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Monday through is best for Air Force families bear results. On the day your personal property is most importantly, it's the place Davis-Monthan delivered, the military member or designated Air Force families call home. The providers and technicians maintain the highest level of professional com- petency and participate in training affiliation agreements with several civilian institutions, which include St.

There are no emergency services at our facility, so members needing urgent care are directed to one of the many off-base facili- ties with these capabilities.

Also, the clinic is closed in the morning every third Thursday for readiness training and reopens at Active-duty military family members are encouraged to enroll in the MetLife Dental Plan, since they are not eligible for scheduled appointments at the base dental clinic.

Dental clinic hours are 7: The staff includes dozens Screening appointments for dental urgent care Tucson Electric Power Company of physician, physician extenders and several can be scheduled by calling Gas Road Tucson, AZ Con- tact billeting at for availability or assistance with locating alternate lodging that accepts pets. They also have a complete list of kennel providers.

The HAWC offers classes on nutrition weight management, dia- betes and cholesterol , tobacco cessation, stress awareness, parenting, women's health, injury prevention and high blood pressure awareness. For more information, call Everyone living on base TT must register their dogs or cats with veterinary LIN services within 10 duty days of their arrival. GIN Other veterinary services include Home Again microchips, health certificates for travel, routine vaccinations of dogs and cats, and examinations for diseases that are transmitta- ble between animals and humans or present possible health hazards to the community.

The clinic is open 8 a. Monday through to 4: If you are unable to Central Appointments Friday. Vaccinations are done appointment desk at least 2 hours in advance Standard For more information, to cancel so another patient may be sched An appointment that is not canceled Cancellations 2 hours in advance of the scheduled time will After Hours Patients can Pharmacy also cancel their appointment after duty hours Hours Monday through Friday from 4: Appointments are scheduled Clinic Both pharmacies are also closed in the morning every third Thursday for train- ing but will open by 1 p.

TOPA is in Building Monday through Friday religious and spiritual needs of the Davis- on a walk-in basis. No appointment is needed. The chapel also sponsors The Loft, Building on the second floor, provides Legal assistance is available by appointment a dayroom ministry center in the dormito- legal assistance to active-duty members, Tuesday through Thursday. Due to mission ries. The Loft coordinates discussion groups, Reserve component members on orders requirements, retirees and their dependents service projects, monthly outings, a state-of- or pending deployment, retired military will be seen on a "space available" basis for the-art video gaming system and weekly Bible members and their military identification legal assistance.

This assistance Active duty members and their dependents Regular worship activities are held on base includes wills, powers of attorney and other may also attend walk-in legal assistance 7: Sunday services for Protestants issues.

Additionally, we provide legal coun- this time will be seen by an attorney for legal follow contemporary and gospel worship tradi- sel to commanders on all matters affecting assistance on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition, numerous Bible studies and the installation and the mission, including If you need a power of attorney or a will, programs are conducted throughout the week. On this page, and phone numbers of their respective lay law and labor law. For more information, call select "Legal Worksheets. When you make your will appointment, please give us your ticket number. We will start working on your will before your appointment.

For powers of attorney, bring your ticket number with you to the legal office. With that number, we can pull up your documents right away. Clients with ticket numbers go to the front of the line for powers of attorney. Legal assistance is available on a priority basis to deploying members. For after-hours assistance, please have your commander or first sergeant contact the on-call JAG through SE the command post.

Notice of loss or damage reports for DPS claims must be filed using this website. The Military Justice Division of the Legal is The SVC reports coordinates victim care and resolution of issues administrative discharges and courts-martial.

Air Force courts-martial are open to the pub- headquartered at Travis Air Force Base, Cali- There is support 24 hours a day, seven days a lic. The docket of upcoming courts-martial is fornia. The SVC provides sexual assault victims week for all victims. To reach the Special Victims' Counsel, victim advocates.

Victim advocates provide nels. It reports to the western circuit's Air Force call or We encourage people to use the chain of command and support early resolution of any human relations issue.

We also offer mediation through the Alter- native Dispute Resolution program to resolve GIN issues involving potential conflicts. The PA referral, and ongoing nonclinical support. Military personnel include weekdays. For more information, Reserve and Guard members on active duty.

If The Postal Service Center is where dormitory call or visit www. Postal Service have questions concerning restricted report- Center hours are noon to 4: The th Fighter Wing Inspector General other restrictions may apply.

Within cates and health care providers may receive Davis-Monthan's general delivery address for the oversight area, the IG handles complaint restricted reports of sexual assault. Chaplains personal mail is PSC Box , Tucson, AZ investigation and resolution, as well as fraud, may not take a restricted report, however they The IG is also the wing's point of con- option.

For more information concerning sex- The Base Information Transfer Center, in tact for all congressional inquiries and liaison. Building , processes incoming and outgo- To contact the IG, call The center is open 7: For more oversight of all unit safety programs. The indi- retired and civilian employees and provides information, call It serves safe working and living conditions for the base.

To apply for civilian personnel vacancies at sions: Ground, Flight and Weapons. Staff members should use USAJobs at www. It also conducts safety train- ters that may arise. Hours are 9 a. Flight safety monitors the flying weekdays. During ing, conducts informal inquires, coordinates within the wing's area of responsibility and inprocessing, a finance representative will help complaint investigations and conducts media- directs the wing's flight mishap prevention customers complete travel vouchers and any tion of workplace disputes in the civilian work- programs.

Weapons safety inspects work areas other finance-related issues. For more infor- force. Military Equal Opportunity advisers for hazards and compliance with instructions. The PDC has three testing centers: The resilience in Room and a National Test Center center emphasizes the tools of positive psychol- in Room Pima Community College, ogy to members who are fundamentally well, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and but may be at widely varying levels of fitness Park University all offer on-base evening and within the social, physical, family and spiritual weekend courses required to complete under- domains of Comprehensive Airman Fitness.

For more Our goals are to offer an engaging partner- information or appointments, please email ship with the DMAFB populace, serve as a mailto: It is at the north- cation centers that deliver specialized training west entrance of the Professional Develop- programs. For more information, call Administration degree for transfer to an Ari- or visit www. Air Force mem- convenience. We understand what a challenge it is both on- and off-base educational opportuni- is open 9 a. Monday through Fri- to work full time, juggle family responsibilities ties.

Programs available to the active-duty mil- day and closed from 1 to 2 p. Students can and attend class. That's why we offer a variety of itary population include: Tuition Assistance, take assessment exams; receive admissions and quality education opportunities in accelerated http: It also main- tains a profile of base and community agencies.

The PFMP offers long-term solutions to financial problems. The AFAS also offers education assistance. Volunteers acquire skills to enhance personal and professional development.

We serve not only military members ways to improve our classrooms, enhance in or anticipating a permanent change of and their dependents who are assigned to our our curriculum, add to our program offerings station move. You'll find Park's you, we won't stop reaching for excellence.

Our accelerated semester sched- month. Davis-Monthan Campus is at E. Granite Generous financial aid is also available. For more Davis-Monthan Campus offers three associate information, call or visit www.

Force families and is the focal point for family Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University matters. Experience a premier education with and their ability to successfully accomplish compelling benefits designed to accommodate the mission. It also houses the based video conferencing platform. They maintain information about military locations worldwide and maintain a supply of household items you may borrow when relocating.

Workshops, seminars and indi- vidual counseling sessions teach members how to convert Air Force skills to civilian equivalents and how to market these skills SE effectively.

Finley CDC, which dren and care for children from infancy to cal, social and emotional development for each can accommodate children.

Both centers 5 years old. Both facilities are on Comanche Street, just west of the commissary. Fees are on a slid- ing scale, based on total family income.

The centers are open 6: Monday through Friday and offer drop-in care on a space-available basis. Parents can also enroll their children in a part-day preschool program for 3- to 5-year- olds. Tuesday messages to command regarding family emer- able and available child care for military fam- or by appointment. The Family Advocacy Program is the focal ilies.

The Red Cross also assists with financial Of those six children only two can be under the point for responding to family conflict. Through its family maltreatment component, service members. The sors blood drives throughout southern Arizona exceed Department of Defense requirements.

For assis- FCC maintains an extensive lending library for life enhancement skills to prevent family mal- tance or information on volunteer opportuni- its providers, with a full range of toys, educa- treatment and to increase positive participation ties, call Some of the and domestic conflict groups are available.

Any family member assistance. The school also offers spe- younger than 3, children with special can be reached at The American Red Cross, E. Broad- a public charter school on base, serving stu- Call the FCC offices at for way Blvd. In , the more information. With military families wishing to have their children attend school on the base, the vacated property provided a perfect opportu- nity to open an alternative option for middle school education.

After a year of working on the project, the CSWG team was awarded for their initiative in the opening of one of the first charter schools located on an Air Force base. In its first year, stu- ING dent aptitude in all three grades registered saw IN increases of 46 percent in reading, 53 percent in writing and 60 percent in math.

Sonoran Science Academy Davis-Monthan is managed by Sonoran Schools, whose educa- tional model is nationally acclaimed, with its Middle school students living on base may Tucson has 27 parochial schools, representing high school in near northwest Tucson ranked in attend TUSD's Naylor Middle School for grades Catholic, Hebrew, Episcopalian, Jewish, Lutheran the top 50 high schools in the nation. Sonoran six through eight; on-base high school students and Seventh-day Adventist faiths.

The schools have small class sizes, living on base. For more information, call the Pima activities, and actively encourage parent and schools and 11 high schools, as well as 14 alter- County School Superintendent's Office at community involvement. The BX now accepts debit cards for payment of purchases.

Patrons must pay for catalog orders in advance, and the items will usually arrive at their residences three to six weeks after placing an order. It is open 9 a. The facility includes a game room, bly the Base Exchange, in Building at Refunds and exchanges are handled in the multipurpose and computer room, full-size E.

Shopping privileges are store's customer service area. Concessionaires gymnasium, snack bar and more. Various instructional classes for space supports more than 43, items. The beauty shop, flower shop which also offers gift youth are available. The youth center offers many individ- ual and team sports and activities, includ- ing a First Steps program for children 3 to 4 years old.

It offers care for children in first through sixth grades. Transportation is provided to and from Borman Elementary School and collaborates to provide trans- portation to and from Vail District schools as well.

The program operates from 6: All-day care is provided on nonschool days and early dismissal days. A full-day camp program is offered in the summer. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are served in accordance with USDA guidelines. Fees for this program are based on total fam- ily income. For more informa- tion, call It strives to do this by offering The commissary is open 9 a.

Sat- phone service and equipment, and a UPS Store. Defense urday and 9 a. The com- All are open Monday through Saturday. Commissary Agency DeCA has devised a set missary is closed for some holidays. For more The BX hours are 9 a. Monday of standardized floor plans, simplified stocking information, call The Circa 25 Bar is in Club sary. DeCA has significantly reduced the stock employment is in Building The HR office is Ironwood. It's best to call ahead to check on service and reduce operating costs.

This means it oper- availability for special events. Customers may special order An extensive variety of entertainment, mem- cery sales and to provide better service to its products from all departments.

For reservations, call the Outdoor Recreation Center at Both have men's and women's saunas, locker and shower facilities, group exercise rooms, and basketball and vol- leyball courts. The fitness center staff coordi- nates special events, handles reservations for two softball fields and a football field, and GIN manages intramural sports along with a variety of daily group exercise classes taught by cer- SETTLIN tified group fitness instructors.

There are also certified personal trainers available to create individualized workout plans for a fee. Benko Fitness and Sports Center, in Building , is equipped with a group exercise room, state-of-the-art exercise equipment, indoor track, parent exercise room and six-lane indoor lap pool.

Monday more information, call For more information, call holders during unmanned hours. CAC holders Military members and travelers on tempo- There playgrounds and picnic areas is generally on weight room and cross-functional room. Hours is a midnight meal 11 p. Mon- a first-come, first-served basis. However, res- are 5 a. Monday through Friday day through Friday. For Christmas and Thanksgiv- for Bama Park, across from the golf course.

For ing, breakfast is also 7 to 9 a. Groups must reserve the parks in advance. Carry- out service is available. The Roadrunner Inn f light kitchen, Building , offers a more limited menu. For eligibility and hours, call Call for hours of operation.

It features flat screen TVs and select seating for watching sporting events throughout the year as well as a variety of craft and local beers on tap. The course and pro shop are open daily year-round, except Christmas, from sunrise to sunset. Players can sharpen their game on several practice areas or at the modern driving range. The pro shop carries the latest in golf equip- ment along with a full line of men's and wom- en's clothing. Youth and adult golf clinics are offered regularly, and a golf pro is available for individual or group lessons.

For golf or pro shop information, call Outdoor Recreation encompasses many functions, all committed to providing services and programs that meet the leisure needs of the Davis-Monthan community. Outdoor adventure programs include a spec- trum of seasonal activities tailored to meet novice and expert tastes -- everything from structured trips to self-directed activities, including day hikes, historical tours, horseback riding and river tubing.

Caving, rock-climbing, whitewater rafting, skiing and Grand Canyon backpacking trips challenge more daring individuals. Benko Fitness Center http: Each squadron competes in intramural sports and earns commander's points. The number of points varies depend- ing on how the squadron finishes at the end of the season. At the end of the year points are totaled and the squadron with the most accumulated points wins the commander's trophy. Trophies go to squadrons in two categories: Regular and over basketball March Volleyball April through August Golf May through August Men's and women's slow-pitch softball September through October Flag football September through November Racquetball and tennis September through May Questions about the varsity program should be directed to the fitness and sports center at The base's rugby team, the D-M Mandrills, participates in a local league and in tournaments throughout the country.

The season is usually September through May and requires yearly dues. Mod- meet the needs of the traveling military family. Equipment rental including the popular "wobble trap. For more information, call ing, hunter education and firearm safety.

Get RV facilities anywhere. Call the FamCamp at Outdoor Recreation also operates two Davis-Monthan is home to one of the finest Outdoor Recreation's equipment rental sec- swimming pools -- the year-round fitness recreational vehicle parks in the country, the tion is stocked with hundreds of items that pool located in the Benko Fitness and Sports "Agave Gulch" FamCamp.

There are spaces can be rented by the day, weekend or week. Center and the Outdoor Recreational Pool http: League tional and informational trips and tours. Recreation and fitness swimming, water play is active throughout the year, tournaments more information on ITT, call Bowling Center includes plaque, frame and auto craft shops. The frame and plaque shops are open Monday dren's birthday parties. Call the fitness pool at For more information, call or through Friday.

For general arts and crafts information, call The center has 20 lanes, rental convenient one-stop location for customers to conditioning service and contract mechanics. Many bombardment units passed The U. Army declared Tucson's second airfield suitable for military through D-M on their way to war. The instructors at D-M taught the men operations Oct. The city successfully built the field in accordance to be bomber crews.

The pilots first learned high-altitude flying, then with U. Twenty days later the field's flight log received steady bomb approaches, while the navigators, radiomen and gunners all its first entry -- a small detachment serviced transient aircraft bound for practiced their duties. When they left D-M, each member knew his job, California.

Many pioneer aviators stopped at the field during its time, and all worked together to accomplish their mission.

In December , including several destined to head the country's military flying forces. D-M became aerial accidents while serving in the U. Davis one of three 2nd Air Force separation centers.

The base helped process and Oscar Monthan. The field The first building, Hangar , built for the Army at D-M, was com- also became a storage location for excess bombers and cargo aircraft. As a result of the expanding conflict in Europe, Tucson's dry climate and alkali soil made it an ideal location for aircraft the War Department officially announced a decision to establish an storage and preservation, a mission that continues today. Army Air Base in Tucson on Sept. Paving the way for of D-M in March , bringing in several B bomber groups.

After its troops, the Army made Lt. Albro the first base commander official creation as a separate service, the Air Force inherited the instal- Feb.

The base officially became Davis-Monthan Field on Dec. The next year a B aircrew based at D-M completed the first The day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the field's person- nonstop flight around the world taking 94 hours. The early s Pacific. However, the base wasn't idle for long.

In , another wing activated at the base and Force to Second Air Force. The following month the 39th Bombard- began training aircrews in the nation's most sophisticated fighter, the ment Group arrived and immediately began training B Fortress and F-4 Phantom.

Another war had developed, and D-M was again training www. The base's U-2s also flew missions over bolt II aircraft. Air Force Base, Arizona. Five years later, the began flying operations at D-M in Members of the nd directed forward air forces and coordinated them with ground forces for a combined team effort. They were responsible for tactical air control forces west of the Mississippi River. To accomplish their mission, nd air controllers and liaison offi- cers were stationed on many Air Force bases and Army posts.

In , the last Titan missile was taken off alert and an era ended at D-M. Six years later, as a result of the U. D-M destroyed the last U. GLCM in May Later in the year D-M deployed more than 1, people in support of operations Desert Shield and Storm, the response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and its subsequent liberation. In May , the Air Force, in a downsizing move, inactivated the th Air Division and once again made the th, now simply des- ignated th Wing, the host unit.

Davis Monthan