly or more frequent basis without developing tolerance.

So this downside may not be large. But what does the research literature say? It seems to report no euphoria 31 , tolerance, withdrawal, or dependency:. There has been speculation 33 and reports of subjects acting as if there were tolerance Not more than 5 years. State laws may be more lenient. Better, but still scary. The general belief among modafinil users is that as long as one is importing less than doses, the most US Customs will do is seize the order and send a love letter daring you to come get it.

I am not a lawyer, but I do know how to use search engines, so in February I did some looking. Here are my results:. PACER is a database of federal court filings; it is proprietary and has no full-text search. Fortunately the filings are all public domain and have been jail-broken into a searchable database; the RECAP subset found 2 search results:. The appeal is about how he got his sentence increased by 1 year for failing to show up for sentencing, due to his own negligence in failing to arrange for transportation that day.

This is dramatic and distressing: Unfortunately, information about the trial is scarce. An online acquaintance asked a law student friend for help; he searched Westlaw for modafinil and possession and provigil and possession over all federal and state cases. An appeal on Reddit and Imminst. He was busted with a felony.

North Dakota Case No. Confusingly, the specific felony charge makes no sense to me; the possession charge is specifically a violation of North Dakotan law It is unlawful for a person to willfully, as defined in section Serve as an agent, intermediary, or other entity that causes the internet to be used to bring together a buyer and seller to engage in the delivery, distribution, or dispensing of a controlled substance in a manner not authorized by this chapter; or b.

A person who violates this subsection is guilty of a class C felony. It is unlawful for any person to willfully, as defined in section Except as provided in this subsection, any person who violates this subsection is guilty of a class C felony.

So my searches turn up only 4 convictions and a few arrests since the FDA approval, which arguably have some extenuating or complicating circumstance. This is far from a complete search; the law student cautioned me that many opinions are never published, and there may be keyword issues where all the matching keywords are about substance possession etc and not modafinil.

Finally, one major legal database is missing, LexisNexis Legal. Currently, these incidents been reported:. Data is hard to come by for specific countries: Rumor has it that one UK-based modafinil seller has been jailed for his sales, but I was unable to find any confirmation of this. We need to take into account the financial expense of modafinil, the biological side-effects, and the benefit of less sleep. But what of the other costs? Then there are the unknown health effects.

Sure, the skeptic says, the studies have turned up little to nothing, but what about the long-term effects? One human life is usually valued at around 10 million dollars. I personally can expect another 50 years of life. We could look at it this way: So the expected value of modafinil is approximately 21 times less than it needs to be.

We could complicate the analysis by incorporating a discount rate and reduce the value of modafinil by assuming that one only uses it occasionally to avoid building up tolerance, but the basic point is made: The general scuttlebutt seems to be that the generics in descending order of desirability go:.

Fine, but how are we going to get any modafinil? Buying modafinil is very much a grey-market. So Indian generics it is. India ignores any pharmaceutical patents before a certain year, which includes those on modafinil. There are many compelling economic or statistical reasons for this to happen:. The riskier an investment is, the less each future dollar it might earn is worth; risk encourages ripping and running.

Being quasi-legal or illegal is risky, quite on top of the usual small-business risks. With all that in mind, my research into online vendors produced the follow tables began February ; last updated 15 November ; previous versions: October , March , December , May , March Due to severe problems with payment processors, online pharmacies including modafinil sellers have been exploring Bitcoin as a solution.

Bitcoin, being relatively new, has a volatile exchange rate, and pricing can be confusing. This table breaks out Bitcoin-denominated modafinil products separately.

Generally, the sellers seem to automatically peg their Bitcoin prices to dollar-equivalents so the prices remain constant in dollars whatever the most recent Bitcoin price may be. Alibaba gold rating means absolutely nothing, and Alibaba will not be helpful in a dispute. I have been scammed by multiple 5 year gold suppliers on there.

I was out the money, and Alibaba did nothing to demote the supplier rating. So as far as anyone should be concerned, that rating is useless…We were also scammed by a supplier on Look Chem. We showed them proof it was fake, but they did nothing about it. The supplier is still listed as a verified supplier. So I consider the whole verified thing on all the sites to be BS. We have a few trusted suppliers that we stick to now.

The others are just a gamble. It seems unsafe to consume any modafinil or armodafinil bought over Alibaba. For the difficulties of testing modafinil, see the later section. Reports of Westerners successfully taking this route are rare the only claims of success I have seem are in the Longecity thread linked previously.

Additional information is welcomed. Below is data given to me by an acquaintance about 2 strips of mg Modalert which he obtained through 2 separate sources.

In February , myModafinil. Photos of an order of Modvigil ordered from Modup. One way to evaluate whether something is too good to be true is to figure out what the cost to the seller is. It is impossible for them to sell it for less in the long run - they would lose money on each purchase. And they have overhead, too, so their price to you must be greater than cost.

There are exceptions where you can buy for less than cost and not be scammed, but every exception has some exceptional reason driving it. We can get a first estimate by looking at affiliate commissions. Commissions are part of the cost structure, so we can subtract the commission from the price and get an upper bound on how much the modafinil cost. A company might be willing to pay a commission so high it makes a sale unprofitable if it generates a lot of return business, but this seems unlikely in an online pharmacy scenario.

I signed up for 3 affiliate programs between April and January 54 ; in order, by price per mg as given in the above chart cheapest first:. Interestingly, there is only a weak pattern of commissions shrinking with prices, which suggests we may be seeing price discrimination at work 56 ; if EDAndMore can offer both the cheapest prices and higher commissions, that suggests there is considerable margin to cut.

Further, EDAndMore offers shipping for free , but of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch so what that actually means is that the shipping is built into the price. More directly, there are scattered reports online about pricing in places like Russia or, most relevant, India:. Another reader reports similar Indian prices in January A similar reader said, when I asked in February , that the going price was rupees for 10x and my February mg Modalert arrived with stamps for rupees per 10 pills.

On the clearnet end, the costs are domain name, hosting, customer support, and processing bitcoins;. Internet suppliers are not known for their transparency or reliability, and on top of the technical difficulties it is well-known that suppliers can be untrustworthy and actively deceptive; and the few retailers online of modafinil which are trustworthy tend to be more expensive as a look at the above chart shows or they require prescriptions for US buyers like the Canadian online pharmacies.

So we are faced with a classic problem of risk: For a extended example of how one might calculate an order, see a Silk Road example. For 1, the simple answer is best. You decide roughly how much you trust each supplier based on factors like how their website looks, what descriptions of them you found online, whether they seem too good to be true , etc - what is the percentage that they will pay? Then you multiply their trustworthiness against their unit price milligrams per dollar price.

Whomever comes out on top, you order from. In this scenario, Airsealed is highly trustworthy compared to the other two, but because Airsealed costs nearly 3 times its competitors, it comes out poorly against United Pharmacies; UP is only a little more expensive than EDAndMore, but has a noticeable edge over EDAndMore in trust and so wins.

I order and I get… something. This is where the one-shot strategy ends. You calculated, did your best, and either won or lost. If you plan to order again and modafinil is such a useful drug that it is hard to see why one would not plan to use it indefinitely as side-effects, tolerance, and finances permit , you have a chance to update based on how the first order went.

Modafinil is fairly distinct from caffeine; one gains tolerance to caffeine very quickly, and caffeine will not keep one going overnight with little mental penalty. If it was modafinil, then great. If you really want an optimally cheap supply, you can try some of the other suppliers. If it was not, then you have a problem. Are you the vengeful sort who assumes that suppliers are all-rotten?

Then you blacklist them and order from the next cheapest supplier by unit-price adjusted for perceived risk. How much do I knock down my estimate of Airsealed? By more than EDAndMore. But how much more? So at the beginning we can make a few definitions:.

Finally, we have the probability that a bad supplier will send us fakes. So, now we have a full system for situation 2. Then order, test for modafinil or not-modafinil, and do a Bayesian update on the supplier. This procedure terminates if there are any good suppliers suppose you luck out and the second supplier you test, 4 on the per-unit list, is honest; now you only need to test 3 more suppliers since they are the only ones cheaper - why would you care about a equally reliable but more expensive supplier?

Of course, this does require you to already have beliefs about the reliability of a supplier. And the real rates? In general, these low rates seem plausible given how rarely I hear of actual seizures. People ask what the odds of seizure are far more often than seizures actually happen, it seems. See also the discussion as applied to evaluating sleep experiments and nootropics experiments.

How do we extend this procedure to handle situation 3, where we no longer trust ourselves to test the supposed modafinil for free? This is a question on the value of information 4 examples.

Then we just repeat the 2 procedure except with the assay replacing our own subjective testing. But a wrinkle comes to mind: Quite a lot, really. Are we sure we want to spend that? Our intuitions are not that precise, and in cases like this, we ought to look for a more rigorous and precise way of expressing this trade-off. We want to compare an infinite stream of small savings against a single large expenditure.

The savings would make us slightly wealthier each time period. In fact, you could imagine that we were actually discussing loans or saving bonds or annuities: In economics terminology, the question is whether the net present value of that payoff stream is larger than our present potential investment.

What is my discount rate? What do our two suppliers look like? Thus we solve situation 3. It goes without saying that are all simplified models which may not apply to every situation; but at some point, the would-be user of nootropics must start thinking for himself. If we trust them all implicitly, we should order 4NRX.

We apply expected value to get our expected unit cost , as it were, and we get new rankings:. One can change the ranking arbitrarily, of course, with extreme enough confidences. Maybe we should just order forever from UP. We can try again with something fairer.

Imagine you have the samples from both suppliers sitting at hand waiting to be tested. What do you expect to find? I am not interested in talking about my ideas. I am interested in your application of them to your life. Here is a fun thought experiment for you which could be formulated as a sleep problem instead: Slightly stickier would be if the genie changed the deal slightly: I would still take this deal, and I think so would many people.

Deciding the exact QALY is a much-debated problem. But whether you like it or not, you are making this sort of tradeoff every time you decide not to exercise or eat right, and it is a tradeoff many make at the end of their lives by avoiding heroically painful and expensive medical interventions, or simply face the prospect of living with diminished capacities All this is to say that I do not value life as an old man as much as life as a young man.

This leads to the interesting observation: From my perspective, if I lost a year to the disease, I gained the equivalent of 1. So the anti-modafinil argument starts off at a disadvantage if it wants to appeal to long-delayed consequences. Above we already saw how to use discount rates; discounting is applicable here, except our unit would be years rather than dollars. It would be enlightening to ask, what is the net present value of one year of life 50 years in the future?

Which is interesting as it suggests, on a pure discount-rate basis, that we will benefit from any activity which has a less than 3: I earlier said I was willing to trade, based purely on qualitative considerations, future and present at a 2: A single 8-hour session on modafinil would need to cost me more than a day to be a bad idea. So the reader could ask themselves: The right information in the right place just changes your life.

On the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is lower and lower all the time. So you have these 2 things fighting against each other. One response to the price of laboratory assays is to somehow distribute the cost among interested persons. Any user-based service would founder, I think. But how could I possibly prove that? If people really began to use the service, then the sellers have great incentive to corrupt it.

One of the best user-generated sources was DrugBuyers. All one has to do is order every few months, and send the product to a lab for assays. This would be the Consumer Reports model for drugs. But this requires a spare couple thousand dollars, and is a public good susceptible to the free rider problem. So really, the best I can do is catalogue what they advertise. Knowing how vulnerable they are, no vendor will go into the business to begin with - keeping everyone ignorant and making everyone worse off than if they could just have agreed not to share that result.

One of the canonical solutions to a public good problem like this is called the assurance contract: One of the most successful facilitators of assurance contracts is the online site Kickstarter ; but of course, it is illegal to order modafinil without a prescription, and it is highly unlikely Kickstarter would permit an assurance contract for modafinil assaying to be created or completed. I am one of the moderators but have not participated in the project, being skeptical of the conflicts of interest involved.

How did they fund it? Not via an assurance contract. The attempts to test did yield another benefit: Not easily, it turns out, since it requires DEA approval on some level:. So he has declined to get involved in that testing.

Even with a prescription, the testing has to have different approvals apparently. So if we want to test it, we will have to find another lab willing to get the approval.

Colin said that it was a Sigma Aldrich thing. I wonder what would happen if I called up Sigma with a prescription…I just did. The lab has to be DEA authorized to test any scheduled substances. They told me that even with a prescription, they are not allowed to sell it to me, since they are not a licensed pharmacy.

They are a supplier, and the rules are totally different. So it looks like we need to find a lab that already has DEA authorization to test scheduled substances. Modafinil is a sulfa drug, containing a certain chemical group called a sulfonamide group And lo and behold I stumbled across a simple pair of chemical tests for sulfonamides. I took about a third of a pill and placed it in a test tube, adding a few ml of dilute NaOH. I then mixed it up and heated it over an alcohol burner.

This should produce ammonia , which has a really characteristic odor. I got a whiff of my tube and, indeed, it was ammonia! Then I put another third of a pill in another test tube and added dilute HCl. Upon heating it, sulfur dioxide should be produced - another gas with a characteristic, pungent odor.

So I sniffed my tube - it smelled awful! This is roughly a third of EcstasyData. Another possibility is to attempt to rule out possible substitutes like amphetamines using a standard reagent test like the Mecke or Marquis tests; this has been tried before, apparently successfully.

Similarly, while schizophrenia is a mysterious disorder or cluster of disorders, modafinil does not seem to have any chemical connections. Between these two, my expectation is that there is no causal link, or the link is from schizophrenia to modafinil use. Schizophrenia famously strikes young people, so we might expect some low correlation if we do not correct for age - young people also being famously adventurous and drug-using. But how to estimate? One of the main causal links to problems for modafinil are SJS and rashes, based on a patient population of roughly a million.

The FDA estimated a rough tripling of that risk:. The important thing is the patient-years estimate of k. More germane is the FDA summary for mental issues:. Mosholder [22] analyzed three clinical trials, two double blind and one open label.

There were no completed suicides across trials. Kate Gelperin and Ms. These data were presented at the March Advisory Committee Meeting. The most important finding of this review is that signs and symptoms of psychosis or mania, particularly hallucinations, can occur in some pediatric patients with no identifiable risk factors, at usual doses of any of the drugs currently used to treat ADHD, including modafinil.

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There will be some designated starting points where volunteers will lead and you can join in and follow, or you can make your own route. Register behind Screams Ice Cream. Donation ride, no fee. Look forward to motorcycle rodeo games, bike show, balloon release to honor fallen heroes, door prizes, and more!

Also enjoy a BBQ picnic, raffles, an auction, prizes, and more! Head for the Hills Customer Appreciation Ride. Starts at 10am, ride leaves at 1pm. The ride ends back in Gravel Pit. Band and raffle too! Enjoy live entertainment, poker run and free rustic camping! For more info call HOPE at Stop anywhere along the way! For more info contact Jay R. Hangout after the ride for door prizes, raffels, and pig roast! Benefits Children's Miracle Network. For more info call David at , ext Check in Gregory's Barber Shop day of event.

For more info call Kevin at or. Gold Wing Riders Midnight Ride. Ends at Kewadin Casino in St. Watch the "Parade of Lights" in St. Breakfast and activities at the casino after the ride. Ride-in bike show, battle of the bands, burnout pit, vendors, food, and beer tent. FREE to the public! Look for The Motorcycle Lawyer at this fun event! Pig Roast and Poker Run. Ride leaves at 10am and last bike out will be at 11am. Pre-register online website below. The fee includes dinner after the ride. Ride ends back at Davidson for the party to enjoy live bands, prizes, food, drinks and vendors.

For more info call Danny at or. Find more info and updates on the Porcupine Press Facebook page. Experience Michigan with all your fellow bikers! Free entry ride in Bike Show, trophies presented after. Enjoy a carshow featuring 30 GM vehicles, motorcycle show, and art competition!

Artists have 3 hours to compete for prizes, and GM team members will be on-site for final judging of cars, art, and American made motorcycles. Live and silent auction. No cost for event, donation and participation in auction encouraged to help support MDA. Pass the Ponytail Poker Run. Ride ends with a hog roast, prizes, and entertainment!

For more info email t4bikerunyahoo. Ride for Literacy Books for Kids. For more info call or visit. Registration begins at 10am, ride leaves at noon.

Starts and ends at Fire N Ice. Registration begins at 9am, ride leaves at 10am. Stay for lunch after! Registration begins at After the ride stick around for the dunk tank, lilve music, drawings, and vendors! For more info call Diane at Registration begins at 9am, ride at Registration includes lunch, ride, and t-shirt.

In memory of George Gorno Sr. Registration starts at 8am, Ride begins at 10am. Friday night party begins after 6pm. Supports Great Lakes Burn Camp. After enjoy entertain and specials! Enjoy pig roast, Vets vendors, and Vets tribute. Registration begins at 12pm. First bike out at 1pm and last bike in at 4: For more info call Larry at or Gregg at All Proceeds go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Livingston County Ride for the Red. After the ride enjoy live entertainment and door prizes. Don't miss out on door prizes, awards, vendors, swap-meet, and food! Peoples choice bike show open to all makes and models, no classes. Registration begins at 2pm. Show goes from pm. Trophies for top 10 places will be awarded directly following the show. Bikers for Babies- West Michigan. Biker service 11am followed by ride. Chili cookoff following the ride.

First bike out 10am and last bike out at noon. For more info contact Diane at Free motorcycle parking on Brush St and at Hockeytown Cafe. End of Summer Pig Roast Bash. Come enjoy one of the best pig roasts on the east side! Bruischart's 1st Annual Charity Run. Pre-registration by phone, on-site registration from 9am Proceeds benefit the Children's Hunger Relief Fund.

Enjoy live entertainment and cookout after! Starts Friday at 10am, Ends Sunday at 5pm. Food, music, vendors, fashion, law enforcement rodeo, doughnut eating contest and MORE. Check out The Motorcycle Lawyer tent while you're there! First bike out at 10am,. Enjoy free coffe, donuts, and chili!

Davidson Express Fall Bike Show. Show begins at noon. Judged by celebrity judges. September 30th-October 2nd, A weekend of fun and relaxation for bikers to end the riding season. Davidson Express Fall Benefit Run. Michigan Dressers Toys for Kids Rally.

All ride proceeds go to a locally sponsored child and their family to help with medical bills. Thousands of bikers buying, selling and trading. New and used parts to custom and vintage parts.

You won't want to miss out on thousands of bikes that will be sold, swapped, as well as frames, motors, touring accessories, seat, wheels, tires, front ends, tanks, and much, much more!

Every known brand and every hard to find part! As well as hundreds of commerical vendors. Beer and food on sale. Tons of motorcycle goods! From leather, to new and used motorcycle parts, accessories and more! For more info call Angela at , email craigmiller gibraltartrade. Come to the International Bike Show! Friday January 6 from pm, Saturday January 7 from 9: Enjoy custom bike show, demo rides, stunt shows and much more! Mid Michigan's Original Motorcycle Bash.

Over 70, square feet of bikes and parts! Buy, sell or swap! Turn your spare parts into cash! Thousands of bikers will be buying, selling and swapping bikes, frames, motors, touring accesories and more!

Win valuable door prizes every half hour! Buy your tickes online and get the early bird special-get into the show early! Doors open at 11am until midnight.

Proceeds are being raised for the American Cancer Society. If you're a vendor and interested in participating please call now as spots are limited. For more info call Loreen at Beer and mixers included, but bring own other adult beverages. Enjoy deep fried pork, live music by SRP and a silent and live auction! If you are interested in entering a chili please be there by 6: Children 12 and under FREE. This chapter meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 5pm, rain or shine!

A short will follow the meeting, weather permitting. This meeting is open to ALL makes and models. If you are already a star member please bring your membership card. If you'd like to reserve a spot it must be done in advance.

All vendors need to be on the grounds by 9: Buy your tickes online and get the early bird. Buy tickets online for the early bird special! Get into the show early! Come where thousands will be buying, swapping and selling all sorts of motorcycle parts and accessories new, used, antique and rare.

Enjoy food, beer, and door prizes every half hour! Ramada Lansing Hotel and Conference Center. Listen to live entertainment from pm, and 8pm-midnight. Come Saturday from 10am-8pm, and Sunday from 10am-6pm.

Shop around for bike parts, trailers, chrome accessories,. Your choice Bike Competitions! Giant Swap Meet Grand Rapids. Tickets will be sold in advance and at the door. Your ticket enters you into the grand prize drawing, and you do NOT need to be present to win!

For more info contact Mike at The orignal maple syrup festival in Michigan! Ride will be leaving at noon sharp. The ride ends at Rocky's Great Outdoors, Burton. Registeration is at 11am, the Blessing begins at 2pm. Entrance is FREE, as is the blessing, food and activities. Enjoy a great bike show along with prizes,. Benefits the Christian Neighbors Food Pantry.

Leaves Davidson Express at noon. For more info call Davidson Express Otsego at For Ride-In Bike Show sign in from 11am-1pm. Trophies for all classes! Food and beverage available, please no alcohol. For vender info call Cheryl at or. Bike show starts at 9: This fun event will feature food, music, door prizes, trophies, and much more! Genesee County's Largest Motorcycle Event! Come rain or shine! You can pre-register on Friday, May 11th at their Pre-Reg. Party being held at Shriner Circus Park from 6pmam.

Kids 12 and under are free and should be off the premises by 9pm. Ride will end at Shriner's Park with live music, food, vendors, and beer tent. For more info contact Randy at Order your shirt by April 15 as there will be NO extras.

For more info please contact Linda at or email. Gates open on both days at noon. No one under 21 after 6pm. For more info call Buddha at or Storm at Don't miss out on vendors from all over the U. Camping is also available. Blessing will occur on Sunday 20th, gates open at 9am, at the airport sponsored by Para Dice Motorcycle Club. Join over 40 thousand bikers who make it out every year! Registration begins at 9: This is a family friendly, non-drinking event.

Proceeds go to benefit Biking for Burns. For more info call Jeremy at or Kevin at This event will feature camping, a bike blessing, a huge beer tent, food, among other refreshements, and much more! Car and Motorcycle Show.