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She's having a great time anyway by her very strange standards , and compliments Shepard on their underwear. Kasumi is also noted to be lactose-intolerant, like many folks of Japanese descent. List of banned topics: As a consequence, a meeting there could be arranged. Unlike all other guests she doesn't stick in one place for long, preferring to stalk out Shepard's apartment under Tactical Cloak or specifically decloaking to interject in conversations.

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And she is a self-admitted Commander Shepard fangirl. Kasumi chose to have an exciting, dangerous, roguish life letting her admire treasures and relying on her wits and skills for survival and success. Kasumi generally acts friendly and bubbly. She is very much a people person, though with zero respect for privacy. She is a huge gossip, always knowing all the latest rumours about who did or said what.

She kept wowing and excitedly explaining to Shepard the significance of the works of art stashed there. Kasumi likes all sorts of old things, sometimes just because they are old. For instance he has a small library of actual books printed on paper.

She likes touching them. To her, ancient equals valuable and perhaps attractive. Kasumi misses Keiji very much. She spent months planning the Hock heist to be virtually reunited with him. She craved experiencing life with him again. She spent VR time in their shared past, repeatedly reliving those episodes that made her happiest. But she needed to experience being with Keiji again so she could move on with her year-long grief. Unfortunately, the man upon whom she next developed a crush, Jacob Taylor , makes her feel shy.

He is far from the most approachable guy around, leaving Kasumi to watch him from a distance like some timid schoolgirl. It is strongly implied that she spies invisibly as the muscular Jacob goes through his daily workout routine.

It can occasionally come across as a bit weird or even creepy. Such as when she stares at Krogan fighting knives and makes a stilted comment about how silent they look. She is clearly obsessive. This vaguely evokes a world-class athlete who must practice constantly to retain their edge. Kasumi often jokes about being a kleptomaniac. But this seems to just be a running gag on her part rather than her actually having that condition. Kasumi is sentimental and empathic.

She prefers to steal from criminals and faceless institutions. One gets the impression that she much prefers avoiding harm to innocents, and even goes out of her way to help them. One of her remarks implies that she goes an extra mile not to kill guards during a heist.

Kasumi seems proud of her intelligence. It looks like Quarian script. It must be really old! I mean, when was the last time a Quarian wrote something on stone? It must be hard for you to see her again after so long. She seemed so… cold and focused. Not the most famous.

I intend to keep it that way. Keiji could crack this in his sleep. Thinking back, I really should have stolen her recipe. I do what I do for the love of it. Arms dealer, smuggler, murderer. Geeeh-nerally not a great guy. The mistress thief returns in Mass Effect 3! The Hock heist was a narrow call. This data was a timebomb. She told her to keep it so she could be with Keiji again by sharing his memories — trusting her not to do anything stupid with the political data.

She was in the field during many subsequent combat missions. Kasumi survived the entire campaign and saw the destruction of the Collectors. Once everybody had been debriefed, Kasumi hugged Shepard and left. Shepard was facing a court martial and would likely be in a brig for a while. During the following months Ms. This man was a Salarian called Jondum Bau.

He had been trying to arrest her for several years. The data was about an Alliance special ops raid against a Batarian lab studying Reaper tech. But the point was now moot. This technology corrupting minds just by being there, Bau acted on the tip by investigating Hanars tied to the Batarian research. Commander Shepard, who had recently been released from prison and reinstated, was contacted by Bau to assist him.

Furthermore Kasumi was also present to help, relying on her invisibility cloak to evade Bau. Shepard and Bau found the corrupt Hanar and attempted to arrest him. During the struggle he sent a computer virus that would deactivate the planetary defenses of Kahje, the Hanar homeworld. That would leave it helpless against the Reapers. Kasumi successfully rushed in to stop the virus while it was still in transit. She then pretended to be killed by an explosive booby trap.

It was presumably simulated with one of her flash grenades. Neither Spectre was fooled by the improvised trick. However, seeing how she had just saved Kahje — and after Commander Shepard told him that Kasumi had been instrumental in destroying the Collectors — Bau decided to leave Kasumi be.

Having appreciated working with the Commander, Bau told her that he and a number of Spectres would be at her side when the Humans would attempt to retake Earth. I have no idea what causes it, nor have I ever seen it on anybody else. It used to happen to me when I played on my potato laptop. Cause it looks like the same as the n7 first from ME3 MP. MP basically reused a lot of old armor models, e. I've still never played most of the DLCs, including Kasumi's, because they're still full price after all these years.

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Political discussions that approach unruliness will be locked and removed. No spoilers in titles. Tag spoilers in comments and text as shown below. Kasumi rivals Yeoman Chambers for the most insight on the different crew members, likely due to her expertise for observing, given her occupation as a thief. Indeed, she is the only person on the ship who will notice a change in Samara if Morinth steals her identity onboard the Normandy, though she says she would never spread that suspicion around.

Kasumi appears to have a crush on Jacob Taylor , asking Shepard if he likes "Japanese girls with a penchant for kleptomania ". Jacob, however, doesn't notice or respond to this. Kasumi has requested Shepard's aid in a heist on the planet Bekenstein to infiltrate the vault of a weapons dealer and smuggler named Donovan Hock. She stated that Hock killed her former partner, Keiji Okuda. They infiltrate a gala with several prominent underworld figures and end up battling Eclipse mercs, who are providing security for Hock.

Kasumi surreptitiously assists Bau and Shepard as they track down the hanar responsible. While Shepard is running around the Citadel chasing leads, Kasumi inquires about the Normandy crew. Kasumi then asks about Jacob , if he is also alive. She pointedly refers to her ardor for Jacob, claiming his presence on the crew would've caused her to rejoin too. It is later revealed that the culprit has been indoctrinated by Reaper technology and is attempting to disable the hanar homeworld of Kahje 's automated defenses.

Kasumi stops the virus, but the console is booby-trapped, and she appears to be killed when it explodes. If Shepard helped Kasumi secure Keiji's graybox earlier, she will admit that the Alliance black ops raid Bau was investigating is the dangerous secret that was hidden within the graybox. It was carried out on batarians who had come across Reaper technology. Due to the potential for an escalated Alliance-batarian conflict, Keiji warned that the Alliance could be thrown into war if the secret got out.

Kasumi will reveal herself after the console's explosion, describing it as a perfect way to fake her death and escape Bau's pursuit. Though she refuses to become involved in the war, Shepard convinces her to lend her assistance to the Crucible project, enticing her with the thought of acquiring expensive equipment no one will miss.

Ever the kleptomaniac, Kasumi agrees. If Keiji's graybox was never retrieved, Kasumi will not discuss its contents as she doesn't know about them, instead complaining that Shepard refused to help her six months ago, and claiming that she still has personal business to conclude. After the explosion, she will also not reveal herself or join the war effort. If Shepard chooses to merge organic and synthetic life, if Kasumi was convinced to keep Keiji's memories, and if Shepard gathered enough of the galaxy's forces for the fight, Kasumi will be seen holding hands with what appears to be a hologram of Keiji.

If Shepard decides to either destroy or control the Reapers instead, Kasumi will be seen holding Keiji's graybox. Kasumi's presence is dependent on her pledging support for Shepard's cause after the investigation against a hanar diplomat. Kasumi can also assist Shepard in the Armax Arsenal Arena provided her ally license has been bought. Kasumi is one of the optional invites to Shepard's big party. Unlike all other guests she doesn't stick in one place for long, preferring to stalk out Shepard's apartment under Tactical Cloak or specifically decloaking to interject in conversations.

At the party's first phase, she decloaks beside Samantha Traynor , intrigued by the idea of stealing the Normandy when the comm specialist voices her concerns. Kasumi is gone as abruptly as she appeared, unnerving Samantha.

Kasumi Goto