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Although most of the social service functions the police perform seem to be accidental accretions to their mandate resulting from their armed availability, there have been police officers and police departments which have suggested that some forms of social work were proper parts of the police function. This secluded jewel features a covered hot tub, gorgeous fireplace, artisan-made fixtures and lots of antique treasures. Now, the only way you can lose is by missing out on this special release. It would be easy to simply shoot Quigley in the head, bury him in a shallow grave, and tell the British soldiers that he went back to port. If there is a Juggernaut standing there, either try to kill him or stun him so you can both enter the building on the far left through the large window. Most of the time I am the only player at a table who leaves a winner. Yours for setting up your new permanent income stream,.

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Obama has been planning this for a while now, knowing he has enough on Hillary to indict her. Many people on the left, including the President, want Obama to stay another four years. The law prohibits him from being re-elected so the only ways he can do it is by declaring martial law and suspending the election which would be a very negative thing for the country or to declare himself still President because the elected candidate cannot assume her duties.

The latter makes more sense and is actually more feasible. BHO and crew are capable of anything to include false flags so the populace will beg for martial law. In fact they have already happened and few recognize it. Hillary has been unhealthy for years, so none of this is anything new at all. What we are seeing now is the culmination of years of massive use of pharmaceuticals that have taken their toll. She will not last long. One day she will simply fall over dead during some kind of event.

She is a robot or a sort of drug clone or some such non entity. Not unlike a drug addict. I am convinced there is a master plan and she was never going to be president, just a good distraction so the plan can be implemented at the last moment. The question is WHY are they trying to elect her? Imagine they steal the election, she wins… and on Nov. They know the world is changing but they hang on to survive all they can…. The blood of innocents who were killed because of this bitch is catching up.

Even one less of these parasite is a reason to celebrate. South,may not be able to stop his 3rd term personally but imagine there would be millions in uprising. Remember,you can just start dropping out of the system and let it collapse,powers that try to be pull that shit will see a collapse of country as is,perhaps not a bad thing. As you put it, surely it could not be a bad thing.

I should think not. How do you kill a million people? The Sheeple have very short memories. We are still in peril. Word on the streets of soldiers is that Hitlery begged Trump to run against her …and so the plot thickens. Surely appears that way huh? Thank God for Generac and propane tanks. See what happens when you lie and distort your history record. You get your ass handed to you. No, her sickness is due to her evil lying and total disregard for human life.

When Bill was still in office, they had an Easter Egg party on the front lawn of the White House for the disable children. What goes around comes around. Hillary will pay for all her crimes, lies and evil actions. She cannot and must not be allowed to become Pres. The only reason those Hillary lovers and Democrats are backing her is because she is a woman. Wake up people or maybe you want to watch her fall over dead. Will that make you happy?

The religious crowd… God is not all powerful Judg 1: Wake up, the bible is a manual to instate a certain outcome on earth… for aliens. Robbery commanded Ex 3: Slavery and oppression ordained Gen 9: And lastly for killary — It is not our duty to obey rulers, who sometimes punish the good and receive unto themselves damnation therefor Ex 1: This is a middle-eastern jewish religion, why does Westerners bother with it?

Nothing to do with us. God punishes no one and does nothing to stop any of the bad things that happen on this planet everyday. Voting for the left hand or the right hand is not what you call a democracy and you will still be stuck with all the traitors in Congress that work on bribes from the bankers. Oh so now Trump. Are ypu saying Trump flew the planes?

How about hired the hikackers? No maybe he was dancing. Which was it MR Smith Moron? Explain you uninformed rant. I would also add a barking dog to sound chip of billary bobble head! Obullshit said that there would be a smooth transition after the next election. I wonder what he was saying??? Nope, Election Day is fixed by law. Shoulda picked a better candidate. Good luck winning any election with either of those strategies. Yes plan A failed so the false flag is next in order and ML.

The masses will beg for it and the so-called conservatives will do nothing but complain and fund it! Murdering people to keep your evil quiet has the worst possible Karma on this planet.

Stay tuned to the Karma channel for more great and horrific lessons in life. I do wish her well, and I hope she is comfortable. I was raised not to wish for bad for people, so I will hope she will be OK.

I thing she is one of the biggest turds in D. There are things humans simply do not do to other humans, aliens does. One of the properties of a human is that they have a conscience, and hence empathy. Non existent with aliens. Hill is either sick or TPTB want to run someone else because Hill is not getting the following they wanted. If he sticks with what he said about it, he will be a success for American interests.

I like Phillipine people. The ones coming over now are jacking up the medical field even worse than what Rockefeller envisioned in his evil imagination. Makes sense to me, every convenience store within 10 miles of my home is run by immigrants. Health is not a requirement to be president. That is why we have vice-presidents.

Following the United States Constitution should be the only requirement. She fails that just as much. Surely, our mooselem-in-chief will hafta postpone the election for at least a year to find another puppet for Soros. OK, as a ret. It effects every organ. For him it was his legs—-not the brain.!!

Hillary with what she is trying to do, is endangering herself even more. If she is being pumped up with meds to keep her going is only going to shorten her life more. My neighbor died of Parkinson and by the time he was diagnosed and died was 2yrs. I suggest she back off and end this road, Let her enjoy her grandchilden as long as possible. Barbara, welcome, and thank you for your insight. At this point, this feels like a terminal illness and she is bound and determined to be the first woman president, even if it kills her.

Surely, our mooselem-in-chief will hafta postpone the election for at least a year to find another Democrap puppet for Soros. One less parasite feeding off the good people of this world. As for the dictator an his minions in office there time will come, like it will come for us all. All empires must fall in order for newer ones to be built in there place. This one had a good run. Phony cover story for a more serious incident IMHO. If her problem was caused by overheating, how will she cope after she dies?

I hear it is really hot down there. Being overheated is normally called heatstroke, it is potentially deadly. First aid, remove excess clothing, soak them down with cool water, apply ice packs etc. Reducing core temperature is critical. All because of 84 degree weather? I like to think it was the ghosts of Chris Stephens and the other Benghazi murdered who died today overwhelming her. Being evil takes its toll on your health! All the MSM will never show this and will keep saying that it was no big deal.

She was just a little warm under her Chairman Mao wardrobe. Probably had a hard night drinking. Killary may not make it to the debate at the rate her health is declining. What happens if she simply must remove herself from the nomination? Does it go back to Biden? Get of your staffers on it or some shit. As I seem to remember…Hillary likes her booze…I wonder if she had…one too many…. She did collapse and would have hit the deck if not for her crowd of lackeys.

I have never heard or seen anyone with pneumonia have the seizure type movements, like Hillary did, gettting into the van the morning.