Does Putin speak English?

No longer in use No longer in vogue No longer in work No longer ineffable No longer insure No longer interested in No longer is No longer is embraced by a husband - extremely tearful? Can I use your phone? The family patriarch in that era was Benedict Hayum Goldschmidt, who fathered 14 children. A treatise on the computational complexity of songs by venerable computer scientist Donald Knuth. Penniless Penniless captains - they can go downhill fast Penniless Greek city, one in Asia Penniless person Penniless piano player finally gets rounds in Penniless pickpockets are inclined to exaggerate Penniless sailor eats not a single meal Penniless traveler Penniless young men outside bookies Pennilessness Penning first in trilogy, author needing a drink Penning the ultimate in drivel, yawning author Pennsylvania and others Pennsylvania and others:

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Ness of "The Untouchables Ness, e. Nest egg for old age, in Nest egg letters Nest egg option, briefly Nest egg protectors Nest egg protectors? Nest egg, for short Nest egg, of a sort: Abbr Nest eggs abbr. Nest eggs for seniors: Net curtains must be foremost source of risk Net feat Net gain from trawling? Net rival Net sales Net sales? Net search engine finding part of a bird's anatomy Net supporter Net used in a car Net worth Net-surfer Net-surfer's stop Netanyahu of Israel Netanyahu's land: Netanyahu's predecessor Netanyahu's predecessor a Netanyahu's successor Netanyahu's successor, 19 Netanyahu, informally Netcom competitor Netflix mailing Netflix movie Netflix offering Netflix rental Neth.

Netting site Nettle Nettle rash at first seen on priest from the east Nettle sting I regularly scrat, removing top Nettle tea ruined by stirring centrally over time Nettled Nettled, with "off" Nettles Nettlesome person Network Network with Network about to go down? That requires advanced course Network based in D. Network intersection Network of "Lost" Network of fine threads Network provider? Networking site where popular snappers primarily tag stuff Networks, e.

Neurological disorder Neurological problem Neurologist Neurologist or orthopedis Neurologist's tool, for s Neurology, oncology, card Neuron part Neuron's tips? Never before seen Never broadcast Never cut off Never ever Never flipping attempt a return to this planet! Never getting off one's d Never gone Never growing old Never having heard "Peer Never idle Never let backs go round the team Never mind!

Never used Never vandalised loo ninety-four! Never wrapping up Never! Never-ending story Never-ending story by monarch giving speech Never-ending, old-style Never-failing Never-never land Never-ratified cold war a Never-ratified women-rela Never: Neverending, once Neverland resident 2 wds.

Nevertheless Nevertheless 2 wds. New bistro opening in large city New blade flipped in deception's getting sharper New blue lamp? I don't fancy shade on top New boy dips into illicit money, a career-ending moment New Boy Scout New boy? New brew in drink certainly secured New Brunswick's river New business involving fabulous sheep? New cars of '64 New cars of New cartels in the red?

New citizen, perhaps New classes seeing how films are recorded New climb beginning New coin New coins New cold ales inappropriately described, I suggest?

New colonist New colour walls intense New concoction of some lingo? New copy of an old book New corp. New Deal letters New Deal org. New Deal power project: A New Deal pres. New Deal program inits. New Deal program, for sho New Deal program: New Delhi native New deli sold a pork pie New doctor New driver's hurdle New driver, maybe New driver, often New driver, typically New driver, usually New drivers, usually New energy has died after artist leaves the planet New Eng.

New England state New England state sch. New grandparent, often New growth New growth had damaged idol New guest Her Maj upset, giving the fingers? Percy worked with another boy to put into code New inn tests alarm in Covent Garden street New issuances, for short New issue on Wall St. New leg added to stump New linen hat worn by a man New Look designer New look for composer New master and merchant New member of la familia New Mexican, e. New moon, for one New moon? On reflection, you see Altair regularly with one eye New N.

It goes back some way New newt New newts New notice at canal indicating expanse of water New novel about one old music maker New number underground New old man? New record releases with something for the Scottish market New recruit New recruits stationed initially between choppy Nile and another river New relationship originally developing New rendering New reverend returning to run what ministers do New revolutionary leader surrounds city New ringtone is a gas!

New series about university in supply again New setter's joining Times, a selfish sort? New shirt got discarded outside? That's improvident New shoots New sketch made by artist cutting coloured paper New soldier New sort of book New South Wales capital New specification New spouse's acquisitions New stable arrival New staffer New staging of an old play New stars never cross New stock issuances, for New student - more impudent New student giving more cheek New student in resort finds means of getting up to date New student, person who's bound to return with that woman New stuff brought into important US state New stylings New suits Charlie leaves for groups of people New tails jaunty editor wore as experiment New Test.

New Testament writing New threat involving English playhouse New throne for queen, perhaps New trouble for one that held Jesus' hand? New umpire - he covers a wicket that's important New uni lecturer told story about fine I revoked New uranium crystal involved in fission or fusion New US prisons with new configuration gain distinction New varsity team member, New version of a song, ma New voters, often New walker New Wave singer Lovich New wine has an obligation to smell New wing New wings New women's bra: New worker New World abbr.

New Yorker's ticked off current score New Zealand: Prefix New; book Newark time zone abbr. Newbies Newbies are often directe Newborn Newborn birds, e. Newborn child, for one Newborn infant Newborn Newfoundland Newborn on a ranch Newborn puppies enjoy the Newborn's bed Newborn's paraphernalia Newborn's place Newborns in stable condit Newcastle area of the country?

Not right at first to be nervy Newcastle Browns, e. Newcastle-upon-Tyne native Newcomer timing mare running without tail Newcomer, briefly Newcomer, novice Newer Newer software, perhaps Newer type of music by old rock and roller showed passion Newer, as a car Newest Newfangled Newfoundland's capital Newly Newly appointed Newly christen Newly developed, as techn Newly established business Newly evidenced, paid?

Newly fashioned Newly formed Newly made Newly minted money Newly out? Jou News groups News handout of journalists' redundancy News hardest to broadcast, pleasingly brief News head News host, e. News report News Romney spread about Clinton for Trump? News satire source, brief News segment News show assemblage News source News source beginning in News source of old News source, for short News sources News squib News staffers, for short News story News subject News subjects News summaries News the teacher would welcome in any form?

Newsgroup messages Newshawk's asset? Newspaper article occupies retired collier Newspaper article twice backed setter? Newspaper attention-gette Newspaper bigwigs Newspaper bill? Newspaper boss comes in to try uplifting Greek dish Newspaper bosses Newspaper carrier, at tim Newspaper circulation uni Newspaper column separato Newspaper columnist Goodm Newspaper columnist Kupci Newspaper cost going through the roof Newspaper customers Newspaper cutting includes brief summary Newspaper department Newspaper div.

Newspaper editor Bradlee Newspaper editor originally employed in cricket side frequently Newspaper editor reflected Newspaper employee Newspaper essay Newspaper feature Newspaper format Newspaper founded in Newspaper full of gossip Newspaper head Newspaper income source Newspaper issue Newspaper man's recollected it: Newspaper room Newspaper section Newspaper section chief Newspaper section that co Newspaper section, with " Newspaper staffers, for s Newspaper staffers, in br Newspaper starting in Newspaper story Newspaper supplement Newspaper supply Newspaper unit Newspaper units: Newspapers collectively Newspapers ditch leader to cover ultimate issues Newspapers, collectively Newspapers, TV, etc.

Newt-like amphibian Newton alternative Newton fraction Newton of the N. Next in the order Next of kin perhaps snared in Madrid will be back Next R. They couldn't be further away from it Next Thursday finish, closing early Next time Next to Next to - alien dogs Next to - compared with Next to best idea volunteers ignored Next to Connecticut Avenu Next to motorway, get hurt flying drone Next to nothing?

Nice article about sex for couple Nice article set off sparks Nice attraction Nice cop Nice cop admitted to back trouble Nice cop? Nice dame I put out is a really cool woman Nice enough fellow Nice evening Nice farewell? Nice fee R Burton negotiated for film Nice figure Nice for one to get stuff in order again Nice girl follows directions, hosting morning with her kin Nice girl? Nice girls Nice grocer's offloading water on a huge scale Nice guy Nice here in the navy, getting some killer protein!

Nice inn over in Germany? Time to go round it! Nice jacket material Nice kind of workweek Nice lad struggling with it getting no different Nice lady stripped the first guy to come along Nice language clubs in action abroad Nice location Nice look? Nice notion Nice notions Nice of Mike to visit area in East End of London - it makes one humble Nice old leader is upset, having to entertain a jerk Nice one Nice one modelled after work with no rivals Nice people collect them Nice person beyond doubt, cares a lot at first … Nice place Nice place for studying?

Nice response Nice setter entertains a new girl Nice solvers hug Arachne on edges of Edmonton Green Nice tasting bit of pork's spoken about Nice tax Nice thing to cut through Nice thing to do peaceful Nice things to look at Nice through and through Nice times with Australian, involved in swimming etc Nice to look at Nice to nosh Nice to wear Nice touch Nice touch from Roger Dal Nice track, spin around at ease? Nice view Nice warm days?

Niche publication's excellent coverage of Australia and New Zealand Niche sex that is banned Niche, alcove Niche, hollow in a wall Nicholas and Ivan, e. Nick has an ambition to succeed in football Nick in place departs as promised Nick is fit Nick loses head a little bit Nick loses head in the sack - that's messed up Nick name?

Nick, say Nickel Nickel and dime Nickel and dime in gaming Nickel in a pocket, say? Nickel or copper, but not Nickel or dime Nickel, but not dime Nickel, e. Nickname Nickname aboard Apollo 1 Nickname among major-leag Nickname for 6 on the Si Nickname for a 6-foot Nickname for a big dog Nickname for a bodybuilde Nickname for a cheater in Nickname for a dwarfish p Nickname for a good kisse Nickname for a good ol' b Nickname for a gym rat Nickname for a kvetch mav Nickname for a little guy Nickname for a Manhattan Nickname for a namesake o Nickname for a noted L.

Nigeria's largest city Nigerian capital Nigerian capital before A Nigerian city Nigerian city and port Nigerian currency Nigerian currency unit Nigerian export Nigerian language Nigerian monetary unit Nigerian native Nigerian native or langua Nigerian natives Nigerian novelist Chinua Nigerian people Nigerian regularly visited Bilbao Nigerian tribesman Nigerian-born pop star Nigerian-born singer with Nigerian-born singing sta Niggling Niggling criticism Nigh Night "Dallas" was on: Night club Night club looked black?

Not the usual hue Night cover Night crawler Night crier Night deposit? Abbr Night school subj. Night sky feature Night sound Night spot Night spot? Night stalker Night stand leader? Night watcher Night watchmen? That's an unknown quantity Nightmarish boss Nightmarish males occupying certain cubicles Nightmarish street Nightmarish street, in fi Nights before Nights before holidays Nights of joiners in house not for refurbishment Nightshade family plant Nightspot Nightspots where the attr Nightstand spot Nightstick?

Nighttime advertising sig Nighttime assignment, oft Nighttime attire Nighttime biter Nighttime inspection Nighttime jockey's gear? Nighttime noisemaker Nighttime scavenger, info Nighttime twinkler Nighttime view Nighttime vision Nightwear Nightwear, briefly Nightwear, for short Nihilistic 20th-century European art movement Nike alternative Nike competitor Nike logo Nike rival Nike's swoosh, e.

Nike's swoosh, for one Nike, e. Nine inches Nine Muses after dieting? Ninth month with sci-fi film group Ninth mos. Ninth planet no more Ninth successor of St.

Ninth-century founder of Ninth-century Saxon king Ninth-inning excitement, Ninth-inning hurler, ofte Ninth-inning pitcher Ninth-inning relief pitch Ninth-largest body known Niobe, e. Nip Nip before a tuck? Nip or nipper Nip round between times Nip round, meeting merry king for a drink Nipped Nipped and tucked Nipped, with "out" Nipper Nipper moved prince Nipper picked up poems and scanned lines Nipper the dog's company Nipper's "master" Nipper's co.

Nipper's letters Nipple seized by nippers almost last to appreciate a close encounter Nips Nips and tucks Nirvana Nirvana attainer Nirvana seeker Nirvana seekers Nirvana single's featured in show Nirvana, essentially? Nissan model Nissan offering Nissan S.

Nitpicky person Nitrates Nitre treated like nitrogen Nitrogen affected sound of handset Nitrogen compound Nitrogen compounds Nitrogen does spread over tops of underground lumps - these? Nitrogen's lack Nitroglycerin or dynamite Nitrous oxide, e. Nitwits Niuewpoort's river Nix Nix from Nixon, e. Nix, presidentially Nixed Nixed by Nixon, e. Ab Nixon staffer G.

No 1 left island town No 1 sign diet at fault? No agreement in a tight corner? No aliens could get near them No amateur No angel No Apple product No backbreaker No bad feeling after abandoning one aristocrat No bail out for Britain? No bananas for homeless person No behind-the-back critic No being cryptic and causing problems! No big babies No big thing No bigot No bother No boy demands silly Victorian book No brainiac No brave supplier of witticism will get punishment No bright bovine?

No brother or sister mounting this buffalo No bruiser No car in a scrapyard has instruments inside No case for gun to change No celibate, he No challenge No chance at all!

No chance of dessert? No change in gland No change with this, as bird beset by plague No charge for accommodation on island No charge for this on iTunes, unlimited or otherwise No Child Left Behind dept No children's viewing No choice for this holiday destination? No clarity of line in swimmer's initial stroke No college boy's beaten an average player No colour match? No common ground - it's elementary No Conservative to stop slide No contemporary writing about this period No contests No cost in going round lakeside location No couch potato No couch potato, him No damage around house No dance clue No dessert for a dieter No dessert for dieters No dieting is ordered for dyspepsia No difficulty in this riddle, initially?

No exemplar of erudition No exemplar of grace No expert No expression of doubt in song having no feelings No extras No family fare No fan of Pizarro, certai No fancy threads No female to worry over contrary men, period!

No follower No fond feeling No food in her cupboard? No good interrupting angry person without courtesy No good line occupying discussion - that's characteristic of the English? That is it No introduction needed for elite competitors No introduction of an extra burden No lack of self-confidenc No lager drunk by northern chap No later than No later than, briefly No later than, informally No laughing matter No layabout No less than No lieutenant yet: No light opinion formed by the critical No light reading No limits to crime in island resort No longer a minor No longer a slave No longer able to shoot No longer active: No longer an option No longer anchored No longer around No longer asleep No longer asleep — needing a wash?

No longer bothered by No longer bound after one has a change of heart No longer bright No longer bright, as colo No longer carry No longer carry Folgers o No longer carrying curren No longer charged No longer chic No longer chilling in working environment No longer cool No longer dirt No longer disturbed by No longer divided No longer doing the job?: No longer done No longer drunk?

No longer edible No longer excited No longer fashionable No longer fashionable attorney bloke No longer fast No longer feeding, as a p No longer fresh No longer gloomy No longer green No longer hot No longer hungry No longer in No longer in bed No longer in effect No longer in enemy hands No longer in fashion No longer in first place No longer in nappies No longer in service No longer in style No longer in the closet No longer in the groove musically and not to be talked about No longer in the land of Nod No longer in the service: No longer in the U.

No longer in use No longer in vogue No longer in work No longer ineffable No longer insure No longer interested in No longer is No longer is embraced by a husband - extremely tearful? No longer legal No longer living No longer mended? No longer mint No longer mint, in a way No longer moved by No longer nurses No longer on active duty: No longer on deck No longer on deck?

No longer on the bottle No longer on the plate No longer on vacation No longer operative No longer outstanding, in No longer pale No longer plentiful, for instance No longer pristine No longer producing No longer pure No longer reliant on moth No longer secret No longer sharp No longer shrink-wrapped No longer sick No longer speaking, after No longer sponsored No longer standing No longer stops? No longer stuck on No longer stylish No longer take it No longer taking exercise, one in depression needed to get fit No longer the same No longer thinking about No longer under No longer under considera No longer used No longer used: No longer valid No longer vivid No longer waiting on the No longer warm No longer wild No longer with us No longer work No longer working No longer working for the No longer working, went upstairs No longer working: No more credit to do minimal business?

No more jokes after this, said to be the longest? No more room on satellite? It happens every month No more sex, being thus? No more stars twinkling for those who watch at night No more than No more than a drop No more than half the air temperature No more work for retail outlet No mountains are this colour No Mr. No one needing meat around before one gets rice dish No one remaining hairy in sports?

Be careful what you say! Large number taken back No opening in crowd to hurry No opening to suggest some light work should arrive here No Oscar contender No particular interest about African country No particular place in It No party suggested one must accept an unpalatable solution No peace till one's buried No performers are found h No permission for recesses No person No philanthropist No pieces of cake No place for a base, in b No place for a big rig No place for a draft dodg No place for a lady No place for a neatnik No place for a rig No place for an epicure No place for skirts No place in church to carry a retracted blade?

No place to overlook special symbols No plan to stop big player in games No point to ripped Levi jeans, they can be chucked No points awarded to amateur coming back for old elephant No posh hotel No posh hotels No praises No pressure No pressure for clemency after PM gets winning margin No pressure to maintain large part of boat No prize?

No quick reads No quick trip around the No racer No rara avis means to inject fluid! No record in little jotter No regal residence No regret for Piaf in smearing of alto from 1 down, say? No room here to live with those people over 50, right?

A terrible b-blunder No score No Scottish company meeting with setback in the main No short story No short time No show flat? No shrimp No slowpoke No sluggard: Absolutely right No starter with fast food No stay-at-home. No stranger to the slopes No string bean No strong material to go to court after position upheld No substance in pious charity songs like Millennium Prayer?

No surprise outcomes No sweat with this dance No talking in Hanover Square No tears from tenants living thus? No thugs No time at all No time for fat girl No time for fear? No time for headdress in town No time for homely fashions No Tony nominee, surely No tough opponent No trace found at sea, conversely No trouble No tucking into fatty birds from Italy No typical stock trader No vegetarian warder No visible means of suppo No vote No voter No walk in the park No way alcoholic drink is a remedy against ills No way at first for nasty types to be executed, no date being fixed No way booze is remedy against ills No way drink is medicine!

No way hiding, ready for quick thrust No way to kill yen for travelling No way will my relatives be crying here? No wear for waifs No Westminster contender No wet brambles No wild enthusiasm amongst sailors for Vlad?

No-nonsense No-nonsense cry No-nonsense northern relation lost in York perhaps No-nos No-nos in many hotels No-parking zone No-pressure friendly for supporter No-see-um No-see-ums No-show No-show's score No-show's test score No-smoking ordinance, e.

No-waist dresses No-win situation No-win situation involving black neighbour of Black Beauty? Nobel's birthplace Nobel, e. A Nobleman accompanies girl soldiers to see civic official Nobleman after a banquet? Nobleman briefly getting attention Nobleman covered in pearls Nobleman expected to receive his king Nobleman expected to throttle King Nobleman from Balmoral or Dinnet? Nobleman given award for making part of organ Nobleman has yen to leave before time Nobleman upset Liberal?

That's funny Nobleman with award finds place to hang decoration Nobleman years ahead of his time? Nobleman's title Nobleman, originally Irish, is in Paris — first to arrive? Rotten to the core! Nocturnal animals of the Nocturnal beetle Nocturnal bird Nocturnal birds Nocturnal birds liable to Nocturnal bloodsucker Nocturnal cycle occurrenc Nocturnal feline Nocturnal fledgling Nocturnal hooters?

Noddle Nods Nods off Nods, perhaps Nodule Nodule I fitted in plastic connector Noel Noel opener Noel staple Noel starter Noel syllables Noel who played Lois Lane Noel, Yule Noes Nog ingredient Nog ingredient, maybe Nogales "now" Nogales nosh Noggin Noggin tops Noggin, in Nantes Noggins Nogoodniks Noirish Noise Noise a pig makes Noise after lightning Noise at a street protest Noise at night Noise from a fan Noise from pond life - die Noise in a comic book gun Noise made by bird quietly in its home Noise made by middle parts of mosques' swivel-chairs Noise made by my body Noise of an explosion Noise of chaps making appearance Noise of crazy pub still poses challenge Noise of the lambs Noise of train overheard by coastal resident Noise pollution Noise that Emily Post wou Noise used to attract someone's attention privately Noiseless Noises from 19th group back?

Noises from a county fair Noises from a rattletrap Noisily disputed wrong figure in bill Noisily drink up, touring a camp Noisome Noisome noise Noisome smell Noisy Noisy and unruly Noisy argument raging nearby Noisy bed-partner Noisy bird Noisy bird — sort of spaniel as well, some say Noisy birds Noisy bug Noisy but comfy chair Noisy celebrant Noisy celebration Noisy city transports Noisy commotion Noisy complaint Noisy counters Noisy cutter Noisy disturbance Noisy entertainment Noisy fan Noisy fight Noisy fights Noisy flier Noisy groups Noisy insect Noisy lot dispute "offside" Noisy lover is briefly on top, then on back Noisy one in the morning Noisy opposition Noisy outburst Noisy party Noisy protest extremely unchristian - head dished out a hundred lines Noisy public fight Noisy public speaker Noisy publicity Noisy quarrel Noisy reception Noisy reception when queen pays a visit?

Dylan to cut LP by 22 across Non-alcoholic drink Non-bear bear Non-believer Non-believer in force led one to change direction Non-choice for restaurant Non-clergy Non-clerical people Non-coffee order at Starb Non-competitive match Non-defeatist declaration Non-drinker Non-earthling Non-earthlings, briefly Non-earthlings, for short Non-existent location Non-fiction books let me think he's useful in many ways Non-fliers, holding US wheel-protector back, honourably discharged Non-head of state who add Non-illuminated bend up front leads to the opposite Non-interventionist passes away Non-Jews Non-mainstream believer Non-meat-eater Non-metallic element, S Non-oil painting method Non-P.

Non-professional Non-professional swimmer lacks training Non-professionals Non-rigid airship deficient in breadth Non-Rx Non-science subjects Non-scientific studies Non-standard system of lines: Non-verbal indications of assent Non-woody plants shoot in this place Nonabrasive Nonabrasive leather Nonacademic degree Nonacademic school activi Nonagenarian's age Nonagonal Nonalcoholic beer brand Nonaligned nations, e.

Noncitizen Nonclerical Noncom naval personnel Noncombat area, for short Noncombatant Noncommissioned army officer Noncommissioned officer Noncommittal agreement Noncommittal answer Noncommittal reply Noncommittal response Noncommittal suffix Noncommittal words Noncompromiser Nonconformist Nonconformist church raised cross - what's the point?

Nonconformist faction Nonconformist lamenting order Nonconformist setter twice rejected by The Scotsman Nonconformist spy? Nonconformists Nondairy milk source Nondairy spread Nondairy spreads Nondairy topping Nondefensive military mov Nondemocratic rule Nondescript Nondiverse kind of farmin Nondrinker Nondrinker by law None left?

I agree None of it is good, it's said None of that? None of the above None of the above, on a s None the worse for the or None the worse for wear, None too brainy None too bright None too challenging cour None too happy None too smart None too soon None too swift None-too-gentle landing None-too-subtle encourage Nonentity Nonessential Nonet of black squares in Nonetheless Nonetheless, for short Nonets Nonexclusive Nonexistent Nonexistent, in Nantes Nonfiction author Nonfiction films, for sho Nonfielding A.

Nonhuman co-hosts of TV's Nonhuman part of a cyborg Nonintellectual Nonkosher diner offerings Nonkosher food Nonkosher lunch Nonkosher sandwiches Nonlearner, proverbially Nonlethal firearm Nonlethal weapon Nonlibrary reading Nonliquid state Nonliteral humor Nonmatching item, maybe Nonmechanized weapon Nonmember Nonmember of a union: Nonsense to have gold brought back from somewhere in Indonesia Nonsense word repeated in Nonsense word said while Nonsense writer without the polish?

Nonsense written about hotel party Nonsense! This race isn't so hairy! Nonstick spray Nonstop Nonstop connection Nonstop round-the-clock, Nonstudio broadcasts Nonstudio film Nonsurfer at the beach Nontheoretical athlete? Nontraditional chair styl Nontraditional haircuts Nonuniformed police offic Nonunion employees: Nonunion workplace Nonuniversity type Nonuple Nonvegetarian sandwich, f Nonvegetarian sandwiches, Nonverbal communication Nonverbal communication, Nonverbal congratulations Nonverbal O.

Noodge Noodges Noodle Noodle concoction Noodle concoction? Noodle dish Noodle product? Noodle-and-vegetable soup Noodlehead Noodleheads Noodles Noodles in a bowl? Right, Noodles with tempura Noodles, maybe Nook Nook in which a copperhead is enamoured? Normal cost 2 wds. When an ownership dispute occurs, options are available, as follows. The parties involved may settle the matter privately, or by proceeding in the Ontario courts, or resolved through arbitration by an arbitrator appointed by the Chair of the Board of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario AGCO.

All parties to a prize dispute must agree to the process for arbitration to proceed. Any party to a prize dispute is advised to obtain independent legal advice.

How to Claim Prizes Find the forms and information you need to claim single and group prizes. I want to claim At the OLG prize centre. Valid government issued identification with date of birth. The following are acceptable: The second piece of ID may include any from the above list or: If you have a winning ticket: You will see a winning message on the Customer Display Screen and hear a winning message play from the lottery terminal.

Peck role of Peck, e. Pecs' kin Peculiar Peculiar and special, fine diamonds sent to the West Peculiar expression Peculiar nun dancing in river Peculiar to a locale Peculiar: Pedestal topper Pedestals, e. Pedestrian aid Pedestrian elected to block the way Pedestrian is for it, I see Pedestrian safety feature Pedestrian shopping area Pedestrian sign Pedestrian to block a driver needing a coach Pedestrian's intersection Pedestrian, at times Pedestrianised to save energy without responsibility Pedestrians' woes Pedicab alternative Pedicure place Pedicure subject Pedicurist's need Pedicurists work on them Pedigree Pedigree alternative Pedigree animal Pedigree figures Pedigree org.

Peer Gynt's mother Peer in uniform Peer of Agatha Peer of Dashiell Peer of incomparable quality Peer of the realm Peer on a stage Peer pressure will ultimately lead to bullying going up Peer shows no belief, oddly Peer's title Peer's topper Peer, informally Peer, to his servant Peered-through aperture Peerless Peerlessly Peers Peers etc showing no skill, lacking capital Peers in Court? Peers interfere outrageously in capitalist system Peers of caliphs Peers say invested in a Greek publishing company Peeve Peeve, with "off" Peeved Peeved and showing it Peeved pout Peeved state Peeved, after "in" Peeves Peevish Peevish complaint from Caucasian changing time to noon Peevish display Peevish humor Peevish states Peevish, formal greeting, showing arm?

Pel Pelagia, losing energy, rides, strangely lifted Pelee Island's lake Pelican Pelicans distributed irregularly? Pen and record modern music with Hollies' principal writer Pen chorus Pen debut for Shakespeare possibly?

Pen fluid Pen fluids Pen for a pet pig? Pen for pigs Pen good section with feel for describing Pen gripping love novel to reveal nothing Pen group Pen in Pen liquid Pen liquids Pen mothers Pen name Pen name for Charles Lamb Pen name of Charles Lamb Pen names Pen names derived from re Pen noise Pen novel for reclining dictator, some light material Pen pal finally stops once hurt, certainly Pen pal in Paris, perhaps Pen pal's locale?

Pen part Pen pas? Pencil 'lead' Pencil box top, often Pencil case originally having smooth fabric Pencil end Pencil ends Pencil features Pencil filler Pencil holder Pencil holder, at times Pencil holders, sometimes Pencil inscription Pencil pusher Pencil pushers Pencil rubber Pencil topper Pencil's end Pencil's innards Pencil, perhaps, and where it might be kept?

Kildare Pendulum accompaniment Pendulum paths Pendulum's path Penetrate Penetrate enemy defences - a significant development Penetrate slowly Penetrate, with "through" Penetrated Penetrating Penetrating reed Penetrating wind Penetrative dye; mark Penguin from Antarctica Penguin to take one swimming about ice, lost chick briefly Penguin's blueish ruffles breaking up pair?

Penguin's hangout Penguin's locale Penguin's walk Penguins' home Penguins' org. Penn pal Penn Sta. Penn Station initials Penn Station inits. Penn, to Pennsylvania Penn. Pennies are small ones Pennies made in the ' Pennies oddly lacking - the writer's nemesis Pennies, maybe Pennies, perhaps Pennies: Penniless Penniless captains - they can go downhill fast Penniless Greek city, one in Asia Penniless person Penniless piano player finally gets rounds in Penniless pickpockets are inclined to exaggerate Penniless sailor eats not a single meal Penniless traveler Penniless young men outside bookies Pennilessness Penning first in trilogy, author needing a drink Penning the ultimate in drivel, yawning author Pennsylvania and others Pennsylvania and others: Pennsylvania, for one Pennsylvanie, e.

Pension supplement, for s Pension supplements Pension, in Paris Pensioner Pensioner ignoring a twitching of the eye Pensioners first to consume fuel Pensioners here start to effervesce after mother's ruin Pent up Penta plus three Penta- plus one Pentagon big Pentagon bigwigs Pentagon concern, for sho Pentagon fig.

Pentagon inventory Pentagon plans Pentagon V. Pentathletes' weapons Pentathlon competitor, e. People after whom things People along the old Iron People appearing in National Theatre role organised registration People are closely watche People are keen take part in such a society People are picky about th People aren't usually dra People asked to parties People at a special showi People at People, for sho People at the ballet perhaps pay particular attention People born around now trying The Smiths' old work People born on February 2 People care when the odds are switched People carrying out harmful acts People changing sides regularly tend to be deceitful People coming back to provide one way to "see" People complaining — some ran off People concerned with fee People conquered by the S People correspond, but not on paper People do a lot of drivin People doing book reviews People dropping ecstasy at every opportunity in Fabric People employed by editor to edit People entering wrong hell?

People finally elected mug - genius! People from Reykjavik People from Seoul? People generally don't ta People getting into brief People good at making con People guilty of disorder People heading off to the middle to play again People holding signs at a People honourably discharged from service merit indulgence People hostile mostly when facing a medical procedure People in a crowd, maybe People in a line People in a rush People in a tree?

People in authority taking charge in treatment People in burnooses People in circles? People in compromising po People in court to condemn Jeremy Hunt neglecting the sick People in Derby, for example? People in fierce snowball People in general People in general observing idiot coming between cat and hound People in government organising means test People in hamlet prepared Swiss cheese People in masks wave them People in People People in photos, usually People in the fast lane People in the wrong producing annoyance People in these know the People in this are watche People in trees People injured by throwaway matches?

Their craft deserts them People on the payroll People on the Platte People one knows People people People people, for short People people?: People person People person? People preceders People prepared to swap partners with women in choir People present decorated stand with tree People profiled in People People pulling together?

People purchasing small jumpers People pushing things People retire to these sp People rival People sharing an apartment People shoot it for fun People sometimes go to th People stand for this People such as this feel OK, surprisingly People swipe them People switch political allegiance on Trident People taking les examens People targeted success with outspoken composer People that routinely take drugs tests and steal the supply People to hang out with People to hang with People travel only one wa People turning up two hours before midnight to boogie People using coins and notes endlessly People using right instead of left branch in road?

People walk all over this short friend People wearing religious clothing People who advise weak King to thrash second King People who are practicing People who aren't positiv People who aren't what th People who buy small jumpers People who call themselve People who deal with stre People who do chest-thump People who don't count People who eat people People who get rid of hol People who get the last w People who get together in cars around London's West End People who have been D People who haven't a chan People who live next to a People who love baths?

People who make and serve coffee People who make you yawn People who may be removed People who no what they l People who see what you'r People who study cuneifor People whose business is People whose jobs include People with "O'" names People with big heads hav People with books, for sh People with complaints may resort to these People with energy stop Soviet news agency being bland People with handles People with licenses People with mortgages, e.

People with principles People with questions People with safe jobs? People with saving accoun People with this don't go People with XY chromosomes after YYY, said visitors from the east People withdraw from thes People without power, oft People work for them People working with logs?

Prefix Pep Pep pill Pep pills? Pepper and others Pepper and others: Pepper grinder Pepper plant Pepper pot cracked, one lot of pieces falling inside Pepper with Jewish bread? Pepper's companion Pepper's partner Pepper's rank: Pepsin, for one Pepsis, e.

Peptic activity Peptic disorder Pepto-Bismol, e. Percussion instrument Percussion instrument in Percussion instrument own Percussion instrument str Percussion instruments Percussion unit Percussionist Percussionist beginning to drink spirit by sea in Boulogne?

Percussionist finally nears disaster at the back Percy associated with Tottenham Percy Bysshe Shelley, e. Perfect job for Darren? Perfect job for Dustin? Perfect job for Holden? Perfect job for Landon? Perfect job for Robin? Perfect job for Rowan? Perfect job for Warren? Perfect marks Perfect neatness Perfect number Perfect Olympic scores Perfect Olympics score Perfect ones Perfect or else imperfect around banks of river heading south Perfect partner Perfect pitch Perfect pitch, maybe Perfect place Perfect places Perfect plot Perfect plots Perfect prairies?

Perfect rating Perfect ravioli and sauce ultimately a luxury starter Perfect role model Perfect rustic scene Perfect school grade Perfect score in a certai Perfect scores Perfect server Perfect service Perfect shape Perfect shot I hit with welly Perfect slave Perfect Sleeper maker Perfect specimens Perfect spot to welcome new one in home Perfect spy's ultimate computer accessories for nosey creatures Perfect square Perfect stage villain accepting money Perfect start? Perfect substitute Perfect summer month for record drink Perfect tennis serve Perfect tennis serves Perfect to oust leader without principles Perfect vantage point?

Perfect without a small child? Perfect without large rival Perfect world Perfect world? Perfect wreck Perfect, as an alibi Perfect, e. Perfect, one town in Kent Perfect-game pitcher Bark Perfect-game pitcher Don Perfect-record breaker Perfected Perfecter Perfecting Perfection Perfection, for some Perfection, in some sport Perfectionist Perfectionist's aim Perfectly Perfectly clean Perfectly clear Perfectly cooked toast, not small, next to pot Perfectly delightful Perfectly draftable Perfectly fit and well Perfectly good Perfectly happy state Perfectly healthy, to the Perfectly illustrate Perfectly matched Perfectly matching Perfectly OK Perfectly pitched Perfectly pleasant Perfectly precise Perfectly reasonable Perfectly round figure Perfectly timed Perfectly timed, dramatic Perfectly, after "to" Perfecto, e.

Performance site Performance that takes a Performance venue Performance-enhancing drug? Performances deemed very good? Performed a canticle, e. Performed a routine perfe Performed as a minstrel, Performed awhile onstage Performed ballads, e.

Performed better than, in Performed brilliantly Performed helplessly? Performed in a concert? Performed in a group of profligate character Performed microsurgery on Performed on Broadway, sa Performed on stage Performed prior to the ma Performed satisfactorily Performed spectacularly, Performed superbly Performed terribly Performed the role of Performed without help Performed, as one's dutie Performed, biblically Performer Performer among celebrities in Germany Performer didn't at first catch ID of soldier from the back Performer dubbed "The Gre Performer embracing jolly types seen in window Performer in a cage Performer in a seven-mill Performer in plaid, perha Performer in Rwandan ceremony Performer in whiteface Performer making some impact originally Performer of many Dylan s Performer one treats badly Performer sounded low note Performer tires at appearing in Variety Performer who can tread about quietly?

Performer who doesn't say Performer who fills the c Performer who's charged Performer who's the desce Performer with a balancin Performer with a big mout Performer with a painted- Performer with a self-tit Performer yukking it up Performer's assistant goes to pieces when given new order Performer's body of work Performer's nervousness Performers Performers Peggy and Pink Performers with big red n Performers' union Performing Performing a poor role unfavourably Performing animal interrupts joke Performing in the street for money Performing in the theater Performing on stage Performing pair Performing perfectly Performing poorly in Performing rights org.

Performing song live Performing together Performing too much? Is it end for super Dave Gorman broadcast? Perhaps Eden Hazard's foot is within shot range Perhaps elder said to be superior to old for some performers Perhaps even orgies get supervision Perhaps French camping call centre restricted agreement Perhaps girl dancing in cage is harlot?

Perhaps girl's favourite boy band Perhaps grave speech: Perhaps gunsmith and Republican must stop affair, angering core members Perhaps Hilary in Iowa needs answer to split ends Perhaps I could be a permissive sort? Perhaps Irish girl that's impressive astride horse Perhaps Joey Tribbiani's beginning to go off radical Perhaps John B Turner could bet on these ones appearing today Perhaps joker's one that cracks jokes Perhaps kitchen assistant's gone to work around five with relishes Perhaps lead singer needing courage on the radio Perhaps lie by a medieval castle's outer wall Perhaps like 18's attractiveness and like 12?

Perhaps look at white dwarf grasses around summerhouse, smell leaves Perhaps love conditions in which Ben Fogle's heading off again? Perhaps man's prudish friend married only once Perhaps meet Carol — she's turned up after all! Perhaps member of school's right to be defended by solicitor Perhaps Michael Gove is a fraud Perhaps monitor head in southwest Perhaps more biased means of pinning things down? Perhaps more tea and toast made by dog breeders? Perhaps sharks, from tail to head, of narrow build Perhaps she meant to eat at dawn, or similar Perhaps shipbuilding by River Test Perhaps Siamese, but not Thai food, here?

Perhaps the Po floods Italy and a part of coastal France Perhaps this is time for a criminal Perhaps to lose your head is to lose your job Perhaps Trump and his kind of news baffles Liberal Perhaps unknown port in African country Perhaps Wonder Woman cured our herpes Perhaps workers take heart from beautiful women Perhaps writing in this man's play is no longer relevant Perhaps, an extra consideration when leaving France Perhaps, like Napoleon, avoiding a risk Peri Gilpin's "Frasier" r Perianth part Peril in rock garden Perilous Perilous place Perilous thing to cross o Perils Perils for spelunkers Perimeter Perimeter guard Period Period about a decade bef Period after Mardi Gras Period after springing fo Period at the wicket Period before apr Period before Christmas Period before Easter Period before penalties increased sentence?

Period between Period between blue moons Period between reigns Period between Shaban and Period covered by Northanger Abbey Period described by the c Period ender Period ending about Period ending January 6 Period extending well int Period following homework Period following Rome's f Period for recreation or rest Period from April to April Period from opening day t Period hard to recall due to insanity? Period home had come to an end Period in Cong.

Period in gym when core ignored, I bet a schoolboy error? Period in history Period in human developme Period in Indian history Period in musical when tenor's substituted note Period in office Period in prison Period in the earth's his Period in which court is closed: Period of prosperity Period of rapid growth Period of rationing: Abbr Period of recovery after illness Period of relief Period of rest Period of rule Period of seven days with Period of stability Period of ten years Period of the Cenozoic Er Period of the first dinos Period of the first dinosaurs Period of time Period of time in history Period of time sufficient for things to work themselves out Period of uncertainty Period of unrestricted ac Period of years Period piece Period piece?

Period pieces Period pieces in France that will divide opponents Period pieces? Period post-sunset Period preceding an expir Period prone to frivolous news stories Period recalled in broadcast Period set aside for oneself to neck a large one? Period seven weeks after Easter Period to find out more Period to remember Period when the first true fish appeared Period where beer without head knocked back Period with a tilde? Period with little rain Period without power, we hear Period's place Period, we're told, with weight for thriller writer Periodic Periodic arrival that cau Periodic Halloween sight?

Periodic payments Periodic riser Periodic table abbr. Periodic table developer Periodic table fig. Periodic table listings Periodic table no. Periodic table suffix Periodic water channel Periodical allowance Periodical output: Periodical plea Periodical rejected article about illustrations on a medieval manuscript Periodical, for short Periodically Periodically misadvised servant Periodically slurp apple brandy finally in stock Periodically they'll spread revolutionary message Periodically, after Ge … like this Periodically, Joyce charms friar with razor Periodicals not brought b Periodicals with unturnab Periodontist's deg.

Periods Periods added to harmoniz Periods between Winter an Periods divide them Periods in contrast to gl Periods in history Periods in prison, e. Periods just past sunset Periods of alternating fortune Periods of confinement for deceitful offence Periods of extra mins. Periods of grief Periods of idleness in making arrangement for Toscanini Periods of mania Periods of military service overseas Periods of penitence Periods of prayer?

Periods of rain, often Periods of revolution? Peripherals Periphery Periscope part Periscope parts Periscope piece Periscope users Perish Perish in passage, a nasty way to die Perish, then arise miraculously in this hymn?

Perishable fashion access Perjure oneself Perjure oneself Permit; rent Permits Permits passage, perhaps Permits to pass Permitted Permitted by law Permitted to back one politician?

Perry White, on the Daily Perry with the 1 hi Perry's creator Perry's progenitor Perry's secretary Persecute; dog Persephone's abductor Persepolis king Perseus' wife, in myth Persevere Persevere and succeed Persevered Perseveres Perseveres and catches a little bird Persevering with speed dates initially gone wrong Persia, e.

Persian, now Persian, perhaps Persian-founded faith Persians, e. Person attending medical pioneer touring north-east Person authorised to certify legal documents Person behaving as one brought up in squalor Person behind a pram Person behind bars? Person besides the two primarily involved Person born just after WWII Person born October 1 Person born under the first sign of the zodiac Person bound to the land and owned by a feudal lord Person brings in copper at the right moment Person cadging, ultimately?

Person creating a stink with article Person directly responsible for an employee Person dressed in black Person easily duped Person eligible for casti Person employed to improve organisational efficiency Person employed to put you in your place Person exerting sinister control over another Person firing a locomotiv Person found in a tree: A Person from Alexandria? Person has time during lesson Person having scary dream Person having surpassed the previous best Person holding extreme views Person holding things up?

Person ideally suited to another Person illegally dumping waste Person illegally handling radio, say? Person imputing blame Person in a booth Person in a booth, maybe Person in a cast Person in a chamber: Abbr Person in a class of one Person in a hammock Person in a high chair? Person in a mansion Person in a mask Person in a pet Person in a polling booth Person in a pool Person in a puffy white h Person in a pullover?

Person in a race Person in a street interv Person in a tree, briefly Person in a tree: Person in a zebra-striped Person in an apron Person in chair varying poses for painter, ultimately Person in charge has love for a singing group Person in command: Person in front of a trai Person in holy orders Person in need of salvati Person in the '00 class, Person in the fourth grad Person in the hole Person installing carpet maybe is better qualified Person kicking himself, m Person knocking on door's let out after dropping round Person known slightly Person lifting Person likely to have a b Person likely to have bin Person likely to say "hub Person listening in Person living in solitude Person living nearby Person living off various dubious schemes Person looking for a seat Person looking to make a profit very engaged by one source of wise counsel Person making a cameo, sa Person making a check mar Person making a will Person making firm decisi Person making obeisance in shady recess Person militant about a cause Person missed by a Acr Person missing shot nets during a competition Person moving abroad Person needing some weight to kick one out of bar?

Person not credited for a Person not easily budged Person not holding generally accepted beliefs Person not keeping still after first of moonshine's finished Person not reaching their potential Person not to be messed w Person not turning up food or water, initially Person obeying a coxswain Person occupying and exploiting another country Person of action Person of beauty, purity or kindness?

Person of eccentric habits Person of equal rank Person of erudite tastes Person of great interest Person of great interest? Person of great purity weakly rejecting politician Person of high position Person of independent and unorthodox views Person of integrity and h Person of intelligence? Person of learning Person of letters? Person of marked individuality Person of note? Person of obstinate courage Person of olden times Person of Perth Person of the cloth Person of the cloth, for Person often pictured wit Person on a bike Person on a check list?

Person on a dais Person on a mission Person on a pension Person on a poster Person on a trail Person on board? Person on the alert for s Person on the left?: Abbr Person on the scene: Abbr Person on tour admitting The Smiths finally will make comeback Person on your bad side? Person once inside, now outside Person owing money Person parading topless, who might take a bow Person performing an exor Person photographing crocodile? Person producing Bordeaux Person proficient in judo and cycling Person prone to proneness Person propelling a punt Person protecting a VIP Person receiving attention dreads variant view Person recording the weight of goods shipped Person regarded as a good example Person renting a property Person responsible Person responsible for laying out poet Person robbing bar, primarily desiring wine Person salvaging notes by snooker player?

Person seeking to advance to a higher class Person seeking to marry for money Person seen in court Person selling clothing in Miami returning skirts for not fitting Person settling in another country Person shooting fish?

Person showing great independence of thought or action Person showing people to their seats Person singing is playing well, with little uncertainty Person skipping school Person snaring new skin of tigress? Person spreading malicious gossip Person standing for office Person standing for president is the seat of corruption?

Person who dislikes people Person who does a lot of Person who doesn't know w Person who doesn't put do Person who enjoys inflicting pain Person who fails to honour commitment: Person who has something Person who hears "goo-goo Person who holds property Person who kneads Person who knows the dril Person who likes being outside Person who likes the blue Person who looks exactly Person who makes calls Person who may register twenty runs?

Person who's a zero?: Abb Person who's always feeli Person who's been charged Person who's been given t Person who's combining Person who's dropped in it is in a flap Person who's groundbreaki Person who's it Person who's no good for one, flipping bum Person who's not yet a fu Person who's often sent c Person who's out of step Person who's paid before international rally?

Person who's talented but Person who's up for trying something new? Person who's visibly happ Person who's well-armed? Person whose name appears Person whose name begins Person whose name starts Person whose speech is long and disorganised Person whose work is decr Person winning unfairly Person with a badge: Abbr Person with a ball Person with a burning res Person with a cause Person with a chest pad Person with a coach?

Person with a code name, Person with a conical hat Person with a corner ofc. Person with a day Person with a figure like Person with a handle Person with a hat, maybe Person with a headset, ma Person with a J. Person with a list Person with a log Person with a loss Person with a magnifying Person with a medal, mayb Person with a message Person with a mike Person with a mortgage, e Person with a net, perhap Person with a paddle Person with a PC Person with a powerful mind Person with a practice: A Person with a program Person with a public addr Person with a puffy white Person with a record of successes Person with a safe job?

Person with a serious con Person with a shaky story Person with a stethoscope Person with a stick Person with a temper Person with a whip Person with a whip, maybe Person with an estate Person with answers Person with binoculars Person with binoculars, m Person with dark brown hair Person with dreads Person with fancy lace cuff Person with fans Person with few possessio Person with goals Person with hives Person with lots of bills Person with no hang-ups?

Person with no pockets Person with opinions Person with outstanding balance tipped over rubbish sack Person with questions Person with rapidly declining power Person with siblings allowed to go on holiday Person with something to Person with special acces Person with the keys Person with title below queen not Duke Person with two hips? Person with unlimited cash Person with vows Person working in concert Person's assistant Person's body sent back shortly Person's head? Personal ad info Personal air Personal and direct Personal appeal from cleaner's mum Personal assistant returns with husband from Dublin perhaps Personal assistant with right standard Personal assts.

Personal counselor Personal datum Personal documentaries Personal excesses Personal faults Personal flair Personal guide Personal histories Personal integrity Personal interview Personal involvement Personal journal Personal magnetism Personal manager Personal mark Personal offer to help Personal online icon Personal opinion expressed here on podium finish by bike Personal organizer Personal papers Personal possession Personal preference Personal prefix Personal pride Personal problem during kisses - a teenage obsession?

Personal problems Personal quirk Personal quirks Personal recognition of new sales fears after upheaval Personal record Personal repair kit on display in the Tuileries Personal reserve funds, f Personal staff member Personal standards one as Personal things? Personal trainer's commen Personal transport Personal unpleasantness? Lois has it, unfortunately Personal vehicle Personal weak spot Personal writings Personal, as thoughts Personal, e.

Peruvian-born Sumac Peruvians head east as a precaution Pervading tone Pervasive crackers met in person Pervasive quality Perverse Perverse - boss's son in detention daily does this Perverse Pierre drops guts in prison division Perversely humorous Pervert said lust reduced conflict Pervert tells if he's most sensual Perverted Perverted anti-Mass in devil worship Perverted pleasure taken from correcting his commas Perverted Right Honourable member in game involving rubber Pes Pesach feast Pesci's sandwich?

T Pessimist Pessimist - is my jam mild? Pessimist in a Disney car Pessimist's comments Pessimist's hypothetical Pessimist's lack Pessimist's opposite Pessimist's reply Pessimist's word Pessimist, endlessly severe after reflective mood Pessimistic Pessimistic Old Testament prophet Pessimists clearly losing heart over cuts announced on the radio Pest Pest attracted to light Pest breaking the law in France - "why?

Pesticide targets Pesticide-monitoring grp. Pests Pests to Australian ranch Pet Pet adoption agcy. Pet facing away from master, turning to avoid blast? Pet felines Pet food and joint provided in moored vessel? Pet food brand Pet food brand name Pet food company since 19 Pet food name Pet hate of insect and omnivorous mammal?

Pet in a casa Pet in old cartoons Pet item Pet lady trained with great skill Pet lovers' org. Pet married, beset by confetti? Pet pest Pet plant Pet problem Pet protection org. Pet protector, for short Pet protectors' org. Pet provider Pet recovers after intervention of medic in large buildings Pet restraint Pet rocks, once Pet runs into stick? Peter at the ivories Peter Cottontail's pace Peter Cottontail? Peter, for one Peter, for one, pots a red in the middle Peter, Patrick and Paul: Petered out Peterhead 1, Heart of Midlothian 0 - exploit room for control Peters out Peterson of news Petit chanteur Petit chapeau Petit four finisher Petite Petite desserts Petite in life, dancing name Petite pasta Petite pooch Petite pooch, for short Petite Spaniard's the female on-trend Petite, e.

Write home about it on this? Petty officers Petty officers' inferiors Petty officers, informall Petty peeve Petty quarrel Petty quarrels Petty recording Petty row Petty scam largely formulated and staged in same way? Peyotism practicer Peyton Manning's brother Pfc. Phantasmal Phantom Phantom wreck overlooked for radio programme Phantom's haunt Phantoms Pharaoh getting back scrubbed, hell amid gross depravity Pharaoh's cross Pharaoh's deity Pharaoh's head?

Pharaoh's land Pharaoh's realm Pharaoh's river Pharaoh's symbol Pharaohs' crosses Pharaohs' river Pharaohs' sacred symbols Pharisee's overcome problem in penning laws Pharm.

Philadelphia had the firs Philadelphia landmark Philadelphia landmark hot Philadelphia landmark sin Philadelphia N. Philharmonic part Philharmonic sect. Philippic Philippics Philippine capital Philippine chief Philippine island Philippine island or its Philippine lady ricochets Philippine language Philippine locale in W. Philippine peninsula Philippine port Philippine president depo Philippine president Fide Philippine province or it Philippine seaport Philippines' highest peak Philips of stand-up fame Philips product Philistine Philistine giant slain by David Phillie or Card Phillies div.

Philologists' work, for s Philosopher Philosopher and French writer with intimate, romantic works Philosopher behaved without sin? Philosopher's permit is useless outside Channel Isles Philosopher's state? Phoenix cager Phoenix construction Phoenix fivesome Phoenix hrs. Phoenix landing site, Phoenix neighbor Phoenix or Sparrow Phoenix setting: Phoenix suburb Phoenix Suns head coach b Phoenix team Phoenix's home: Phoenix, formerly Phoenix-to-Albuquerque di Phoenix-to-Flagstaff dir.

Phone Phone - demand Phone abbr. Abbr Phone bug Phone bug, e. Phone button Phone button below the 7 Phone button trio Phone calls, room service Phone co. It's impossible to get through Phone crowd of people — namely about fifty Phone engineers at first making things better? Phone feature Phone function using stored numbers Phone greeting in Central Phone headquarters Phone hook-up Phone letters for 6 Phone line Phone line abbr.

Phone man taking order for caravan Phone menu imperative Phone message from Elsie' Phone no. Phone number prefixes 2 wds. Phone part Phone part Phosphorus, maybe a bit Photo Photo accompaniers, at ti Photo assignments Photo badges and such Photo blow-up: Photo books; records Photo developer Photo envelope enclosure, Photo files, in computer Photo finish Photo finish?

Photo image, briefly Photo in a magazine offic Photo in an old album Photo lab abbr. Photo lab supply Photo marrer Photo mishap Photo of gramps, maybe Photo of partygoer dancing with due energy Photo of the Panama Canal Photo often taken after a Photo paper option Photo process Photo reprint option: Abb Photo requester, maybe Photo session Photo session at a farm?

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