Nevertheless, he allows I-Five and Den to be in his company. In the process, Jax gets into a fight with Xizor, where the latter uses Jax's lightsaber , and Jax uses a lightwhip. How Fitbit data led to stepdad's arrest in killing. Vegas survivors to wed 1 year after massacre Fifty-eight were killed and hundreds injured in the Oct. Life-threatening flash flooding possible from remnants of Hurricane Rosa Rosa is a tropical depression as it moves over Baja California and spreads heavy rain into the Southwest and the Rockies on Tuesday morning.

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Jedi Twilight

Senate Republican leaders address media In Recess: Amazon to raise wages for more than , employees Oct 2. Firms sell school 'hardening' as shooting solution. How Fitbit data led to stepdad's arrest in killing. Ricin suspected at Pentagon mail center. High school football player dies after game hit. Remnants of Rosa move into Southwest.

Boy Scout buried alive in sand. Student pilot deported after jumping airport gate. Body found confirmed to be missing 6-year-old. Illeana Douglas opens up about Les Moonves. Shark attack victim's mother calls him a 'warrior'. Boy recovering from shark attack.

Manhunt for murder suspect on the run in Tennessee. FBI ramps up its Kavanaugh investigation. Woman survives being trapped in overturned car for almost 2 days. City council to vote on sex robot brothel ban. HGTV stars surprise each other with homemade anniversary gifts.

Jessie James Decker announces she's going back on tour. How fertility companies are taking aim at women in their 20s. Injuries raise new concerns about football dangers. Video shows police helicopter closing in on tailgate. Mom of year-old shark attack victim speaks out. Phones around the country will buzz with the first national emergency alert test On Wednesday at 2: EST almost all the cell phones in the country will go off in the first nationwide test of a wireless emergency alert Boy recovering from shark attack A year-old boy who was attacked by a shark while lobster diving is expected to recover and says he plans to go back into the water someday.

Illeana Douglas details her allegations against Les Moonves The actress says that he behaved inappropriately in a meeting. Feds testing water at Texas park after man dies from brain-eating amoeba. Envelopes suspected of containing ricin found at Pentagon mail center The envelopes did not enter the Pentagon itself. Manhunt for murder suspect on the run in Tennessee Tennessee authorities are desperate to a capture a double murder suspect who they say is on the run after a string of violent crimes.

Manhunt underway for alleged murder suspect, following a string of violent crimes Kirby Gene Wallace, 53, is considered armed and dangerous. Woman survives being trapped in overturned car for almost 2 days One victim was pronounced dead at the scene by authorities in Louisiana.

Hard-boiled reporter Den Dhur and his buddy, the highly unorthodox droid I-5YQ , have shocking news to bring Jax—about the father he never knew. But when Jax learns that his old Jedi Master has been killed, leaving behind the request that Jax finish a mission critical to the resistance, Jax has no choice but to emerge from hiding—and risk detection by Darth Vader to fulfill his Master's dying wish.

The novel starts with former Jedi Master Even Piell running through the Coruscant underworld , chased by stormtroopers. Piell is cornered in an old abandoned building and is forced to confront the stormtroopers in a violent battle.

He is killed, but the building is then raided by members of the rebel team Whiplash , led by Nick Rostu. The Whiplash members defeat the stormtroopers, and in his dying words, Piell tells Rostu about a droid dubbed "Bug-Eyes" that contains information vital to helping the Whiplash underground in its battle against the Galactic Empire.

Jax Pavan is living in the underbelly of what was once Coruscant , and is now dubbed Imperial Center by rule of Emperor Palpatine's Empire. Jax, in disguise as a regular citizen, acts a freelancer, accomplishing various jobs so he can go on living through the days while he is also secretly working for the Whiplash. I-Five and Den eventually locate Jax, as well as Laranth, and they escape the clutches of a Hutt crime lord named Rokko , while subsequently leading to a double-chase with Imperial forces.

Nevertheless, he allows I-Five and Den to be in his company. However, in reality, Perhi tends to keep his position as Black Sun leader longer than he says he does, and he tells Kaird that if he assassinates Xizor, then Kaird will be allowed to go back to his home world , and Black Sun will never bother him again. Kaird is to track down and kill Xizor on Imperial Center.

Rostu does meet with Jax and tries to lead him into an Imperial trap for Vader to grab him during Jax's mission to locate Bug-Eyes.

Eventually, Jax's mission and Kaird's attempt at assassinating Xizor, which goes horribly awry for the latter, both lead to an abandoned nuclear factory at a far, abandoned side of Imperial Center. There, at the factory, where Bug-Eyes is, and where Xizor is hiding, and also where Rostu has set the trap for Vader to capture Jax, the group is attacked by rogue factory worker droids.

Nevertheless, Jax's company finds Bug-Eyes and retrieves the information for the Whiplash. In the process, Jax gets into a fight with Xizor, where the latter uses Jax's lightsaber , and Jax uses a lightwhip.

At the end of the fight, Xizor flees as the Imperial forces arrive for Jax. Though Jax has figured out that Rostu betrayed him, he lets him go of any punishment or consequence. Jax then tries to lose Vader by dropping his own lightsaber into the factory's nuclear core, which will cause a chain reaction that will lead to the factory's destruction and make Vader believe, at least temporarily, that Jax died in the explosion.

Haninum Tyk Rhinann sees that the failure for Jax's capture will lead to his own demise at Vader's hands, so he departs Vader's service for Jax. In the Star Wars: This novel also contains several erroneous references to Even Piell having more than one eye or retina, or eyelid affected by extremely bright light.

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