Breaking down 109 ridiculous prop bets ahead of Super Bowl 51

Firstly, how have the two finalists fared offensively during the regular season? TE Zach Ertz made the catch and kept the drive alive. Nevada books collectively held You can tack that on as two separate bets, or just cover yourself by betting on the first touchdown scored and then betting on the opposite team for their first score. Yeah, no brawls here. What we did see on Friday was some early activity with a couple books moving numbers. Gaga played it kind of close to the vest last year with the anthem.

All of the Intrigue

Basic Information About Super Bowl Sunday

What will Luke Bryan be wearing when he starts singing the U. Wagering on another man's pants is always fun. The guess here is blue jeans is a lock, but it might feel too casual for the national anthem before the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, Bryan has a brand to maintain, and blue jeans are definitely part of that. From kickoff to final whistle, live broadcast only, halftime and commercials do not apply. Unless the guys at FOX have a mandate not to mention Trump, you'd think this is going to go over right? It's totally possible they won't say anything, but there's also the possibility of the president firing out some tweets and getting mentioned on the broadcast.

Trump is buddies with Tom Brady. And we know these guys support their loyal friends. Pats is a lock. How many times will "Gronk" or "Gronkowski" be said on TV during live broadcast? The over feels like a lock here too. The guess is that Gronk is in the owner's box with Robert Kraft during the game, which means he could get a shot during the telecast, which means the over is getting smashed.

Although Robert Kraft doesn't get shown quite as much as other owners so maybe that doesn't happen. It's not hard to imagine Joe Buck saying "they really miss Rob Gronkowski " on [insert play here] or "that's a play where Gronk would've been huge for the Patriots.

Will "Houston, we have a problem" be said on TV during live broadcast? What color will Lady Gaga's hair be when she comes on stage for the halftime show?

Gaga played it kind of close to the vest last year with the anthem. She's a wild card, but it would be surprising if she went totally off script on her hair. You can go back and forth about the reasoning behind it, but especially due to these odds, we love the likelihood of this happening. This is a fun one, as either side may feel they need to get a little tricky to pull this game out. You can make a similar bet with Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski.

The Patriots are in the Super Bowl for the entire game and there are a plethora of reasons to bring Gronk or Gronkowski into the conversation here. We hate the payoff, but this feels like an easy bet with the Over. The reasoning behind it could be layered, too. Perhaps there is an officiating gaffe, maybe a power issue like we saw a few Super Bowls ago, maybe a fan runs out onto the stadium or maybe the game just gets out of hand. There is absolutely no way we get through the entire Super Bowl without Deflategate being brought up several times.

This is a fresh prop bet that gives us plenty of opportunities to combine Super Bowl 51 betting with other sports events going on. There are several to pick from, but a great one is pitting the Patriots total points scored against Oklahoma City Thunder star point guard Russell Westbrook total points scored:.

This could be a fun one, just because we saw Tom Brady and the Pats pull this play off in the AFC title game and both offenses are both creative and explosive. While we did see Brady and co. The play will be the Over for both. Kraft is notorious for coming down from his suite to the sidelined at the end of games, too, so he feels like the easy bet here.

The Patriots are favored to win, however, so extra Robert Kraft sightings would make good sense, too. The bet is on the Over here, as well. The first big Donald Trump bet is who he will pick to win Super Bowl The Over feels like the obvious play here.

Coaches get doused with some type of liquid container almost every time they win a huge game — especially the Super Bowl. Odds are we see that happen at the end of Super Bowl 51 and before it happens, you can bet on what the color of the liquid will be:. Considering these two teams boast Red and Blue as their main colors, those are probably the two best bets here. One great way — beyond all of these other Super Bowl prop bets — is betting on the entertainment aspects.

There are a lot of bets to consider for both, but here are our two favorite Super Bowl entertainment prop bets:. Country star Luke Bryan gets the party going and will hit us all in the feels with the National Anthem, but will he screw up in any way? There are several fun Lady Gaga prop bets, but this one could be tough to call and we also get rewarded immediately when she comes out.

Here are her hair color betting options:. Maybe she adds color streaks, dyes it black or comes out with a really wacky color.

One way or another, the odds favor you going against her regular Blonde color in this one. From top to bottom, Super Bowl 51 is stacked with all kinds of worthwhile betting opportunities. Regardless, we wish you luck going into any and all Super Bowl bets this weekend. Your email address will not be published.

Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets: All of the Intrigue Deflategate, anyone? There are a lot to consider, so if you want to enhance Super Bowl Sunday, locate your one of the top Super Bowl betting sites and consider throwing some money at these awesome Super Bowl prop bets: General Bets Before we dive fully into the many many Super Bowl 51 prop bets, be sure to take advantage of the regular bets, as well.

Luckily Bovada offers a slew of other Total bets: Coin Toss This is where the actual Super Bowl betting starts when it comes to the game itself, as you can place a bet on what the coin toss will be: First Offensive Play — Result Touchdowns and field goals are one thing, but what about the very first play after the coin toss and kickoff?

You can test your luck and bet on a variety of outcomes: Things break up a little differently once we separate this prop bet by teams: I could see Joe Buck mentioning that team once, but no more than twice. This is a tough one, but my gut is telling me under. If Atlanta wins, though, it will be over. Not going to happen, but he totally should. Would be such a power move. Who would take this bet? And Quinn should totally do it. Greatest dynasty Patriots , greatest coach Belichick , greatest quarterback Brady , greatest offense Atlanta , all probably going to be mentioned in some context at some point, so sure, give me the over.

I could see the conversation coming up once or twice, but five times? Commentators are better heard than seen. Who are they gonna show? The dude from Sleepy Hollow? Does FOX have star they a proud of? Too many Kraft-related subplots for FOX not to show him more than twice.

If the Patriots win, this is a lock. Pereira rarely gets calls wrong, so I would avoid this one. I doubt history repeats itself. Buck has been rocking a beard throughout the playoffs, but the Super Bowl is a different story. I think he cleans up for the big one. I like the purple option. Go neutral with it. First quarter seems right. Five seems a little high. One at the end of the half. One before the second half. How do you even measure this? Do people actually bet on stuff like this?

Just know there will be at least one person watching the halftime show rooting for someone to catch on fire. Get ready for Coldplay 2. I like those odds for Born This Way. Something loud and exciting and relevant, like Edge of Glory. Give me the other. How loud do the boos have to be? Well, the crowd on the field is usually fake, right?

So we may not even hear the fans who do decide to boo. I hope so, because people falling off stages is always funny.

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