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By supermoves in Poker Advice. Keep it up, PokerStars. I immediately sent an email to pokerstars and they told me that I was hacked and now I need to send them a picture of my identification that is clear and show all pertinent As for "prove it", very simple, "You prove it isn't". Bad players make it out on turn on river and I never do. This ultimately benefits the player with thousands of players showing up to every tournament and tens of ring games at each limit to choose from.

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Add poncho veelo to Rail Reply Quote 8. Return to Poker Advice. Nov 12th, , Why can't everyone company's customer service be like Pokerstars'? Nov 8th, , What happened to Pokerstars great customer service???? By theoldman in Poker Advice Last Post: Mar 22nd, , May 2nd, , By supermoves in Poker Advice Last Post: May 31st, , Follow PocketFives gses75 Looking forward to visiting Nashville again poker GrantHinkle I vote with all of them in mind RichTRyan Player Score 1 mczhang 6, The software is simply put Its not a random shuffle either as you see the same seats winning hand after hand after hand.

And if you pay close attention there are patterns galore. You get dealt the same hands over and over again, the same suits hit the board in the same tournies over and over again, and the board pairs constantly on stars taking away any creditable poker odds The rake and fees they take for tournies is just wrong as you have a one in six chance of getting one of these "hot" seats.

Nope, it gives everyone, no matter how good they are, a chance to win as long as they know how to play thier seat.

Wonder why the poker magazines have never written about all this???? Look inside the mags If they publish anything negative, the dollars go bye bye. And as far as the pros that stake thier reputations promoting these sites??? LMAO Eventually they will make the hall of shame, not the hall of fame. All of this will come out in proper technical fashion, and when it does, watch the pros run for cover. Pokerstars is ruining the game of poker and a good hand is no longer a good hand!

I've played online poker on and off for about a year or so now. I also play live pretty often, but I'm coming to accept that the games online such as PS and FT are "unrealistic". The closes casino near me is 45 minutes away, plus I love being able to play in the comfort of my own home. I really wanted to believe that the sites are unbiased, but the facts and my experience say otherwise. I reluctantly deposited and played again today.

But the pattern of it was so predictable. Next my straight lost to a fullhouse on the river. My pocket 10s did not hold up against PP 8's. The suck outs are so often that they have become predictable. It's almost like you're all in and your looking at the screen thinking "here it comes", the miracle card for your opponent. I had my doubts about online sites before, but tonight has confirmed everything for me. I am not going to be someone who complains and goes back to give them my money.

I will make that extra 45 min drive and save myself this feeling of stupidly giving them my money. What sucks is that I"m not a bad live player. I"m not the best, but I'm not bad.

My advice is to save your money, and just go somewhere near you to play live. These are not designed to favor any particular person, but they are designed to favor the rake. You might find yourself winning today, as I did for awhile, but sooner or later, you'll give it back. There is a guy who claims he has cracked the poker stars code.

He says there is no way what anyone is playing online is real poker. The software these online poker sites are using cannot deal all the possible deck sequences available.

He claims you can manipulate your tournament luck if you pay attention to your overall winning percentage.

Since it is impossible to deal a fair, random poker game, they have added a few sub routines to even things out. I have been playing as arnie T why i can open my account Pokerstars when i want log in and i put my password is tell me the user ID and password you have entered do not match please try again please can. I tell me what hapen. I am having a problem with my log in. Ii is coming up on the screen that I am logged in to another computer. I do not have another computer. Now I am concerned about the security of my account.

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