Take the opportunity to shop and watch the cheese production process for free! The project, a priority for CRES, concluded after many months of hard work. Waterbury man arrested on gun and drug charges. It might well be the perfect way to make it a stay and visit the region, indulging in its unique terroir delights, taking part in a few of its numerous events and being active yet amazed by the great outdoors that define it. Rockland, Ontario - 25 oct. Funeral service will be held on Thursday May 31, at 11 a.

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I was very impressed with all the cyclists, little ones and grown-ups alike, who had kept smiling even after having given it their all through so many kilometers. Lots of giggles and pleasure…. We are just about ready for our next appearance, which will be at the Wendover Optimist Western Festival , next Wednesday. I am excited to be able to take part in the 34th edition of this Festival and to discover new artists!

News A A A. Halloween is coming soon and we all have this question in mind: What will my costume be this year? I have some ideas for everyone! Walk by the prison cells, but pay attention: The end is near for our students! Plan a family trip Top 3 Rainy Day Activities The weather is not cooperating and outdoor activities are rained out?

Plan a museum tour! The region is home to many well-known and interesting museums. Will you be up to the task and solve the riddles? It is one of the most striking examples of Georgian-style architecture in Eastern Ontario. This hidden treasure of our region is a must! The Clarence-Rockland Museum will amaze you! Drop by and discover all kinds of remains: A stop at the Casselman Museum is essential to learn more about the railway heritage of this charming village.

Discover a past filled with surprises and anecdotes! One of the most original exhibitions is at the Vankleek Hill Museum. Relics from the period are on display for everyone to better understand the evolution of human ways and behavior, as showcased through episodes, institutions and personalities of the past. Finally, the Keith M. Boyd Museum invites you to discover the history of the region with its many artifacts and pictures.

U-Pick season has just started! Les Fruits du Poirier Farm How about delightful jam? Illuminating the region with festivities! The program offers a great variety and is sure to include everyone in a dynamic atmosphere: The start of the famous Poker Run will also be given. Finally, the Prescott-Russell Arts Council will be on hand to give creative workshops. Young ones, parents, and young at heart, a plethora of activities is waiting for you, on the water and on the shore.

When summer sets in, life is about quality leisure time along the river, with our loved ones, in the warmth of smiles and excitement Click on the following images to learn more about the activities. Over the course of three days, they will travel anywhere from km to km, depending on the routes they choose. They will be among friends, with their better half or with the entire family and they will be looking to meet new people, to discover hidden gems that only cycling allows and to have a complete sensory experience!

Discovering a region by bike is venturing into the open seeking natural, architectural and human landmarks. Take part in family activities and attend the many shows, be astonished by street performance artists and the circus show, refuel at the pancake breakfast, the barbecue and the spaghetti dinner, have a beer among friends, relatives and people you will get to know right away, watch your kids conquer the inflatable structures, and the water slide, and have an appointment at the beauty and tattoo parlor, take a tour on a pontoon, visit the art exhibit, play a game of bubble soccer, go on a cycling ride and enjoy line dancing, play bingo, discover exotic animals, have the Casselman Municipal Council fall in the dunk tank, and marvel at fireworks to end your fun-filled day with a blast.

It is really the best of both worlds: The Season Is Underway at Calypso! Calypso, Canada's biggest and greatest theme waterpark, opened yesterday for a new season! Thrill seekers are in for a breathtaking experience with its 35 heated waterslides, its two heated theme rivers and Canada's largest wave pool. Those who would rather spend the day relaxing can enjoy the comfort and intimacy of the cabanas and suites, with lounge chairs, water bottles, an independent user-controlled speaker and free WiFi internet access.

Be part of the Funtana splash, the new royal attraction for the whole family. What if you deserved the royal treatment? It might well be the perfect way to make it a stay and visit the region, indulging in its unique terroir delights, taking part in a few of its numerous events and being active yet amazed by the great outdoors that define it.

Book your accommodation right away! Visit their website and purchase your ticket online today! Dear ladies, it is also a unique opportunity to remind the one who contradicts yet complements you how much you love him: Whether he is a meticulous professional, a seasoned handyman, a velvet figure of authority or an instructor who has been in the thick of things throughout sporting, artistic or club activities that were instrumental in your development, he deserves a token of your gratitude for the inspiration he provides.

Being a father is bringing to life way beyond birth. Be it for a hard-headed yet soft-hearted man or for a career-oriented yet playful man, Prescott-Russell Tourism and its members provide you with gift ideas reminding him that he is first and foremost a family man. These packages include reflexology treatments, a gift basket, and much more!

For more details, click here. Hurry up, these tickets sell like hot cakes. To make a reservation, contact the golf club at Montreal Soaring Council - A gift certificate for a glider flight?

Discover the region from a different angle! To order online, click here. For more information, call or view the ad here. View the ad here. Your mother has satisfied your needs, she has worked at fulfilling your desires and indulging your every whim, and she has been an integral part of every event along the way.

Prescott-Russell Tourism and its members provide you with what you need and what she will really like. Show her how much she means to you and how grateful you are, with unwavering sweetness and infinite tenderness. Call to book your stay. Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. It's a great opportunity to discover the brewery AND the beer!

You may also kn ow that they are holding an official "Wine and Cheese" opening on Wednesday, January 18 at their new location, in the Canadian International Hockey Academy facility, located at County Road 17, in Rockland. The occasion will give members and prospective members the opportunity to visit their office as well as to network with the City of Clarence-Rockland business community. If you check out their new website http: Directors, Business Directory, Membership Fees, and events.

You can even sign up for their newsletter. If you are a local business, large or small, this may be your opportunity to support and promote Clarence-Rockland while at the same time furthering your own business.

Gourmet food store a welcome addition to the Rockland scene Rockland, January 5, In this week's edition on page 14, the Vision Newspaper wrote a nice story on a "new local gourmet food store" called Les Gourmandises Caprines, operated by Marie-France Gagnon.

However they failed to give the location and phone number of the establishment. We visited the store and spoke to Marie-France. Her location is at Laurier Street, near the Subway restaurant.

She opened the store on December 12 and it is located in the space vacated by My Dollar Store. Septic system permits to be issued by South Nation Conservation Finch - January 3, - A one-window approach creating efficiencies for property owners seeking septic system permits is now operational in the South Nation River watershed.

Effective January 3rd, residents living throughout much of the watershed will deal with South Nation Conservation staff regarding issuing of septic permits for new construction, renovation and legal searches, said authority General Manager Dennis O'Grady.

SNC has conducted inspection of new septic bed installations in its jurisdiction for more than 12 years, O'Grady explained; issuing permits on behalf of area municipalities is a new task formerly undertaken by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit EOHU. SNC staff is currently collaborating with staff at the EOHU to ensure a smooth program transition; fees will remain the same and application forms - which are accepted beginning Jan.

Click here to view a map of the South Nation Watershed. Privately owned sewage systems, including cesspools, septic tanks and leach fields must be installed and maintained according to the Ontario Building Code. Under this code, permits and inspections are required to install or alter a private sewage system.

Last summer, the EOHU informed municipalities that starting in , it will no longer be responsible for inspections of private sewage systems in the five Eastern Counties. In response, the City of Cornwall and the Townships of North Glengarry and South Glengarry have opted to provide private sewage system services on their own.

Other municipalities are contracting these services out to South Nation Conservation. For more information, please visit www. Here is a list of contact telephone numbers for information about Part VIII sewage system services in your region. Bertha Clairoux, 51, was pronounced dead at the scene and her year-old mother, Doris Billings, was transported to hospital in critical condition where she died within two hours.

Serge Gauthier said the two women were travelling in the same vehicle. The occupants of other vehicles appear not to have been injured, according to information gathered from the authorities who have not given details on the circumstances of the accident. The roads were icy in the area, around 6: Paramedics from the Emergency Service of Prescott and Russell called on their counterparts in Ottawa to help the victims of the accident.

According to Mike Latimer, spokesman for the Ottawa Paramedic, one of two people died instantly, while the other passed away in hospital. The accident forced the closure of Champlain Road for more than five hours. The following information was made available in the Ottawa Citizen report: There was black ice mixed with slush on the road where the officer was.

The road is usually very icy, said nearby resident Pierre Goddard, and usually only the part of it closest to Du Golf Road gets salted. Drivers will frequently spin out of control, he said. He pointed out one area where a woman had crashed in the ditch two days earlier.

It would appear that both women had pages on Facebook: Bertha Clairoux Doris Billings Back to top. He entered the store at He left when he was told there was no money. With a description of the suspect, the OPP were able to arrest the youth shortly after the incident. Click on pic to enlarge Back to top. We look forward to working in partnership with representatives of the City to deliver quality public services to the benefit of all citizens in all the communities in the City Clarence-Rockland," added Mr.

The respective parties will be recommending adoption of the agreement by their respective principals before the end of January The terms of the agreement remain confidential until such time that the respective parties have ratified. She gave the audience a cupped wave as she walked to the side of the stage to join her mother, Pam, who admits is usually more nervous than her youngest daughter. She is still qualified to return to the competition next year. Click here for results and pictures.

Local cableTVC presentation to council Clarence Creek, Tuesday, April 12, At Clarence-Rockland Council's special budget meeting, TVC general manager Robert Pilon made a presentation updating council members on the history and current status of the local cable outlet and requested financial assistance to upgrade technical equipment and to provide increased services.

Pilon made a sometimes impassioned case to the council saying that the channel was a very important part of the city scape and that it was there to help the community.

He spoke of the need to upgrade the services, including technical equipment, increased local coverage as well as the need to provide more English interpretation specifically for the "Public Meeting", the third of the three monthly meetings. He also advised how more people, some as far away as Florida, were using the Internet to watch council meetings, and of the time and cost required to upload the meetings onto his Internet service provider.

Click on pic to enlarge Pilon also noted that while there are a lot of volunteers, most of them work behind the cameras and he wants to see more people "in front of" the cameras. This could include members of council. For example, he wants to create a Clarence-Rockland City web page, with separate sections for each council member, so they can use the medium for their own meeting announcements and news.

Similar space could be developed to represent all of the various organizations in the area. As of now, the city has five pages of advertising that is interdispersed throughout the programming day. Pilon would also like to see the City use the channel to broadcast its Vox Populi announcements. This will be held on a two week trial basis to see how it goes. Pilon suggested that as many as players could participate. The bingos generate income, which in turn could go to the City.

One council member suggested that TVC be given "seed money" to assist Pilon in his objectives. The TVC request was entered into the current budget list, and will be reviewed along with all budget items at a public meeting to be held in May.

It's not a done deal yet, as the City Council still has a way to go before the final Budget is cast. In the meantime, Councillor Raymond Serrurier weighs in on the active discussion along with several other residents, through the Citoyens de Clarence-Rockland Citizens Facebook website. I understand citizens' worries but be assured that after the budget is adopted, we will study different possibilities for the use of this arena.

This process may take a few months, but we'll get there. For now, the JMLalonde Arena is not scheduled to open in September but who knows, maybe down the road it will be transformed into a curling club or a soccer club?

All possibilities will be studied over the next months. Ward 5 councillor candidate Sherri Moore-Arbour says: I worry that we are making a short-sighted decision. We do not have nearly enough ice time now. I hope that the study will include the eventual useage level. The JML arena is on its last miles mechanically. The structure is still up to standards but the ice making and maintenance equipment are on life support and have been this way for years.

The compressors and refrigeration systems are ticking time bombs. I think this is why the city is forced to make a bold move and hope the facilities at the new complex will suffice for now.

If you want to read the messages or join the dialogue you must have a Facebook account and then you must request that your name be added to the C-R Citizens page. Facebook membership is free, and relatively easy to sign on. And, you don't have to join the dialogue, you can simply be a "lurker". I don't think anyone on the site will worry about whom you are, whether you are a member of the City staff, or someone from the opposing side.

There is nothing particularly sinister here. In fact if you are really worried, you don't need to have a picture of yourself, and you can probably use a pseudonym, as long as it looks legit. We say as usual because it has been appearing in our local mailboxes for several years. However this time, there was something distictly different about it. It carried several stories, a letter to the editor, a congratulatory piece welcoming the new bi-weekly to Rockland, a well as a masthead.

It seems that Rockland has a new publication. For those of you not familiar with journalism talk, the masthead in a newspaper or magazine, is the information section that carries the name of the publication along with all of the principals involved - the editor, advertising and design staff, journalists, etc.

You can also find a masthead in the local Vision. Click on pic for larger view. Laurin was at one time on the staff of the Vision. He struck out on his own and started with a single 8" by 10" advertising flyer, eventually building it into a four-page flyer, and then some months ago, a full tabloid size newsprint paper. With this last effort however, it appears that Laurin has started up a second newspaper. A few months ago we could have said a third newspaper, with the presence of the Muskateer, however that rag was laid to rest after the municipal elelction.

At this point, the Echo is still primarily a vehicle for advertising with its editorial content being supplemented with a few press releases. The content of this publication is mostly in the French language, as is often the case with the Vision. With complaints from a number of English speaking residents expressed to this editor, and even to the new C-R City Council through its question period, it is disappointing that a growing number of new residents cannot read or follow local news and politics in a manner that they can understand.

It appears that the Sears store in Rockland is moving. When contacted by the Canaan Connexion , a store employee was soft on details, saying that the store was moving to the Royal Plaza mall. A later call to Sears manager Suzanne Desjardins, of Decor Luminaire adjacent to Sears , confirmed that Decor was up for sale and that Sears would be moving, however Desjardins would not offer any further information and said that we should call the Remax agent who is looking after the property.

No further details were available. Back to top Joel's Coffee - a business we really need We have been watching all of these "big box stores" going up along the drag strip known as Highway 17, and now another three franchises are set to roost in the area see below.

But what about the little guys? Here is one that I am looking forward to seeing: I'm no real coffee drinker, and no connoisseur, but I haven't found a brew around here that I can say tickles my palate, so I am looking forward to this new venture, opening on Chamberland Street where Boutik Imagine once was.

He now lives on the family farm in Clarence Creek. I have always bought organic coffee out of principle, not fashion. I paid the premium out of solidarity with the farmers and the cooperatives, because chemical agriculture needs to kick the can - whether here in Canada or abroad I like him already. We would like to give some coverage to the smaller businesses in our area.

If you know of one that you would like to introduce to the community, send us an email, and tell us why we should know about them. The St-Hubert banner is one of the best known in the area and it will definitely encourage tourists to stop and visit our community, says a press release. As for Pop Shoes, this store will offer a new place to buy shoes for the whole family. Clarence-Rockland and area residents will have access to a variety of businesses located at one location.

It is important to mention that following this expansion, a square feet space, located beside Pop Shoes, will be available for rent. Update from story below.

The prospect of the famous St-Hubert rooster coming to Clarence-Rockland may soon be a reality. The company is actively looking to find a franchisee, even if the purchase for property is not yet settled. The restaurant, will open from This company has great appeal so the city merchants will also benefit,".

The company has launched a regional advertising campaign to find a franchisee who will meet the its criteria. St-Hubert wants to find an investor who lives in the community, who is able to come up with the money and who has experience in managing a restaurant operation. The company is currently considering two options for the Rockland outlet.

Either taking the the restaurant under its wing and passing it into the hands of a franchisee, or it leaving it to a franchisee to run the restaurant, if a serious candidate appears before the opening. Over the years, St-Hubert a Quebec-based company has earned an enviable reputation for its mouth-watering rotisserie chicken. Founded in , St-Hubert operates a chain of restaurants in Quebec, and elsewhere in Canada.

On September 25, , they will be celebrating their 60th anniversary. Hopefully Rockland will get to celebrate with them. In an exclusive story to the Canaan Connexion we learned that the all-French feature will be kicking off the first show with an interview with former Rockland mayor, Richard Lalonde. There may be some surprises coming from the interview.

Tessier said that the program will be similar to the English program hosted by Laurie Marion, Laurie Wants to Know and although there may be similarities, the new show, called Informez-Vous , will take on a different identity.

They were editing the digital recording of the first program. TV22C has just upgraded its Internet presence with a new website, to compliment the existing Facebook page.

See the story below. A large contingent from the Clarence-Rockland Fire Department filled the council chambers to honour and support their brothers in the service.

Members of the Clarence-Rockland Fire Department stand united to honour their brothers while their family members look on with pride. Rockland's community cable television channel, TV22 is now available on the Internet. Their opening page says: Welcome to TVC22's new website! We have worked hard to provide you with a streamlined and new look to give you to what matters the most in your community of Clarence-Rockland. Keep up to date with our programming and get insights on what's coming up.

Interact with TVC22 on Facebook and let us know what you think about our new site. The website offers some news, programming information and administration items.

It now includes a link to the local programming scheduleas and daily programs are also being scrolled across the top of the TV screen Editor note: TVC22 now has a limited number of City Council meetings on their site, with plans to increase the content if the City of Clarence-Rockland approves the cost. You will see the regular meetings going back to October The website also contains a link to a very active TV22 Facebook page that seems to be well visited by local residents.

It carries a lot of good information. Rockland - November , Avoiding a potential conflict of interest, mayor-elect Marcel Guibord has advised in a brief press release that he is selling his interests in LLG Development. The statement says "to demonstrate to his constituents that he values nothing less than absolute integrity and transparency Marcel Guibord announces that he has sold all the shares he held in LLG Development Inc, before he takes office as the new mayor of the City of Clarence-Rockland.

During the last municipal election campaign in Clarence-Rockland, some people stated or inferred that his interest in becoming mayor were linked to his financial interests as a minority stakeholder in a piece of land that belonged to LLG Development Inc. This article is in French, but you can get the gist by using Google's "Translate" tool found under the "more" link.

This year, a total of 14 workplaces within the five Eastern Counties were given awards in the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. I make a solemn promise to you tonight that I will do my best to make good on my promise. Back to top This space available for advertising. Citoyens de Clarence-Rockland Citizens More The Forest-Hill area also has a Facebook page The United Counties of Prescott and Russell How to join and participate on Facebook websites?

Keep up with what is happening in Clarence-Rockland and the municipality: Councillors, meetings, agendas, etc. The latest on the C-R Council. Valley Residential Services opens new wing. Wednesday, September 26 - 9: The ribbon cutting for the new wing of Valley Residential Services didn't involve officials or dignitaries - the honor was, instead, reserved for three members of the facility's resident council.

Elide Tripolone, resident council president, used a pair of giant scissors Wednesday to cut the red ribbon, held at either end by Shirley Mosher and Ruth Redjives, resident council secretary and vice-president, respectively. Lisa Betrus, chief executive officer and Soddy-Daisy High athletic director placed on leave after taking shots at girls in viral video. Some Hamilton County parents and community members are outraged after a video featuring Soddy-Daisy High School's athletic director Jared Hensley has gone viral.

Senate's Judiciary Committee, then and now. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. That's what I bring to the table'. While many outside the Texas Rangers' clubhouse are beaten down by Joey Gallo's all-or-nothing game, the outfielder has embraced who he is and doesn't let outside noise affect him. He's working to be better, and is. Read Christine Blasey Ford's testimony: