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Four to a boat! To all of you waiting for the next chapter of Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, it might be a little while my brother passed away a little over a week ago. He spoke a lot about Neville's parents having worked together with him in the Auror Corps. He first appeared in the school bus when Kearney was mentioning his divorce. I was about 17 or 18 years old when I learnt it.

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Short ellipsoids, brown with white side seam and veining, imitating stone. Transparent drawn beads, mm, various shapes: Called "Abyssinia" beads, but found in Burkina Faso. Sample " strands shown; let me know your shape preference. Semi-translucent beads in a distinctive dusty red shade, variety of shapes, usually mm widths. Favored by the Igbo of Nigeria. OK to mix with Cranberry Reds for quantity discounts. Translucent ruby-red beads, variety of shapes, usually mm widths.

Strands of mixed shapes, though we can pick more "smaller faceted" or "larger rounded" if you prefer. OK to mix with Cranberry for quantity discounts. Small bevelled rectangles with recessed spots, Imitating dice. Peter Francis notes the irony of gambling-averse Muslims preferring this type of bead. The supply seems to have dried up in recent years. Small square beads, about 5x6mm with interesting shading patterns. Traded into Ghana, while the usual, more crudely made dice beads with spots come from Nigeria.

Based on early carnelian necklaces worn by the first Muslim converts in Saharan Africa, these are now called "Hajj beads" showing that the wearer has made a pilgrimage to Mecca. Ruby red glass with about 42 flat coin-like beads and one or two heart-shaped pendants. Padre-style beads, Czech, probably fairly modern, found in the Africa trade, possibly for the Massai Kenya who favor pink.

Also called "Cheyenne pinks. Small pink beads favored by the Massai of Kenya. Molded round 5mm beads. This is the color favored by the Massai. A more sophisticated bead than usually found in the Africa trade, supplier says these were traded to Ghana in the s. Translucent red with white frost or veining, probably to imitate stone. A type of Kancamba. Translucent red, edge-holed, 19mm on a side, about 36 per 22" strand.

Specify "all red" or I will send picked strands with two or more triangles of other colors. Translucent red, edge-holed, 14mm , about 42 per strand. These are uninscribed versions of the beads found on the "Faith necklaces", 22" strands.

Mould-made disks, various shades of green, patterning, and inclusion of other colors. Early s, but crude "wound" look without the cost of older beads. Mould-made disks, Green without the usual motes of other colors. Mould-made disks, various shades of yellow and red , various patterns. Mould-made disks, various shades of blue mixed with others, various patterns. Smaller Mould-made disks, various shades of blue mixed with others, various patterns. Smaller Mould-made disks, Reds, often with with mottling.

Different shapes, colors, mixed strands, loose lots, etc. Various colors, some uniform shape, others pleasingly crude. Small, rounded-end barrels in blue or red strands. Traded to the Turkana of Kenya. Four or five toothy knobs around central hole cog wheel vaguely imitate flower shape. Occasional stray color mixed in.

Fluted, crenelated, rayed shapes, smaller beads in blacks and whites, somewhat resembling "Dogs tooth" beads. These are probably Venetian rather than Bohemian. Late s, cleverly made to imitate nesting snake vertebrae which are used throughout Africa for divination. This section includes types that are not clearly Venetian or Bohemian, and those known to be Dutch German, etc. There is often disagreement about the origin of such beads. Germany was a center for stone beads.

Drawn beads rounded by the early pres a speo or hot tumbled method, many have a fluid, melted look. This exact type found at 's Dutch sites in New York. Most are a very deep blue, appearing black. Crude, early type considered a 3 or 4 layer: An early imitation from Ghana or Togo, chalkboard appearance with white lines on black background. Now considered rare in Africa. Dutch five-layer star Chevrons, s, so-called due to the legend of Manhattan's purchase for beads.

Later, simpler Venetian imitations are called American Flag. More likely made in Germany than Amsterdam. Classic cobalt blue in barrels and irregular rounds. Better quality Many with internal flaws, but very nice surfaces. Seldom found this nice!: Graduated " strands usually ranging mm widths. Darkening effect on large beads is a scanner artifact; they look nearly transparent. Scarcer than the usual cobalt or clear rounds. Strands posed to show flawed sides of beads. Slightly translucent ovoid beads.

Vivid red, some variation in shades. Range cherry to dark red. Short barrels with wavy white trailings on black. Made in Amsterdam Venice? Scarcer than white variety. Short barrels with wavy white bands trailed across deep cobalt blue looks black wound base; this scarcer variety with small yellow eyes. Top condition, Samples shown. Wound manufacture, likely pre Reds of unknown origin: Some color variation - lighter blues through black - in some strands.

Dark to light purple variants as shown in scan. Clear with embedded multicolored swirled lines. Late s, Lauscha, Germany. Several pits, one filled. Much more affordable than the larger sizes.

Multiple interior cracks can make the design difficult to see, but one crack is not so bad. These are very stable; thrown against a brick wall I was unable to even chip a marble bead with multiple interior cracks. Crude wound bead with unusually wide holes, making them easy to string on any cord. Some rough or chipped. Cane cut Sky-blue shades, traded into Nigeria. Natural necklaces from Ethiopia, made of a variant of dark blue "Dutch donut" beads and cowries on long, thick multi-strand black cord.

The donut beads are thinner and larger than the usual sort, often with multiple ridges. Faithful reproductions of the 19th Century Amsterdam beads with usual crude appearance. Clear, Pink, Brown, Gold, Green. Necklace of mixed colors and shapes. Central bead resembles the typical oblate copal now considered antique in Africa. A lively discussion revealed the material "could" be 's German, but could also be modern Chinese!

They show some wear, but not a lot. Round 14mm beads, possibly intended to mimic amber. They appear dark brown but when held to the light most have a light-green stripe in the center. Not as uniform as they look. Unknown where made, but found in Africa. Visually convincing glass imitations of caramel-colored carnelian agate, from Germany, traded into Mali and Senegal.

Made over a long period of time. Mostly chevrons, "not" by main groups that are not. European-made for export to Africa, lovely reddish translucent stone.

I was able to pick fully intact minor chips at most pieces from a large lot at a great price. European-made for export to Africa? The oldest are three-layer drawn beads, rectangular with rounded corners, diameter mm and often long, up to 50mm, in various shades of blue. A later type, probably Bohemian, associated with 17th Century North American sites, is unlayered and dark blue.

Second generation small, three-layer beads in green, light blue, or classic dark blue. These are recently cut by a bead-maker from valuable old canes acquired in the 's or earlier from the liquidated stock of a Murano firm. Rarely found on the market. Flat-ended ellipsoids, typically mm wide x 14x16mm long with small holes. Traded to the Fulani. Inexpensive for such a large, colorful bead, but some colors have been scarce in the market lately.

Unusual "ellipsoid lump" or ameboid shape, variable sizes and colors. The blacks are called Lela Kampe in Nigeria, referring to the blacker-than-black wing of the Kampe bird. Large European glass bead in coral color, with subtle swirl pattern, most mm long x 24mm wide. Africa Traders do not recognize, so I suspect European made for sale within Europe. Bright colors in ellipsoid shape, usually about 7mm long, but lots of variety in size and even shape in this group.

Advise color wanted, tho some colors are single strands only. Tbular translucent Red, some light, some dark. Called Sokingkode in Ghana. Small annular beads with pleasing luminous colors. Mostly m wide, 4m long, 24" strands. Green, Blue shown or Red smaller beads. Unusual eroded-looking surfaces on small mm dark blue rounds. Africans have made stone and shell beads since Neolithic times. The earliest glass trade beads probably came from India and the Islamic world, and are now excavated as "dig" beads.

But Ghana was also a center of bead-making at the time of early European contact. More recently beads have been made from ground up glass, called "pop beads" after pop soda bottles. Fascinating new types , imitative or original, turn up all the time. Large fused-powder wet-core beads of egg-yolk yellow over a dark core with trail-like decorations in characteristic patterns. They are among the oldest, most valuable, and most mysterious of African beads.

Made of ground trade beads, such as King beads fused in clay moulds. See Simik, African Beads p. Strands from a s collection: Eggyolk yellow bicones with lengthwise multicolor stripes. Made in Ghana, they imitate the popular yellow Venetian beads, which themselves may have been inspired by Bodoms. Some chipped specimens show the dark cores.

Later Bodom variety, egg-yolk yellow over black core with crisscross King pattern. Venetian imitating African beads. Probably meaning "Binda", a town with a long history of bead making. Beads are a dark amber or light green, somewhat tulip shaped with narrow bottoms and a flaring, irregular top, about mm long, large holes, 26" strands.

From Ghana, rough surface, semi-tanslucent beads given roundish shape by turning in moulds while cooling. See Simak, African Beads p. Please give second choice if possible. Appear black, but light blue or green when held to light. Simak, African Beads , p.

Slightly translucent, rough-surfaced, dark caramel color, almost look black. Modern King beads from Ghana, where the originals were highly valued. I don't usually sell reproductions, but these are a legitimate local craft AND though pretty, they would not fool a collector.

Range of shapes and sizes. Sand-cast or "pop bottle" beads made of powdered glass, said to imitate Venetian "gas" beads. Used beads with some age. Photo shows Samples only; yours will be similar but not exact. Sand-cast or "pop bottle" beads made of powdered glass, apparently imitating the old sand-casts of the Ewe.

A "Akoso type" beads, Much variety, but oranges predominate. Sand-cast or "pop bottle" beads made of powdered glass, said to imitate Venetian types. Much variety, with solids, stripes, patterns, etc. Discount for any mixture of varieties: Sand-cast or "pop bottle" beads made of powdered glass.

These strands mix the older s's matte imitations of Akoso and Venetian types with a few shiny, novel types of the 's. Sand-cast or "pop bottle" beads made of powdered glass, generally imitating Venetian or old Akoso beads. Hank of 40 unpicked strands as they come from Africa. Strands 22" include all varieties. These are older, used-looking, or better-made strands: I love the look, but want to stock only older beads, so offering these at cost.

Made in s according. Shiny to matte, wide variety of designs. Mostly mm with large holes. Ghana, shiny milk-white crudely oblates with bold purple-in-brown eyes. Large mm, 26" strands. From Gambia, typical matte surfaces of "pop bottle" beads in dark colors with some translucency.

About mm, large holes, 24" strands. For the historian of ersatz bling - One is obviously old fake coral beads in plastic, plus some bauxites and a real I think jasper.

The other is non-ferrous metal painted red, now flaking, plus some bauxites. From different sources, but they belong together. The pair, 28" strands:. Africa is a major source of metal beads, as metals are thought to have spiritual powers and blacksmiths enjoyed an elevated status. The oldest beads would have been of soft precious metals, and iron, followed by copper alloys and, by the 11th century, true brass.

Many complex, individual sytles of brass beads exist. The Munshi and Dorome beads had true status as money. Aluminum and silver were both valued for their color. Yoruba village chief's badge of office, according to supplier, tho another online listing says "Nupe. Large hollow bronze beads with cosmos designs. Supplier says necklace of 24 was worn by village chiefs.

Obvious age; item below is a modern inferior copy. Larger Hollow, open-worked brass beads with Cosmos design, polished. Rounds are mm, triangles are 52mm tall. Large enough to use as pendants. Fulani ofIvory Coast Strands: Smaller Hollow, open-worked brass beads with Cosmos design. In Johanssen Nigerian Currencies considered them rare. Simak, African Beads p. Derived from older Munshi beads of the Tiv, but used farther south.

Famous seed-imitating monetary bead of the Tiv a. Old, worn beads are scarce. These are varied and well made, but casting roughness shows them to be new. African-made brass Moulay beads alternate with usually red European beads. Most beads out of Africa are "processed" from natural necklaces into all-alike strands, so finding necklaces as they were actually worn is unusual. From Nigeria, a derivative of the old Munshi and Moulay beads that served as currency and fertility charms.

First I've seen of these nicely made variants - probably mid 20th c. From a s collection, types I have not seen in trade: Tubular brass with complex designs, almost no two alike, typically 36x15mm.

Used for holding and decorating hair braids. Kambari people, Niger State of Nigeria. Braid-gather coils of aluminum and copper. Hausa and Fulani peoples of Nigeria. Strung on old cloth, apparently worn as a belt or sash. Combination of yellow and white metals was thought to ward off illness. Said to be worn by single Kirdi Cameroun women in strands drooping below the belly to hide the genital area, so also called cache sexe beads. Hard to find now. Roughly cast long bicones.

Probably ss, look cleaned. Lengths mm, widths mm, ask for larger or smaller if you prefer. Delicate cast brass beads with black terracotta centers, made to look like wire. Although they continue to be made today in just one Baule village Ivory Coast , they are expensive due to the craftsmanship involved. Each bead is a double "eye" element with large loop, mm wide. Old beads of unusual shape, they remind me of a daisy. Newly made with bead spacers, wearable as necklace, or use as pendants.

Round, hollow brass beads with lovely basket-weave or other pattern from the Baule people of eastern Nigeria. Probably modern, but supplier had no info on origin. Hand-crafted large hollow bicones xmm with alternating rings of copper and brass, simple stippled decoration, much like an old fashioned "spinning top" toy.

Complex multi-strand chains, clasps, and fancy pendants in bright brass, simulating gold. Much more crafted than most African metal-work, and no two alike. Hanging length given in each photo. Highly variable assemblies of tubes, rounds, beads, etc. Much more crafted than most African metal-work. From Niger,a rough-surfaced cast beads with large central holes. Probably have some age, but hard to tell as always found scrubbed clean.

Nigeria, rough-surfaced, cherry-sized cast beads with large central holes. Old, crude, elongated bronze bells 40, no clappers strung with spacer beads, 30" strand.

Bells mostly mm long. Large, old well-worn brass bells with dyed? About half have clappers, and bells clang together to produce a lovely sound. Fulani or Yoruba Small bells with spiral Cosmos design and large loops, some with stones inside, densely packed. Some worn or patinated, some miscast. Because each is so different, we have priced by weight. Larger bells, often strung with beads.

Bells of conventional shape, with loop, brass. Supplier calls them Igbo Nigeria dancing bells. Miscellaneous types Larger Brass bells, often worn with beads. With clappers unless noted. Cast brass ring used as fare tokens for donkey carts, Dorome Tribe, Nigeria. According to Dillingham D26 28 the drivers turned them in to the chiefs, who held the concession, and were paid in bracelets. Thus an ethnographic token rather than an ethnographic money, and possibly unique as such?

Rings joined together by a leather strip forming a belt served as a badge of office for the cart drivers. From a large purchase I sorted out varieties. Largest, heaviest, best made variety, usually unworn, so perhaps most modern. Some showing casting roughness. Never found on the belts, so possibly not Dorome, but similar casting technique. Possibly unrelated to Dorome. Cast brass rings used as fare tokens for donkey carts, Dorome Tribe, Nigeria.

Iron wire wound in mm flexible coils, 3. Your choice or mix: Strung necklaces, possibly as-worn, with 10 different brass charms spaced with beads. Newly made brass charm beads of various designs. All have good-sized holes. Quantities are limited of some types.

Hand-made crimped with seam, not cast beads made in s, Ethiopia. They have been shined up, but will retone.

Newly-made beads in various styles. From India, traded to Ethiopia. OK to mix all for quantity discounts: OK to mix types for quantity discounts. OK to mix types for quantity discounts: Descended from silver originals, from melted Maria Teresa Thalers, these may be restrung Musbaha beads Islamic prayer beads or of more general use.

Crafted hollow bicones of low-grade perhaps. Long 48" strand from s collection. Fineness uncertain but better than most Ethiopian objects. Age unknown but not current. Hand made, but all very similar so showing two 36" sample strands. Made by Ethiopian silversmiths and called Musbaha. Hollow, silver-plated or white metal beads with endpiece and colorful yarn tassels.

Newly made versions of older silver beads. Wearable, but should be restrung on better cord. Fancy, hollow, seamed white-metal probably plated copper necklaces, not very heavy. Supplier says found in Ethiopia but could be from Yemen.

Small ellipsoid nickel beads with middle seam, about 4. Made from melted down cu-ni coins called "pound silver". Called "Azimamai", made of nickel-brass, with seam along length, large center holes, about mm long, 32" strands. Metal content is varied to produce either y Yellow brassy ; or s Silvery nickel.

Smaller Iron in any form was considered money In Africa, and wearing it was supposed to have curative properties.

It would have been kept polished; these strands mostly dull. Note size relative to penny. In the late 19th Cent. These look like tarnished silver and may have been worn by Ethiopians as a light-weight substitute. Africans generally ascribe healing properties to metals based on color, and examples of currency objects and bracelets of forms known normally in copper occasionally turn up in well worn aluminum. Bead size ranges mm square.

Bicones, some faceted, widths mm, 28" strands. Much larger and scarcer than the small squarish aluminum beads. Toned brass Pendants, mostly mm tall, found on natural necklaces from Ethiopia and sold separately by the Traders. Unusual Pieces Priced as shown. Traditional nickel-brass rings in a variety of sizes, some with a bit of punched decoration. One seller calls similar items Wollo, northern Ethiopia.

Modern, hand-made metal beads imitating a traditional finger ring often worn as a necklace pendant. Bicone shape, some size variation. Small loops of drawn brass wire "hishi, heishi" crimped by hand. Modern; used as spacers in jewelry. From Kenya, small loops of drawn copper wire "hishi, heishi" crimped by hand. From Ethiopia, small loops of drawn wire hishi, heishi made from nickel-silver. Locally called "talari" from the Maria Theresa Taler, an.

These modern strands are still hand-crafted, but are now made of silver alloyed with nickel. Listed here are mostly African-made, including what the traders call "dig beads" excavated strands, which may have some roughened glass beads mixed in.

European glass imitations of stone beads are here also. Short, fairly uniform barrels of white-flecked gray granite with rougher surfaces than the skin-smoothed excavated beads. All strands similar, sample shown, 25". From Ghana, modern beads of black and white granite with a slight greenish hue.

Beads mm wide x mm long, about 80 per 30" strand. All strands very similar. One supplier calls "white agate. As found in Africa and described by most Traders, Agate is various colors of banded stone, but not reds.

Carnelian is various shades of pink, red, or brown, plain or with banding or mottling, but translucent. Bloodstone is used to describe what is otherwise carnelian, but cut into triangular or spade shapes and sometimes available in green. Jasper is red-brown in Africa and opaque. In some cuts, duller and more granular Bauxite pipestone resembles Jasper, but is unrelated.

Agate and Carnelian beads originate in India but have been traded to Africa since ancient times. Rough earthy-red from clay rich in aluminum ore, a distinctive African bead. If you want more smaller or fewer larger we will try to pick strands for you.

Widths from under 5mm to over 8mm. Mostly mm long, widths mm. Mostly mm widths, disks of varying thickness. Origin unknown, but traded into Nigeria c. Not all beads are agate apparently but strands are made up what remains when old necklaces with the more uniform "Red agate" beads are broken up.

Mixtures drawn from as-worn necklaces in Nigeria, containing agate, other stone, and glass beads with stone motifs. Each one quite different. From Tanzania, rough stone beads with tiny holes. Not sure if these are new or old, natural color or dyed some way. A customer says it is likely "dyed howlite. Included here are imitations, mostly European glass. Strictly speaking, "copal" is buried tree resin, often quite old, but not old enough to be true amber.

However, most beads from the Africa trade called "copal" are phenolic resins, including Bakelite, an early form of plastic. The age and origins of such beads are a matter for research , but beads showing age and character have become quite valuable both in Africa and among collectors. Likely made in Germany to imitate amber. Phenolic resin, such as Bakelite or another brand name, different from modern plastics.

From that point on wards things became very stilted between us, conversation was difficult and the time dragged until I left which was thankfully the next morning. There was no argument — we continued as nothing had happened. I felt that it was too dangerous to confront him and I was not prepared to put my little girl in danger. I left for England the next day and never heard from him again. Interestingly my daughters temp went back to normal and to this day I have no idea what was wrong.

I know that blank stare look all too well. I had never heard about it in regards to possession until I worked for a really evil woman. I noticed that she would just blankly stare off into dove while she talked to me. Still, it never occurred to me what it was a sign of. Then I saw it again in the face of another employer of mine. I also saw an unnatural look before in the eyes of someone I was interviewing with once.

He looked like a predator sizing me up for a meal. It was very odd. I still think about it years later. It was raw hatred. It seemed surreal but it was actually happening. And, for the first time in my life I realized that this person really did not like me. She was playing possum all the time. I left home 47 years ago, and we have mostly communicated through cards on special occasions.

The undertones were there, but I kept ignoring them. We gathered for our 50th class reunion, and varoom!!! Out comes this demon, and the persecution that it brings with it. It is very painful, but I have been dealing it, and allowing the healing process to begin.

Right now, I am grieving the loss. In , I attended a Christmas Street Party which went terribly wrong. What I will say is that I returned home as a different person after what I had experienced.

I had just had my second child 8 months prior to this evening. I did stay but I will regret it for the rest of my life. From this experience I have encountered over 11 years of therapy and finally managed to find the best dr in the world who believed my experience and finally resolved my despair.

Wishing all the best. So i was on a stroll about 12 months ago to the local shops, when Id noted approximatly 60 meters ahead, was what I had assumed was a red haired lady. Looking back on, I had absoloutly no idea where that thought generated from as that type of thinking is not apart of my normal thought process. As I drew closer and closer my thoughts were very adament regarding not looking this person in the eye. Then in the moment as they were passing as if something else was controlling my will, I had found myself locked on to there face as they had been mine.

But what was even more strange than the hole experience was that all I had seen while being locked in a stare with this person was a red goatee which was so close it was blurry. I did take a peek back after I had felt I may have been a safe distance where Id found this person was still limping in there direction but staring back with what Id felt was hatreds finest.

That experience and fear that created had made me consider a different route home but it would have been much longer so decided against it and to my relief I didnt cross.. Watever it was that I had on the walk up. My intuition has really grown from this point and I understand this is where the thought I had regarding not looking at their eyes, but I still dont really understand what that person was or what may have occured if my heart had not spoken up.

Id also like to mention that I have seen that empty and pure evil look in the eyes of my sister when she was lashing out at me as she had done regularly. She had told me she wanted to kill me and I had seen her look that absoloutly verified that.

She has admitted that she is jeleous of the weight she has always had and the weight that I dont. I never really considered that look that carried such evil as a means to define her as I understand she is just mixed up and from what I have experinced what projects evil is not nescessarily a lost cause to good.

This happened about 4 years ago when I was working at a coffee shop. Out of my peripheral vision I saw a couple walk in. Him, very thin almost anorexic young white male. Blond dressed in that rockabilly fashion with tattoos. Her, hispanic young female, voluptuous,red jeans, black top ,long hair. I greeted the young man and than turned to greet the young woman but this cold fear hit me deep inside and I was too afraid to look into her face, so I greeted her midsection. During the transaction I was focusing my attention on the young man smiling and chatting getting their drinks.

He was mainly looking at the counter not really talking. Something not very nice. But I was just too freaking scared. I wanted them to just get their drinks and go. In the book two of the characters an Angel, Aziraphale and a demon, Crowley meet regularly for lunch. Chris-Wiggins, I also had an experience like yours. I heard a knock on my door one day. I opened up and looked into the eyes of two men who introduced themselves as jahovah witnesses.

They both had snake like slits for eyes and most of the eyes were completely white around the slits. The eyes appeared too pop out at me like 3-d, and the sense of dread that rushed through my mind and body, paralyzed me with intense fear.

I was completely frozen in place and utterly terrified. I had seen demonic contacts since my freshman year of highschool, but I was never afraid before when I looked into those other peoples eyes who were just wearing what were clearly contacts. I told them that I knew enough about jesus christ and that maybe they could come back some other time. I had the sense that they knew that I could see them, and they might have known which individuals have paranormal abilities.

I have had other paranormal experiences throughout my life. But that was the only time, that I looked into these mens eyes and saw evil. I was so shook about the entire experience and have never forgotten it even though it happened about or Outside the glass door, a man was able to stare, and make the door between us disappear. Different men in the two cases; years apart. In the second case, i had a casual interaction with the man.

I was frightened by him, for no known reason. He was staring at me, and the door between us disappeared for a moment. Then he gave a satisfied grin, and turned away.

Things went back to normal. Has anyone, or even yourself stood ground and not let the fear overtake you? The Him, JC, I feel is calling us together. But I know wat I see. No matter who it is it is always noticed in heartfelt 1 on 1 conversation.

I always shut up and focus harder when I notice it. I actually have near black eyes. In some most lighting they appear to be pitch black. Because of this people tend to feel nervous under my gaze, or they feel uneasy around me. Evil or good is not an inherent thing for a human being. Evil or good is as subjective as wrong or right, and it usually depends on who you are around. It is simply a means to an end to some people out there. The internet will tell me what they I think.

I feel like I can see demons inside possessing some people. They look so dark and dis colored and their eyes look like they have so much evil like they want to hurt me. I feel like I can actually see the person switching from there true form to the form of the demon, and then back and forth. I came across your blog with this topic via an internet search and wanted to contribute and maybe purge a little bit also. I consider myself a somewhat sane and rational person.

I function well in society and try to live a life without friction while focusing on family, self interests and local matters in my community.

Unless we experience for ourselves directly its a bit hard to accept some things on blind faith. I feel it when they are in the vicinity. At times its like someone whacked me in the forehead with a hammer and I sense them.

They see me also. Their are two varieties: The peaceful ones will sometimes appear older but their bodies are new unblemished and unwrinkled. With the evil variety they will sometimes walk in a disjointed manner as if unfamiliar with how to properly use or connect with the body in which they reside.

If you notice them…they immediately know that you can see them and will turn and look directly at you and try to engage. Making your mind clear of thought will confuse them and they will leave you alone. As if what they felt or noticed was an imperception or incorrect blip on their part.

I see them contained within the human form. One day I will have the courage to approach and talk to one…not the bad ones….

I also know that I have some unusual abilities or a brain tumor, lol. But not really funny. But…anyways hopefully I have given you some belated fuel for thought and you might gain something for a future novel. If you would like any more information you have my email. I am not looking for any counseling, guidance or future compensation of any sort. Just taking advantage of your past desire for knowledge and an opportunity for myself to discreetly purge…thx again!!

Some may possess this ability and never go through a spine-chilling experience. Others—perhaps for their own good—may be having brunch with an evil person and not realize what is going on ignorance can be bliss sometimes. To me they do carry an aura or energy that cannot be translated. I have met with people who have given off the most benevolent of intentions in simply looking at you.

Their look is full of life, eyes open and relaxed, shininess in their pupils and a tender smile. These individuals bring out the best in you. You render yourself to them for that single moment and rejoice together in the walk of life. They say body language accounts for most of our communication, with only their glance, you cannot help but to reciprocate this tenderness.

Before I go any further, I believe there are many looks, glares or stares. There are sad ones, angry ones, lost ones, confused, out of phase, etc.

Some perhaps were that of older people this was around my teen years. For some reason, certain older individuals possessed a power only attainable by experiences and living for a long time. Their looks are often hardened with time. Often they had a serious undertone, they do not flinch easily or become nervous and disrupt eye-contact not everyone however.

Others exerted a certain confidence that overpowered me, as if I was being looked at on purpose and there was no shame in doing so. None of this are evil, at least what I think is evil. A true evil person can hide in plain sight but usually give themselves away due to their shark-like eyes. It is a cold, barren stare which projects nothing but the intention to torment.

I met such a force once. Like any other day, we decided to take the train back home. We hurried to the station in order to get the best seats. Some of the family, my cousins especially, decided to just be reckless and run down the stairs and then pass by several carts. I was part of the group of course and in that moment it was fun, until however, we reached an empty cart. Everyone was excited of course; there were plenty of seats and no one had to rush to get any.

As the train doors opened, we immediately understood why the cart was empty. Someone had left the biggest pile of dung in the very middle of the floor.

Everyone laughed—even me, and at the time I brushed it off as insignificant. As we entered, we noticed that it was very crowded. Naturally a few of us scattered here and there to find seats or just some space where they could stand more comfortably. Me and two of my cousins decided to stay close to the exit doors.

I was right in front of the doors, looking across to the other side of the train, to my left was my cousin and to my right was a man, sitting with his head bowed, swinging it back and forth, saying things under his breath no one could understand. At first I didnt think much of this man. I thought he was just sadly, one of those people who lose their shit and started talking to themselves and whatnot. The ride continued, this was starting to feel like a long ride.

People were getting off and in my mind I was somehow hoping this man to my right would see his stop and bounce. The man kept chanting and giggling in the strangest of ways.

The sounds that were coming off from him seemed unnatural as if the wrong notes were being used to mimic laughter and chit-chatter. My cousins were having the time of their lives. They were amused and were mocking him left and right.

Normally this would be strange-yet-funny to me too but there was a way in which he did it that augmented his obscurity. An eerie motion of his hand, waving left to right and then in circular motions and suddenly he would stop, put it back in his bag and repeat the process.

It was clear to me then and now, that man was not a lunatic. By then I felt very uneasy and even warned my cousins to stop mocking this guy. One of them heeded my advice and stopped goofing around. What I did next defined my experience. I did the stupid thing of switching place and walk across the other side of the train so that I could be face-to face with him. As I began to look at him, he began to rock back and forth more frequently. His giggle was uncontrollable by now and in that very moment he lifted his head and showed his face for the first time.

There are perhaps no words that can describe fully the moment of dread I felt when he looked at me so profoundly with his small slit-shaped eyes and sharp grin.

His eyes were scary, truly scary. I immediately looked away and bowed my head for the rest of the ride. I could not bare to see that face again and so I prayed that he would leave soon. Was it coincidence I saw so much fecal matter moments prior to meeting that guy? In many scripture, feces is a symbol of uncleanliness and wickedness.

And what about his sudden departure right after our little staring-contest? I hope I never see something like that again. I will continue to do good and find the benevolence in all of us. Yesterday I was at the gas pump. Next to me was a dark haired beauty. Everything about her was perfect. I could see her lingering as if trying to avoid looking in my direction. I felt a Christian type of connection.

When our eyes met, her eyes turned bright like the sun emitting its own light. It was peaceful and yet alarming. I am a highly sensitive person, an empath you could say. I can sense feelings, moods,energies, basically anything to do with the vibrations of living beings and more. Earlier today, My girlfriend and I, as well as her dog,were driving around when we came to a red light. It was an unusual area, and time to do so regular clothing that seemed odd on a panhandler.

He slowly moves his cup side to side it make an eerie jingle and we said no waving him off. At that time her energy flooded around me and I could feel fear and sick to my stomach. The dog was intensifying her growling to barking, and I encouraged her and kept petting her urging her to do so and protect us from the thing. When she described that to me, I knew she finally truly believed because she experienced it. What I want to know, is if anyone can help me figure out what that was all about?

What that meant,what it was all about etc. I can see those who are of the realm of which most of you have spoken. I want to state that I am here at this blog in an attempt to find others like me. Everyone has the ability, we are born with it. But the entity that is within those of whom you speak has estranged many people from the truth through chemical and psychological means.

That darkness is the legion of many. Hollywood has created your imagination and has also created your doubt, doubt of truth. I call it the legion of many because they are many souls trapped by a dark force that they have surrendered to. I have struggled many years with this knowledge because I wanted to believe that religion was meant to control people. In many ways it has been used as a method of control, but it started with a basis of truth.

Forget everything you were told about religion, at least the marketing version. God is a name we give that which we have yet to understand.

But that is the force that gives all things life and not only in the physical. The legion is a legion for death, it is a collective of energy that exists because suffering exists.

The reason Satanists use human sacrifices, especially virgins is because of the energy of suffering. That energy attracts the legion. That suffering allows the legion to capture the soul of the victim and gives power to the practitioner. The eyes are the window to the soul and the blacker they are the more you need to fear them.

If you aspire to goodness, to life and love then those are your weapons against that evil, but if you are of a nefarious nature then you will sooner or later become a servant of the legion. If you did then you would have nothing to measure it by. But know where you stand. I have met them beyond the physical as they had attempted to take me over as they have so many others.

But I could see them and hear them not as you see a physical object in this dimension and not as you hear in this physical dimension. They are a swarm of spirits as far as the eye could see and their howls are filled with screams of the pleasure of agony.

It is as if they embrace their suffering and at the same time their voices cry for salvation. But to those who embrace it in this realm, they no not what they do. I had the same experience as the hairdresser, but mine was with a family member. I either saw an evil, probably demonic or this person had no soul. What I do know is this person always exhibited bizarre behaviour from childhood. Personality-wise he lacks normal characteristics of a healthy human being. He has very little emotion and is in his own world.

I either saw that he had no soul whatsoever, or he did have one and I saw pure evil. I had to make the decision to keep him out of my life. So glad I came across this discussion. Anyway, when I was about 10 y. Our favorite thing to do was to watch music videos I think the show was Video Soul or something like that.

I was staring into the face of the artist still singing when she turned her back to the camera and her love interest in the video, then in slow motion she turns back to face the guy. Her face transformed into something so scary I closed my eyes and jumped away from the tv! My heart was pounding! My sister and my cousin laughed and asked what was wrong with me. I believe I saw who or rather what that person really was. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Maybe the hairdresser saw the dark side of his own soul. But maybe there are people who have that instinct to recognize it. Tess, have you read the comment on the amazon page? I saw evil in the eyes of Richard Ramariz the infamous Night Stalker. The dermatologists said it was a rash move. The gastroenterologists had a gut feeling about it. The neurologists thought Maura had a lot of nerve.

The obstetricians accused Maura of laboring under a misconception. The ophthalmologists considered the idea short-sighted. The orthopedists issued a joint resolution. The surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing. The radiologists could see right through it. The internists thought it was a hard pill to swallow. Pure evil, I say. You folks are scaring the heck outta me with your stories!

BA, that is a horrifying story. How lucky you are that you followed your instincts! I have never been so afraid in my life. It was a one time experience. Actually, we get onto this blog to get our TG fix between books so I am glad she does post. Have a look http: I was reading over this entire blog and I was a little worried about one of the posts.

Of course I have seen MANY spiritual things in this life, and have seen plenty of evil unfortunately, and encountered MANY demons and angels… When I was a young kid, we were playing and stopped in this house being built, and when we I looked in the mirror on the wall, I suddenly saw a bull sitting in the bathtub behind us with the shower water running on it.

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. On my honeymoon in Singapore last year I truly know I saw evil. I just wanted to share my experience. Correction, I saw something in someones eye.

Example 2 Leader of a Church, his eyes are sky blie. Esample 3 The blank stare. I remember locking myself in a room and praying. Also I want to apologise for my grammar and spelling English is not my mother tongue.

The very next stop, he grabbed his bag and walked out of the doors like any other person. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. All content copyright Tess Gerritsen Contact us:

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