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PL To amend Public Law , to authorize, establish and regulate an exclusive gaming license within the Commonwealth. PL To require all commercial wireless service providers produce wireless service coverage maps, readily available for consumers. PL To authorize, establish and regulate and exclusive gaming license within the Commonwealth.

PL To acquire all unclaimed third party funds within the Commonwealth Judiciary to be deposited into a special imprest account specifically for the use of the Judiciary Branch. PL To revise the penalties relating to the sales receipts act relating to failing to issue a cash receipt for business transactions and for operating a business without a valid license.

PL To provide additional gaming entertainment for tourist by amending the definition of the gambling devise to exclude electronic gaming machines. PL To provide an amnesty period to expire on January 1, for the filing of delinquent returns under Title 4, Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, division 1 of the Revenue and Taxation Act of , as amended, and the payment of delinquent taxes without imposition of penalty and interest, with certain exceptions and for the waiver of penalty for failure to obtain a business license.

PL To require the department of finance, division of revenue and taxation's to make periodic inspections of sales receipts in the CNMI. PL To amend the weapons control act to promote and allow outdoor shooting ranges, skeet shooting developments offering competitive rifle competition and Skeet Shooting and to amend the customs violations provisions to accommodate outdoor shooting ranges and revision to correct technical errors. PL To establish a safety measure for instance where a vehicle overtakes a bicycle on a public road or highway.

PL To allow members of the Defined Contribution plan to withdraw their account balance without terminating employment.

PL To make amendments to Public Law "To make appropriation for the operations and activities of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, its agencies, instrumentalities, and independent programs, and to provide budget authority for Government Corporations for Fiscal Year ".

PL To amend Public Law section 2 to include necessary changes to finalize projects associated with the original intent of the reprogramming of the one million dollars 1,, PL To strengthen provision regarding sex crimes and domestic violence by establishing minimum mandatory sentences for sexual assault and sexual abuse of a minor, increase the time-served component necessary for parole eligibility, and amending exsting definitions to clarify provisions relating to sex crimes and domestic violence.

PL To amand Public Law to clarify those provisions necessary to expedite the refunds and prevent any further frustration of the process. There are currently three senatorial districts: Dele Cruz Fire Station 5. I went in back areas and was able to see signs still markewd on the wall that said Higbees and remembered memories of going there when I was young with my mother. I also found a picture that appears from late 60s of the resturant that was on the first floor that had sunken floors that was below the sales floor I dont remember that from when I was litte but I do have a picture of it that I found when I was walking around and the fixture sales person let me have it.

For more great memories of Cleveland's dept. Higbee's, Halle's, May Co. Gave this book to my 98 year old mom for Christmas, and she took a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Remember the old express elevators that went directly to the 10th floor? There were human operators back then wearing uniforms and white gloves. The elevators had heavy iron gates in addition to the regular doors, and no LED lights to tell you which floor you were on! The operator would call out "6th floor; linens, bath shop, lamps Caroline in South Carolina, but still a Clevelander at heart. I worked at Higbee's downtown from to and it was indeed a magical place.

I was assistant buyer of ladies hosiery on the main floor and had an office and stockroom on the 11th floor. I got plenty of exercise back in those days. The backstage areas were truly amazing; seemed to go on forever, and I sometimes got the feeling they were haunted. There was the employee's cafeteria on the ninth floor for employees and guests and we would get many requests for guest passes from family and friends. The food was every bit as good as in the Silver Grill at half the price.

Murphy, a genial and loveable Irishman would frequently eat there as well; and he seemed to know every employee by name. I worked at Higbees from to in the credit collection department. And of course the wonderful plays in the spring that Rocco Scotti was the musical director.

I would love to hear from them. George L versalg hotmail. Many photos and memories are posted. Some of you folks might be interested in joining. I'm a former employee of Higbees, both in Canton and at the Downtown store. As to the chandeliers, I understood that Forest City was very protective of those and had concerns about Dillards care of them.

I'd love to talk with other former employees. Feel free to contact me. I have an excellent condition Twigbee Bear complete with hat and scarf. I am interested in it's value and sending it back to Cleveland where it belongs. Thanks for any info.

I am researching dept. Higbee's children's stove was a special treat and I would love a photo. This is for a forthcoming book and your memories will be so appreciated. Sharon Hazard sharonhaz aol. I had a group of people that I worked with that did our jobs but had a good time and we helped each other. Credit and collection people get a bad rap but we really helped bring in the outstanding money. I miss going into the store and riding the old escalators or the elevators.

Going to the employees cafeteria and talking to the sales people sharing laughs and good times. Yes I miss the store and the people. Maube one day we can have a former Higbee employee day and go to the Casino and relive old times. The Chandeliers are on the eleventh floor hung on racks made of 2x4's under plastic tarps. They are not in pristine shape, but they are whole and repairable.

The display cases from the jewelry department are up there, too. There are also some steps from the wood escalators. I've been told the narrow wood escalator in the back of the store is still there, but is walled off and you can only get to it from the 5th floor, which is under the casino's control.

Karbert with Judith Karberg and Jane Hazen. It has pictures of everything - the little stove and the buffet, the menus, the restaurant itself throughout the years - and it also includes recipes for their famous meals, including their delicious muffins.

The Children's Party Luncheon 85 cents consisted of "Creamed chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh peas and carrots, a teeny tiny whole loaf of bread with butter, a pot of cool cocoa and for dessert an ice cream cake with three candles. Pricey, but worth the memories for sure.

I highly recommend the book to anyone who misses the beautiful Higbee's days. My mom always took my brother and me, and my aunt brought my cousin, and we had lunch at the Silver Grille downtown and thought we were the most special kids in the world.

I live in Phoenix, AZ, now - but I will always miss my hometown. If you would like to contact me, leave your e-mail and I will respond. While visiting my mother in Cleveland, I purchased some lovely rhinestone jewelry that had a big display above it which said "Rocks" or something like that.

I'm trying to find the name of the designer. Some of the pieces were sterling. Maybe they are crystal and not rhinestone? The time was between summer of and Fall Does anyone know who made this jewelry designer? My dad worked in the fine jewelry department. He was a buyer for the store. I remember meeting different people that were in sales for other companies. My dad and family would go out for dinner with them. I still have my dads' coat that he bought from there.

They would sew inside the coat the name of company saying tailored for that persons name inside. Also use to get the chocolate like malt in basement for 10 cents just under the elevator stairs that went to basement. I worked at Higbee's at Rolling Acres mall in the late eighties early nineties. I worked on the dock, I still have my blue uniform shirts with an H and Higbee's embroidered on them.

What a great place to work, I met my wife while working there, she worked on the sales floor what great memories I have working there! I get teary eyed when I look at these photographs.

I was born in the inner city but that was the magic and fun about going"downtown" there was something for everyone! The snow atop the big CTS bus throwing wet slosh as it angled to the curb. The people walking shoulder to shoulder with large shopping bags from May, Or Higbees or Bailey, The avenue adorned with christmas trees and fresh fallen snow the wind hurrrying you across the square -the smell of peanuts at euclid and ontario, the hustle and bustle inside the Terminal-The Central Market!

It was a simpler kinder time may we bond in the memories for as long as there is life and "Downtown". Mckelveys was in business from the late s until early 70s. I hope they take better care of the chandeliers. Not long after they were shipped to Cleveland from Italian company that made them was destroyed by a flood and never reopened.

Great data base for Higbee pictures. And my brothers, sister and were among the "Higbee Kids", those who grew up in the store because a parent worked there. My father worked downtown from the time I was in kindergarten until I graduated from college! I worked at Higbee's in the s. The store had so many opportunities for its staff to learn all the retail functions. It was an irreplaceable experience.

Does anyone have any information on the Christmas window display that was in the movie "a Christmas story" that had a santa that stood about 4 foot tall, had a list of names and a moving arm. I have one and can't find any info on it's history. It was purchased at an auction and I'm starting to think I might have the one from the movie. I grew up in Cleveland, useta catch the bus to the rapid all the way downtown..

We would get on the Rapid at Green Road, 23 minutes we were up from the train area and into Higbees. My sister studied at The Darvas School of Design and she [12 years older] would make sister dresses we modeled on the runway.

But even better was the Silver Grill. In the early 40's children's meals were in a steel stove and the food was served in little metal pots and pans I'd LOVE to have one. I worked at Beachwood Place Mall as well as the downtown location. I was employed from to I have such great memories of Higbee's. Always had a wonderful group of people to work with. I miss those days! I have a painting of orange gladiolus against a dark green background with no artist signature, just a label that says "Higbees Picture Gallery Cleveland".

Anyway to research the artist or value? Remember Higbees as a little girl. Eating like a princess from a cardboard stove at Silver Grille.. All of the floors!! A few wooden escalators. My best memory was going up to a christmas shop through a doorway that was only small enough for a child to pass through.

Also, I didn"t hear any mention of the absolutely wonderful malted shakes at the end oh the downstairs escalator. Just bought some dressers today at a used furniture store. On the back is the Higbee's Co label. Beautiful workman ship in these Maple dressers my guess is from the late 50's early 60's. These dressers brought me to this page and all these wonderful memories.

I worked in downtown Cleveland for 14 years through the 60's and into the 70's. Loved Higbee's and the square.

The Nut Hut, May Co. Wish I had a nickel for each mile I must have walked from the square to East 9th and back again, and in heels. I'll always love Cleveland, Ohio. Movies at Play House Square and lunches. Great place to grow up and work. Thank you for this site. We have two harlequin rabbits stuffed , with "Hig Bee" price tags on them.

Any guess, as to, what the cost may have been on them? One has a black and white harlequin suit, the other is multi-colored paisley. I found two oil paintings in a flea market of african americans one a man and one a woman. On the back it says the artist is Aune Joki cleveland 's Higbees fashion Artist on the back of the womens picture it says thrid place. Can anyone tell me anything about the artist of painting my phone number is e-mail dj yahoo. I had that same feeling years back when I discovered an Oscar-winning animated short film made by a bunch of French guys used a logo that once belong to a local defunct supermarket chain in Toledo among a sea of other logos in their otherwise spoof parody of Hollywood cinema, entitled "Logorama".

To this day people can't forgive the former CEO of Food Town for what he done and criticized him for once appearing dressed at some Nazi general for a WWII reenactment a few years back.

I'm sure every town has that story to tell like I did. I have so many fond memories of Higbee's from late 's to closing. What a magical place. Frostys were thick milk shakes served in a slim glass with no straw. You had to hold the glass to your mouth and sort of suck it out. They would get all over your nose, but what a treat. I now live in Pittsburgh having left Cleveland in I have been searching for a few years as to which store Higbees vs Halles had the children's meal with the little wooden cabinet with the candlesticks must have been birthday candles in them and the little white chicken with I thought chicken a la king.

You have confirmed my memories. Wiley Jr High was right near it as many times on visits back to Cleveland, we attended Saturday afternoon kiddie plays there. We used to have lunch at Kaufmann's on the 11th floor but today that is a Macy's and they only use the first floors of the old store.

Back in the 's and early 's my reflections were as "Anonymous 02 July, Money was limited back then and as much as I begged there was never a 2nd one, I really enjoyed the flavor, does anyone remember what it was?

The "milkshake" was a chocolate malt - called a Frosted Malt. So thick it wouldn't come out of the glass! I worked in the Terminal Tower from until I was a budding organist at that time and Higbees had Hammond organs that you could sit down and try out.

At that time you had to turn on one switch, then another to get the organ running. My uncle was one of their business managers I've just discovered a photograph of my grandfather from the 's most likely. On the back there is a stamped that states: For your convenience, the negative of this photograph will be kept on file.

When reordering, be sure you mention the letter and number that appear above. That is rather interesting if they are at all, let alone who might own those negs. Annie Maier I worked at Higbee's in through I worked in the Stationery Dept. We also had the Party shop on the 5th floor next to the Ladies Lounge.

I met several famous people when I worked there Polly Bergan- I worked in her kiosk that day when she was selling her Oil of Turtle makeup. It was so exciting as a child of the 50's to do this. Don't forget the Frosty bar in the basement. For sale - Ihave a Vertical Baldwin Aerosonic piano that came from there.

Anonymous July 14, mentioned the Frosty Bar in the basement. A few years ago we found that Webers in Fairview Park has the original machine and recipe and makes the famous Frosted Malted that we all remember so well. Go there and enjoy!!

Looking for Silver Grille kid's meal presentation box in which the meal was served. This was prior to the cardboard ovens used to serve kids in more recent years.

Anyone have a photo of one or have one in their possession? Love to hear from you. Jim Luby please email me investorluby cs. My Grandmother Sue M worked on the fourth floor Boy's Department from the late sixties to the early eighties. My Grandmother would use her Higbee's discount,and buy my brother and I all the latest clothes.

Memories of childhood are all wrapped up with Higbee's for me -- my father was Operations VP throughout the 60s. At least once a week when my grandmother came to visit my mother would get us dressed up and we'd catch the bus downtown to have lunch with my father at the Silver Grille. I remember the dark paneling and high ceiling in Dad's office on the 9th floor.

Visiting the toy department was always a treat too! This is an awesome website. I came across a beaded purse at an Estate sale.

Wondered if there is a museum to donate some gems like this purse. Local history museums will often take this sort of thing. Check in the Cleveland area. I have a bedroom set that has been passed down to me from my aunt. My bedroom set is from Higbee downtown Cleveland. I noticed that there is no mention of the Higbee store that was located in Lodi, Ohio. It later became Hower's Department store. The building still stands and has some beautiful wood paneled rooms upstairs that were used for meetings a long time ago.

The building sits empty, but I am trying to determine if there is someone from the prior Higbee company that would be willing to help restore it to its former glory. Lodi is a village of approximately people and a major state route that runs right through the middle of town and right along side the old Higbee building.

There has been little renovation to the interior, still has the old wooden floors and I think a wooden staircase. Haven't been in the building for a number of years. Please contact me and let me know if you are interested in helping to restore the building or are able to put me in touch with someone who might be able to help. You can reply to kimschreiber01 frontier. I was wondering if anyone knew of Darvis Fashion School as I have a class ring from I have found very little information but, thought surely someone here would know about this school..

Any information will be greatly appreciated.. I want to know if there is any interest from anyone about an "August Fur Sale " catalog from The Higbee Company Cleveland that was my grandmother's.

I am not sure what I can do with it. It is in very good condition. I worked in the Euclid Suare Mall store from to January I have been looking for a security officer badge from them. Anyone know of any for sale? Email me at MrBigdaddy89 netscape. The Higbee's building downtown is still open. Not as a department store but a casino as most everyone from Cleveland knows by now. But during the holiday season they display scenes from the Christmas Story movie in the windows.

Its good to know the history of my city tho. Thank u for sharing your stories. I'm sure for a generation of Clevelanders too young to know of Higbee's at all, it's inclusion in a popular holiday classic is probably their only known window to the history of their city.

It's nice to know they acknowledge that every year this way. I wish my town had something similar for the department stores we once had downtown.

Well, CHris, at least 2 of the buildings are still standing. In Detroit, there is nothing left. Interestingly, there is no one alive to remember that as a department store. Kidding aside, there is my book "Toledo's 3 Ls" - Bruce. Yeah, how soon I forget! Of course I suppose I forget most of it given my age, and only go by what my mom probably has told me of those stores.

Aside from Detroit losing most of it's legacy like that, I suppose I ought to be happy the Lasalle building is being used at all as fancy lofty-style apartments , I noticed they still have the bank of elevators on one side of the place, though I'm sure they only keep a couple operating anyway. The apartments seem nice, but I do with more commerce came downtown to support any kind of local interest in this location I often think an IKEA would get the ball rolling had one showed up.

I worked 4 Christmases and a summer at Higbee's as a "contingency employee" basically a floater--I did stock and sales all over the downtown store in the late 70s and early 80s.

I learned a lot about clothing and merchandising. It was a great store and the comparable stores I saw in other cities rarely came close in terms of service, presentation and upkeep of the store. It was sad to see Dillard's basically ruin the downtown store with its consolidation of space. Dillard neglected the Great Lakes Mall store along with the old Horne's for many years--it just seemed cluttered and forgotten.

Dillard isn't much of an operator but they have seemed particularly inept N of the Mason-Dixon line. Higbee's benefited from the sad demise of Halle's but not enough to remain independent or at least attract a buyer more thoughtful than Dillard and DeBartolo. I am trying to find a value for 2 framed pictures from the Higbee picture gallery.

Stickers with the s are on the back of each one. One of my tax coworkers, David H. My guess would be in the late 60's or early 70's. He lived in Shaker Heights back then. Dave shared how retail department stores, and Higbee's in particular, brought his warmest career memories. He told me that his adrenaline rushed when the Store ran its periodic sales.

Dave experienced tons of added reporting pressures during them, but much more so, loved their air of excitement. He enjoyed the thrill of them! Dave passed away in April at age 77 Richmond, VA , survived by several children. Sadly, like Higbee's, he is no longer with us but he lives on in our memories. Higbee's had an interesting history prior to moving to the location at the Terminal Tower. I was wondering if you could provide some of those details.

We would eat lunch at the Silver Grill in Higbee's. On one occasion we were seated by the water fountain in the center of the room. I remember there were goldfish in the pool. I also remember the hutch with child-size dishes and silverware, a napkin, and candlesticks with birthday candles. It was so special and enjoyable. The memory has always been with me. In fact, a few years back I found and purchased a small hand-made green hutch that reminds me so much of my experience at Higbee's.

I even remember the little concession stand below the Higbee's escalator in the terminal level where we got chocolate malted milk shakes when we skipped ice cream for dessert in the Silver Grill upstairs.

There was a large Mr. Peanut outside the open door and the aroma was so strong. So many people refer to WOODEN escalators at Hibgee's, but the main bank of escalators that virtually all shoppers used to travel from floor 1 to floor 12 were modern stainless steel with narrow grooves, just as are used to this day.

After , there was one original wooden one to the Prospect Level from the main floor and some other narrow ones between a few of the floors in an out-of-the-way part of the store--most shoppers probably never knew these existed. So I am mystified by all the false memories of wooden escalators in Higbee's.

Here's the proof that modern metal ones were installed on floors in Halle's installed metal ones in There was also an 11th floor in the building, where "non-executive" offices were located where my dad worked for many years.

Accessible only by employee elevators. Anybody know where Jim Hartung landed? Hello, Do you have, can you obtain or do you know of anyone who has photos of the Susan Ives stores in malls during the late 's to early 's?

I would like an idea of its value; it is for sale. Comments - Please do not comment more than once. Your comment must be approved before it is posted. The Higbee Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Fairview Park, OH October, Cleveland Heights, OH August, Elyria, OH August, Parma, OH September, Canton, OH August, Mentor, OH October, North Randall, OH August, Racing Silks Dining Room.

Euclid, OH March, Beachwood, OH August, Anonymous 04 November, BAK 04 November, Anonymous 20 January, SLGreen 29 September, Anonymous 29 January, SlemcCleveland 13 February, BAK 13 February, MourningMom 14 December, Anonymous 18 February, Anonymous 13 March, FromCleveland 28 April, Anonymous 10 July, BAK 10 July, Anonymous 11 July, Anonymous 24 August, Anonymous 03 September, Anonymous 21 October, BAK 03 September, Anonymous 13 September, Anonymous 24 September, Anonymous 15 October, Anonymous 27 October, Anonymous 01 November, BAK 12 November, William Graham 12 February, Anonymous 22 November, Mildred 01 April, Unknown 17 November, Anonymous 25 December, Anonymous 28 December, Anonymous 31 December, Nancy Broman 06 January, Anonymous 05 February, Anonymous 21 February, Anonymous 01 March, John Freudberg 12 March, Anonymous 27 April, Anonymous 23 December, Anonymous 24 May, Anonymous 28 May, Anonymous 31 May, Anonymous 04 June, David Foley, Cleveland Ohio 15 June, Anonymous 08 July, Anonymous 09 July, Barbara 25 July, Anonymous 04 August, Anonymous 09 September, Rob C 13 September, Anonymous 01 December,

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