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Cabo de Rama Fort Canacona. It is inside a muted gaming floor very bright and quite a little decorated that Casino Palms greets you to discover its gaming offer. There are also plenty of beach front resorts around. Casino Paradise is the the largest and the most luxurious of all casinos in Goa. If you wish to spend your daytime hours at the beach and spend your nights playing live games, Casino Plams is the right choice for you.

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With a mind-boggling variety to choose from, it is not an easy task to pick out a casino when you're in Goa. Here is a list of the most visited casinos in the state to help you with your hunt: Deltin Royale Casino is one of the first choices of all those who visit Goa for a spin of luck. Famous for its 'Las Vegas' experience, this place gives you a slice of the lush life with its gourmet food and exquisite liquor.

Favourite games here are poker and Indian Flush with the lodging options of VIP Gaming Suites for guests who wish to spend some time here. The entire ensemble of Deltin Royale is perched on a luxury cruise that floats on the Mandovi River. Unlimited food, alcoholic drinks, entertainment, and an allotment of playing chips included. Coming from the same umbrella organisation as the Deltin Royale Casino, Deltin Jaqk is another exclusive gambling experience aimed at giving the guests the perfect night of gambling fun.

Complimentary five-star buffet and an exclusive onboard bar here is an added plus. The Deltin Jaqk too is situated on the Mandovi River inside a luxury cruise boat.

Deltin Jaqk is located at Fisheries Dept. A special section for kids is also available here, where they can enjoy gaming on latest gadgets and gizmos. Casino Pride is also situated on the waters of the Mandovi River. Unlimited buffet, and unlimited drinks while playing at the gaming tables. As the name suggests, Casino Carnival is a colourful medley of gaming and entertainment.

The slot machines here are quite the rage, in addition to many national and international games. A dedicated nanny service is also available here to take care of your little ones. Captivating live performances by local artists are a regular here as well. If you wish to spend your daytime hours at the beach and spend your nights playing live games, Casino Plams is the right choice for you. Games like blackjack, roulette, mini- flush and baccarat along with machine poker and slot machines are most popular here.

If you're not feeling up to these games, you can always participate in the beach games organised by the hotel authorities. Delicious food and drinks are quite abundantly available here, and will leave you wanting for more. INR per person from All the days of the week with unlimited food on the buffet and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks while gaming at the table. Casino Palms is located at No. Broadly speaking, the types of games available at the casinos in Goa can be divided into two categories - Slot Games and Table Games.

Slot machines are the most basic form of gambling machines but aren't as popular as table games as they are not that rewarding and payouts have to be collected from the attendants.

Needless to say, there is a vast variety of games that are available at the various casinos here in Goa, so much so that it can easily intimidate a first timer. Here is a guide which will help you manoeuvre your trip to one of these establishments. First of all, know your limits in terms of the amount of cash you can afford to spend.

It is understandable that you might want to go further than the budget that you have allotted for the gambling activity, but the odds are heavily stacked in favour of the house, so be wise in what amount of money you gamble. Be the first to add a question.

We value your privacy. Visit Goa — the beach capital of India. Explore golden sandy beaches, casinos, and night markets. Book your Goa holiday on TravelTriangle for the best expereince of water sports, sea food, and luxury resorts. Image Source Nightlife in Goa is taking a twist now-a-days. Have a blast in the flashy neon lights and the vibrant music on the dance floor.

The silent South Goa is actually not silent anymore, but it is organises the freaky silent parties! This part of Goa has something different to offer as nightlife for all you night crawlers out there. Quite popular for its beers, snacks, feni. The crowd is usually young and the place is gets pretty crowded. Good for chilling out over a couple of drinks, listening to local music and people watching. The bistro-bar of Goa and the smell of Italian dressing is all in the air.

It is now becoming the most exciting to place with live party music. There is no entry fee and restaurant is attached to the bistro for a perfect meal. The local as well as tourist crowd like to hang out here and the crowd here is mostly young. The music as well as the ambiance are perfect. They also have a varied collection of drinks and brew. This one is a must on your list of places to visit in South Goa! Most of the roads near the beaches sell extremely cheap clothes and souvenirs of Goa.

Buy jhola bags, trendy accessories, flip flops and more at dirt cheap prices. Adventure, sightseeing, laid-back beach tours, and it doesn't stop there! Buy the best of the things from the hippie culture market. It is on organized every Saturday. Use your bargaining skills here and buy the best gifts for your loved ones.

We Recommend Shopping At: Image Source Vasco De Gama, the famous city with years old monuments and a home to many english bands, is a major tourist attraction in South Goa.

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