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Have a look at my site: May 5 at 7: As mentioned before, some simply adopt the ideology of the criminal predator. When you select the button, you should see properties appearing in the Attributes inspector. If you receive an "Unable to communicate with registration server" or "Invalid Registration Code" error message then:. Most users will find one of these passwords to work:.

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Fortunately, Ignition Poker still beats out just about everyone when it comes to beatable games. That tells you that more players are seeing the flop and for larger pots. My personal evidence shows that this is one of my most profitable sites, allowing me to play at even lower limits than I would elsewhere simply because my expected value is higher thanks to the higher action given.

As Zone participants can literally see a new hand at any time, there is much less incentive to play bad hands simply out of boredom or an itch for some kind of action. Ignition Poker seems to agree. Whereas many poker sites are embracing the trends of eternal late registration and nearly unlimited get out of jail free card rebuys, Ignition Poker offers very few events with rebuys.

For as much as I love to tear down barriers for recs in cash games, I get particularly annoyed when any player is given unlimited chances for re-entry. It allows them to change the entire nature of the early rounds and places a greater emphasis on luck over skill. They have so many players at this point that they can simply offer straightforward formats that regulars will appreciate.

Both draw about 1, players with the latter sometimes giving a slight overlay. The most popular variations are:. Players also only start on a short chip stack , which makes the action devolve to all-in fests often. That will usually be 2x or 5x your buy-in. However, the 5x does come around fairly frequently and can help soothe the frustration.

Ignition Poker likes to push them to mobile players, and that seems about right. For more strategic players, the novelty of Jackpots will probably wear off quickly. Ignition Poker gives the winner the entire prize pool. The group behind Ignition Poker has offered poker since and because of the trustworthy product, players stay loyal to them. Simply put, the traffic at Ignition Poker is excellent and unmatched in the US.

If Ignition can fix the occasional glitches, this is in my top 3 of poker software clients worldwide. Anonymous tables, a download-free mobile client, Zone Poker, and easy on the eyes? In fact, they beat most of their US brethren by launching it back in Full tables are not displayed, which is a first to me.

There are also no waiting lists , which, again, is probably tied in to Ignition Poker wanting to keep the games loose. How does displaying less information help keep games loose? Average hands per hour is also not shown, although it has always felt snappy enough in my time with it.

As for the actual table experience, I find Ignition Poker extremely intuitive and attractive. The felt and carpet can be changed to a half-different colors and the table shape from racetrack think old Full Tilt if you were around back then to one big segment with line dividers. One is the rabbit card , which shows the next card that would have been dealt if a hand ends before the river.

The other is the ability to show only one card after a hand ends, which is always vastly entertaining to me. Each window can be resized from the default size, which is fairly low in total resolution.

You can watch hands play out move by move, which shows you exactly how the hand played out. The only knock that I have on the software that brings the score down a bit is the occasional connection glitch. Other players have reported similar random lapses. For me, closing and reopening the software was the only way to resolve it. Anonymous tables put it over the top.

Ignition Poker recently made another change that should be the last piece of the puzzle in deterring advanced table-finding tactics. Even though bum hunting following players identified as weak from previous sessions and sitting at their tables was already foiled way back in via anonymous tables, smart players could still hunt the lobby for open tables with better metrics. No more, as the software now only allows you to pick your game, stakes, and table size.

The seating is left to to the Ignition Poker software algorithms. Players can no longer target tables with better metrics , namely higher flop percentages and average pots. While I was playing at Ignition to gather some screenshots this incredible hand came up. I only wish I had been playing higher. Ignition has now followed the growing trend of using Quick Seat for cash games, eliminating savvy players from picking the looser games in the lobby.

For some reason, most online gaming outfits try to get away with not providing a telephone number. Phone support is open hours every day of the year. The e-mail support is very-good-to-excellent. I sent in several test questions and had delays of: I figured I would get all this out there before I received the next one. This is the most popular one:. The algorithms are biased to reward bad players to keep the action up! Dead cards and bad beats are in your future.

Just low-stakes players with sob stories about how some guy made a ridiculous call and sucked out on their pocket Aces with offsuit.

I get the frustration. You do remember that poker still has luck involved, right? I would put my entire bankroll in their hands without a second thought. If you think all online poker is rigged, then why play anywhere? Do what feels right to you. Well, think about the psychology behind different types of players. Players who make better decisions are likely to be longer-term players than those who rely on sucking out.

Recreational players are less profitable for online poker sites like Ignition Poker overall so, if anything, financially they would rather keep good players than bad ones. A small portion of every pot that goes to a flop is withheld and kept by the poker room. If they could find a scam more than a decade ago, I trust those noble watchdogs to find it today with the largest US poker site there is.

All merchants pay fees on credit card transactions. Providing payments for US-facing online poker sites? Payment processors charge substantial fees and Ignition Poker eats most of those. Besides, I bet you could get Ignition Poker to reimburse you for the fees if you asked nicely with a cherry on top.

Of course they want players to deposit and play because they make their money on the rake and tournament fees. If the argument is that they want players to lose so they have to deposit more, well what about the winners? Someone has to be winning the hands that put the bad beats on you.

One of my favorite arguments for Ignition Poker being rigged, which you also hear for every single other online poker room, is that you would never see this kind of play in live games. There must be bots or screwy random number generators for online poker rooms.

Seriously, it feels to me that live poker and online poker sort of swapped player bases in the late s to early s when games tightened up considerably online. Many casual poker players are intimidated by the process of playing online and stick to live buildings with chips and cards. Contrary to the caterwauling by a vocal minority, live games are honestly your best bet at really bad players these days.

I recently had an Ignition Poker player write to me complaining about a in which a player went all in with pre-flop and cracked his pocket Jacks after spiking two pair. According to him, that would never happen in a live game, so it showed the Ignition games are rigged!

I had pocket and re-raised a poor early position player pre-flop to see a flop of He check-called a big bet from me on the flop, then went all-in with what he had left on the turn when a 6 fell. The river saved me when the board paired with another 2. The guy had the nerve to be frustrated, curse, and leave the table. A good friend of mine is a poker lifer and has literally been playing for about 60 years.

For convenience, both Holdem and Omaha are in the same PokerTracker 4 application; however, they are separate purchases. PokerTracker 4 does not support the new 5 Card Omaha games such as the one launched by PokerStars in the Winter on As of PokerTracker v4. Please make sure that your PokerTracker version is at least v4. Sign In Create Account. What is my PostgreSQL password? I need a new PokerTracker 4 code.

Does PokerTracker 4 support Omaha? PokerTracker 4 PokerTracker 4 Holdem: You cannot create or import custom statistics. You cannot search with TableTracker. Your PokerTracker 4 license will be for one of these three game versions: Find a friend to purchase via one of the methods above for you and we will transfer the code into your name. Computer Hardware Minimum Requirement: Operating System Minimum Requirement: OS X Yosemite Hard Drive The number one factor for speed performance is hard drive speed, the PostgreSQL Server which powers the PokerTracker database commonly moves gigabytes of data to allow PokerTracker 4 to perform it's reporting duties.

Most users will find one of these passwords to work: Registration Where is my registration code for the free 30 day trial? Can I install PokerTracker 4 on more than one computer? I have reinstalled PokerTracker 4 and need a new registration code. This same code should be used on up to two separate computers.

My PT4 Registration Code is not listed on the site. If you receive an "Unable to communicate with registration server" or "Invalid Registration Code" error message then: If you are doing this then your registration code is valid.

See 2 If you are doing 1 above then something is preventing PokerTracker from connecting to the registration server to validate your code. I received an e-mail back from Full Tilt that they had locked my account surprisingly replied very quickly and that they would investigate the situation, however I WOULD NOT be reimbursed my money, even if it is found that the I had indeed been hacked.

They also verified that they noticed I was logged in playing from an IP address that I had never logged on from before. I was able to recover my e-mail addres by answering my secret questions in the lost password option.

In the mean time, I got an e-mail from the hacker! The first e-mail said "enjoy the lost amount", I replied saying "huh, what are you talking about", acting dumb like I didn't know what was going on and he replied back saying "your FTP account is down".

At this point the account was locked and he was no longer to do anything else. He replied back "lol, I hack a lot.

I could be back in within 12 hours. Will you give me some money. I talked to the guy for over 4 hours, no joke! By acting like I wasn't pissed at the guy and almost becomming his friend in a sense, I was able to get a lot of information. The "guy", or "kid" claims he is 16 years old, from Australia, very "depressed" and appeared and said he was very high at the time He said he hacked my e-mail first which was obvious and I had figured out already and that him and his friend are very experienced hackers who can hack any hotmail or live e-mail account that they want within 12 hours.

I asked how he got my e-mail address and he said that he got it on the Full Tilt forums and that he had collected many hotmail or live e-mail accounts from the forum and planned on hacking many more in the future. He told me he has already hacked a couple peoples account by resetting the poker passwords via their e-mail.

When trying to get the screen names of other people he has hacked, he said "he couldn't remember but he thought it was something like "blitzballnz or something" and he said he took about He said he had another one that he wasn't sure but thought had "god77 or something" in it. I tried to trick him by agreeing asking him where to send the money however when I asked he then changed his story and told me he would give me all my money back and leave me alone if I HELPED him launder money. I asked him why he would need me to help him if he had his buddy and he told me that his buddy is hardly ever online and he needs someone thats around more.

I asked why he didn't just wait and he said because he had noticed that I reset my hotmail password and wanted to play while he still could. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to provide as much detail as possible. Even if it is "determined" I was hacked, there is nothing they can do because it is not a Full Tilt security issue, 2 The guy has other peoples email addresses and plans on doing more damage to people in the future.

I want to make sure everyone is aware that they could be in danger. This kid is not worried at all about Full Tilt catching him because he says he is "very well protected on a virtual private network". Does anyone have any advice? Is there anything I can do? Should I contact the police or something assuming they would do nothing.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Account hacked, guy plans on hacking more Originally Posted by punkkipper. Whats the deal with these secuity tokens? Matuz, they are these digital chips which provide a secure, dynamic code that frequently changes. It requires that you enter the code along with your password to accesss your account. It is a big boost in security for stars and we've been yelling at FT to get this started, but it's not a high priority for them.

Nielsio made a good thread about this if you want more info: Help me understand this better. Hacker got your email address from an FTP forum? Hacks into your email account?

I love my token for Stars! Hacker hacked into my hotmail account, and then also proved to me he can hack any e-mail account within 12 hours, then he clicked on the "forgot password" option on which sends you a new password to your e-mail, therefore was able to get into my poker account via the "new password" send to the e-mail. Originally Posted by Matuszak Originally Posted by dbdbdb. Dude, You are stupid. You probably had a weak password and it was same one used for all your accounts i.

Originally Posted by karmabling. If you have 12k in your acct and you're unable to secure it then you get no sympathy from me. It is a dog eat dog world baby.

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