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Slot Machines Introduction When it comes to gambling, the easier a game is to understand the worse the odds usually are. Slot machines are programmed to pay off a particular percentage of money bet. It can be expressed in multiple ways, as a decimal, as a fraction, as a percentage, and as odds. I told him my opinion and advised to try spending some regular amount, in that way when he would win the next time he would get a nice payout. Choose a machine with a fixed or a progressive jackpot.

Why We Lose At Slots


You can find 3 kinds of progressive slots:. A local area progressive is networked with a group of other slot machines within the same casino. Play on any of those machines causes the jackpot for all those games to grow. If the jackpot is hit on any of those machines, the jackpot on all the machines resets to its starting point. Wide area progressives are the games that are networked across multiple casinos.

These are the games where the jackpots get high enough to compete with lottery games. The biggest example of a wide area progressive is Megabucks. Even though the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are significantly better than the odds of winning the lottery, a progressive jackpot is still a bet where the odds are stacked against you in an almost comprehensible way. The odds of winning the lottery are about 1 in half a million. The odds of winning the MegaBucks jackpot is about 1 in a quarter million.

It is a slot machine, after all. These games used to be straightforward. You inserted coins, pulled a lever, and looked for a combination of symbols across a pay line. Now you have to choose how much to bet, insert paper money or tickets, and press buttons or a screen in order to start the game. The pay table is also available on screen, but you have to navigate to another screen to look at it. Some of this has to do with the economy during the Reagan and Bush administrations.

Those 2 administrations cut federal funding to most states during the recession. The governments of those states needed to find ways to generate revenue without directly raising taxes. Legalizing and taxing gambling proceeds was an easy way to do it. While this was going on, video games in general were also exploding in popularity. The combination of these factors with the technological innovations going on at the time created the perfect storm that made slot machines far and away the biggest source of revenue in the United States gambling industry.

In the year , slot machines were only legal in 31 states. Other states are considering legalization, too. I visited one game room where you could win a dozen cans of creamed corn or some garden tools. It just makes the United States 2 worldwide. The 1 country for slot machines is Japan. They have close to 5 million slot machine games in the country.

So, yes, we have a lot of slots in the United States. Another example of how the gambling landscape in the United States has changed is the rise of the local gambler.

The population of Las Vegas quadrupled from to , from , people to 2 million. Many of those play twice a week or more. Neighborhood casinos cater to these local players by offering them amenities specific to their needs like child care. These factors have combined to make low rolling local gamblers a more dominant force in the economy of the local Vegas economy than high roller tourists. Station Casinos, in particular cater to local gamblers in Las Vegas.

Their house edge might be lower on these games, but they make up for it in volume. The reality is that in any situation dealing with random results, apparent streaks of luck both good or bad will happen. But those streaks of luck are only apparent in retrospect. If you have a 1 in chance of winning a jackpot on a spin of the reels, you have a 1 in chance of winning on the next spin of the reels—regardless of whether or not you won anything on the previous spin.

This means that previous results have no effect on future results. Modern slot machines use a random number generator to determine their results. This is a computer program that generates thousands of random numbers per second, each of which is tied to a particular result on the reels. The machine goes through too many numbers per second.

This has been true since the middle of the s, which is a remarkable difference from the decades prior to the s. In previous decades, the majority of attendees at Gamblers Anonymous meetings were sports bettors or card players.

This coincides with another, related historical event. Multiple studies have demonstrated that the nature of slot machines and their design contribute to the rapidly addictive quality of these games. The easy availability of such games also contributes to this figure. Some people are more likely to develop an addiction than others.

But some activities are also more likely to cause an addiction, too. You could draw a comparison between marijuana use and heroin use. One is clearly more addictive than the other. Slots are almost certainly more prone to cause addiction than blackjack or craps.

Online casinos use the same kinds of random number generator programs as land-based casinos. They just serve up your results via animation that is sent to your computer via the Internet. Land-based casinos are using slightly different hardware to give you your results, but the games actually work the same way in terms of how the random number generator works. The reels are just for show.

The actual results are determined by the random number generator inside the slot machine. Gambling author if you can call him that John Patrick promotes several nonsensical and complicated systems that try to predict whether a machine is hot or cold.

Those kinds of gurus are preying on the weak-minded and uninformed. Skinner was a behavioral scientist who studied how motivated animals became when they got rewards from a box. He learned through his experiments that animals were more motivated by a box that gave our periodic rewards than they were by a box that gave out consistent rewards.

Slot machine designers and casinos can test various hit frequencies to see which games generate the highest TOD figures. This kind of testing is comparable to split testing in the world of marketing. All you have to do is track which game has the higher average TOD, then adjust the parameters accordingly. Copy writers have used a similar approach with sales letters for decades.

They use that as their new control letter to beat by changing another word. You can find plenty of slot machines with original themes. The most famous example of this is the Wheel of Fortune slot machine game. You can find multiple variations of this game, and all of them are hugely popular.

IGT was so interested in the popularity of this game that they actually did surveys to find out why customers like it so much. Most of the people playing Wheel of Fortune slots on a regular basis said it reminded them of watching television with their grandmother.

These kinds of positive associations are used to create games which are more enjoyable for the gambling public. Game shows are a popular source of intellectual property that is used to create slot machine games. Wheel of Fortune is just one example. Slot machines are programmed to pay off a particular percentage of money bet.

Thus, after a jackpot is hit the machine will tighten up to get back in balance. On the other hand, when a jackpot has not been hit for a long time it is overdue and more likely to hit. As just mentioned, each spin is independent of all past spins. That means that for a given machine game, the odds are always the same.

It makes no difference when the last jackpot was hit or how much the game paid out in the last hour, day, week, or any period of time. The mechanism that determines the outcome of each play does not consider whether a card is used or not.

The odds are the same with or without one. Using a player card enables the casino to report my winnings to the IRS. That makes no difference. If you have a net losing year, which you probably will, at least the casino will have evidence of it. The slot department can tighten my game with the press of a button remotely.

Thus, you better be nice to the staff and tip them well, or they will use a remote control to have the machine take you down in a hurry. There is now some truth to the myth that the odds of a machine can be changed remotely. Such "server-based slots" are still experimental and in a minority.

Even with server-based slots, there are regulations in place to protect the player from the perceived abuses that could accompany them. For example, in Nevada a machine can not be altered remotely unless it has been idle for at least four minutes.

Even then, the game will display a notice that it is being serviced during such changes. The machines by the doors and heavy traffic flow areas tend to be loose while those hidden in quiet corners tend to be tight.

I've studied the relationship between slot placement and return and found no correlation. Every slot director I've asked about this laughs it off as just another player myth. Slots tend to be looser during slow hours on slow days of the week. However, when the casino is busy they tighten them up. Nobody would take the trouble to do this, even if he could. The fact of the matter is the casinos are trying to find a good balance between winning some money while letting the player leave happy.

That is best achieved by slots loose enough to give the player a sufficiently long "time on device," as they call it in the industry, with a reasonable chance of winning so he will return to the same casino next time.

If the slots are too tight, the players will sense it and be unlikely to return. The kind of place you're likely to find tight slots are those with a captive audience, like the Las Vegas airport. Wizard of Odds uses cookies, this enables us to provide you with a personalised experience.

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Slot Machines Introduction When it comes to gambling, the easier a game is to understand the worse the odds usually are. How They Work Whether you're playing a 3-reel single-line game or a 5-reel line game , the outcome of every bet is ultimately determined by random numbers.

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