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I think it is a significant that when human needs are considered in our culture, the need to make a difference, is not on the list. If you don't fight for your rights, you don't deserve any. If you want to eliminate World Hunger, you would first look to where there is the least hunger on the planet. Let's fight for freedom and safety together. I think it is truly a mental illness, just as many on the left view people who believe in God. The fact is, if she was as complacent with her expressions as they seem to want her to be, I think it would have been easier for them to put her needs out of their mind. Because if you decide just to collect up facts, it is amazing how much emotion people will load in with the facts as they tell you about what you need to know.

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It pulls the racers forward for a few seconds and bowls over other racers in its path, while a special tune plays. After a certain amount of time, it abandons the vehicle and goes on its own until it runs off the course. If at any time a Chain Chomp pulls the racers forward, and the kart gets hit with another Item or Special Item, it also abandons the vehicle and goes on its own until it runs off the course. If a kart gets hit by a Chain Chomp, the drivers will lose their items.

The Chain Chomp may also go wild and accidentally cause the driver to go off the track. The latter level has a lot of stray Chain Chomps with item boxes behind them, but they have no chains.

The Chain Chomp was going to be an item, but was replaced by the Bullet Bill —however, they work very similar to one another. A Chain Chomp also has a cameo appearance on an ad in several tracks, next to the word "Dangerous". In mission , Luigi has to get 15 coins at Luigi Circuit, avoiding the Chain Chomp that is now on the middle of the track. The player will lose their item if the Chain Chomp hits them. They also return in the Mario Circuit from Mario Kart: The stray ones now have small chains that hold the Item Boxes together, and they do not bounce on the ground.

A rolling Chomp head appears in Chain Chomp Wheel , a large roulette wheel, where it rolls like a roulette ball, flattening any racer in its path. This time, they bounce in place on the road, creating waves that are an advantage for racers to perform stunts, instead of roaming on it. No Pets' has a picture of a Chain Chomp with a red line across it.

He is in fact a pet of Tutankoopa , and he fights alongside him as the boss of Chapter 2. Goombario calls it "Chomp" instead of Chain Chomp. It attacks by lunging at the player. Stone Chomps also appear at several places inside the Dry Dry Ruins. Afterward, Chompy, after Tutankoopa beckons it to come over, proceeds to chase him, apparently wanting to bite him. Both types are found in the Pit of Trials. Chain Chomps have very high attack and defense; they have the highest defense power in the game alongside Moon Clefts and Elite Wizzerds.

When Mario first-strikes by jumping on them in the overworld, the camera bounces along them before Mario stomps them, making it slightly harder to perfectly attack them. They appear mainly in the Flipside Pit of Trials where they attack the same as the one Francis has. Also, the guardian of The Underwhere is a "three-headed" Chain Chomp called Underchomp it is actually three Chain Chomps, each of a different color.

Dark Chomps are introduced in this game and are stronger versions of Chain Chomps, but they are only found in the Flopside Pit of Trials. Unlike most enemies, their appearance hasn't changed much from the previous Paper Mario games though they have less teeth, their mouths are smaller, and they feature trapezoid-shaped segments between their bodies and chains.

The way to clear the course is to use a Thing Sticker or a Baahammer to put it to sleep. Once the Chain Chomp is asleep, Mario must hammer the peg with a hammer-based attack.

The battle will then end, with the Chain Chomp bouncing wildly. It then knocks down the back wall, revealing the Comet Piece , then jumping into the background, similar to the Chain Chomp in Super Mario 64 , where it bounces around, destroys the jail cage containing the Power Star , then bouncing off to the summit. The Chain Chomps are indestructable. The only regular Chain Chomp in the game appears in the final battle against Bowser , where a smaller Chain Chomp appears. To defeat it, Mario needs a bat-type thing sticker or any Tail sticker to send the Chain Chomp and Bowser to a pit.

In a pre-release screenshot , an unfinished nameless Chain Chomp appeared as a partner in a place that resembles World 3 in the final version. Color Splash right after the Bone Thing is obtained in Marmalade Valley , and also in the Bone Thing card animation when used during a battle. She is the Toad Professor 's pet. The Chain Chomps are not attackable. A Chain Chomp appears as the second-round opponent in Roshambo Temple 5. Chain Chomps have also made plenty of appearances in the Mario Party series.

Most of the time, they serve either as obstacles that players must avoid or as helpful items that steal stars or coins for players. Chain Chomps first appear in Mario Party 2 in the minigame Sneak n' Snore , where the player has to sneak through a dungeon while avoiding being caught by a sleeping Chain Chomp in a barrel.

If the Chain Chomp finds any players when it wakes, it eliminates them by grabbing them and throwing them into a warp pipe. Also, in the minigame Crazy Cutter , an image of a fossilized Chain Chomp sometimes appears.

In the minigame Toad in the Box it is one of the possible results a player may get when hitting a rotating block. If this happens the player is crushed temporarily. In Bowser Land , a Chain Chomp appears near the center of the board, towing a wagon. They are not a default partner and must be earned in the lottery. They attack both the player and their partners.

Their salary is six coins, they have 2 health, and they have 1 attack. They also appear in a battle minigame called Merry-Go-Chomp. A Chain Chomp in this minigame eliminates any unlucky player who is closest to the Chain Chomp after the roulette has stopped spinning.

In Spiny Desert , a Chain Chomp can be seen near the start of the board, chewing on a bone. They also appear in the 4-player minigame Long Claw of the Law as one of the possible characters the player must catch.

Another appearance is in the battle minigame Chain Chomp Fever , where a Chain Chomp is the primary obstacle the player must avoid. Also in the background of this minigame, four Chain Chomp statues can be seen pouring lava into the lava lake. They can steal coins for free or steal a star for 30 coins, replacing Boos , which have become playable characters. They also appear in the 4-player minigame Chomp Romp , where players must lead a Chain Chomp through a park.

In the 4-player minigame Night Light Fright , players have to stun Chain Chomps with a light as close as they can before the Chain Chomp tackles them. In the 4-player minigame, Rumble Fumble , Chain Chomps hide in any bucket and attack players that chose the wrong bucket. Players must pay them a fee at a Chain Chomp house depending on how much dice blocks they roll.

They can pay 20 coins for 1 dice block during the daytime. In the nighttime, they can pay 10 coins for a dice block, 20 coins for 2, and 30 coins for 3. Defending players can counterattack Chain Chomps by possessing a Snack Orb. If the player lands on a Happening Space , a Chain Chomp will burst through a door and send the player back to the start. Chain Chomps also appear in various minigames. In the 4-player minigame Throw Me a Bone , players ride a Chain Chomp and throw bones to lead the Chain Chomp to the finish line, while avoiding the obstructions.

There are breakable stone pillars that stun the Chain Chomp if the Chain Chomp hits them. Chain Chomps can be a result in the Rare minigame Seer Terror. Chain Chomps occasionally appear in the background in the rare minigame Dunk Bros. The minigame Chomp Walker features the player attempting to guide a Chain Chomp to the finish line. Meat and bones are scattered across the course; while eating a bone simply wastes time, eating meat causes the Chain Chomp to momentarily dash forward.

There are also Chain Chomps in the minigame Barrel Peril , which involves attempting to advance toward the finish line in a barrel while avoiding the sleeping Chain Chomps. If the player walks by a Chain Chomp, it awakens it charges at the player, resulting in being momentarily stunned if they didn't hide in the barrel.

They steal stars for players for a fee. The player must pay coins to roll the dice blocks as usual. Black Chain Chomps pays the player ten coins for one, and twenty for two.

If a Red Chain Chomp is used, then it's ten coins for three. Chain Chomps appear in the 1-vs-3 mic game Wheel of Woe. They are one command that the player can give to attempt to eliminate the other three players. Failing to do so results in a Chain Chomp becoming red and launching itself at the player. They are also in the 4-player minigame At the Chomp Wash , where the players needing to clean paint off of Chain Chomps.

The duel minigame Cardiators also features Chain Chomps as one of the cards. They attack by charging at the opponent and deal 12 damage, being the most powerful of the 9 cards available. They utilize their Super Mario Sunshine design from this game onwards.

A Chain Chomp is one of the bosses in Mario Party 9. The Chain Chomp is the stage boss of Magma Mine. In order to defeat it in the minigame Chain Chomp Romp , the players must choose a mine cart that travels down a path with a cannon at the end. Once they reach the cannon, the Chain Chomp takes damage, giving the player points iron is one point, while a golden one is three points. If the player chooses an incorrect path, the Chomp attacks them with one point lost. If Bowser rolls it on his own metal die, then the Chain Chomp falls onto the arena and charges around, battering any players that are in its path and causing them to lose points.

If it hits a wall, it turns around and charges a different direction. A Chain Chomp also appears on one of the puzzles in the minigame Jigsaw Jumble.

Chain Chomps appear in Mario Party: One appears as the second boss of the Bowser's Tower mode being faced off against on the tenth floor. Its minigame is Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge. Here, they can be one of random potential characters that come out of a chosen house.

When a Chain Chomp comes out of the house, the selected player gets attacked by the Chain Chomp and does not receive any fruit at all, in which the goal of the minigame is to amass the most fruits. They can also appear via the Chomp Call item.

This section is referring to a subject in an upcoming or recently released game. When the game is released, or more information about this subject is found, this section may need major rewriting.

Remove this only when the changes have been applied. A sleeping Chain Chomp appears briefly in the opening sequence in Mario Golf: Yoshi during his round wakes up the Chain Chomp. The Chain Chomp barks at Yoshi and scares him. Toadstool Tour features several holes in Peach's Castle Grounds and Bowser Badlands where a Chain Chomp devours any ball that enters the hole, wasting two strokes. Chain Chomps reappear in Mario Golf: World Tour on the Bowser's Castle golf course.

They can be seen sleeping as in the previous installment and reside in O. Superstar Saga , two Chain Chomp-related enemies appear. The Search for Bowser mode. Chain Chomps are melee troopers, and they attack by running into enemies. Their special skill, Charging Champ, allows them to charge through enemies in their path.

Partners in Time , the Pocket Chomp is a Bros. At first it appears to be a small Chomp in a Mario Party-like orb, but when released, it more than triples in size and chases the brothers across the screen, forcing them to Jump on any enemy in their way.

Occasionally, a Chomp with a ribbon on its head appears, and it is slower than a normal one. This is likely implying it is female. The Pocket Chomps bark, but it sounds more of the bark in Super Mario 64 and its remake than recent games like Mario Party 7. It is later fought, and the group hit blocks to shoot lasers at it. When it has one energy left, it splits into five. The real one is noticed because the copies chomp slower, allowing the Bros. A Fawful-like Sworm is found inside them, forcing them to fight for Fawful.

If Bowser can swallow the Sworm, then the Chain Chomp turns back to normal and run away. The Chain Chomp attempts to ram the brother that defeated the can, but it can be deflected by striking it with the hammer. Chain Chomps are also present among the smaller Piranha Plants Bowser must plow through to reach the two massive Piranha Plants at Peach's Castle, and lunge at Bowser in a straight horizontal line unlike the Piranha Plants that are implanted.

One Chain Chomp is also present outside the final station in the Fawful Express battle. In the field, they drag their respective Walker Guy towards the Bros. At the start of battle, they always appear with a Walker Guy. If defeated, the Walker Guy will attempt to bring another into battle by running into the background and looking for one which on occasion, fails , and thus the Walker Guy should be defeated first. The Chain Chomp is the force of the pair that enables them to attack, whether it be with the Walker Guy or not.

Chain Chomps may look at a Bro, and start to swing its chain with the Walker Guy holding on for dear life, where the Walker Guy will get flung off towards the Bro who wasn't looked at. The Bro the Walker Guy was flung towards must hammer them to the ground before them to avoid taking damage. The Chain Chomp will then charge at a Bro, who must be stopped by having the targeted Bro hammer it. The Walker Guy takes more damage the longer it gets dragged about, and may attempt to pull the Chain Chomp back just before it hits a Bro, which may throw off the Bros.

After either a Bro gets hit by this attack, or the attack fails to hit a Bro for long enough, it ends. A lone Chain Chomp will head into the middle of the battlefield, and look about frantically, eventually deciding who to attack, and lunging at them, whether it be friend or foe.

Mario and Luigi must hammer the Chain Chomp away if they are targeted, this can make the bros dizzy , and if successful, the Chain Chomp may attempt to charge at something else or end the attack. Paper Jam as enemies in both their normal and paper forms.

It is possible to defeat either Chain Chomp if it was targeted other than the Shy Guy holding them both. If fed, normal Chain Chomps reward the player one point. If shot with a Bob-omb, normal Chain Chomps become mad, and if shot with water, normal Chain Chomps fall asleep.

Angry Chain Chomps reward players two points per ball, but if struck by a Bob-omb, they chase the player, and the player must hit a switch to avoid losing points.

Striking angry Chain Chomps with water reverts them to normal. Sleeping Chain Chomps reward no points and must be woken with a Bob-omb. Excluding capturing in Super Mario Odyssey , this marks the first time in any Mario game where a Chain Chomp is playable. He appears in the adventure mode in the mission found on the Castle Bridge, Sure Shot Challenge Advanced , where the player must hit 30 balls past the Chain Chomp without letting it hit three.

Chain Chomp also appeared in the game's online tournament demo as an unlockable playable character, unlocked after points were accumulated. There are two of these chain chomps placed on the course one being on the left and the other being on the right near the edge of the field.

If a ball is hit at them when they are asleep they will wake up. After that any ball that comes in range they hit back into the field by head butting it.

These balls are still catch able and do not count as fouls. There is also one that appears in the " Chain Chomp Sprint " minigame. It sleeps in the center of the bases, and if players are still running the bases it while it is awake, it rams into them, causing them to be out for a few seconds. The Chain Chomp in Wario Palace also appears in the intro. If the ball lands on a Chain Chomp image on the field, one appears and attacks the fielders.

Chain Chomps also appear in a minigame called Graffiti Runner. A character activates them by opening a treasure chest. Once activated, the Chain Chomp rampages through the field, removing any paint and hitting any player in the way, even if the player has a star. These Chain Chomps sleep unless Princess Peach wakes them up. They then act like normal Chain Chomps. The super-dangerous Big Chain Chomp also debuts here. Chain Chomps do not bark in this game, but they did gain a chomping noise. Also, their chains are unlinked.

Super Mario Strikers features a Chain Chomp as an item with which the player can attack. If used, the Chomp attacks all opposing players on the field, leaving them on the ground for a few seconds. However it is very rare, and it only appears if the team is losing badly.

It is the strongest offensive item in the game, however sometimes it backfires on the user. It may attack the user's team along with the opponent's team. Like in the first game, it rampages around the whole field, attacking anyone who has the ball and stunning them for a certain amount of time.

They appear only when the team is losing badly. They appear more often than in the previous game, however. On a side note, it is possible for the Playmaker and Defensive players to avoid the Chain Chomp. Balanced players can also avoid the Chain Chomp, but it is more difficult. Slower player types cannot avoid the Chain Chomp.

It would make the player trip if touched. It is large and should be avoided. A Chain Chomp makes an appearance in Fortune Street. Once the player beats the Mario Circuit board, the shop will expand and have a Chain Chomp in the Mascots section.

It is mistakenly named Chain Chomps, despite only one acting as a mascot. They attack by lunging at opponents from their posts and chomping them for multiple hits. If the Chain Chomp falls off the stage, then it leaps back up onto it. Their bodies are invulnerable to any attack; the only way to defeat them is by attacking the post until it is free. During the turn transition between the heroes and the enemies, the Chain Chomp will lunge at the closest character from its position, deducting 75 HP from the character it attacks.

Aside from their trademark barks, Chain Chomps have realistic growls in this game. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening features three domesticated Chomps one named BowWow , stemming from the Japanese name for Chain Chomp, Wanwan , which is also an onomatopoeia for a dog's bark. In The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary , a Chain Chomp can be used as an item to eat enemies.

Upon completing the game on 3rd Climax Hard Mode or scanning an amiibo relating to Bowser and his minions, a special Golden LP is unlocked. And I promise not to kiss when we're alone. Then you have to earn it. You're the one sitting at my table asking to kiss my daughter. Play for my daughter? If I win, I get to kiss Zoey, just once, and if you win, well, I don't know, whatever you want.

I may not look it, but I'm pretty good at cards. Cards are just math. Fifty-two of them, only so many probabilities. I know my math. He played professional poker when he was younger. Zoey's eyes seemed to stretch. Now, since I know you'd never agree to that, why don't you take your little ass out of my house before I throw you out. And you, Zoey, you take your little ass up to your room and stay there for the rest of the night.

Winner kisses Zoey," Ben said. I've won so much money on computer poker. Just tell him it's fine that we can kiss. Ben still looked arrogant, between pushing his glasses up his nose. She placed the deck on the table and sat down. Her palms were wet.

Five card draw," he said, taking out the deck and shuffling it. He passed it to me to cut, but I patted. I glanced at my cards. Zoey turned her neck to see, but I turned my cards away and put on my stonecold poker face. She looked at her boyfriend's cards and nervously bit her lip. He put down his cards, two pairs, jacks over fives. Zoey put her face in her hands. But the bet has to be paid.

Now, Zoey, I'm going to teach both of you a lesson. You wanted to be kissed tonight? You're going to be kissed tonight.

I looked at him. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, because you lost big-time tonight, kid. I reached out, grabbing her fleshy hips and yanking her toward me, crashing her into my chest.

She gasped, looking up at me. This is your doing. She was chewing her lower lip and trembling in my arms. My eyes were burning into hers. It's no different than spanking you when you were little. I always pay my debts and take my punishments. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to make sure her boyfriend was still watching, and then I kissed my daughter, pressing my lips to hers. She let out a warm breath of air against my mouth as her lips parted.

My mouth opened and I took her lower lip into my mouth, kissing her. I enjoyed this more than I thought I was going to.

I wanted to teach them both a lesson. They had angered and humiliated me, but it had been so very long since I had kissed a woman, and now I was kissing my own daughter, and I liked it. My mouth became ravenous. I opened it wider and my tongue came out, falling into her mouth. Her breath sped up at the surprise, but she wasn't struggling in my arms.

She was leaning against me, and then I felt her tongue against mine, tasting it, our lips opening and closing on each other. I squeezed her soft hips and crushed her body into mine, feeling her little breasts against my chest, the heat of her tummy against my crotch. I had to stop this kiss, but I didn't want to.

She tasted so sweet, like watermelon and strawberry. Her tongue was so wet and playful. I knew she had never kissed a boy before, but somehow, she knew how to kiss her daddy. I broke the kiss, heaving a breath I had been holding.

My daughter's mouth was wet. She wiped her chin with the back of her palm and licked her lips. Her face was bright red from the blushing.

She turned away, looking weak on her feet, dropping into her chair and staring at the table. I'm going to bed. The taste of my daughter's luscious lips was still on my tongue. My cock felt strained in my pants.

I shook my head and pulled off my shirt, throwing it in the laundry basket in the corner of the room. I unbuckled my pants and unbuttoned them, but before I could push them down, Zoey knocked on the door. The whole thing was Ben's idea. The stupid kid didn't even shuffle the deck well, and I played the hand I was dealt. I asked to kiss once.

You're the one who thinks the moment I start kissing a boy my clothes will fly off and my legs will fly open. Don't you trust me? It's the boys I don't trust. I know you're a good girl. If you remember last year, when I turned 17, I begged you to finally let me to go on dates. You agreed only if you met the boy first, and approved.

I brought home so many boys to dinner so you could meet them, and you said no to all of them. Remember, we got into that big fight, and you said the only boy you'd ever approve of was Ben?

I know you said that because you didn't think I'd go for him, but we've been friends since I was a kid, and he was always the sweet boy in the neighborhood, so I figured why not? He has some cute qualities. Like, yeah, I'd rather kiss a sexy boy, but you won't let me. I can tell a sexy boy when I see one. Is that so wrong that I want a boy in my life? No, it's not wrong.

I just want you to focus on school, and I want you to be responsible at this age. Can't I have friends and boyfriends and a little bit of romance? I sighed and undressed and got into bed, thinking about the kiss I shared with my daughter.

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