Casino Journal - October 2012

What confuses me in this question is results can be calculated if winnings and bet sizes are not accounted for. In a casino only the dealer cuts the cards. Why do all casinos have the same games? Pokerstars is running some great promotions in May, Is there a secondary market for long-range casino sports bets?

Drawing Power

online poker vs live poker - 2013 online poker betting guide

Consider a player whose win rate in some particular game is approximately 0. Assume this player plans to play sessions of hands these would be roughly nine-hour sessions in live poker; perhaps only two to three hours online. How often should this player expect to win have a result greater than 0 in a session?

What confuses me in this question is results can be calculated if winnings and bet sizes are not accounted for. If your chance of winning a hand is 0. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? It doesn't say the chance to win a hand is 0. It says that he's winning 0. We can't predict the cards other players have, unless you count every card that has been played, and guess which players have the cards that are left.

Related Questions Probability Question! Maths question about probability in poker? Probability Poker Math question? My local casino might have 10 poker tables going at any given time. A room like Pokerstars in will have tens of thousands of active real money tables. Plus online poker sites offer different card games and the sitngos and tournaments are equally impressive.

It is far easier to win money online than it is at a casino or poker room because there are so many unskilled players at the online poker tables.

Millions of dollars switch hands every minute at online poker sites in Many people ask me what is the best place for online poker in if you are from the USA. The answer is constantly changing. The US poker site with the most traffic is Bovada and the largest poker room overall is Poker Stars, but they do not accept Americans right now.

The online poker business is growing in Europe and the Americas. Nevada recently opened a legal poker room online. Update — We are currently working with the most popular and fastest growing US poker sites in September, The Pokerstars bonus code changes from month to month because they are always running special promotions.

We have been authorized to list the best Pokerstars bonus code in May, Pokerstars is running some great promotions in May, New players at Poker Stars will get to enjoy these promos and claim one of the best new player welcome bonuses in the industry.

The Lock Poker scandal is still in full swing. You would think that cancelling hundreds of payouts would speed up the other withdrawals but this is not what happened. I have done several stories about the issues at Lock Poker in , mostly about the slow payouts. The US online poker industry has stabilized somewhat in My monthly US poker room report has basically been the same each month but July is different.

There is a new US poker site in September that has not been listed before. William Hill is part of a triad of online betting sites based out of the UK. There are many other sportsbooks from that region but William Hill, Bet and Paddy Power are the big 3. I recently posted a review of the Paddy Power sportsbook and this one is about their arch-rival; Bet The sportsbook at Bet is 12 years old.

Paddy Power is one of the top Euro sportsbooks online in Best Online Betting Sites In Best Online Poker Sites In Best Online Gambling Sites In