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Although the company was formed much earlier in , a group of professionals and developers bought it in mid and decided to give the cryptocurrency a facelift. It will soon be listed on many more exchanges. One of the first things they did was to do a coin swap and move to a new Ripple-based blockchain. Ripple is a payment processor which will enable the users to receive and send money across the globe in a secure, affordable and faster manner.

The CSC holders must swap their coins before February 14th, after which the company will stop supporting the old blockchain. The current CSC holders are being offered coins in the Ripple blockchain for one coin that they send from the old blockchain. Complete transparency is assured. Each swapped transaction is being given an ID that is displayed on a web page.

The Ripple based CasinoCoin is fast. It enables users to do about transactions simultaneously and the confirmations are done within 5 seconds.

The coin supply will increase from the current 40,, coins to 40,,, coins CasinoCoin offers a variety of wallets for the convenience of the users. The process will be managed manually to ensure optimal security checks on all transactions, and the coin swap will close at midday GMT on February 14, The coin swap process will be executed with full transparency.

All CasinoCoin that are swapped will have their transaction IDs displayed on a web page to prove those coins were swapped during the process. For full details on how to proceed with the coin swap, please visit: The CasinoCoin team will also be answering questions on Reddit and Discord.

John Caldwell, Director of Advocacy for the Foundation, said: The past few months have been spent putting a new team in place, raising awareness in the gambling industry and now transferring CasinoCoin to a new, more robust blockchain. Rey joined the club September UniversalYou joined the club September Nihilist joined the club September RossMacFirdeen joined the club September 3.

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