After debate, DeBary to keep gambling ban

Tuesday in a special meeting to reconsider amendments to the DeBary comprehensive plan and land-use plan, each of which has language that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the city to attract a gambling development. That company is chaired by Goldstein's grandfather. A better way for DeBary to attract development to its SunRail station, he said, is to mobilize leaders and develop a vision, rather than rushing into the first big-money proposal. Councilman Chris Carson said he wants the city to change the code to make the horse track and card room a possibility the city could evaluate and accept, reject or negotiate a favorable deal for the city. This business was removed from the fun collection.

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If DeBary allows a racetrack and card room, it will forever be known as a destination for gamblers. After it was clear the council was lined up to vote him down, the mayor attempted to sway them by offering language that would tie any gambling development to a larger development with shops and restaurants. Maybe they don't get what they wanted, but it gives them an answer, and they can pursue a traditional development.

The motion was defeated and Johnson left visibly unhappy. Digital access or digital and print delivery. The language change came and went when no one seconded a motion to support it. But other council members disagreed. The council voted after residents had their say. More than 30 spoke. The opportunity is lost. And SunRail doesn't run on weekends except for a few special occasions. So if all those Orlando-area gamblers want to use the train they'll have to cash in their chips before 9 p.

That means late-night patrons would have to drive if they want to gamble after the trains stop running. Same goes for weekend gamblers. Whether you support gambling or not, the property has some compelling qualities, especially when compared to some of the marginal locations of other SunRail stops.

It's bordered on the east and the south by two public parks - Gemini Springs and Lake Monroe. The latter has boat ramps for access to the St. And the property is adjacent to a fairly new, multiuse trail that links the two parks and extends east another 10 or so miles.

Perfect for cycling, walking and running. The trail is planned to ultimately link up to the north with Volusia County's spring-to-spring trail segments, and possibly with Seminole County's multiuse trail system. One proposal stands out from those.

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