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Later, an active surface fault was found under one of the completed buildings, necessitating its removal. You should cover yourself with blanket if you are afraid of the thunder and lightning. Sumumpa ang bagong presidente kahapon sa Luneta. Sumama tayo papuntang palengke kina Sheila at Rhoda. Respond to Ana's letter. You mend the broken pants.

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Criticisms with this include the lack of adequate tracking of consultant employees. Comparing district to consultant staffing would not be accurate. Superintendent Ramon Cortines and former Chief Facilities Sohn have both claimed consultants have been reduced in far greater numbers than district staff. This claim cannot be verified since the use of Agency CM contracts. Many of his Executive level staff have been prior consultants. James Sohn has also been criticized for his attempt to purge all non-legally required documents in each employee computer system.

James Sohn claimed this is a customary process done by construction programs. He did not provide any evidence to support this claim. Chinea stated that, in many schools she served, the students had no interest in learning, abused the teachers, vandalized property, and joined gangs.

Chinea, who was injured on the job, stated that teachers are underpaid and under-appreciated in the district. Banks said that the lack of police presence allows thieves to target schools. Thirty-three-year-old Alberto Gutierrez sued the Los Angeles Unified School District, saying that the principal of the San Fernando High School , where he was assigned, retaliated against him when Gutierrez asked students to "think critically" about the role of the United States in the Iraq War.

On January 31, , police arrested Mark Berndt, a veteran teacher at Miramonte Elementary School, and charged him with 23 counts of lewd conduct, which included taking pictures of students who were being spoon-fed his semen. Another teacher, Martin Springer, was charged with fondling a 7-year-old girl in his class.

The boy in question was 10 at the time of the abuse. Among the insurmountable evidence against Stobbe was a jar of petroleum jelly on his desk that tested positive for the boy's DNA. After his election to Mayor of Los Angeles , Antonio Villaraigosa advocated bringing control of the public school system under his office, removing power from the Board of Education. In August , after a compromise was brokered which allowed the mayor large control while retaining an elected school board and allowing input to be provided from surrounding cities, California State Assembly Bill passed, giving the mayor a measure of control over district administration.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the law on September 18, The Board of Education immediately filed suit to block the law, claiming that it violates the state constitution by allowing a local government to take over an educational agency. AB was required to sunset on January 1, , unless extended by the Legislature.

The mayor appealed, but later dropped his appeal as two of the candidates he supported for school board were elected, essentially giving him indirect control over the school district. As of , a number of problems have been experienced with some staff getting overpaid and some underpaid, or even not at all. Deloitte representatives and District officials have pointed fingers at each other. On December 15, , the district received an emailed threat, thought by some officials to be credible, causing the closure of all Los Angeles Unified Schools.

Cortines had quietly submitted his resignation just four days earlier, but stepped back into authority when the crisis emerged. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti stated that because he does not control the schools, that Superintendent Ramon Cortines, not he, made the decision. People in charge concurred that their response could have been better organized. Cortines stated that he should have been contacted much less than 7 hours after receiving the threat.

Though the school board president contacted police, Cortines was not contacted until they were unable to rule out a real attack, giving him minutes before school bus drivers left to make the important decision. LAUSD has year-round schools and schools on the traditional calendar. Roybal Learning Center previously known as Belmont Learning Center or Vista Hermosa Learning Center , in the densely populated Westlake district just west of downtown, was originally envisioned as a mixed-use education and retail complex to include several schools, shops and a public park.

After more than a decade of delays stemming from the environmental review process, ground was broken for construction in Midway through construction it was discovered that explosive methane and toxic hydrogen sulfide were seeping from an old underground oil field. Later, an active surface fault was found under one of the completed buildings, necessitating its removal. Another controversial project has been the development of The Ambassador Hotel property on Wilshire Boulevard in densely populated Koreatown.

Plans to demolish the building, the site where Senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot, were met with strong opposition from preservationists. Demolition began in late and the last section of the hotel fell on January 16, The project construction became the most expensive school in the United States. Amidst great controversy the district attributed the high costs to material, land prices, seismic code, and unionized labor.

In , soil samples taken at the LAUSD-owned site of a former Santee Dairy facility in South Los Angeles found high levels of carcinogens in soil used as foundation fill for a high school then under construction. State scientists determined that the contaminated soil was sufficiently deep to pose no threat to students on the site, and the now-called Santee Educational Complex opened its doors in July In , the school district admitted 16, new students into these magnet schools out of a pool of 66, applications.

Cara Mia DiMassa of the Los Angeles Times said that the schools, "designed to be among the best campuses in the district, mostly are as competitive for applicants as any popular private school. The district assigns points to prospective applicants based on certain conditions: In addition, the magnet schools have racial quotas. The magnet schools were established in as an alternative to forced desegregation busing. The racial quota system was devised at a time when the integration focus was on making Black and White students attend school together.

Since then, the district demographics changed. Of all magnet school students, The All District High School Honor Band members are invited in September each year to audition for the band, which includes only brass and percussion instruments. The group has marched in every Tournament of Roses Parade since The members are required "to maintain a 2. In May , attorneys for LAUSD began scrutinizing the practice of their own teacher-librarians in an attempt to balance the district's budget.

Librarians who could demonstrate they had taught within the past five years could avoid layoff by being classified as teachers. As of the school year, in its enrollment breakdown by ethnic group, As of the district had 6, students from families which spoke the Armenian language; 3, of them went to schools in Local District 2 in the San Fernando Valley. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Greater Los Angeles portal Schools portal. Retrieved 2 March Compiled by the LA Almanac, Source: Archived from the original on August 11, Retrieved October 20, Archived from the original PDF on July 28, Retrieved September 6, Archived from the original on October 18, Retrieved February 11, Poor management, software failures and breakdowns in training led to a yearlong crisis at L.

Archived from the original on June 8, Retrieved December 15, Archived from the original PDF on April 8, Archived from the original on February 7, Retrieved September 23, Archived from the original on July 8, Retrieved June 15, Archived from the original on June 28, Retrieved November 13, I came in as a Tourist, flying straight in from the US.

That had me good for 21 days. I can renew for up to 18 months, leave the PH for 24 hours, return and repeat the process. Thanks for the kudos. I love it here.. If you ever want an excuse to come to Bohol and renew your Visa without the long lines at Cebu or dress code requirements, the office on Bohol is easy-peasy, never a line.

Hi Henry,Thanks so much for your reply ,this is really valuable information you have given me ,and i appreciate it a lot,what are your options with changing your visa to a residence visa after your 16months are up?

I am in the works on two different ebooks right now, I hope to have them done in a month or so. As to extending your stay, the other option is to get married and get an extended Visa here based on the marriage. Hey Henry Your videos are addictive lol. I have one question if I may. My question is I have a medium sized dog. But I made the decision to find him a good home since I had my hands full dealing with enough logistics as it was.

Me, I love dogs and wish I could have one again, but not here in the PH. If that happens, I have seen people shoot the local dogs with pellet-guns just out of spite or boredom.

It was all I could do to just walk away without picking up a club and start beating the crap out of them. Also, whether in the city or province.. I really feed bad for the few big dogs I see here in the province.. No play time, just kept in the kennel. Same in the city, dogs are kept in cages. But none of them are vicious, big scaredy-cats really who are just digging through trash and looking for something to do like chase a cat. I actually made an opening in my gate so the local stray dogs can come through the yard to get the chicken bones and left-overs I leave n the porch.

I know you love your dog but, consider all this because unless you plan to live in a really nice sub-division with an american-style backyard ie; expensive..

Rion, if you wife has or will become a US citizen, it may be beneficiary for her to contact the Filipino embassy and get dual citizenship before you move to the PH. They opened that up, maybe ten years ago I guess, the big deal being absentee voting.

But I think the real big deal, especially for us mixed married, is to have a better ride. We last went there in 05, with our US passports, and we were told we were good for 6 months without a visa. O yes 3 trips and much travel in China I eat almost anything that is NOT hot, I learnt you just do not ask what it is first..

Mate I truly love your even handed approach to everything you talk about , you have given an insight to my dream, much deeper, I feel than I could have ever got anywhere else. I need to know without sounding to stupid, How did you know that was a Ladyboy and not the normal girl, I watched the interview a number of times,,,??? So, figure with a bit of fuzzy math.. Food here is cheap, restaurants for foreign food is not.

It may not even be anything obvious. But, as it turned out Hillary was a very good sport about doing the interview and all worked out well. I tell you, like once at Alona Beach.. I thought we could not buy a house being a foreigner? You can buy a condo, or even a house.. The land can be leased for a long period.

Not sure about that, only hearsay.. Thanks for the answer,,, That is very close to the sort of money I was thinking of, what with looking at what you eat and where you stay and such , great news and even better news about the Ladyboy,,, Great timing the Miss world Ladyboy Pagent was on tv here last night , and I can tell you right now I am 60 years old and like most men my age have been with the odd woman or two, , and also the normal one or two LOL but there is some seriously nice ones there that would have me going…OK off to do some more research YES that means checking out some more of your site..

I thought the 99 year lease was in China and it was either a 32 or 27 year lease in the Philippines and a 27 or 32 year lease in Thailand. I have in the past been looking at Thailand, Southern China Hainan and the Philippines as my retirement home, but have decided on the Philippines because of the relative ease of gaining permanent residency in the Philippines as compared to Thailand.

China would have been fine for a visa but the country is full of petty officials who keep on poking their noses in and asking questions about things which are as far as I am concerned none of their business, but because they are officials they can do what ever they like. I hear a lot about middle aged American man moving to Phillipines.

Any feedback on middle aged or older American women making the move? Anybody else noticed many Expat women in the PH in high numbers anywhere? The only feasible answer could find is, unless these women are married to Filipino men with a substantial income or pension, is practicality.

Long time no chat.. Meantime, take care and hope all is going according to your plans. Which I hope to do this week! Growing pains I suppose you can say from the success of both the website and the YouTube channel for here.

I was wonder the condition in Cebu after the big one hit is it still a big mess? Cebu seems to be fine. Check online for info on a town called Moalboal, about 2 hours south of Cebu. You may enjoy it there. Dumaguete is also very nice as well as Iloilo. Dumaguete would be wat to laid back for me if thats the island that looks like a boot nigros is that the place.

I have to have Rock n roll I am music producer and I would like to help new talent out. I am a sucker for a beautiful filipina who can sing sign me up coach I am ready to play….

My business are farming related and managed by a local business manager. I have a tractor for my own ploughing and subcontract ploughing and an internet cafe in my farming barangay for cash crops. Piggeries are excellent earners and easy to grow as selling male piglets to pay feed bills and keep sows for breeding. High Breed Ducot sows are best as Ducots have best ratio for animal growth to feed costs.

It is worth having a prize high breed boar as the Philippines tradition of keeping sows and taking them to a barangay boar ensures sickness is spread — when big enough an anaerobic digestion plant is needed to generate electricty to aircondition pig pens to minimise mortality amping sows and piglets.

Sustainable agroforestry with intercropping is the most effctive with coconuts as the best core crop for copra exp[orts or manufacturing coconut oil — the entire coconut is useable — the coir fibre for mats, matresses and reinforced concrete and the shells for making high grade charcoal. The best intercrops with coconuts are cacao Cococacao for copra and cocoa bean mangos, bananas, coffee with the ground used for grazing goats.

Bananas cannot be cropped with grazing animas as bananas are not trees but a plant that grows from a Rhizome that grows, produces fruit and dies back and grows back. Mahogany — 27 years — 1 year seed bed and tree nursery, 25 years in plantation, 1 year in drying sheds after cutting. Teak — 22 years — 1 year seed bed and tree nursery, 20 years in plantation, 1 year in drying sheds after cutting. Are there vehicle ferries? Cokliong does and also the ferry from Lilo An to Negros leading to dumaguete does.

The one on bohol requires you have all your paperwork. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email.

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