Dice Poker: The Professional

It is just nice for continuity. Beat the sharpers one by one as you meet them during your journey. It looks like dwarven handiwork. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? This phase activates if in Q4. A Game of Dice Dice Poker:

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I'm a professional poker player and I can now join closed games. We shall see how good those sharpers really are.

As a professional I can play real sharpers now. As a professional poker player I'll be able to enter any gambling den in Vizima. And only the best play there. I can play poker in gambling dens now. I beat the best sharper in Vizima.

I wonder if there are any better players. I beat a sharper. I need another opponent. The elf Chireadan is one of the few members of the elder race to appreciate poker. He's had centuries to perfect his technique, so he may prove a tough opponent. I can play Chireadan. Years of training failed to protect the elf from defeat. I beat Chireadan hands down and need another opponent.

I beat Chireadan and need another opponent. One's passion for poker can even overcome death, preventing some from leaving this world. Should I play a dead man?

I can play poker with the gambling ghost. Remember that Drowners leave water only during the night. The first group is near the lake M The third group is by the river M When you kill the drowners, Zephyr appears.

Go back to Naiad M As a reward you can either have Earth Rune , a book about Vodyanoi and a promise that she'll heal you each time you visit her. You'll also get another amulet - Red Ribbon. She'll ask you to buy 5 pieces of bread. Buy the bread from the baker M You can buy either 4 or 5 pieces.

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Kamiyama View Profile View Posts. Has anyone made a mod for the Witcher that lets you win dice poker every time? I've been playing for hours against a novice player and haven't won a single round. It's obvious that it's weighted towards the computer so it gets consistently better odds. I hate purely random games to begin with, and having it stacked against you means there is no reason to play to begin with.

I wish they didn't even put dice poker in the game - but I am compelled to finish the quest line because I want to finish all the quests. It was utterly stupid for the developers to make it this way.

I would very much appreciate a mod to fix this. I see on Nexus that they have a mod to make 1 round poker, but since I can't even win 1 round that doesn't help me at all.

Seriously are really no other dice poker mods? Showing 1 - 15 of 19 comments. Alluboy View Profile View Posts. I really only played poker against players that counted towards the quest, and the first time I played against each one of them, I won almost every time.

I missed few players though, and I did lose to the king. I wanted to rechallenge him, but I guess you get only one shot at him. Are you playing the Enhanced Edition btw? I heard that the novice players are really difficult in the original. Last edited by Alluboy ; 31 May, 9: